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Soundtrack Tracklist Original Soundtrack (Score, OST) from a movie, film, TV Series, TV Show, animation film or video game. Soundtrack tracklist for a new release music albums.
Soundtrack.Net Find movie soundtracks, film scores, song credits, composer news and more. Soundtrack.Net tracks the tunes in your entertainment.
Michael McCann | Composer | Official site of tv, game and film composer Michael McCann. Official site of BAFTA nominated and award winning tv, game and film composer Michael McCann. 
AnimeIllusion | The Anime Music Reference! Discover, thanks to AnimeIllusion, the best of Anime Music. You can browse through CD Reviews & Listen to CD.
Ray DeTone - Guitarist Composer Producer - Ray DeTone is professional session, touring guitarist with 3 instrumental CDs featuring an eclectic mix of rock, blues, metal, fusion, progressive, country, bluegrass and soundtrack music. This virtuoso artists is also a sought after for hire guitarist, producer and composer.
The Art of Listening The Art of Listening is a documentary film about the journey music takes to reach a listener’s ear, from the intent of an instrument maker and composer, to the producers and engineers who capture and preserve an artist’s voice. This journey is narrated by intimate conversations with artists, engineers and producers about the philosophy of their work and the intent behind each musical note they create.
Chris Eckman Home page of Chris Eckman. Musician, producer, soundtrack composer and co-founder of Glitterbeat Records
Patryk Scelina – Film and Game Composer Patryk Scelina - production music composer. Custom tracks for films, games and advertisement, production music for licensing, royalty free music library for motion picture advertisement like trailers, teasers, TV spots, web etc.
Soundscape | Unlimited Music Licensing for Video licenses authentic, independent music for use in video, film and advertising through affordable unlimited licensing subscriptions.
Thomas Vo | Music for Motion Pictures | Award-Winning Composer The official website of award winning composer Thomas Vo, composer for films, games, commercial, and new media with specialization in orchestral epic and drama.
Illogicoma | Composer & Producer Thomas Samuel Bennett is a freelance composer and music producer (ILLOGICOMA) with AAA games industry experience, creating unique soundscapes to enable Game Developers, Animators and more to realise their own creative visions through the power of music!
HearHear • Music & sound design Music should amplify the story you are telling. That is why we get to the essence of your project and translate it into sound. Our music adds depth to the world you designed.
Jörg Magnus Pfeil | composition for film Wohnhaft in München schreibt Jörg Magnus Pfeil seit Jahren Filmmusik für die Bereiche Romantic Comedy, Drama, Krimi und Dokumentarfilm.
MATTHEW PLAZA | Composer & Producer, Freelancer Matthew Plaza is a freelance composer, producer & musician currently based in Berlin, Germany currently specializing in soundtrack composition.
SoundVault - Global Music Licensing and Royalty Tracking Platform Easy global licensing of Commercial & Production music for Online Mobile Adverts Film TV Radio UGC. Instant access to pre-cleared broadcast-quality music & SFX.
Taylor-Made Productions Taylor-Made Productions is the sound source for all media. We compose original music with a sophistication that will satisfy the most serious professional. We are a full-service audio recording and video-post-production sweetening facility, technically and professionally - State of the Art.
Chase Parker, Composer & Arranger – Music! Nothing more, nothing less. Full Catalogue of Work Get MachiaVillain on Steam MachiaVillain: An Evil Mansion Management and Strategy Game Ashes of Creation: an Upcoming MMORPG by Intrepid Studios set in a Backdrop of High Fantasy* Miscellaneous Mockups Orchestral Ambient Orchestral Hybrid Arrangements Electronic *Not the Official Soundtrack  
Gyom Amphoux Music Library | United States | M-Rose Productions Gyom Amphoux music and soundtrack composer producer high end musical content for Advertising, Film, TV & Games.
Gary Marlowe A filmmaker and storyteller in music. Gary Marlowe is an award-winning composer, No.1 hit songwriter, and producer. He is best known for his unusual combinations of electronics and orchestra. A pianist, singer, guitar player and drummer, Marlowe started playing piano at four, turned into a synthesizer prodigy in his early teens and became one of Berlin´s foremost musicians, opening for the likes of Iggy Pop and The Ramones with his band. Gary Marlowe became a No.1 hit songwriter and producer for several top acts, leading to Platinum and Gold Record awards. Marlowe went on to become a true multi-instrumentalist, developing his own, eclectic style as a composer, which owes to his studies of Ethnomusicology and his open-minded interest in diverse musical cultures, and electronics. Marlowe moved to Italy, and studied Composition for Film with Oscar winners Luis Bacalov (“The Postman”) and Nicola Piovani (“Life is beautiful”), winning the Emma Contestabile Award in his final year at the Accademia Chigiana in Siena, where also Claudio Abbado or Daniel Barenboim have studied. Gary Marlowe was chosen by the World Soundtrack Academy to perform one of his works with The Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra, alongside Angelo Badalamenti, Mychael Danna, James Newton Howard, Clint Mansell, Dario Marianelli, Gustavo Santaolalla and Howard Shore. Marlowe is lecturing as a docent in various academies, such as the SAE School of Audio Engineering. Gary Marlowe is a Berlinale Talent Alumnus, a voting member of the World Soundtrack Academy, and the European Film Academy.
Aseptic Void Official Site - Aseptic Void Official Site Aseptic Void is the alias of Davide Terreni. Dark Ambient Artist, Soundtrack Composer and Painter.
Hugo Lippens - Composer for Film, TV and Multimedia World Soundtrack Awards "Best Young European Composer" nominee 2014. Composer for film, commercials, TV, video games, theatre and video art.
Qsonics | Music Creation | Audio Production | Themes, Branding, Idents Qsonics Ltd. custom music + audio production services. Themes, sonics, beds, idents, editing, speech cleaning, explainer video backing, soundtracks
NEPSOUND | Music Composition for Film NEPSOUND Studio established by a film composer Ivan Avakian in Auroville located near Puducherry. This studio operates as a lab for experimental and alternative music.
The Good, The Bad and the Just Plain Standard | Podcasting, since 2017. Fans for a while of Boryana's work, we finally have 'Floorplan Croissant' on the show.
Marc Behrens Artist Marc Behrens (D/KREV). Official website. Electroacoustic Music, Electronic Music, Sound Art, Installation, Photography, Video, Sculpture, Text.
Welcome to The Official website of Pianist, Composer and Arranger David Matthews and The Manhattan Jazz Orchestra and Quintet
BULAT Gafarov: professional Composer / Virtuoso Multi-instrumentalist / Vocalist / One-man band / King of World music Famous russian composer / songwriter / Unique multiinstrumentalist / Singer with unique vocal / Collector of musical instruments / Ethnographer
Soundscape | Unlimited Music Licensing for Video licenses authentic, independent music for use in video, film and advertising through affordable unlimited licensing subscriptions.
the Soundtrack INFO project (movie soundtracks) the Soundtrack INFO project (movie soundtracks)
Video Game Music and Anime Soundtrack Database | VGMdb VGMdb provides media, tracklist and artist information for video game soundtracks and anime music.
Soundtrack.Net Find movie soundtracks, film scores, song credits, composer news and more. Soundtrack.Net tracks the tunes in your entertainment.
Music Files - free downloads: Sheet Music, MIDI, MP3, Classical, Traditional, Film Free sheet music, MIDI, MP3 files - Classical, Traditional, Folk, Ragtime, Carols, Hymns, Anthems, Weddings. Classical and Film Composers, Soundtrack Reviews & Articles.
Sonokinetic - Sample libraries and Virtual Instruments Sonokinetic provide high quality yet affordable sample libraries. Ranging from authentic ethnic vocal and instrumental performances to next-level symphonic phrase based instruments to more traditional instruments and spoken voice-over collections, Sonokinetic products cover a lot of ground. Using only the best instruments, acoustics and technology and hiring top-notch musicians for performances we try to deliver the best tools for our customers. sli We take great care in translating the recorded material to highly usable instruments whilst preserving the characteristics that made us want to record it, and making sure our products can add realism to any track. Please feel free to contact us for any of your questions or feedback on our products or company. And enjoy our products!
55 Welcome to the website. Biography, discography, news, MP3 extracts, interviews, videos, medias, ...
Conni St.Pierre - Ambient, new age, and improvisational music Conni St.Pierre - Musician, composer. Alto Flute, Celtic Harp, Keyboards, Shakuhachi, Native American Flute, Bass. Music for films. CD series of ambient, new age, and instrumental music. Available for engagement.
Dronolan''s Tower - Medieval Fantasy Music Dronolan''s Tower produces Epic Fantasy music, arranged for Gothic style orchestra and choir, in the tradition of movie soundtrack albums. Often compared to film music composers John Williams and Basil Poledouris, this award-winning instrumental music has found an audience amongst lovers of epic fantasy novels, adventure films, and fantasy role-playing games.
Transcendent Sound A music production company specializing in music for meditation CDs, world and percussion grooves, and soundtracks for yoga videos.
Borrtex - Soundtrack Composer Official website of film composer Borrtex. Borrtex is a young soundtrack composer from Prague, Czech Republic. He started composing after meeting James Newton Howard, who inspired him with his personal attitude to composing.
Manaberry® | Epic music composer Film & Video games composer. Crafting symphonic music and scores. Listen now on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music.
Composer Hitomi Shimizu website - Composer Microtonalist Hitomi Shimizu website About soundtrack composer, microtonal composer, Hitomi Shimizu (Syzygys).
Florian Bur - Tunes of Fantasy Welcome by Florian Bur. He is a very talented piano composer. His music is so unique and emotional. The music of Florian Bur gives you a very warm hearth. Tunes of Fantasy was founded by Florian Bur.
Ransom Reigns Home page of Ransom Reigns, an Alternative, Ambient, Beats, Composer, Dance, Dubstep, Electronic Dance Music, Electronica, Experimental, Funk, Hip Hop, House, Indie, Industrial, Metal, Pop, R&B/Soul, Rock, Songwriter artist. Ransom Reigns is a music
Home :: Andrius Klimka Andrius Klimka - Composer World of Tanks Soundtrack. The new World of Tanks OST was composed by Andrius Klimka and recorded by the Prague Symphony Orchestra and aims to create military tank music that is as authentic as possible for each map. Drawing inspiration from the music all across the globe, the music aims to match its locale.
- Jaap Visser Jaap Visser Music Composer Sound Designer Componist Trailer Muziek Movie Soundtrack Film Game Games Orchestra Orchestral Epic
We Talk of Dreams – Creating Soundscapes. Creating Worlds.   Welcome to We Talk of Dreams: A composer with a speciality in creating music for podcasts. Having worked with over 40 podcasts and audiobooks, I believe I know how to create the perfect soundtrack for your show. I don't stick to one style or genre of music. I instead love to research and understand…
ROGER BELLON Composer - Conductor ROGER BELLON is an Emmy Nominated composer-conductor for film, television and theater. His credits include the popular cult-series, HIGHLANDER-THE SERIES.
Joel Miller Composer | Los Angeles, CA | Film Composer, Film Score Helping producers seeking original film scores & TV themes, an award-winning film composer. Specializes in strong melodic themes, or simulating existing style.
Mark Mosher – Electron Musician | Composer | Performer First Time Listeners | Stream & Shop | Buzz | Podcast | Live | Booking I've been composing, releasing, and performing cinematic sci-fi inspired electronic music for over a decade. Many tell me my music sounds like a soundtrack for science fiction film yet to be made. Some say my music would be perfect music…
Black Heron - about us Black Heron is made up of Leo Chilcott and Murugan Thiruchelvam and together we provide audio production services for media ranging from composing music to designing sound.
Matthew Cracknell - Film & TV Composer Based from his top-spec mothership Upper Lodge Studios, Mash (as he is known to friends & colleagues) is an always in-demand Film & TV Composer. Recent work for multiple BAFTA nominated projects include Top Gear, The Family, BBC Storyville and the Abbey Road soundtrack for feature film Exam, which included scoring theatrical trailer and giving a Q&A session at Leicester Square Odeon theatre upon release. Behind Matthew’s extensive work scoring for Film & TV lies a wealth of musical experience, touring Europe as a classical musician, working on full scores with a plethora of musicians/productions as an orchestral recording engineer (location recording), and winning 1st place in Cambridge University’s Woodwind competition. “The Family raises the bar for British TV music” Dorian Lynskey – The Times
Home Post Audio Mixing, Sound Design and Original music for Film, Television, and Content. Award winning composer Andrew Markus provides dialogue, editing, audio clean up and all post production Audio and music services in SoHo New York.
Martyn Heyne Martyn Heyne - Electric Intervals Amongst the pictures from Martyn Heyne’s childhood that you’ll find in his parents’ photo collection is one of him, aged two, strumming a canoe paddle like a guitar. If ever there were proof of the man’s natural born urge to make music, it’s this. Heyne’s approach to his art has always remained idiosyncratic, too: when he began teaching himself the piano, he developed a system based around the symmetry of the keyboard rather than its scales. Even his first band was unusual: having finally received music lessons, he began travelling from village fairs to sports halls to play shows with his brother and other friends. He was just ten. “Our tininess was well-received,” Heyne recalls fondly. The release of Heyne’s debut mini-album confirms he’s maintained his unusual, distinctive approach to music ever since. Working mainly with guitar, synthesisers and a drum machine – each enhanced by his trademark, vintage studio trickery – the composer has crafted six delicate pieces that are as moving as they are intricate. Whether it’s ‘Sparks’’ graceful melody, the lithe, rippling ‘Brandung’, or the gentle tremble of ‘Monoment’, their magical appeal lies not only in their detailed precision, but also in the rare serenity they afford their audience. He credits this plaintive, pastoral and evocative quality to a diverse range of influences, including Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Portishead, Boards of Canada and Krautrock. Heyne calls the mini album Shady & Light, but not for obvious reasons. “It’s important to me to have some kind of emotional juxtaposition in a track,” he reveals. “Sad and sweet usually does more than just sad or just sweet. But it’s not meant in the same way as ‘Light and Shade’. Instead it’s shady as in ‘improper or incorrect’, and light as the opposite of ‘serious’. I like to add improper things on purpose, like hiss and distortion. I’m not interested in the ‘certified’, ‘official’ way.” Apart from a year in Cork, Ireland, Heyne, who was born in Hamburg, spent his schooldays in Germany, but afterwards went on to study at Holland’s Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Since then he’s made quite a name for himself, though normally in the company of others. One reason for this is his studio, Lichte, based right next to Berlin’s huge Tempelhof (former) airport. Originally intended exclusively as a space in which he could work, Lichte has become a place favoured by artists including The National, Nils Frahm, Lubomyr Melnyk, Peter Broderick and Efterklang. “I tend to get asked for a particular kind of sonic cookery that can be added at many stages in a production,” Heyne explains. “Some methods here are unorthodox!” Heyne’s influence has extended beyond those four walls, however: he worked with Dustin O’Halloran on the Emmy Award winning Transparent soundtrack, and, having worked with Efterklang at Lichte on parts of their final album, Piramida, also replaced Peter Broderick as a full time touring member of the Danish band, travelling relentlessly with them throughout 2013. He performs, too, with celebrated Swiss clarinetist Claudio Puntin as part of a duo, Set Aglow. “I saw Claudio play in 2007,” Heyne recalls, “and had some of his ECM records. In 2012, I accidentally met him when I bought his piano, and we got on well and played together. Everything is completely improvised, but we always magically agree on where to go in the music. Last year we toured the EU, Turkey, and even Iran!“ Now, however, it’s time for Heyne to take centre stage, and his confidence is fully justified. So here, at last, is Shady & Light, as distinctive as you’d expect. It’s taken a while, but ever since Heyne picked up that canoe paddle, this is where he’s been headed.
Ash Knight Freelance Video Producer and Editor Ash Knight - Freelance Video Production and Editing. Get in touch with Ashley Knight if you need a video producer or editor in Lincolnshire or London.
Cesar Benito Spanish composer Cesar Benito. Film, Television, Music Theatre, Concert music. El Tiempo Entre Costuras Alli Abajo Los Protegidos La Sonata del Silencio Desaparecidos Benidorm La Chica de Ayer Sabuesos The Russian Bride Avenged Savaged Ways to Live Forever Mia Sarah Concierto para Guitarra y Orquesta de Cuerda Et Ecce Vox Malagueña Suite Spain Soundtrack Banda Sonora Music Film Television TV
Cesar Benito Spanish composer Cesar Benito. Film, Television, Music Theatre, Concert music. El Tiempo Entre Costuras Alli Abajo Los Protegidos La Sonata del Silencio Desaparecidos Benidorm La Chica de Ayer Sabuesos The Russian Bride Avenged Savaged Ways to Live Forever Mia Sarah Concierto para Guitarra y Orquesta de Cuerda Et Ecce Vox Malagueña Suite Spain Soundtrack Banda Sonora Music Film Television TV
Soundtrack Tracklist Original Soundtrack (Score, OST) from the movie, film, TV Series, TV Show, animation film or video game. Tracklists for the new release albums music.
GuyWil official site, Composer, Film music, Soundtrack, Sound Design, Musique à l'image, Synchro #GuyWil #composer #soud designer #film music #synchro #soudtrack #orchestral #piano Composition de musique de film (fiction, animation, documentaire, cartoon), jeux vidéos et multimédia. projets audiovisuels (TV, multimedia, films d''entreprises etc.) Documentaires TV, Fiction et Pub, Films Corporate, Multimédia, Emission TV.
SCORENAMENT MUSIC - Komposition und Musikproduktion für Kino, TV und Multimedia Komposition und Musikproduktion für Kino, TV und Multimedia - München - Scores für Film (Filmmusik), Werbung (Jingles), Imagefilm, PC Games und Hörbücher, sowie die musikalische Gestaltung multimedialer Events und Arbeiten im Rock/Pop Bereich.
Maria Grigoryeva Composer/Violinist