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Power Up Audio Game audio team based out of Vancouver Canada, specializing in sound design, music, and voice-over. Projects include Celeste, Darkest Dungeon, Crypt of the NecroDancer, Into the Breach, and more.
Press Complaints Commission >> Home Page >> Welcome The homepage of the Press Complaints Commission, the independent body which deals with complaints from members of the public about the editorial content of newspaper and magazines.
Subterfuge Records - Discográfica independiente, management y booking Subterfuge no es solo una de las discográficas independientes pioneras y más sólidas de España, también desde hace años Subterfuge desarrolla labores de management y booking a través de Subterfuge Events...
Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc. | Protecting our children from Industrial Wind Power Emissions is our first priority! Protecting our children from Industrial Wind Power Emissions is our first priority!
Utah Population & Environment Council | Promoting a Sustainable Balance with Human Population and the Environment By George Pyle. The Salt Lake Tribune "Sure overpopulation is a problem. That's why people should have lots of babies. Because one day, one of those babies is going to grow up and solve that problem." — Ted Baxter In geometry, any two points make a line. In professional punditry, any three points constitute a meaningful trend. • Point 1: Utah's Sen. Mike Lee made a total fool of himself by standing up on the floor of the World's Greatest Deliberative Body to claim that the answer to problems caused in large part by the overpopulation of the world was for people to have more babies. • Point 2: Republicans are trying to have the whole of the Affordable Care Act declared unconstitutional, attempting to toss upwards of 20 million Americans off the already-too-small roll of people who have health insurance. • Point 3: The latest edition of the General Social Survey indicates that the number of people who had no sexual relations with another person over the preceding year has reached an all-time high. Nearly a quarter of U.S. adults self-reportedly came up empty in that department in 2018. (One presumes that the number of people who had sex and denied it is balanced by the number of people who didn't have sex claimed they did.) • Meaning: We are well beyond the era where people have lots of babies out of fear that only a few of them will survive to adulthood — or even long enough to pull a plow — and have entered a time when many people, quite logically, are having fewer babies out of fear that they won't be properly taken care of. That, in fact, their arrival will only accelerate the demise of human civilization as we know it. Lee's argument is exactly the one referenced above, made by the dimwitted anchorman who was the bane of Mary Richards' existence on the classic "Mary Tyler Moore Show" more than — gasp — 40 years ago. Not that there is never wisdom in the words of fools. In a slightly more sentient essay on his Senate web page, Lee correctly points out that past predictions of global catastrophe have not come to pass because human ingenuity stepped in. Increased population did not cause millions to starve to death, because agriculture made great strides even as the birth rate soared. Lee might well also have noted that aerosol sprays didn't destroy the atmosphere, the turning of the calendar to the year 2000 didn't play havoc with every computer on earth and the American bald eagle did not go extinct. In each case, humans became aware of what the future was going to be like if we did not act. So we figured it out and, individually, culturally and through our government institutions, invented new technologies and changed our behavior, thereby avoiding what could well have been a dreadful future. Of course, the senator also included a sorry No-I-didn't-see-"Chinatown"-why-do-you-ask? example of how city of Los Angeles was able to grow to its current megalopolis size with major water projects. Projects built with a massive grab of water rights from farmers and Indian tribes described in Mark Reisner's 1993 "Cadillac Desert" as "chicanery, subterfuge ... and a strategy of lies." People are having less sex, and fewer babies, for reasons both good and worrisome. Women have other things to do. A knowledge economy that places no value on upper-body strength should be, and increasingly is, a way for women to realize, like Ted's friend Mary, that they can make it after all with no husband and no children. Meanwhile, the social safety net that might make people feel more secure bringing new lives into the world is under active and sustained attack — by Lee and his fellow Republicans. The deliberate transfer of wealth from the rest of us to the 1 percent, increasing numbers of men with no jobs and no prospects, Third World rates of maternal and infant mortality in the U.S. and political leaders whose response to climate change is, "Don't worry your pretty little heads about it," do nothing to inspire confidence in our future as an ideal place to raise a family. We could well, as Lee says, think our way out of this. We could invent sustainable, clean sources of energy and build a future where the population can increase in ways that don't destroy the planet. But you can't avoid a calamity if you refuse to see it coming. George Pyle, editorial page editor of The Salt Lake Tribune, notes that we have made it well into the 21st century with neither Martian colonies nor World War III. [email protected]
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Brawny Beefcake Popular male nude images from the 1930s to the 1960s mimicked their female "pin-up" and "cheesecake" counterparts. Yet the male nude market was shrouded in far more secrecy and subterfuge. When images...
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Forums - Nexidy Nexidy is a platform used for gathering wisdom and knowledge, and then sharing it with people who are unaware of the subterfuge used around the world.
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The Rigel Black Chronicles This is a fan page for the amazing work of art by fanfiction author murkybluematter on who writes the Rigel Black Chronicles: Pureblood Pretense, Surpentine Subterfuge, Ambiguous...
MARYLAND - Página WEB oficial del grupo de Vigo - Subterfuge Records MARYLAND - Página WEB oficial del grupo de Vigo - Subterfuge Records Bienvenidos a la web oficial del grupo MARYLAND. Maryland son una formación viguesa que en 2009 dan la sorpresa colándose en la final del concurso Grupo Revelación Nacional organizado por el Festival Contempopránea.
SquidHat Records — Current Releases SquidHat Records, is an artist friendly independent label created to help talented, interesting and passionate artists record and promote their music.
Subterfuge - A week-long game of strategy and diplomacy Subterfuge - A week-long game of strategy and diplomacy.
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Hitman Sniper BECOME THE ULTIMATE SILENT ASSASSIN. Take on the role of Agent 47 in Hitman: Sniper - a fixed position shooting game set in beautiful Montenegro. Scope in on your marks using skill, subtlety, subterfuge and the environment to complete your contracts.
Technology: Security and Safety to Survive Scams and Subterfuge Find a range of information on security and safety related to different forms of technology. Avoid trouble. Click here for more information.
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Subterfuge Shop - La tienda de Subterfuge Records Tienda de Subterfuge Records para comprar discos, camisetas, merchandising, carteles, libros, casetes y mucho más.
Ellis Washington Report | "The good ends proposed by the Illuminati…are the overthrow of religion, government, and human society, civil and domestic. "In societies of Illuminati…the being of God was denied and ridiculed…. The possession of property was pronounced robbery. ~ Reverend Timothy Dwight (4th Yale President, 1795-1817) Prologue— Yale President Timothy Dwight Battles the American Illuminati One of the great, unsung heroes of the post-American Revolutionary Period that fought to expose the infiltration and destruction of America by Illuminati agents was Rev. Timothy Dwight. According to writer and American historian, Bill Federer, Timothy Dwight was the grandson of legendary American Evangelist, Jonathan Edwards and was the 4th President of Yale College (1795-1817). According to Federer, "On July 4, 1798, Timothy Dwight gave an address in New Haven titled, The Duty of Americans at the Present Crisis, in which he explained how Voltaire's atheism inspired the French Revolution and it's Reign of Terror, 1793-1794, where 40,000 people were beheaded: "About the year 1728, Voltaire, so celebrated for his wit and brilliancy and not less distinguished for his hatred of Christianity and his abandonment of principle, formed a systematical design to destroy Christianity and to introduce in its stead a general diffusion of irreligion and atheism, Dwight declared. "For this purpose, he associated with himself Frederick II, King of Prussia, and Mess. D'Alembert and Diderot, the principal compilers of the Encyclopedie, all men of talents, atheists and in the like manner abandoned." In his speech President Dwight stated that the principle parts of this system were: 1. The compilation of the Encyclopedie: in which with great art and insidiousness the doctrines of ... Christian theology were rendered absurd and ridiculous; and the mind of the reader was insensibly steeled against conviction and duty. 2. The overthrow of the religious orders in Catholic countries, a step essentially necessary to the destruction of the religion professed in those countries. 3. The establishment of a sect of philosophists to serve, it is presumed as a conclave, a rallying point, for all their followers. 4. The appropriation to themselves, and their disciples, of the places and honors of members of the French Academy, the most respectable literary society in France, and always considered as containing none but men of prime learning and talents. In this way they designed to hold out themselves and their friends as the only persons of great literary and intellectual distinction in that country, and to dictate all literary opinions to the nation. 5. The fabrication of books of all kinds against Christianity, especially such as excite doubt and generate contempt and derision. Of these they issued by themselves and their friends who early became numerous, an immense number; so printed as to be purchased for little or nothing, and so written as to catch the feelings, and steal upon the approbation, of every class of men. 6. The formation of a secret Academy, of which Voltaire was the standing president, and in which books were formed, altered, forged, imputed as posthumous to deceased writers of reputation, and sent abroad with the weight of their names." These are the Machiavellian Illuminati tactics and strategies used throughout the Ages to seize power by subterfuge and force, to destroy Christian nations by perverting and delegitimizing religion, taking over key societal institutions like the publishing industry (e.g., Weishaupt creation of the German Union in Bavaria in the late 1700s, law which ultimately leads all to the systematic and comprehensive destruction of the Nation-States through genocide and democide. Remember, the Illuminati and their French agents were welcomed to America by many of our most illustrious "Founding Fathers" and political leaders including – George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Clymer, Thomas Paine, Albert Gallatin, Edmund Randolph, Benjamin Franklin Bache, Thomas Mifflin, Alexander Dallas, among many, many other iconic men we've venerated throughout history. Myths vs. Facts (Episode 13) – Thomas Jefferson: What you didn't know [Transcript] "Hello and welcome back to another week of Myths vs. Facts. This week I will be discussing Thomas Jefferson because he's such a prominent figure in American history and quoted quite widely today – and justifiably so. Jefferson was really three different men; in other words, he went through three different phases of his life and political leanings. They were 1) The man of the Revolution and Declaration of Independence; 2) As … our French ambassador and member of Washington's cabinet, and finally 3) The final stage was the third president of the United States and his retirement. Now what I'm going about to say will shock some people but stay with me, as it will iron itself out. Don't get into big tither; this is history that has been purged out of American history since the Civil War." "To say that Jefferson was a traitor would be an understatement. On more than one occasion Jefferson worked to destroy the Washington government from within the cabinet that he was part of and later as a private citizen attempting with members of the Conspiracy to separate Western territory away from the United States. Now this may sound outrageous to some but all of this is available online and amply detailed and documented in my book, To the Victor Go the Myths & the Monuments. Much of this history was eliminated from the history books like I said after the Civil War, including the Jacobin French influence and Jefferson's role in cooperating with the French. Jefferson wasn't revealed as a traitor until he wrote a letter to a man named Philip Mazzei. In France this letter was published in The Paris Monitor which exposed Jefferson as an enemy of Washington at a time when he was playing both sides from within the Washington cabinet. This is why there is no question that Jefferson worked to bring down the Washington government from within." "We talked about leakers today in the federal government. Jefferson was the first leaker in the federal government that so many are concerned about today. This leaked information was passed on to the opposition newspaper he secretly helped established called the National Gazette and other democratic organs to help create ill feelings against Washington, such as the New York Argus the Richmond Examiner and the Boston Independent Chronicle. The primary Jacobin agent coordinating all of this was a man who worked for Jefferson that, once exposed, Jefferson would not fire. In other words, there were Jacobin agents inside the Washington administration being protected by Jefferson. There are other things that are even worse that you will find in my book, but they take a great deal more to explain than the short time we have here." "I know this information is a problem for patriotic Americans. It was for me as I dug up more and more history that I had never heard of before – history that used to be published but gradually disappeared over the years as Jefferson was elevated and Washington diminished in histories written after the Civil War. In France, it was not unusual for Jefferson to entertain members of the Illuminati in his home, as a couple of examples of Mirabeau and Lafayette. Jefferson attended meetings of The Illuminated Lodge of the Nine Sisters. Weather he was a member or not isn't known. As I mentioned before the Gestapo confiscated the records of this Lodge during World War II. This is something that may never be known unless someone uncovers the records that were either presumably destroyed by the Nazis, or they still have them. If the Nazis had not seized the records of the French secret societies many questions could be answered. Having these records disappeared has concealed the origins of the radical movements that evolved into the Nazis as well as the Communist move in addition great pains seem to been made over the decades to hide the movement of the plot of the Illuminati into the United States more than any other country and who these people were." "We know that Jefferson read the key Illuminati Nicholas Bonneville's book, The Spirit of Religion that not only promoted a universal brotherhood of man but contained the idea of a civic religion based on the worship of Reason rather than a Supreme Being. The Spirit of Religion by Nicholas Bonneville first of all promoted a universal brotherhood of man and secondly promoted a civic religion based on Reason, not a superior being, God in other words. Jefferson's largest bloc against him politically was the American clergy and there were many early historians who wrote about the personal failings of Jefferson. As a result, or an example of the clergy being against Jefferson, Reverend Timothy Dwight, President of Yale College and a foe of the Illuminati, when speaking of the possible election of Jefferson stated this – "The Bible would be cast into a bonfire our holy worship changed into a dance of Jacobin Pharisee. Our wives and daughters dishonored. And our sons converted into disciples of Voltaire and the dragoons of Marriot." ~ Reverend Timothy Dwight, 4th President of Yale College "Now this came from the book, Six Frigates: The Epic History of the Founding of the U.S. Navy. This extreme opinion was a result of the Jacobite agitation and immorality advocated and exhibited by their adherents in the minds of the religious leaders at the time. They feared for the future of the country with certain men and authority who cooperated with Jacobin events including Jefferson at the time. Now before we go any further, we need to reiterate that Jefferson finally reverted to his old self that he was, prior going to France once he was elected president." 4 American Jacobins and 'The Virginia Plan' "Jefferson wasn't the only traitor or leaker in the Washington cabinet. Edmund Randolph, a second cousin of Jefferson, was Attorney General and a friend of the Whisky Rebellion leaders and in league with Gallatin and Genet. Randolph personally met with an agent of the French Jacobins in his home and asked for money to win over four men who were teetering in their support for the Jacobin cause – they were Thomas Mifflin, governor of Pennsylvania, Alexander Dallas, Secretary of State for Pennsylvania and a leader of the Democratic Societies, Jefferson and Randolph himself." "Now Randolph became Secretary of State after Jefferson left the cabinet Randolph resigned once incriminating letters came into Washington's hands that showed Randolph was leaking private inner debates of the cabinet to a Jacobin agent just as Jefferson had been doing but had not been caught at the time. As reported in a London newspaper— "In one of the letters addressed to the French Committee of Public Safety, Fauchet gives them information that the Secret Service money which he carried with him to America had been well employed in cementing stronger the bonds of amity between France and America and acknowledged himself much indebted to Mr. Randolph the American Secretary of State and to a gentleman of high office in the State of Pennsylvania." [possibly Alexander Dallas] ~ The European Magazine and London Review (January 1796) "It was Randolph who at the opening of what became the Constitutional Convention offered The Virginia Plan to the assembled to write a new Constitution. Rather than follow their instruction to amend the Articles of Confederation, the delegates decided to write an entirely new Constitution. Now in other words the whole idea for having a runaway convention came out of the forces that were to ally themselves with the French Revolution. Some of the same people who proposed a new Constitution were those who helped in the fight later to oppose the Constitution. We will continue to look at the American Jacobin events next week." Myths vs. Facts (Episode 14) – Young America: The Illuminati Influence on Education [Transcript] "Hello and welcome back to another week of Myths vs. Facts. This week I will be discussing more about what was happening during the Washington administration that you probably have never heard of before. Most people have received an education that subtlety makes the point that the Democrats were the real Americans during in the early years of our country and that the Federalists were hangovers from British rule. Yet when researching history, we see there was a real problem within the Republican-Democrats being led by French agents through the Jacobin movement. The Illuminati in America had a primary opponent, he was Rev. Jedidiah Morse. He felt that the Democratic Clubs were fleshed out by immigrants who served the revolutionary government of France rather than being people who really wanted to be part of the American experience." La Liberté ou la Mort (1795) by Jean-Baptiste Regnault. Note the red Phrygian cap, a symbol of the French Revolution also associated with Freemasonry – Source. "We witness this very thing today with immigration just as the French government promoted the infiltration of Jacobin agents into America, the Mexican government has been doing the same thing for years only on a more mass scale. A perfect example happened recently with the new Marxist president of Mexico. He has stated that the Mexicans have a "right" to live in the United States without any concern for the border. Today we see these immigrants being used to drive up the number of demonstrators against government policy. It was the same in our early years. For example, in the late 1700s the street-level pressure grew so bad that the capital of Philadelphia (which was the U.S. Capitol at the time). There was a riot of 10,000 people looking for Washington to hang him. This was driven by outside agitators coming into the city trying to make it look like those living there were the only ones involved. Finally, the roads in and out of the city were blocked to prevent any more swelling of the numbers. This was at the time when the total population of the city of Philadelphia was under 30,000." "There's no way they had a third of the population in the street rioting for no other reason other than the elimination of Washington. What finally quelled this public disturbance was a yellow fever epidemic. According to a letter written by Jefferson to John Adams after they had reconciled years later, Adams felt that the only thing that saved the government was the yellow fever epidemic. People then stayed home; they shuttered their windows so that no one from out of town would want to go near the place for fear of catching the disease. Interestingly, one person who died of yellow fever was Franklin's grandson, Benjamin Franklin Bache who was the owner and editor of The Aurora Newspaper in Philadelphia. The Aurora was arguably the most vicious newspaper of the Washington administration." The Real Impetus and History behind the Alien and Seditions Acts "Between the propaganda and the street-level pressure it became the perfect scenario for the government to propose and pass the Alien and Sedition Acts. These Acts were designed to arrest aliens from France who were agents of the Jacobins and to silence "fake news" of which the Aurora was an integral part. In other words, the Alien and Sedition Acts were designed to reduce the agitation, espionage and subversion of the Illuminous organizations. Shortly after the passage of the Alien and Sedition Acts in America, England also passed theirs called The Unlawful Societies Act of 1799. This Act was aimed at the secret societies spawned by the Illuminati. At the time several Illuminated lodges had been started by the Illuminati; by people living in England such as Thomas Paine... This, however, did not curtail revolutionary leaders from entering England years later." "The Alien and Sedition Acts did cause many French [Illuminati] agents to leave the country and to return to France rather than to be imprisoned. While some criticized the Alien and Sedition Acts as being unconstitutional, others were in agreement with them. "If Jefferson and Madison deemed the Alien and Seditions Acts plain and palpable infractions of the Constitution, Washington and Patrick Henry held them to be good and wholesome laws." ~ History of the United States: From the Earliest Period to the Administration of President Johnson, Vol. II, J.A. Spencer, (1866) "Now it is realized that the Alien and Sedition Acts were not a solution to stopping the Jacobin movement instead it just created a reaction among the people. Many people do not act but they sure do react. The Acts provided the Jacobins that the Federalists were not true lovers of liberty and free speech. It went a long way to the election of Jefferson as president. Fortunately, two facts did quiet down the Jacobin agitation: The fountainhead for the internationalization of Jacobinism, Robespierre was executed. "As this quelled the violence in France it did as well in America. Since the impetus for importing Jacobinism into America was Robespierre, this curtailed the main organizational thrust of the movement in the United States. 2. The election of Thomas Jefferson "The Radicals saw his election as the success for their movement, so they felt that as though their job was done. Once Jefferson took office, he almost immediately softens his political positions and practically became a Federalist in his outlook. Afterall, you cannot be a revolutionary against yourself if you are the leader. Even so, Jefferson's tenure as president left a lot to be desired. In January 1809 a Report of the Legislature of Massachusetts depicted Jefferson's administration as follows— "Our agriculture is discouraged; the fisheries abandoned; navigation forbidden; our commerce at home restrained, if-not annihilated; our commerce abroad cut off; our navy sold, dismantled, or degraded to the service of cutters or gunboats; the revenue extinguished; the cause of justice interrupted; the military power exalted above the civil and by setting up a standard of political faith unknown to the Constitution the nation is weakened by internal animosities and divisions, at the moment it is unnecessarily and improvidently exposed to war with Great Britain, France, and Spain." ~ History of the United States, J.A. Spencer (1866). "It is obvious that the United States was unprepared for war with anyone due to the administration of Jefferson. The case can be made that the lack of keeping the mandate of the Constitution for the standing navy under Jefferson finally led to the War of 1812. It is true that Jefferson made decisions that were glorified in the Marine Corp Hymn – "From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli. The raid on Tripoli being the primary one being also true, but Jefferson's administration did much to weaken the country." "In addition, many don't realize that there was a widespread incidence of arrests without warrant by the Jefferson administration on his order… Civil Libertarians would be shocked to learn of some of the violations of the Constitution by Jefferson. Let's end on the note that even though Jefferson went through many phases of his life, he changed even more so in his retirement back to the great man that served an important role in the American Revolution. We will explore even more machinations that affected the country as we look at one of the most important organizations in the history of the United States in future segments, Young American. But first we'll look at the foundations of American education laid down by Illuminous forces next week." Epilogue—QAnon Exposes the American Illuminati: 2020 While I no longer believe in coincidence as my intellectual mentor Milt Harris frequently says, when though the years we think about the same subject at the same time – "There's something in the air that carries concurrent thoughts one to another." I broach this subject because one of my more cognitive Facebook friends is Stephen Zabielski and this serendipity is what occurred recently when Zabielski posted the following message and tagged me on it regarding the 204th Anniversary of the first Holocaust in the twentieth century Kamal Ataturk's democide against the Christian Armenians, Greeks and Yugoslavians living in Turkey (1915-18) – "According to QAnon these are really deep state Illuminati directed mass killings as human sacrifices to Moloch. Purportedly Moloch sets the number of human sacrifices he wants, the deep state using part ruthless Blackhat killers and part MK-Ultra mentally compromised, free will undermined assassins they have embedded around the world fulfills the devil's orders. QAnon goes on to say that Islam was infiltrated in the 1800s by Freemasons after Freemasonry was infiltrated and taken over by the Illuminati beginning immediately after the devil worshiping cult formed in 1776. Freemasonry had lodges all across that part of the world for centuries so by infiltrating it the Illuminati and their diabolical false god Moloch were able to make quick inroads throughout the Islamic world. So, the enemy is not Islam but the Illuminati." Stephen continued, "Fortunately, Trump, the US Military, our massive Intelligence Network, and America's invincible Patriot citizenry are already well on their way to bringing these Skull & Bones warmongers down, first to their knees where they are now, then down to six feet under where they will be going soon. There is a new world coming so thank God and Praise Jesus! He is the true MASTERMIND behind these rapid changes." QAnon for the uninitiated is a set of cryptic Internet postings (beg. Oct. 2016) by military intelligence figures loyal to President Trump which are posted on 4Chan and 8Chan websites to protect their anonymity. The postings (which to date number 3,349), are designed to expose the plots and surreptitious plans of Deep State and Shadow Government traitors (many are part of "Stay Behind Networks" of the Obama administration) who would seek to remove Trump from office by illegal and violent means. QAnon address every conceivable aspect of politics, foreign policy, law, economics, election tampering, and Deep State treachery which includes secret societies that have historically wanted to overthrow the U.S. like – Freemasons, Rothschilds, Illuminati, Bilderbergs, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Skull and Bones, etc… I thought that Zabielski's historical summary about how the Illuminati through infiltration of groups like the Freemasons and Islam was able to severely weaken America's Judeo-Christian traditions and institutions since our founding – July 4, 1776 – just 2 months after the founding of the Illuminati on May 1, 1776. My only quibble with his analysis is to disagree that "the enemy is not Islam, but the Illuminati." On the contrary, both Islam and the Illuminati are sworn enemies of Christianity, Jesus Christ, and the Bible by which history has demonstrated time and time again that where Islam and the Illuminati exist, so will the persecution of Christianity and the Church will be rampant, religious freedom will be infringed upon and eventually perverted to such a degree that true Christianity will become Heresy, Apostacy and Society plunged into Anarchy and Democide. Why? Because "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil," according to Sir Edmund Burke, "is that good men should do nothing." Suggested Readings: Bill Federer, Yale President Battles French Illuminati, (01/10/2015).Thomas M. Anderson, The Political Conspiracies Preceding the Rebellion (1882).Art Thompson, To the Victor Go the Myths & the Monuments (John Birch Society, 2016). See sections on anti-Illuminati hero, Rev. Timothy Dwight at pp. xxxvii, 29, 29, 51.John Robinson, Proofs of A Conspiracy ([1797], John Birch Society, 1967 ed.). Augustin Barruel, Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism, ([1797], 2002 ed.).Ellis Washington, The Nuremberg Trials: Last Tragedy of the Holocaust (Hamilton Books, 2008).———————, Myths vs. Facts (Part 3) – Influence in the French Revolution, (March 25, 2019).Dinesh D'Souza, The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left
Understanding the Motivation of the Right Wing Fundamentalists Right wing fundamentalists, a.k.a. wingnuts, use subterfuge in most things they publicly say or write. This blog will attempt to see what is being hidden by the wingnuts, to find out what their real reasons are for the stands that they take.
Howell Hurst – A Writer's Site – Just another WordPress site this is a writer''s site with contain the novels and shortstories of the author Hoewll Hurst
Really Weird Stuff. Com ,  By Tré Taylor “Blessed are the weird people: poets, misfits, writers mystics, painters, troubadours for they teach us to see the world through different eyes.”
Subterfuge - A week-long game of strategy and diplomacy Subterfuge - A week-long game of strategy and diplomacy.
Subterfuge Records - Discográfica independiente, management y booking Subterfuge no es solo una de las discográficas independientes pioneras y más sólidas de España, también desde hace años Subterfuge desarrolla labores de management y booking a través de Subterfuge Events...
Power Up Audio Game audio team based out of Vancouver Canada, specializing in sound design, music, and voice-over. Projects include Celeste, Darkest Dungeon, Crypt of the NecroDancer, Into the Breach, and more.
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Forums - Nexidy Nexidy is a platform used for gathering wisdom and knowledge, and then sharing it with people who are unaware of the subterfuge used around the world.
Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc. | Protecting our children from Industrial Wind Power Emissions is our first priority! Protecting our children from Industrial Wind Power Emissions is our first priority!