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BestSemester Explore the world outside your college classroom! Live an adventure in new community! Learn to relate your faith with your passions! BestSemester proudly offers twelve off-campus and study abroad programs around the world through the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU).
Property Management Companies in DC | Borger Management Borger Management Inc. is a commercial and multifamily management company that is proud to serve the DC for 35 years and counting. Get involved today.
华府华语网络传媒 - Washington Chinese Media Inc. 华府华语网络传媒 是美国华府地区最大最权威本地新媒体。公司为本地华人提供即时中文视频新闻,传播社区文化,促进沟通和交流,致力于提高华人在美国社会中的地位。News, stories to share with the local Chinese community in DC area.
Events, Talent, Volunteer | Cherry Weekend The Cherry Fund, established in 1996, and located in Washington, DC, is a not-for-profit independent, all-volunteer organization that serves as a spark to ignite the dance music community for a greater good.
Profiles, Reviews, References, Listings and Discussion Forums TheOtherBoard is an adult dating community featuring Profiles, Reviews, References, Listings and Discussion Forums
Apartments in Washington For Rent | Modern on M Welcome to Modern on M! Our rental community in Washington, DC offers Studio - 2 Bed apartments you''ll love to call home
craigslist: washington, DC jobs, apartments, for sale, services, community, and events craigslist provides local classifieds and forums for jobs, housing, for sale, services, local community, and events
Discover the District | Home Discover the District is a community events planning company that focuses on curating unforgettable social experiences in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area.
All Angels Anglican Catholic Church - Christian Outreach Mission to the International Community in Northern Virginia, Washington, DC, and Maryland. Christian Outreach Mission to the International Community in Northern Virginia, Washington, DC, and Maryland.
Modern coworking and professional community | ALX Community Old Town Alexandria's newest dog-friendly coworking community witth modern amenities to serve Washington DC area working professionals
Salon XYZ: Home Page hair, salon, washington, dc
Capital City REIA Capital City REIA (CCREIA) is a real estate investment Meetup like no other, because we’re all about YOU! We’re dedicated to the personal growth and business development of each member. We’re committed to providing cutting-edge industry education and state-of-the-art technology. We offer practical, real-world education and hands-on events that prepare you for today’s real estate market. All different experience levels are represented—from brand-new to seasoned investors. Sharing knowledge, experience and ideas is welcomed at CCREIA, because we believe collaboration is the key to success. That’s why our Mission, Vision, and Code of Conduct encourage member participation and contribution. CCREIA members are residential and commercial real estate entrepreneurs in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia,. We believe in giving back to these communities, and one way we do this is through our CCREIA Cares program. We’ll provide you with bold leadership and give you a community of visionary members to lean on, so you can create the powerful results you’ve always dreamed of! So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for the best reia near you!
17 Witaj! Welcome! Polish and Poland-related institutions, organizations and events in the Washington metropolitan area
Walls of Books Washington DC - Home Walls of Books DC carries a wide selection of books - guaranteeing that at least 99% of our inventory is made up of quality used books at discounted prices. With our trade-in for store credit program, you can often purchase our books at more than 75% off the retail price! We also carry Melissa & Doug® toys and educational products - promoting education and creativity. In the next few months, we plan on offering culturally diverse events and programs for the community
Christ Church | An Episcopal Church on Capitol Hill | Washington, DC A neighborhood church rooted in the Episcopal tradition - a community that seeks to engage God inside and outside the church's walls. Come and grow with us.
Thai Study USA ผู้นำเรียนต่ออเมริกา, ศูนย์ศึกษาต่อต่างประเทศ, เรียนต่ออเมริกา,เรียนต่อประเทศอเมริกา,เรียนต่อประเทศสหรัฐอเมริกา, เรียนภาษาที่อเมริกา, เรียนภาษาอเมริกา ค่าใช้จ่าย, เรียนต่อปริญญาตรีอเมริกา, เรียนต่อปริญญาโท อเมริกา, เรียนต่อ High School USA, [Engine by] เรียนต่ออเมริกา, Thai Study USA, เรียนต่ออเมริกา, เรียนต่อประเทศอเมริกา, เรียนต่ออเมริกา ค่าใช้จ่าย, เรียนภาษาที่อเมริกา ค่าใช้จ่าย, เรียนภาษาที่อเมริกา,เรียนต่อ,เรียนต่อสหรัฐอเมริกา, เรียนต่อต่างประเทศ ศึกษาต่อต่างประเทศ, study in USA, study in America, study in united state ,เรียนต่อนิวยอร์ค, เรียนต่อบอสตัน, เรียนต่อซานฟรานซิสโก, เรียนทำงานที่อเมริกา ,work and study usa, เรียนภาษาที่อเมริกา, study in New York, study in Boston ,study in Chicago, study in Los Angeles, study in Seattle ,study in Miami study in Washington, D.C. ,Study in Ohio, เรียนภาษาที่อเมริกา,เรียนปริญญาตรีที่อเมริกา,เรียนปริญญาโทที่อเมริกา, เรียนต่ออเมริกา pantip , เรียนต่ออเมริกา ค่าใช้จ่าย,เรียนต่ออเมริกา มัธยม, เรียนต่อ อเมริกา รัฐไหนดี 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equal-housing-opportunity-icon Portabello Apartments is a residential community in Oxon Hill, Maryland with convenient access to Washington, DC and Northern Virginia. It is less than two miles from National Harbor, including the new MGM resort and casino, and the Tanger Outlets and offers two different living options for residents – garden-style apartments and townhomes – with 12 different apartment floor plans to choose from.
Adventure Camp DC At Mr. Tony's Adventure Camp, we take a field trip every day to explore Washington DC and engage in our community. Campers experience nature, splashable water, culture, and play. We take DC public transportation and learn to be confident city kids.
The Libretto | Apartments in Washington, DC Check for available units at The Libretto in Washington, DC. View floor plans, photos, and community amenities. Make The Libretto your new home.
DC marketing community events to learn marketing technology, MarTech DC Marketing Tech Talks is a community, meetup events for marketers to learn marketing technology marketing tech martech in washington DC, Northern Virginia
Residences at Eastern Market | Luxury Apartments in Capitol Hill, DC The Residences at Eastern Market is unlike any other apartment community you''ve experienced. Learn more about our amenities and floor plan options here!
Spartan Firearms Training Group | Certified Firearms Training Maryland Handgun Qualification License, Maryland Concealed Carry, Utah Concealed Carry, Washington, DC Concealed Carry, Defensive Handgun, Intermediate and Advanced Carbine, Emergency Casualty Care Course (E-Triple C), NRA certified, Utah certified, Washington, DC certified, verified Special Forces Veteran-Owned.
US Government Grants Organization In the United States, federal grants are economic aid issued by the United States government out of the general federal revenue. A federal grant is an award of financial assistance from a federal agency to a recipient to carry out a public purpose of support or stimulation authorized by a law of the United States.Grants are federal assistance or loans to individuals, benefits or entitlements.
Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland Indian Community, Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland Desi Community, Indian Roommates, Travel Agents, Nannies, Events, Movies, Yellow pages and more Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland Indian Community, Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland Desi Community, Indian Restaurants, Indian Temples, Tamil, Telugu, Indian Grocery Stores, Indian Nannies, Daycares, Babysitters, Indian Groceries, Indian Events, Indian Movies, Indian Roommates, Indian Discussions in Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland Area
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DC Indian News | Washington DC Indian Community Events DCWishesh showcases Washington DC Indian community Events, Indian News, Indian Movies Showtimings, association, religious events. Know about DC city here.
COMMERCIAL STORY-TELLING PHOTOGRAPHER, Rebecca Drobis focuses on healthcare, non-profits, youth, education, healthcare, family & community advocacy Story-telling portrait photographer Rebecca Drobis focuses on youth, education, healthcare, family & community advocacy. Rebecca Drobis is based in Washington DC and her mission-driven photography is commissioned by non-profits, agencies, hospitals, publications, schools and companies.
Home Page | Rotary Club of Washington, DC Welcome to the Rotary Club of Washington, D.C.! Our club was founded in June 1912 and we have been celebrating more than a century of Service Above Self in our local community and in the world.
Kalorama Park | Apartments in Adams Morgan, Washington, DC Check for available units at Kalorama Park in Adams Morgan, Washington, DC. View floor plans, photos, and community amenities. Make Kalorama Park your new home.
Silver Spring Zendo Meditation A Zen community that meets regularly in the greater Washington, DC area. Weekly meditation in the mornings and evenings, with monthly day-long sessions, and longer residential retreats offered throughout the year.
Best Coffee and Cafe | Washington DC | The Velo Cafe community focused and bicycle friendly cafe serving quality coffee at the Wharf in Washington DC
DC Weed Events and Culture - DC 420 Events Best Cannabis info in the DC area. Discover and connect with great local businesses in Washington DC. Vendors. Delivery Services. Events.
Fort Stanton Apartments | Apartments in Washington, DC Check for available units at Fort Stanton Apartments in Washington, DC. View floor plans, photos, and community amenities. Make Fort Stanton Apartments your new home.
Benjamin Banneker Development Corporation BBDC works to advance community development across the District, and affect positive, sustainable change in our communities through urban development, education and philanthropic initiatives.
juice'd dc juice'd is a juice delivery service. We are committed to supplying only the best, and serving DC's 4/20 community with fast, friendly service. juicywana
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Washington DC Video Production Company | Emmy Award Winner! FDM is an Emmy® Award-Winning Washington DC Video Production Company Serving the DC business community. Call Today for a FREE Consultation.
Profiles, Reviews, References, Listings and Discussion Forums TheOtherBoard is an adult dating community featuring Profiles, Reviews, References, Listings and Discussion Forums
DC Tennis Community | The Metro DC / NoVA / MoCo Tennis League The Metro Washington DC / No. VA / MoCo area Tennis League. We connect you with dedicated tennis partners on the courts. Servicing Metro DC, Northern Virginia and Montgomery County.
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NJ-2-1-1 2-1-1 is a universally respected and growing national model. More than 14.3 million 2-1-1 connections to help were made in 2017. Today 94 percent of people living in the US have access to 2-1-1 services. Americans living in any one of our 50 states plus those residing in Washington DC and Puerto Rico now have access to community resources by dialing 2-1-1. Many Canadians do too.
The Studio DC Yoga Centers - Hot Power + Vinyasa Yoga - Dupont + Adams Morgan - Washington DC The Studio DC is a yoga center serving the Dupont, Adams Morgan, Woodley Park, Columbia Height, Washington DC community. Offering daily hot power and vinyasa yoga classes, yoga teacher trainings, meditation, and retreats
WashingtonExec | News & Insights for the DC Executive WashingtonExec is a leading online media, membership and events company. We deliver outcome-driven and result-oriented networking programs to serve the needs of the Washington, D.C. executive community.
Profiles, Reviews, References, Listings and Discussion Forums TheOtherBoard is an adult dating community featuring Profiles, Reviews, References, Listings and Discussion Forums
Profiles, Reviews, References, Listings and Discussion Forums TheOtherBoard is an adult dating community featuring Profiles, Reviews, References, Listings and Discussion Forums
Congressional Bank - Home Congressional Bank is a local community bank serving Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Virginia, with the expertise and capacity to serve national clients and businesses. We specialize in personal, business and institutional banking, offering deposit services, residential mortgages and commercial loans, cash management and high yield CDs. We have the capability to handle nonprofit and political banking, as well as healthcare and corporate lending.
Brookland Apartments in DC | Brookland Ridge Apartments Brookland Ridge Apartments is located in Washington, DC and offers 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments for rent. Visit our website and check out the amenities page, browse through the photo gallery and get a taste of what our community has to offer. Call us today and schedule a personal tour!
Official Site of National Caribbean American Heritage Month - Home Official Website for Commemoration of June as National Caribbean American Heritage Month founded by the Institute of Caribbean Studies in Washington DC.
Brass and Ivory: Life with MS and RA MS and RA patient advocate, Lisa Emrich, shares news and information about living with multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis while working as a musician in Washington, DC.
Creative Cauldron - Home Creative Cauldron is a non-profit professional theater in Falls Church, bringing quality, affordable arts experiences to the Washington DC area community
Coordinated Services Management Coordinated Services Management, Inc. is a full service senior living management firm located in Roanoke, serving Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC.
Introduction Welcome to, a website devoted to the Washington, DC Greek-American young-adult community. We hope is your comprehensive site for finding out what''s going on in the DC Greek community, viewing pictures from various events, meeting other young adults of Hellenic descent, and just a place to kill some time with our constantly updated content including reveiew, essays, humor, and games.
Danbury Forest. A residential townhouse community in Springfield, Virginia Welcome to the Danbury Forest Community - A residential townhouse community located near Washington DC in Springfield, Virginia - Walk to Elementary Schools - Nearby County Parks - Browse our neighborhood information and resources : Danbury Forest Community Association.
Community Management | Gates Hudson Gates Hudson provides community management, condominium management and homeowner association (HOA) management services in the greater Washington, DC area.
Easton, Maryland on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay Easton, Maryland Come to Easton on Maryland''s beautiful eastern shore. Enjoy our fabulous weather, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Easton offers its visitors a wide variety of outdoor activities and an opportunity to forget their workday stress; sail on the Chesapeake or one of our rivers; golf on one of our seven golf courses; test your aim with sporting clays; see eagles soar and catch a glimpse of other wildlife in nearby refues; cycle the Tred Avon Circle; or just take it easy and explore the local flora and fauna. Our evening diversions are just as enjoyable as our daytime activies. Easton has live theater, live music, movies, and a range of restaurants to please any palate and fit any price range. Come to Easton and unwind and indulge yourself. Be sure to extend your visit by staying in one of our gracious Victorian Bed and Breakfasts. Day trips do not relieve your stress as much as a multiple night stay. rge metropolitan areas like Baltimore, Washington, and Wilmington, good health care from a strong local hospital and medical community, the splendid Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries in their backyard, and an active local community that welcomes new ideas and enthusiasms.
Haydee''s Mexican Restaurants Welcomes You! Restaurant critics, neighborhood regulars, and first time visitors to Washington, DC always agree about Haydee''s Restaurant; the atmosphere is great, the food is superb, and the service is outstanding. The restaurant offers a casual atmosphere that is perfect for dining with friends, co-workers, and family members in NW Washington, DC.
Fairlawn Marshall Apartments | Apartments in Washington, DC Check for available units at Fairlawn Marshall Apartments in Washington, DC. View floor plans, photos, and community amenities. Make Fairlawn Marshall Apartments your new home.
Private Day School | K-12 Co-Ed | Washington, DC | Maret We serve a diverse community of children in kindergarten through secondary school (K-12) on a single campus, preparing them for success in college and beyond.
Meridian :: Your Destination Address Located in and around the District of Columbia in the most sought-after neighborhoods - and always near Metro - Meridian Apartment communities put any local destination within easy reach. Every luxurious Meridian community is surrounded by destination shopping and dining within walking distance, and also offers spectacular amenities like a state-of-the-art fitness center, a swimming pool, and concierge service. Come see why Meridian Apartments is Your Destination Address.
Home | Mitchell & Best Delivering quality single family homes, estates and town homes throughout Frederick, Howard and Montgomery Counties. Call us today! (301) 762-9511 x319
J.B. Jenkins Funeral Home: Landover / Hyattsville, Maryland (MD) J.B. Jenkins Funeral Home provides complete funeral and cremation services to the Hyattsville Community as well as to the entire Washington, DC metropolitan area.
Nancy Alonso, host of the Latin Flavor Show and Salsa Empire events Nancy is the host of the Thursday Night Salsa Cafe on Salsa Empire Radio and Latin Flavor Show Salsa Dura Edition on WPFW, 89.3FM in Washington, DC. Nancy promotes salsa events throughout the DMV. Nancy has won several awards for her service to the community including Lifetime Achievement Award and Best Salsa DJ in Washington DC.
National United Methodist Church National United Methodist Church is a multi-site community of Christian faith in the nation''s capitol, Washington, DC. We strive to create and nurture disciples who extend radical hospitality, are passionate about seeking justice, and who work together to transform lives.
Map of Coal, Gas & Nuclear Power Plants Coal, gas, nuclear power plant health and safety pollution issues map. Search and share locations of power plant pollution, environment & community issues.
Welcome to Jackson Art Center | Washington, D.C. The Jackson Art Center is a community of artists working in the historic Jackson School in Northwest Washington, DC. More than 40 local artists work in individual or shared artist studio space in what was once a DC public school.
Home - Rho Mu Omega Chapter of AKA Chartered in 1988, Rho Mu Omega Chapter of Washington, DC is located in the North Atlantic Region of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. Our focus is serving the community through our internatio
Welcome to Embassy Church - Home An International, Interdenominational, Spirit-filled church family in the heart of Washington, DC, building a home for God among the nations in the nation''s capital.
Maryland Ophthalmologist | Ophthalmologist in Virginia | Washington DC Ophthalmologist The Retina Group of Washington is passionate about treating our patients with the highest quality eyecare. Call (844) 749-3627 to find a location near you!
The Georgetown Dish The Georgetown Dish is a daily news and entertainment site offering sparkling coverage of politics, business, real estate, the social scene, the arts, and dining ... with provocative opinion and engaging conversation by the people who make Georgetown that uniquely influential community in the nation''s capital.
Reston Useful Services Exchange (USE) Reston Useful Services Exchanges (USE) is a community Time Bank for those who live or work in Reston or Herndon in Virginia, a suburb of Washington, DC.
rainbow harvest 8 Nov 2010 - The unique purpose and calling of God for the modern gay Eunuch 24 Nov 2010 - The idol worship in clobber verses 22 Nov 2010 - Religious extremism in Pakistan 20 Nov 2010 - The Ethiopian Gay Eunuch 17 Nov 2010 - What is "natural" and "for this reason" in Romans 14 Nov 2010 - The abomination in Leviticus 12 Nov 2010 - The Righteousness of God and sexual acts 10 Nov 2010 - Sodom - a place of religious abomination 04 Nov 2010 - Georgia Mega Church Pastor comes out shaking America 02 Nov 2010 - Obama - hoping for a miracle 30 Oct 2010 - A Social Justice experience of Hillsong 28 Oct 2010 - A friend of God, Gays or the Pharisees 25 Oct 2010 - Uganda - In need of God''s grace 21 Oct 2010 - Lonnie Frisbee - A Gay vessel for the Holy Spirit 15 Oct 2010 - CHC''s new advisory board - Does it matter? 12 Oct 2010 - FCC - a place where I am proud to call Home 09 Oct 2010 - The Mormon AntiGay Outrage 06 Oct 2010 - The unnecesarry death of Tyler Clementi and the issue of shame 04 Oct 2010 - Christian Right - FOTF blocks move to protect gays 02 Oct 2010 - Jakarta Hardliners - Mask of Sin 30 Sept 2010 - Bishop Eddie Long - the Goliath fights back 27 Sept 2010 - A Tragedy - Bishop Eddie Long 25 Sept 2010 - Gays causing global warming, says some Christians 23 Sept 2010 - Godly leadership - being like Jesus 21 Sept 2010 - Catholic Pope visit draw protests by Angels 18 Sept 2010 - Sodom and Gomorrah in Iraq – where the weak are raped and killed 16 Sept 2010 - Accepting the stranger in our midst 14 Sept 2010 - A Burning question of Faith 12 Sept 2010 - For Malaysian Gay Christians, Is there Hope? 09 Sept 2010 - Remembering 911 06 Sept 2010 - African Bishop Conference targets gays 04 Sept 2010 - Glenn Beck / Sarah Palin ain''t no MLK 02 Sept 2010 - No State Support for Exodus in New Zealand 29 Aug 2010 - Former GOP Chief, Ken Mehlman COMES OUT. 27 Aug 2010 - Is Obama a Christian? the test of Cordoba House 25 Aug 2010 - A "Sad-om" story from Malaysia 22 Aug 2010 - Here I am - the burning bush experience in the desert 17 Aug 2010 - Prop 8 - How to appeal when not harmed nor the defendant 15 Aug 2010 - Benny Hinn''s mere humanity 09 Aug 2010 - Proposition 8 overturned - the truth is spoken 05 Aug 2010 - Prosperity theology - more about self 03 Aug 2010 - Festival of Praise Singapore 2010 01 Aug 2010 - Samaritan woman - liberty through living waters 27 July 2010 - Choices for Liberty - Mary or Martha 25 July 2010 - Archbishop Desmond Tutu, an activist of Christ for GLBT, retires 23 July 2010 - Defending the secular space in SG 19 July 2010 - Mega Churches arising in Singapore 17 July 2010 - Gay marriage - Argentina 15 July 2010 - Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional - redemption coming 12 July 2010 - Churches in wrong business; should be bringing in the sheaves 08 July 2010 - Conversion / reparative therapy and spiritual rape 04 July 2010 - The Armageddon Factor in Singapore 01 July 2010 - A coming flood of judgement and justice 27 June 2010 - Leadership change at CHC 25 June 2010 - Sun Ho''s grand lifestyle 23 June 2010 - Ending of Prop 8 trial - crossing the line of In-justice and oppression 21 June 2010 - A falling Church reputation in Singapore - The slippery slope into abyss 19 June 2010 - New Creation Church – A joke gone too far – justice at last 15 June 2010 - City Harvest under Investigation - Thou shalt not copy 11 June 2010 - City Harvest under investigation - Worshiping our heroes/idols 09 June 2010 - City Harvest under investigation - pleading for God''s grace 07 June 2010 - It''s not only about City Harvest 05 June 2010 - City Harvest investigated - Good stewardship? 03 June 2010 - City Harvest Church Singapore under investigation 01 June 2010 - Gay Christians – finding pride in Christ, a new life far beyond ourselves 24 May 2010 - Congressmen Mark Souder resigns - The focus on the Law by Christian Right brings out Sin 23 May 2010 - African Christians crossing the line ordained by God soon 22 May 2010 - Singapore Pink Dot 2010 19 May 2010 - Living by the Spirit of God instead of the Law 17 May 2010 - Inter-faith relationships only, no dialogue as we are exclusive 16 may 2010 - Pope condemns gays whilst praying to Fatimah 15 May 2010 - Christianity Today blames gay equality for straight marriage infidelity 11 May 2010 - Learning from George Rekers 06 May 2010 - Pastor Kong Hee - unbalanced on the gay issue 03 May 2010 - Pastor Kong Hee and Sexual Morality 01 May 2010 - Asian Anglicans leads crusade against the West and Gays 24 Apr 2010 - God is calling on the Anglican South 20 Apr 2010 - True Victims denied justice 16 Apr 2010 - The silence of the Lambs broken 09 Apr 2010 - Jesus, a friend of sinners 04 Apr 2010 - Easter – A Reminder that Jesus died for the Gay community too 27 Mar 2010 - Anti-gay Catholic Church covers up sexual abuse 21 Mar 2010 - Living an authentic Christian lifestyle and not in denial 15 Mar 2010 - Jack Neo should seek God''s grace, not Law. 13 Mar 2010 - Jack Neo uses wife to ask for mercy 09 Mar 2010 - City Harvest Making a difference & the Jack Neo Affairs 06 Mar 2010 - The Wedding day tolls in Washington DC 27 Feb 2010 - Let''s not compromise on speaking the truth, says Cornerstone 23 Feb 2010 - Pastor Rony likens gays to dogs 22 Feb 2010 - A Question of Dignity 21 Feb 2010 - Pastor Tan unrepentant on gays 20 Feb 2010 - Losing Integrity unnecessarily 19 Feb 2010 - Persecuted for whom 14 Feb 2010 - When we are no different than Pastor Rony Tan 13 Feb 2010 - The Road to Jericho - ignoring facts and human realities 12 Feb 2010 - Militant Secularists after Rony Tan claims Christian Post 11 Feb 2010 - Christian Post SG & Pastor Rony Tan 09 Feb 2010 - Pastor Rony Tan and imparting grace 05 Feb 2010 - People Like Us in Christ (PLUC) 02 Feb 2010 - When the Body of Christ becomes inclusive 30 Jan 2010 - Keeping the Commandments of Jesus Christ 23 Jan 2010 - Malaysia - the battle to represent God 21 Jan 2010 - A prophecy for the African Christian nations 17 Jan 2010 - Haiti - Are we a Light to Christ 16 Jan 2010 - Ireland - Making Grace cheap through the Law 09 Jan 2010 - Malaysia - The Transgender and Cross Dressing 04 Jan 2010 - Welcome 2010 - Just to care 02 Jan 2010 - Standing up for Christ - outing Hillsong 28 Dec 2009 - Faith in our gentle Savior 27 Dec 2009 - The Fear of the Gay Homosexual 26 Dec 2009 - Dominion Theology Part 3 - the Gay scapegoat 26 Dec 2009 - Dominion Theology Part 2 - the uphill battle 22 Dec 2009 - The battle for World Dominion Part 1 - the Singapore connection 20 Dec 2009 - The New Reformation Dominion Agenda 19 Dec 2009 - The Samaritan Purse 18 Dec 2009 - Lives lost in Iran, Uganda, and Nigeria 14 Dec 2009 - Rick Warren and Kill Gay Bill 13 Dec 2009 - Why Christians fear gays! 10 Dec 2009 - Sex and Christianity 02 Dec 2009 - Singapore''s Archbishop stirring the witches’ cauldron. 29 Nov 2009 - Bible and Homosexuality 24 Nov 2009 - How Gay marriage undermines the Catholic Faith 21 Nov 2009 - Carrie Prejean – the revelation of fallen Christianity 14 Nov 2009 - Billy''s Full Gospel of Love and Compassion 07 Nov 2009 - Jesus love gays @ 06 Nov 2009 - Maine - A journey through the Valley of the Shadow of death 31 Oct 2009 - The time has come - a manifesto to let my people go 25 Oct 2009 - May God protect Gay Ugandans from harm 20 Oct 2009 - Even the Unrighteous servant gave grace 16 Oct 2009 - Hope Marches on in the midst of darkness 13 Oct 2009 - Finding authentic Christianity against hate 08 Oct 2009 - God loves Gay Children, this I know 04 Oct 2009 - What God has made clean and Holy, no one can call dirty 01 Oct 2009 - No stopping God''s work in the GLBT community 27 Sept 2009 - May grace comes from the China Wine Debate 23 Sept 2009 - Liberty and Justice comes first 22 Sept 2009 - Forgive for our God is a Good God 18 Sept 2009 - "Homosexual Agenda - Silencing the Christians" alleged Fundamentalists 18 Sept 2009 - When the sin of Hypocrisy Reigns, Grace abounds much more 12 Sept 2009 - Sin, and causing no harm 05 Sept 2009 - Time to walk by faith and come out 29 Aug 2009 - Therefore the Redeemed shall return 22 Aug 2009 - A tidal wave of freedom - no more hiding 15 Aug 2009 - Freedom in a exclusive Christ 04 Aug 2009 - Traditional Marriage and a mighty river of change 01 Aug 2009 - Anti-gay Don cancels New York University assignment after criticisms. 25 July 2009 - O Lord - Forgive and deliver us 17 July 2009 - Abortion, a time to change heart 11 July 2009 - Christian Right in adultery - be ye holy 04 July 2009 - Winds of change in India - coming soon to SG 30 June 2009 - Michael Jackson - his pain, our pain 26 June 2009 - Anthony Yeo - God''s Grace to Us 20 June 2009 - Christian Right is always Right But go and learn what this means: ''I desire mercy and not sacrifice. 18 June 2009 - Free speech of religious extremist snipped 13 June 2009 - The Ex-Gay offence 09 June 2009 - Let us not be quick to forget the grace of God 06 June 2009 - May the bible truth set us free to see Jesus, God''s grace 05 June 2009 - Secularism versus religious activism 03 June 2009 - Late term abortion Doctor slained in church 02 June 2009 - Postman Christians on trial 29 May 2009 - Press Reporting of Aware Revolution Polarised Society, MP retracts accusation 28 may 2009 - Proposition 8 judgement - crossing the line ordained by God 27 May 2009 - Power of a rainbow nation 24 May 2009 - irish Commission reveals church cover up of grave sins 23 may 2009 - Change is possible 20 May 2009 - Christian Ethics Expert - Aware involvement legitimate 17 May 2009 - Aware Anglican women perform crucial service NCCS chief explains 17 may 2009 - Government re-affirms space for gays 16 May 2009 - Evidence for Heterosexual Gene 16 May 2009 - Disapproval of Homosexuality almost exclusively Christian 10 MAY 2009 - AWARE - Ashamed of the Gospel 09 May 2009 - AWARE - A time to sacrifie innocent lambs 08 May 2009 - AWARE - A God of Justice - We won 07 May 2009 - AWARE - Were You there? 03 May 2009 - AWARE - peace at last 28 Apr 2009 - AWARE - the battle for a Kingdom Transformation of SG 28 Apr 2009 - AWARE and market place evangelism 25 Apr 2009 - AWARE - Real Coup by Homosexual Activists? 25 Apr 2009 - Aware – An awareness of a militant Christian Right in Singapore 23 Apr 2009 - AWARE - a time for PRIDE 21 Apr 2009 - Is Homosexuality a gift from God? 21 Apr 2009 - Is Jesus coming back soon - part 2 17 Apr 2009 - Is Jesus coming back soon - part 1? 17 Apr 2009 - A miracle in vermont 14 Apr 2009 - Iowa - the bell tolls 07 Apr 2009 - Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life 27 mar 2009 - O Lord come and heal our Land, take away our shame and pain 20 Mar 2009 - Coming to God alone without hiding 13 Mar 2009 - Lord make us an instrument of peace not hate 07 Mar 2009 - Wasted Years - God is calling you out of the closet 01 Mar 2009 - When Grace beckons 23 Feb 2009 - Boundaries of the Kingdom of God 17 feb 2009 - Let us walk again, a closer walk with thee 10 feb 2009 - America under Obama - when Justice prevail, He will come and save you 03 Feb 2009 - Pastor ted Haggard Out again 27 Jan 2009 - from gaza to the battle for jerusalem 21 Jan 2009 - Auld Lang Syne, and a new beginning 21 jAN 2009 - A Grave Mistake by Christians on Gay Issues, a call for a clean heart 14 Jan 2009 - at Christmas, a special gift from the UN 14 Jan 2009 - Morning has broken - Obama & Rick Warren 07 Jan 2009 - UN Declaration - A religious dicrimination against true love 20 Oct 2007 - no longer looks like Jesus 377A - IMF 31 377A - Do you know What spirit you are of
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