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Peak Sports And Spine Centre - Physiotherapy & Health Clinic Welcome to Peak Sports And Spine Centre! We offer physiotherapy in Brisbane, chiropractic services and other treatments for athletes & regular individuals.
Heritage Preservation Atelier | Virtus Et labor Heritage Preservation Atelier provides consultancy and services for Preservation and Conservation requirements of Heritage sites, Museums and Archives. We are also involved in training, research and education in the field of Heritage Preservation Highlights Archival conservation Oil painting conservation Use of Gels (for stubborn varnish removal) along with regular treatments: We are thoroughly…
Pet Groomers San Diego | Pet Groomer Near Me | Furry Friends Dog And Cat Grooming Furry Friends Dog and Cat Grooming keeps your pet clean and comfortable as Pet Groomers in San Diego, California. From regular pet baths to flea treatments and pet dental care, your furry friends will leave us comfortable and clean. Our experienced pet lovers also offer dog boarding. To schedule your four-legged family member for a grooming, call (619) 282-2536.
Best Dentist in Lafayette Louisiana! Dr. Chauvin & Associates Dr. Tim Chauvin offers comprehensive dentistry including regular cleanings, fillings, root canals and periodontal treatments. Give us a call today! (337) 234-2186
Erect On Demand Review - DOES IT REALLY WORK? Erect On Demand designed by Josh Harding teaches men standard treatments for ED that include lifestyle changes such as regular physical exercises, shedding some extra stubborn pounds, quitting smoking permanently and limiting alcohol intake.
Adenomyosis Advice Association - Welcome Welcome to Adenomyosis Advice Association, we hope you find the support and information you require.
Peak Sports And Spine Centre - Physiotherapy & Health Clinic Welcome to Peak Sports And Spine Centre! We offer physiotherapy in Brisbane, chiropractic services and other treatments for athletes & regular individuals.
Priory Dental - Outstanding dentistry in Wells, Somerset As an independently owned dental practice in Wells we aim to provide comprehensive dental care for adults and children including regular checkups through to cosmetic treatments and dental implants. Our reviews speak for themselves.
Massage Therapy in Victoria, BC at Market Square Massage massage therapy for a wide range of needs, Victoria, BC, We combine our knowledge, manual skills and experience to work with clients in the effective treatment of specific concerns as well as preventative health care and stress management. We believe regular massage treatments are more than just a luxury--they are an important part of maintaining overall health and well-being.
Information for Pet Owners on Worming a Pet Cat or Dog | WormWise Helpful information from WormWise for pet owners on the importance of regular, vet-strength worming treatments for pet cats or dogs.
Yoga Classes in Thiruvanmiyur, Naturopathy Treatment in Chennai - Nalam Naturopathy Treatment and Yoga Classes Yoga Classes in Thiruvanmiyur, Naturopathy Treatment in Chennai. Nalam Nature Cure and Yoga Clinic is the top notch Yoga classes and Naturopathy Treatment center in Thrivanmiyur, Chennai. It guides and helping people to get into the healthy and spiritual life.
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Dental Services | Dental Supplies Online | Teeth Whitening Wholesale | Dental Curing Light Manufacturers | Laboratory Dental - Spark Dental Store Dental Supplies Online - A professional and reliable dentist online shopping center providing a variety of quality dentistry products at reasonable prices and free shipping them globally.
good wood by topher A[edit] Applied carving - background which is worked separately and then applied, rather than being worked in place. Architrave - ornamental mouldings around a door or window frame, covering the joint between the frame and plaster. B[edit] Bead - a semicircular piece of moulding. Bench dog or Bench stop - a peg standing proud of the bench surface. Blind - joinery with mating surfaces not protruding through the face or end grain of the pieces being joined. Example - blind mortise and tenon joint Billet - 1. a short piece of log particularly used for fuel; 2. a split out piece of a bolt of wood. Bolster (pillow, cross head) - 1. shoulder; 2. a timber between a post and a beam to increase the bearing or shorten the span. Bolt - a piece of log cut to specific length, usually a short length from which products such as shingles are split or cut. Sometimes also called a billet or round. Brace - a hand tool used to drill holes, having a knobbed handle on the top to which pressure is applied, and a U-shaped grip in the middle which is used to rotate the drill bit. Burl - a knotty growth from a tree with a convoluted, complex grain. C[edit] Cannel, channel - the concavity of a gouge blade. Card scraper - a flat blade with a burred edge used for smoothing. Caul - A strip or block of wood used to distribute or direct clamping force Chatoyance - the effect seen in dramatic wood grain direction changes as seen in flame figured maple. Chip carving - incised surface decoration, usually geometric. Chops - a type of vise. Climb cut - On a table saw or router, cutting against the normal feed direction at the end of the cut to prevent tearout. Close grain - woods with very fine fibers of cells (wood grain) that are not visibly porous. Conversion - reduction of a whole log into pieces suitable for working. Conversion can be done in three basic ways, sawn, hewn, or split. Crook - longitudinal bending to one side, caused by uneven seasoning or grain. (See Wood warping) Crotch - the section of a tree where a branch divides from the trunk, or the trunk divides in two; typically an area of convoluted grain. Crossgrain - working perpendicular to the grain. Crosscut - a cut made perpendicular to the grain. Crown of thorns - a system of self-supporting and interlocking pieces. Cruck - a pair of crooked, structural timbers in a timber frame building. Crucks act as both posts and rafters like an A-frame. Cup - transverse bending, convex or concave, usually predictable, considering grain orientation. (see Wood warping) D[edit] Dado - a slot made across the grain. Typically, the slot is made by milling, chiseled, or sawed. Dovetail joint - a joint technique most commonly used in woodworking joinery. Noted for its resistance to being pulled apart (tensile strength), the dovetail joint is commonly used to join the sides of a drawer to the front. Drill - (verb) the process of making holes in a material or (noun) a tool for drilling holes. F[edit] Face - when a board has one side that is wider than the other, the wider side is referred to as the face (as opposed to the edge). May also refer to the face that is to be visible in the finished item. Fence - a flat and straight length of some material, usually wood, steel or aluminium, which provides a reference for tools to work against, or which prevents the work from sliding. Fiber/fibre - the fine tube-like structure of wood which is hollow and determines the grain direction. Figure - naturally occurring decorative patterns in wood, caused by either growth increments or tissue orientation. Firmer - a strong chisel for general work or mortising, may have square sides or bevels on both sides. Fishtail chisel or gouge - a chisel or gouge with a splayed end. Flat gouge - a gouge with minimal curvature, used for finishing and smoothing. Flitch - a board in which the round of the trunk is still visible, a rough-cut board. Flute - a deep channel cut in wood* occasionally denotes the cannel of a gouge. Foxing - a yellow-brown discoloration of wood due to fungal infection. French cleat - a molding used to hang cabinets Fret saw - a saw with a very fine toothed blade used for delicate cuts in thin material. Frosting - regular indented patterns created with a special-purpose punch called a froster. G[edit] Grain - the longitudinal fibers in wood. Gouge - a chisel-like tool with a curved cutting edge. Green wood - unseasoned wood; freshly harvested timber, usually with a high moisture content. Grit - the grade of particles in sandpaper or sharpening stones which determines the aggressiveness of the cut. Groove - a slot or channel made with the grain, usually on the end-grain in preparation for a tongue and groove joint. Grooving- a rectangular sinking in the surface of any material. H[edit] Hand plane - see Plane. Hardwood - wood from an angiosperm tree, i.e. a tree in the division Magnoliophyta. Despite the name, not necessarily very hard or dense wood (e.g. balsa is a hardwood), although generally harder than softwoods. Heart shake - a shake (i.e. crack or split) radiating out from the heartwood. Heel - the corner of a chisel, knife, or gouge bevel which meets the back of the blade and polishes the cut. Hold down or hold fast - a hold-down iron, fitting into a hole in a bench, tightened or loosened by hammer taps. Hollow grinding - a concave bevel on a chisel, gouge, or knife. I[edit] Incannel - the concave surface of a gouge; a gouge sharpened on the concave surface. Interlocked grain - wood grain which has multiple longitudinal directions in alternating layers, typical of many tropical hardwoods, and very difficult to work and to produce smooth surfaces. J[edit] Jig saw - a tool that can form circular cuts by moving the work piece past a blade rapidly moving up and down. Joiner - a woodworker who does finer work than a framing carpenter. Jointer - 1. a power plane used to straighten boards and square edges, sometimes called a joiner; 2. an intermediate length hand plane, a jointer plane. K[edit] Kerf - the gap left when material is removed by a saw. The width of the kerf is equal to the set of the saw. Knot - A circular pattern in timber, caused by a dead branch that was not fully integrated into the tree before it was cut down. A loose knot is one that cannot be relied upon to remain in place in the piece. A tight knot, on the other hand, is fixed by growth or position in the wood structure so that it firmly retains its place in the surrounding wood. L[edit] Lead - the tendency for wood that is being cut to direct the saw parallel to its grain. LathArt - a type of folk art that uses lath from old plaster and lath walls M[edit] Molding - a strip of material with various profiles used to cover transitions between surfaces or for decoration. Mortise or Mortice - a cavity or hole (generally rectangular) in a piece of wood, meant to receive a tenon or a hinge Mitre (UK, Cda) or Miter (US) - a joint made by fastening together pieces with the ends cut at an angle. Mitre box (UK, Cda) or Miter box (US) - a box used for making mitre joints by having slots to guide a saw at the desired angle for the joint. O[edit] Off fall - Scrap created by making a cut. Abbreviated as fall. Outcannel - the convex surface of a gouge; a gouge sharpened on the convex surface. P[edit] Plane (tool) - (verb) the process of removing material in thin shavings in order to make it flat, or (noun) a tool for planing. Plane iron - cutting part of a hand plane. Planer - or thicknesser. a machine which reduces the thickness of boards. Q[edit] Quarter-sawn - a plank with growth rings perpendicular to the wider face. (See Wood grain) R[edit] Rabbet - A ''groove'' cut parallel to, and at the edge of, a board. Rail - Horizontal member of a frame on a door, window or panel. Rasp - a long and flat steel tool with raised teeth for shaping wood. Reed - a series of beads in a row. Relief cut - short straight cuts made at right angles to a curved layout so sharper than normal curves can be cut with a jig saw or band saw. Riffler - a paddle-shaped rasp. Rift sawn - rip sawing of lumber (timber) perpendicular to the grain, often confused with quarter sawn. Ring shake - a natural type of split (shake) occurring between the annual rings. Rip - a cut made parallel to the grain. Route - to cut a channel or groove. See router (woodworking). S[edit] S2S - lumber, usually furniture grade hardwood, with two sides planed. (S4S - four sides) Saw rasp - a rasp with saw teeth. Scorp - a drawknife with a curved, sometimes completely circular blade, often used for hollowing out objects such as bowls. Scratch awl - a sharp-pointed hand tool used to mark wood for cutting, usually used in joinery or when a more precise mark is need beyond that provided by a pencil or other method of marking out the cut. Scribe - the woodworking technique of shaping the end of a moulding or frame component to neatly fit the contours of an abutting member. Scroll saw - a motorized fretsaw. Seasoning - reducing the moisture content of wood before working to prevent cracking, splitting, and other damage due to drying. Shake - 1. a crack or split in wood, caused by damage or drying; 2. a split (as opposed to sawn) shingle. Shoot - planing an edge straight or square. See Shooting board. Slab - 1. a partially round cut from a log; 2. In Australian English a slab is a plank. Slab-cut - a plank with growth rings roughly parallel to the wider face. Slick - a giant chisel used in framing and traditional building construction. Slip - a shaped stone used for sharpening non-flat blades such as gouges. Snib - a wooden toggle used to hold the work on a table. Softwood - wood from a gymnosperm tree, i.e. trees in the divisions Pinophyta and Ginkgophyta Despite the name, not necessarily very soft or light wood (e.g. douglas-fir is a softwood). Spalting - a change in the texture, strength and color of wood caused by colonies of fungus growing within the dead wood. Where colonies of fungus meet, fine black lines - often considered a desirable feature, can be seen. Split - to longitudinally separate wood along grain layers. Spokeshave - a tool used to shape and smooth wooden rods and shafts - often for use as wheel spokes and chair legs. Square - 1. a tool such as a steel square, try square, combination square; 2. a right angle; 3. an area of 100 sq. ft. Stickers - a small block of wood used to separate boards that are in the process of drying. Sticking - a moulding that is part of a larger piece of wood such as a frame (as opposed to being applied). Stile (or sometimes style) - vertical member of a frame on a door, window or panel. Stringer - in stairs, a is a timber (usually 2"x12") that supports the treads and rises in a staircase. Sweep - 1. the curvature of a gouge, ranging from flat (little curvature, but not actually flat else it would be a chisel) to deep or quick; a warping defect in a piece of wood. T[edit] Tear out - broken or torn fibres resulting from damage as the blade of a tool exits the cut. Tenon - is a projection on the end of a piece of wood for insertion into a mortise. Tread - in stairs the part that is stepped on. True - something which is accurately placed, shaped, or sized. To true up two pieces of wood is to make them align. The correct size or shape. Twist - longitudinal twisting of wood due to uneven seasoning or grain. (See Wood warping) U[edit] Undercutting - cutting away from an edge to increase the sense of relief or thinness. V[edit] Veiner - a small deep gouge. Veneer (wood) - very thin slices of wood used for inlay or to cover surfaces. Veneer saw - specialty tool for trimming veneer. W[edit] Wane - an edge of a sawn board where the bark or surface of the trunk remains. Warp - distorted lumber, such as a twist, cup or a bow. (See Wood warping) Wasting - quickly removing wood during carving, usually with an adze, knife, or rasp. Waste - wood that will be removed in the finished work, often retained during working as a handle. Wood - an organic material, a natural composite of cellulose fibers (which are strong in tension) embedded in a matrix of lignin which resists compression. External links[edit] Woodworking glossary [hide] v t e Woodworking Overviews History Glossary Wood (lumber) Wood art Forms Boat building Bow and arrow Bush carpentry Cabinetry Caning Carpentry Chainsaw carving Chip carving Clogs Ébéniste Fretwork Intarsia Japanese carpentry Log building Marquetry Millwork Parquetry Pyrography Relief carving Root carving Sawdust Segmented turning Shingle weaving Shipbuilding Spindle turning Timber framing Whittling Wood carving Woodturning Wood flour Woods Soft Cedar (Calocedrus, Cedrus) Cypress Douglas fir Fir Juniper Larch Pine Spruce Yew Hard Ash Alder Aspen Balsa Beech Birch Cherry Chestnut Cocobolo Ebony Elm Hazel Lignum vitae Linden (lime, basswood) Mahogany Maple Oak Padauk Plum Poplar Teak Totara Walnut Willow Tools Abrasives Axe Adze Chisel Clamp Drawknife Drill Float Mallet Milling machine Mitre box Moulding plane Plane Rasp Router Sandpaper Spokeshave Timber-framing Vise Winding sticks Wood scribe Workbench Saws Backsaw Bandsaw Bow Bucksaw Chainsaw Circular Compass Coping Crosscut Frame Fretsaw Jigsaw Keyhole Miter Rip Scroll Veneer Whipsaw Geometry Joints Birdsmouth Bridle Butt Butterfly Coping Crown of thorns Dados Dovetail Finger Groove Halved Hammer-headed tenon Knee Lap Mason''s mitre Miter Mortise and tenon Rabbet/Rebate Scarf Splice Tongue and groove Profiles Bead Bevel Chamfer Molding Ogee Ogive Treatments French polish Heat bending Paint Paint stripper Steam bending Thermal Varnish Wood drying Wood preservation Wood stain Organizations American Association of Woodturners Architectural Woodwork Institute British Woodworking Federation Building and Wood Workers'' International Caricature Carvers of America International Federation of Building and Wood Workers National Wood Carvers Association Society of Wood Engravers Timber Framers Guild Conversion Chainsaw mill Hewing Sawmill Whipsaw Wood splitting Techniques Frame and panel Frameless construction Category Category WikiProject WikiProject Commons page Commons Categories: Glossaries of crafts Woodworking Art terminology bottle stopper stoppers cutting boards handmade charlotte nc north carolina custom live edge live-edge
Dr. Yolanda Baez - Family Dentistry - Miami, Florida Dr. Yolanda Baez - Miami, Florida. Our goal is to help you to feel your best and enjoy life through good dental health. We will find solutions that fit you, and into your lifestyle.
Cancer Prevention and Getting Through Treatments Cancer prevention through a healthy diet, regular physical activity, stress relief activities and the use of chemical-free everyday products.
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Bikini, Brazilian, Hollywood Waxing Leeds City Centre | The Waxing Lounge Conveniently located in the heart of the City Centre, The Waxing Lounge is Leeds'' first waxing specific salon - opened by Simone Kay in March 2016. Based within Renaissance Hair Salon, just a few minutes walk from Leeds Train Station and numerous car parks we are in the ideal spot allowing you to drop in before work, after work, or even on your lunchbreak! We specialise in waxing - specifically Female Intimate Waxing - so whether you''re a nervous first timer, or a regular wax addict, rest assured you''re in safe hands. From Brows to Brazilians and Top Lips to Legs we''ve waxed it all, and if there''s an area you''d like us to wax that''s not on our treatment list, please just ask us - chances our we''ve already been there with our spatulas anyway. For the sensitive areas we use the prestigious Perron Rigot Hot Wax. This works slightly differently to standard strip waxing, as it shrinks wraps the hair and pulls from the root, giving a more comfortable waxing experience and a fast recovery to the skin afterwards. With tasteful decor and relaxing background music, we aim to put you completely at ease and provide you with a great service, using quality products, within a clean and tranquil environment ...and who knows, you may just have a bit of a laugh along the way too! We love what we do, and judging by our reviews our clients are pretty pleased with us too! Although the majority of our time is spent with our beloved wax pots, we offer the more relaxing services too, so why not check out some of out other Beauty Treatments
Professional Hair & Makeup Artist, Paris | Wedding, Photoshoot, Bridal Kassaundra is a professional international makeup artist & hair stylist based in Paris, France. For bridal, destination weddings, pre wedding, elopement, production, fashion, editorial, special events, boudoir and photoshoot, she provides professional on location beauty services.
Ron Pauline's Chiropractic Care Blog | Do you experience leg pain when you're walking, running, or swimming for long period of hours? Can't you engage in too many sports because your leg and ankle always ache? You shouldn't ignore signs of leg and ankle pain as they might be telling you something about your overall health condition. Here are the top reasons why you may be experiencing leg pain. Muscle cramps Also known as "charley horse", muscle cramps are characterized by sudden tightening of the muscles in the lower leg that produces intense pain and discomfort. Leg cramps usually happen when you are tired, stressed, or dehydrated, and can attack anytime of the day – whether you are actively having fun or sleeping. Cure: When muscle cramps attack, it would help if you gradually stretch the leg that is experiencing pain and gently massage your tensed muscles. Prevention: To avoid muscle cramps, make sure that you drink plenty of water regularly, do some stretching before exercise, and prevent pushing yourself when you are already tired. Shin splints Shin splits are normally on the front of the calf, and is characterized by inflamed muscles and flesh located along the edge of the shin bone. When you have this pain, walking, running, and jumping will be painful. Shin splits happen when you keep doing an activity over and over on hard surfaces, like the ground or the floor. Flat feet and outward feet also cause shin splits. Cure: When you start to feel shin splits, immediately rest your legs. Ice can help relieve the pain, too, so you may want to perform ice therapy on the affected area. Additionally, anti-inflammatory medicines like naproxen, aspirin, and ibuprofen can assist in eliminating the pain and inflammation. Prevention: To avoid shin splits, do not stress or overwork your legs. Do regular stretching and make sure to wear supportive, comfortable shoes. Avoid running on hard surfaces, too. Tendinitis Tendinitis, or inflamed Achilles tendon, is pain characterized by discomfort felt in the lower calf and near the back of the heel. Other symptoms include swollen, stretched, or torn tendon. Tendinitis tends to last for longer periods of time, and is due to overworking the calf muscles and too much climbing up and down the stairs. Cure: To relieve tendinitis, apply ice therapy on the affected area or take in anti-inflammatory medicines. If the pain is too severe, such that you are not able to point your toe downward, you may need to undergo medical treatment such as medicine injection on the inflamed area or surgery to repair the damaged tendon. Prevention: To avoid tendinitis, walk in moderate pace and do not overwork your feet. When walking or climbing the stairs get tiring, stop and rest for a while. Do regular feet and leg stretches, too. Varicose veins These are dark, twisted veins visible on the surface of the skin along the leg area. Pain brought by varicose veins are usually dull, but signifies weak valves and thin vein walls due to frequent and continuous standing. Cure: Use support stockings to relieve the pain. If it becomes severely painful, you need to consult with your doctor about other types of treatment. Prevention: Avoid standing for too long. Throughout the day, make sure that you switch between standing and sitting. Moreover, eat foods that strengthen your veins and prevent this type of disease, including fiber-rich foods and foods that contain rutin. Sciatica Primarily characterized by narrowed spinal canal, sciatica is caused by arthritis of the spine or herniated disc, both putting pressure on the nerve roots. You know you are suffering from sciatica if you feel the following symptoms: cramping leg pain, numbness, fatigue, tingling, and weakness. Usually, pain begins at the back and the hips, moving downwards to the legs. Cure: While rest is the initial treatment for sciatica, pain-relief and anti-inflammatory medications should be taken alongside. Application of cold and heat therapy can also help relieve some of the symptoms. Chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, and stretching exercises can be useful for treating sciatica. For severe cases, your doctor may recommend surgery or other medical treatments. Prevention: To prevent sciatica, you have to exercise regularly, observe proper posture, and maintain good body mechanics. Is your leg pain due to any of the above reasons? Remember, if pain is no longer tolerable and home remedies are not working well to relieve discomfort, consult with your doctor or chiropractor immediately.
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Welcome to South Yarra Clinic Not just your local GP, we're the Family Healthcare and Medical Professionals you can talk to. A Mixed Billing Medical Clinic In The Heart Of South Yarra.
Iemmc | There are a lot of reasons to see a dentist Bacchus Marsh. The benefits of going to the dentist are significant. Everyone should see one on a regular basis; every 6 months is best. This will help your mouth be healthy and keep you from getting bad breath. If you see your dentist at every six months, it can prevent a lot of issues. Seeing him on a regular basis can help you live a longer and healthier life. He will use different tools to look at your teeth and will probably x-ray them too. He will also do a cancer screen at least one time a year to check for oral cancer. If the dentist's office is one of your least favorite places, you are not the only one. Many adults and children do not want to go to the dentist. Some avoid the dentist for fear, others for shame and embarrassment. In the avoidance of the dentist and the omission of crucial dental treatment, the health of his mouth is jeopardized. Dealing with anxiety or shame and going to the dentist has many advantages. These include: Improve your smile. Regardless of how rigorous your home care plan is for the mouth, If you do not see a dentist, chances are you increase the risk of cavities and gum disease, because a toothbrush and dental floss can only reach as much as on and around the teeth and gums. A professional tooth cleaning and examination remove hardened plaque, whitens your smile, provides better home care for teeth and gums and informs you about possible oral health problems. Increase your self-confidence. A smile marked by yellow teeth, missing, contorted, chipped is not attractive. Patients with such smiles hide their awkward and flawed smile. Hiding his smile, his attitude and self-confidence decreases. The smile is linked to happiness and well-being. People who laugh are also considered more self-assured. Hiding your smile can have a negative impact on your life by keeping others away, preventing you from getting a job or promotion and reducing your happiness and self-confidence. If you see the dentist, you can make sure your smile is healthy and looks great using Invisalign Bacchus Marsh. Prevent more serious dental problems. You may or may not know that you have a dental health problem. In addition to the pain, discomfort or abnormal appearance of your teeth and gums, you easily miss the underlying oral health issues. On the other hand, a dentist is trained to look for hidden underlying problems and symptoms. During your visit to the dentist, your mouth is examined by a professional who can quickly identify potential problems and provide a quick, effective and timely treatment to stop, reverse and prevent possible damage and problems. Improve your overall health. Believe it or not, your oral health closely linked. Serious health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure can cause oral health problems. Dental health problems such as gum disease may indicate that there is something wrong with your overall health. Everyone wants good health. After all, going to the doctor can be just as unpleasant as a visit to the dentist. Good health enables you to feel good, be beautiful and enjoy life. The doctor and the dentist are qualified professionals and can detect the symptoms of health problems of doctors and dentists who easily forget or ignore patients. Save money and time. Dental procedures and duration are, especially for more complex procedures and that are not covered by insurance. The longer you postpone to the dentist and/or treat your dental problem, the more the problem worsens, hence the need for more sophisticated and complicated treatment. Some dental procedures, especially those that require surgery, crowns, and prostheses, take time. Multiple visits to the dentist may be necessary and/or longer recovery time. If you have a busy schedule, as you probably do, you do not have much time for avoidable dental procedures. The routine seeing of the dentist can help you avoid these potentially costly and tedious dental procedures; such as porcelain veneers Melton. Save your life. Mouth cancer is, like any other form of cancer, a severe health problem that should not be taken lightly. Oral cancer often shows no noticeable symptoms until the last stage, when it falls outside the treatment. Unfortunately, patients will only see their dentist at this stage. The mouth cancer is a danger to death, but it is easy to prevent if it is detected in the beginning and is treated effectively. A dentist will perform oral cancer screening as part of each six-month health check. Local Melton Dentists will be able to quickly detect the warning signs of oral cancer, which can prevent expensive treatments and save the life of a patient.
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Philomathia Foundation | Promoting Human Values and Science through Education and Research The second phase of the interdisciplinary Philomathia Social Sciences Research Programme, a collaboration between the Philomathia Foundation and the University, has been launched to enable further pioneering work in addressing some of the major issues facing humanity today. SUMMARY OF PHASE 1 (2013-2018) Faculty of History (2013/14) Historicising the Measurement of Inequality PI - Dr Pedro Ramos Pinto In my current work I am interested in understanding how contemporary inequalities are shaped by the past, bringing a more long-term view to explain how and why societies distribute resources, opportunities and capabilities. As part of this, I direct a research network on the topic of Inequality and History, which was started by an AHRC grant. Most recently I worked with Dr Poornima Paidipaty on the history of the measurement of inequality, supported by a grant from the Philomathia Trust. During 2018-2019 I will be a Visiting Senior Research Fellow at the International Inequalities Institute at the London School of Economics. I am also interested in the history and political economy of welfare. One aspect of this concerns the creation, evolution and implications of authoritarian welfare regimes in Southern Europe and Latin America. This has evolved from earlier work which explored the interaction between the Portuguese Dictatorship and its citizens to explain the emergence of social movements of the urban poor during the Carnation Revolution (1974-1976), a theme which is explored in my book Lisbon Rising (2013).In addition, I continue to have an interest on the study of social movements and protest, both in historical and in contemporary perspective. Fellow- Dr Poornima Paidipaty I hold a PhD in Anthropology from Columbia University as well as an MA from Jawaharlal Nehru University and a BA from Yale University. My academic work focuses on the intersections of decolonization, governance, and modern social science. As part of the Philomathia funded project, 'The Measure of Inequality', I am currently researching the history and legacy of statistics and planning in postcolonial India. Alongside this work, I am completing a book, Tribal Nation, which explores the history of anthropology in the Indian subcontinent and charts the relationship between military science, political culture, and citizenship in India's tribal borderlands. Prior to coming to Cambridge, I was a member of the Society of Fellows at the University of Chicago. In addition to the generous sponsorship through Philomathia, my work has been supported by the Isaac Newton Trust, the British Academy, the Wenner-Gren Foundation, the School for Advanced Research, and the American Institute for Indian Studies. The widening gap between India's rich and poor is captured by the National Sample Survey (NSS), an organization founded in 1950, which gathers data from roughly 14,000 Indian villages and localities to provide a snapshot of how the population at large is faring. The NSS and its pioneering role in the measurement of poverty and inequality are some of the important subjects to explore how different modern societies have gauged social and economic disparity. As a nation, India is undergoing a profound transformation, but rapid growth has come hand in hand with rising inequality as well as growing disparity between rural and urban areas. NSS data remains one of the best resources for understanding and tracking these changes. As more of this information circulates in the public domain, it becomes all the more crucial to appreciate how such data is produced. Paidipaty's work on the history of the NSS offers a fascinating glimpse into one of the most significant and early mid-century precursors to contemporary developments in big data. Summary of project In July 2017, we held an international research conference at Cambridge University entitled Measuring Matters, which brought together leading scholars in economics, international history, sociology, anthropology and gender studies to examine the history and politics of measuring inequality. In addition to generous funds from the Philomathia Foundation, we were able to raise more than £7,000 for this event from CRASSH, the Economic History Society and the History Faculty's Ellen McArthur Trust. Our keynote speakers were Alice O'Conner (UCSB) and Sanjay Reddy (New School University). On the final evening of our conference we held a public event that featured Sanjay Reddy in conversation with Ha-Joon Chang (Cambridge) and Omar Khan (Runnymede Trust). The History of Political Economy has accepted our proposal to collect and publish the conference papers as a special issue of their journal. 9 essays from this event have been submitted for peer review (including an article by Dr. Paidipaty). The issue is scheduled for publication in May 2020. It will include an introductory essay by Dr. Ramos Pinto and Dr. Paidipaty, as well as an afterword by Dr. Sanjay Reddy. Dr. Ramos Pinto and Dr. Paidipaty are finalizing plans for a book on the history of inequality, tentatively titled Inequality: A Global History. This work will incorporate many of the insights gleaned from the Measuring Inequality conferences and MPhil course at Cambridge. We are in conversation with both CUP and Princeton about publishing this work, and expect to deliver the finished manuscript by December 2021. Department of Sociology (2013/14) (In)fertility, Education and Reproductive Health PIs – Prof Jacqueline Scott and Prof Sarah Franklin Professor Jacqueline Scott trained at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor where she received her PhD in 1987. She has held a variety of survey related positions before joining the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (now HSPS) in 1994. Jackie was the Director of the Detroit Area Study, from 1989-1990; and Director of the ESRC Centre on Micro-Social Change, at the University of Essex from 1990-1994, where she was responsible for the initial design and implementation of the British Household Panel Study (now Understanding Society). Jackie was a Guest Professor, Zentrum für Umfragen, Methoden und Analysen (ZUMA). Mannheim, Germany (1993, 2005). From 2004-2010 she was the Director of the ESRC Research Priority Network on Gender Inequalities in Production and Reproduction. This was the largest research multi-disciplinary network of its kind in the UK. Jackie co-ordinated projects across eight British universities that investigated different aspects of the way women and men's roles and lifestyles have changed. The common goal of the Network was to understand why gender inequalities remains one of the most pressing social issues of our time and to identify ways that greater equality may be achieved. Professor Sarah Franklin moved from the London School of Economics to take up the Chair of Sociology at Cambridge in October 2011. In 2012 she received awards from the Wellcome Trust, ESRC, and British Academy to establish the Reproductive Sociology Research Group (ReproSoc) which has since gone on to become one of the leading research centres in the rapidly expanding field of reproductive studies. Fellow – Dr Nitzan Peri-Rotem I hold an undergraduate degree in Sociology and Communication (2005) and a Master's degree in Demography and Anthropology (2009) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In 2015, I completed a DPhil in Sociology at Nuffield College, University of Oxford. Before moving to the UK, I gained experience working as Head of Branch for Social Statistical Analyses at the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics. In 2014, I was appointed as Philomathia Research Associate at the University of Cambridge until June 2017, when I took the position of a Lecturer in Social Policy at the University of Exeter. I continue to collaborate with Professor Franklin and the Reproductive Sociology Research Group in Cambridge on various projects, including the new interdisciplinary research project 'Changing (In)Fertilities', which is funded by the Wellcome Trust and is aimed at exploring how assisted reproductive technologies are changing the ways in which fertility and infertility are perceived and practiced. Summary of project The research project '(In)Fertility, Education and Reproductive Health' explored recent trends in reproductive behaviour in the UK and the rest of Europe amid global demographic, societal and technological developments of the past decades. In particular, the increase in women's education, has been one of the major driving forces of changing fertility patterns, including the ongoing rise in age at first birth. These trends have important implications for population ageing in Europe, as well as for individuals' ability to fulfil their own fertility aspirations. As part of this project, we analysed data from the British Household Panel Survey and the UK Household Longitudinal Study to examine changes in union formation and fertility patterns among men and women in Britain from 1991 to 2012. We found that marriage rates are declining more steeply among individuals with secondary or lower level of education compared to highly educated people, and that childbearing outside a stable union continues to be disproportionately higher among low educated women in Britain. These patterns both reflect and preserve social inequalities, since children growing up in non-intact families tend to have poorer life prospects compared to those living in more stable settings. The findings from this study were presented by Dr Peri-Rotem in several international academic conferences, including the European Sociological Association, Vienna Institute of Demography and the British Society for Population Studies. Apart from the research work on education and fertility, in May 2016, we hosted an international forum in Cambridge on 'Changing Fertility: Social, Demographic and Ethical Consequences of Assisted Reproductive Technologies'. This forum has brought together academic scholars, health professionals and members of non-governmental organizations to discuss the consequences of ART use on fertility patterns in post-industrialized societies. The forum has also formed the basis for a position paper, describing the spread of IVF use across Europe and its potential implications for fertility and public health, as well as recommended policies to address infertility. This paper was presented by Dr Peri-Rotem at the 3rd Annual Philomathia Symposium, as part of an organized session on 'Reproduction in an Era of Bio-Tech Revolution' which was chaired by Professor Sarah Franklin. Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS) (2014/15) The consequences of the politics of austerity in the EU PI - Helen Thompson I am a Professor of Political Economy. I have been at Cambridge since 1994 and am at present Deputy Head of the School of the Humanities and Social Sciences. I'm a regular panellist on Talking Politics. My present work is focused on the historical origins of the post-2008 economic and political world and the crises it is generating for western countries. More particularly my recent work covers the political economy of oil, Brexit and the euro zone crisis. Fellow – Juan Munoz-Portillo In 2013, I received my PhD in Politics and International Relations from Dublin City University. Prior to moving to Cambridge I was a Post-doctoral Fellow at Dublin City University. Between 2014 and 2017 I worked with Prof Andrew Gamble, Dr Helen Thompson and Dr Pieter van Houten on the project "The consequences of the politics of austerity in the European Union". This project consisted of two parts. The first stage documented and analysed the specific ways in which states in the EU have implemented fiscal austerity programs. The second stage analysed various social and political consequences of the politics of austerity. My research interests lie in comparative political economy and international political economy, in particular, but not solely, electoral systems and the behaviour of legislators, the influence of political institutions on public spending, and politics and sovereign debt. After leaving the University of Cambridge in September 2017, I returned to Costa Rica, where I worked during one year as an adjunct staff member of the School of Political Science of the University of Costa Rica. During that time I also worked as a consultant for the Latin American Faculty of the Social Sciences (FLACSO) and the Latin American Office of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. I have been recently appointed, in January 2019, lecturer of International Politics at the School of Political Science of the University of Costa Rica. I expect to continue my research on fiscal austerity policies in the European Union. I also aim to apply my understanding of fiscal austerity policies developed during the course of the Philomathia project to the Latin American context, using the methodology myself and my principal supervisor in Cambridge applied. Summary of project The project 'The consequences of the politics of austerity in the European Union' officially terminated on 30 September 2017. During this time two papers were prepared and two international conferences were attended. At the time of writing, Pieter van Houten, one of the principal investigators, is engaged in leading collaborative papers arising from the project. We expect to get them published in the near future. In our Report of activities 2015 – 2016 we reported that we decided to adopt a narrative approach for our analysis of austerity policies in EU member states. A narrative method consists of the study of official records and sometimes news, based on theoretically defined criteria, seeking to identify policy decisions that are motivated by the intentions of authorities to reduce deficits and public debt, and not by other confounding factors. In other words, it is a way of isolating the effect of fiscal consolidation decisions from other variables that might simultaneously be having an influence on changes in public revenues and expenditures. They presented this paper at the 7th Annual Conference of the European Political Science Association, held in Milan on 22–24 June 2017. Juan and Pieter, with the support of the Philomathia Programme, organised the panel 'Comparative Approaches to the Study of Causes and Consequences of Fiscal Austerity Policies in the European Union' that was presented at the Council of European Studies' 24th International Conference of Europeanists, held in Glasgow on 12-14 July 2017. Prof Klaus Armingeon of the University of Bern and Prof Stefano Sacchi of the University of Milan, presented the paper 'Austerity. Where and Why Politics Still Matters' at this panel. Dr Michael Breen (Dublin City University) gave the paper 'Daily Judgement: Political News and Financial Markets'. Also in this panel Juan and Pieter presented their work 'Explaining the Magnitude and Composition of Fiscal Austerity Episodes in the European Union.' Each of these papers was discussed by Prof Sebastian Dellepiane-Avellaneda of the University of Glasgow. All of the presenters and the discussant have published their research on austerity policies in Europe in important political science journals (Armingeon 2012; McMenamin, Breen, and Muñoz-Portillo 2015; Dellepiane-Avellaneda and Hardiman 2014) Faculty of Law (2015/16) The Law of Energy Transitions PI – Prof Jorge Vinuales I hold the Harold Samuel Chair of Law and Environmental Policy at the University of Cambridge and is the founder and former Director of the Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance (C-EENRG). I'm also the Chairman of the Compliance Committee of the UN-ECE/WHO-Europe Protocol on Water and Health, a member of the Panel of Arbitrators of the Shanghai International Arbitration Centre and the Director-General of the Latin American Society of International Law. Prior to joining Cambridge, I was the Pictet Chair of International Environmental Law at the Graduate Institute, Geneva, where I keep a limited affiliation as Adjunct Professor of Public International Law. I have a wide experience as a practitioner, both in an advisory and a litigation context. I was associate, counsel and of counsel with two major law firms specialised in international law for a decade. In addition to this work for the UNECE/WHO, I have served as arbitrator, counsel, expert and, earlier in my career, as secretary of arbitration tribunals in inter-State, investment and commercial disputes. I regularly advise governments, companies, international organisations or major NGOs on different matters of environmental law, investment law, human rights, maritime delimitation and public international law at large. Fellow – Dr Leslie-Anne Duvic-Paoli I am a Lecturer at The Dickson Poon School of Law. Before joining King's College London in August 2017, I was Philomathia Post-doctoral Research Associate in the Department of Land Economy at the University of Cambridge. I am a public international lawyer, with expertise in international environmental law and climate and energy law. I am particularly interested in understanding the nature and content of its principles: her monograph, entitled The Prevention Principle in International Environmental Law, was published by Cambridge University Press in 2018. A recording of the book launch event held at King's in October 2018 is available here. My research also looks at the energy transition to a low-carbon economy from an international and comparative law perspective. I work on the global legal implications of energy democratisation and the importance of participatory mechanisms in the design of inclusive energy systems. In addition, I'm starting a new research agenda on the 'water-energy-food' nexus in global governance: it investigates the gap between, on the one hand, its increasing relevance as a theoretical concept describing the interconnections between complex systems and presented as a solution to foster sustainable development; and, on the other hand, the limited interactions between specialized international legal regimes. I hold Master's degrees in international relations / political science from Sciences Po Paris and in public law from the University of Panthéon-Sorbonne, and a PhD (summa cum laude) in international law from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva. Summary of project The PI brought a visiting Postdoctoral Research Associate (PDRA), Dr Tibisay Morgandi, supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation, whose research was closely aligned with the subject of the Project and was further supported with a small grant from the Philomathia Foundation to build a database. Dr Morgandi was also able to secure a permanent position (a Lectureship) in the University of London (Queen Mary) starting in September 2018, largely due to her involvement in the activities on global energy governance emerging from the project. This is another indication of the success of the Project in launching the career of aspiring academics. The PI secured a small grant from the Cambridge Humanities Research Grants Scheme to hire a part-time PDRA, Dr Maria Augusta Paim, to complete some of the data collection work initially envisioned for the third year of the Project. This work is still ongoing. In addition to launching the career of aspiring academics, the Project resulted (1) in a stream of important publications on energy governance, (2) in the organization of several events, including two high-profile ones, and (3) in some enduring extensions in the form of a Platform and Research Network, a Database on bilateral energy agreements, and subsequent research projects. Department of Land Economy (2015/16) Realising Genomic Medicine PI – Dr Kathy Liddell I undertook my doctorate in law at the University of Oxford focussing on the regulation of controversial genetic technologies in morally pluralist societies. In addition to substantial experience in academia, I worked in private legal practice and in public sector legal services for a health department. This work history has provided me with a solid knowledge of commercial realities and needs, as well as experience in legal policymaking. I have degrees in law and science from the University of Melbourne and bioethics from Monash University, and is a strong advocate of interdisciplinary research. My research focuses on health, medicine and society, with the aim of understanding and improving the legal frameworks that govern and support innovation in this field. A key theme in my research is to examine ways in which intellectual property rights help and hinder the translation of medical discoveries into effective, affordable clinical treatments and diagnoses, and how such frameworks could be modified to be more effective and just. Currently, I'm involved with an international collaboration which aims to investigate intellectual property law in five areas of bioinnovation: (i) repurposing pharmaceuticals; (ii) antibiotics; (iii) biologics; (iv) rare diseases; and (v) machine-learning based precision medicine. Fellow – Dr John Liddicoat I was the Philomathia Research Associate in Law at the University of Cambridge. I was working on a research project analysing intellectual property issues that interface with the realisation of genomic medicine. My research was funded by the Wellcome Trust, Cambridge University and the Philomathia Foundation. I adopt a variety of research methodologies including doctrinal legal research and established empirical methods, as well as developing new, science-inspired quantitative methods. The Philomathia project was very beneficial for my career and the development of the Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences (LML). The Centre was established just prior to the commencement of the Philomathia project, and is now collaborating with an elite group of research centres on a range of topics. At the conclusion of the Philomathia Fellowship, I began a new position on 30 November 2018 as a Senior Research Associate with the Law Faculty at the University of Cambridge. This is a more senior role and is part of a large international research collaboration between Cambridge University, Harvard University, Copenhagen University and Michigan University. The collaboration is led by Professor Timo Minssen at the University of Copenhagen, who was inspired to work with LML after seeing its work on the Philomathia project. Furthermore, many of the lines of enquiry which commenced with the Philomathia project continue to be pursued in the international collaboration. Alongside the collaborative research, I also continued some independent research. Notably I published several articles based on my PhD thesis, and co-authored work with colleagues around the world. I have had the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong during my tenure as Philomathia Fellow. Together with colleagues from the LML, I was the guest of Professor Terry Kaan at the Centre for Medical Ethics and Law, HKU, Dr Anthony Ng (WYNG Foundation) and Dr Ron Zimmern (Hatton Trust). This was a terrific trip, and a good opportunity for our Philomathia research team to present its research results in Hong Kong. Summary of project Genomic medicine is an emerging discipline that involves using genetic information about a patient as part of their clinical care. Since the sequencing of the human genome, a key goal has been to make genomic medicine an everyday reality. However, scientific research that recognises a correlation between genetic make-up and a future health outcome is not enough. Considerably more research is necessary to understand how genes, drugs and other environmental factors work together, and how they work in particular individuals. This research involves complex and high-powered data analysis, and resource-intensive translation into effective molecular test and drug-test combinations. It is a multi-faceted challenge with scientific, regulatory, legal, ethical and financial aspects. In this project we were investigating two topics in which intellectual property (IP) laws support, and potentially hinder, the realisation of clinically-useful genomic developments. Overall, the project has been successful beyond our expectations. We have published (or have in review) nine peer-reviewed articles, three in Nature Biotechnology, and several more to be submitted for publication shortly. We've also organised six symposia or workshops, advised government on several issues tied to our project, and obtained seven grants (totalling around £66,000). In summary, the Philomathia Fellowship provided an inspiring and productive three years for our research, collaboration, centre development, and engagement in broader society. We are most grateful to the Philomathia Foundation for making it all possible. Phase 2 (2018-23) Department of Geography (2018-21) PI – Dr Bhaskar Vira My research interests centre on the changing political economy of environment and development, especially in South Asia; with a particular interest in the political ecology of forests, water, food, wildlife and landuse change and the social and political context for biodiversity conservation. I am concerned, in particular, with the often-hidden costs of environmental and developmental processes, and the need for scholarship to draw attention to the distributional consequences of public policy choices. My work focuses on the ways in which large-scale economic, societal and environmental transformations are governed, the values that frame how human societies engage with each other and with nature, and the networks of formal and informal institutions that are intertwined in everyday decision making across a variety of spatial and temporal scales. I apply a critical political economy perspective to contemporary debates in relation to ecosystem services and natural capital, and the values of nature for human wellbeing. I have led large scale intellectual and policy-oriented projects that involve interdisciplinary conversations across the natural and social sciences. Trained as an economist, but with a portfolio of research that now engages across the critical social sciences and their interface with the biological and environmental natural sciences, I inhabit the interdisciplinary intellectual 'borderlands' of a number of disciplines (Human Geography, Development Studies, Institutional Economics, Environmental Studies and Conservation), while being firmly rooted in the political economy tradition. Fellow – Dr Katarzyna Cieslik I am a postdoctoral research associate at the Department of Geography, University of Cambridge, specializing in Development Studies. My research focuses on the interactions among society, policy and environment, and their implications for sustainable development in the Global South. In particular, I'm interested in agency, entrepreneurship and civic potency of individuals in addressing the pressing development challenges related to sustainable livelihoods. I have recently completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Wageningen University and hold a PhD in Development Economics and Management from the Université libre de Bruxelles. I have conducted research in Ethiopia, Nepal, Kyrgyzstan, Peru, Colombia and Burundi. I've published on topics ranging from microfinance and entrepreneurship to social economy and development policy in World Development, Oxford Development Studies Journal and European Journal for Development Research. My research is highly practice-oriented; I have cooperated with UNICEF Burundi Innovation Lab agencies as well as a number of local NGOs in South America (CONDESAN, AGAPE) and Asia (Practical Action, Mountain Societies Research Institute). Summary of project Dr. Cieslik's work at Cambridge, together with Professor Bhaskar Vira and Dame Barbara Stocking, focuses on youth and livelihoods in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a particular focus on public policy challenges for employment creation. The persistent rise in youth populations Sub-Saharan Africa is expected to continue until at least 2100. Developing locally and nationally appropriate employment policies and interventions is a key public policy challenge across the continent. Department of Social Anthropology (2018-21) PI – Dr Perveez Mody I have conducted ethnographic fieldwork in Delhi, and specifically in a District court, where I looked at the legal and informal processes whereby couples legitimate their love through marriage. I am interested in anthropological theories about the constitution of castes and "communities" in India, the history of civil marriage law from the colonial into the post-colonial period, the politics of religious nationalism, changes in South Asian kinship, marriage and urban sexuality (sexual relations, conjugality, gender and the family), law and human rights and the ways in which the modern state transforms and bears witness to intimate relations such as those expressed in a love-marriage. My current work concerns an ethnography of South Asian marriage and kinship amongst two ethno-religious groups in East London. Fellow – Dr Maria Ignacia Arteaga Perez I graduated from Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile with a BA (Hons.) in Sociology and came to the UK to pursue postgraduate studies in Social Anthropology. I hold an MSc. in Medical Anthropology (2014) and a PhD in Anthropology (2018) from University College London. My main research interest is in caregiving — its practices, possibilities and limits in different institutions and political economies. I explore this theme ethnographically. In the last seven years, I have looked at experiences of ageing, youth, disability and life-threatening medical conditions cross-culturally. My PhD thesis examined the everyday lives of colorectal cancer treatments in London (UK) through an analysis of the caregiving practices that both structure the treatment pathway and afford research participants the possibility of 'getting on with life'. I am currently a teaching associate and affiliated lecturer in the Department of Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge. Alongside my teaching role, I am preparing research outputs in the form of peer-reviewed papers, a special issue, and a book manuscript based on my doctoral research, also co-organising a multidisciplinary workshop on practices of disease stratification. Summary of project From July 2019, I will be working with Dr Maryon McDonald and Dr Perveez Mody on a project related to the early detection of cancer in the UK, undertaking ethnographic research within a broad field that concerns the development of diagnostic technologies through to their clinical use and social effects.
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I know that you are likely struggling to get your own fertility under control, and you've probably heard the same negative stories I did from your own doctors. The truth is (& science proves it) that as little as 4 months of diet and lifestyle intervention can improve pregnancy outcomes in women with PCOS at a much higher rate than using either Metformin, Clomid or a combination of the two. Incredible stuff! If you want to learn more about this, be sure to grab my free PCOS Fertility Guide. In order to help support natural fertility, I've developed a Latte recipe that's both incredibly delicious (& comforting) and effective at supporting your body to improve fertility with PCOS. This Latte recipe is featured in my free PCOS Fertility Guide, so if you don't have it already - be sure to grab this crucial resource! Let me explain why the ingredients in this Latte are so essential in the PCOS Cyster's fertility journey. Matcha Green Tea If you know me, you know I love me some matcha. The aroma, the taste, the colour - everything about it gets me jazzed up. Matcha also has some incredible benefits of hormonal health and fertility, so let's dive in: Matcha green tea has the potential to support a more robust metabolism, which may assist moderate weight loss along with a healthy diet and regular exercise. It's no surprise that having a healthy weight is helpful for fertility and conception, so adding matcha to your healthy lifestyle routine may provide a welcome support. Matcha green tea is FULL of antioxidants, which can help with inflammation in the body. Many women with PCOS have low-grade, chronic inflammation which impairs insulin sensitivity and ovarian function - two important aspects of fertile menstrual cycles. Matcha contains L-theanine, a calming amino acid which boosts feel-good brain chemicals like GABA and lowers excitatory brain chemicals which may leave you feeling stressed and anxious. Many people who enjoy matcha report feeling a calm alertness. This is critical as a strongly reactive nervous system and resulting stress hormone imbalances can "steal" fertility hormones like progesterone, making cycles irregular, anovulatory and possibly preventing pregnancy. Ovasitol Basically my fav PCOS supplement ever - Ovasitol is incredibly easy to use (no flavour, colour, texture) AND it packs a major PCOS-fighting punch. Ovasitol helps to: Support insulin sensitivity, Normalize hormone levels, Regulate cycles and Improve egg quality. All from a B vitamin! So cool. I've teamed up with Ovasitol creator Theralogix to offer a special discount for any Cyster using my special PRC Code (L1MONT). Here's how to purchase: Go to Click "Login" Click "Create an account" (if you don't have one) Create your account + make sure you're logged in Add Ovasitol to your cart (any variation of the product) Go to checkout At checkout, enter all relevant delivery information Add PRC code where prompted: L1MONT Turmeric Like matcha, turmeric is highly anti inflammatory - good news for the chronic, low grade inflammation that's often part of PCOS. Lowered inflammation means better insulin sensitivity, weight control and ovarian function - all critical contributors to fertility. Turmeric also supports healthy liver function - enhancing the liver's ability to flush toxins and excess hormones out of the body. Lastly, turmeric has been shown to help with depression, and as we know from the matcha discussion, having a relaxed nervous system and adequate feel-good brain chemicals like GABA go a long way in helping your body produce (& keep) pro-fertility hormones like progesterone in balance. Collagen Powder Collagen is my favourite form of protein powder. It's incredibly easy to digest, rather than some whey or plant-based protein powders that may leave us feeling bloated and gross. Collagen helps to repair and support a healthy digestive system, which is crucial for absorbing pro-fertility nutrients, reducing inflammation and removing excess un-needed hormones from the body. Protein itself is essential for fertility because it is used in creating many hormones and chemicals in the body, and helps the body to build and retain lean muscle mass - making weight management easier and boosting metabolism. My favourite brands of collagen include Organika, Great Lakes and Vital Proteins - although there are many others on the market. Omega PowerCreamer Like protein, healthy fats are critical for fertility. In fact - a low fat diet may decrease fertility. Why? Because all of our steroid hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, etc) are made from fat. Without enough of the right types of fats, our hormones become imbalances and our fertility decreases. It can sometimes be difficult to get enough healthy sources of fats in our diets when we're trying to conceive, and I'm in love with the fact that products like Omega PowerCreamer exist to help us get enough. The combination of ghee (clarified butter), coconut oil and MCT oil in PowerCreamer provide the variety of fats women's bodies need to balance hormones and improve fertility. The organic ghee is extremely rich in fat soluble vitamins like A, D and E. These vitamins are vital for hormone production (many hormonally-imbalanced women are deficient in all three), mood stability, insulin sensitivity and more. Because the ghee in Omega Power Creamer is also grass-fed, it's going to have something called CLA or conjugated linoleic acid, a fat that's known to help lower body fat and cholesterol. The fats in coconut oil (medium-chain triglycerides) and MCT oil have been shown to assist weight loss in comparison with olive oil. They also help us feel fuller longer, and coconut oil provides a small amount of saturated fat needed to create hormones. I use the vanilla flavour in this latte, but the original/unflavoured works just as well. Like Ovasitol, the wonderful people over at PowerCreamer have been kind enough to offer a special discount for my community. Simply pop over to their website, add products to your cart and use code DIVA10 to save 10% off your order. Use a tbsp or two a day in addition to your regular healthy, pro-fertility diet to support healthy hormone production. Phew! That was a lot. Let's get to the simple PCOS Fertility Latte recipe now.
home - Tir na nOg Holistic Centre & Shop Tir na nOg is a holistic centre, in a beautiful courtyard setting in the grounds of a country estate on the edge of the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park, just 40 minutes from Glasgow, and 30 minutes from Stirling. We have a great range of therapies on offer and an exciting calendar of workshops which you can view here: Come and visit our beautiful shop and browse our extensive range of crystals, books, jewellery and unusual gifts. Tir na nOg is owned and run by Oona McFarlane who facilitates regular Firewalk ceremonies as well as Reiki training, and private consultations in Reiki, Seichim, NLP and Hypnotherapy.
Skinlash | Eyelash Extension | Singapore Skinlash pride ourselves to be the leading face and eyelash extension studio in Singapore! With 10 years of experience, we aim to produce results and use high quality products to deliver top notch professional treatments tailored to your individual needs.
Women And Health | Women's Heatlh Issues The sensation of the room spinning around you each time you stand. The constant fear of losing your balance. Fatigue you can't shake, ears that ring and eyes that are frequently blurry, unable to focus or seeing double. The only good thing about being a vertigo victim is that you aren't alone. Nearly 10 percent of us experience vertigo on a given day and more the 40 percent of those over 40 experience it at least once. And for senior citizens, vertigo-related falls can be life threatening. So what causes vertigo and what can be done about it? Vertigo As A Symptom Vertigo nearly always surfaces because of an underlying spinal, inner-ear or head abnormality. An examination by a qualified medical professional is essential to accurately diagnose its cause. Common diagnoses include: Spinal injuries from falls or whiplash from automobile accidents Misaligned neck vertebrae Impaired circulation to the brain Migraines or severe tension headaches Inner ear damage or frequent ear infections Regular use of diuretics, aspirin or other medications affecting the inner ear But can chiropractic treatment help with vertigo resulting from any of these underlying causes? Yes! The Gonstead Chiropractic Method and Vertigo How can a chiropractor help with vertigo? Research shows a strong association between vertigo and a reduced range of neck motion. When misaligned neck vertebrae reduce the flow of nerve impulses and blood to the inner ear and spine, vertigo can result. By performing gentle adjustments to realign the spinal column, the Gonstead chiropractic method restores the bones to their normal positions. As the neck nerves they were pinching become less irritated, communication between the brain and body improves. The Gonstead method tailors its treatments to every patient's unique needs. Known for doing the minimum to achieve the maximum, it uses the fewest possible adjustments to correct the conditions causing vertigo. And nervous energy begins traveling freely again, as Mother Nature intended!
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Information for Pet Owners on Worming a Pet Cat or Dog | WormWise Helpful information from WormWise for pet owners on the importance of regular, vet-strength worming treatments for pet cats or dogs.
Bright Smiles Dental | Caring Dental for All Ages | Lowell MA Bright Smiles Dental is committed to making our practice convenient and accessible to you and your family. Dr. Xuan Duong, DMD of Middlesex County, Massachusetts is proud to announce her family dentistry practice in Lowell. Dr. Duong is a graduate of Boston University and she has been in practice since 2008. Dr. Duong is known for her caring personality and she always welcomes new patient. Bright Smiles Dental Lowell MA. Available treatments include dental cleanings, regular exams, digital x-rays, fluoride treatments, sealants, teeth whitening, fillings, crowns, restoration, extractions, emergency care, dentures.
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Roan Mountain TN Dental Center-Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. Serving Roan Mountain TN, Elizabethton TN, Hampton TN, Banner Elk NC, Boone NC, Beech Mountain NC, Sugar Mountain NC Roan Mountain Dental Center and Dr. Michael O'Daniel has been providing complete family and cosmetic dental services to Roan Mountain, TN and the surrounding area, including Avery County, NC since 1990. Residents from Newland, Linville, Banner Elk, Beech Mountain, Spruce Pine and even Boone travel to Roan Mountain Dental Center in Tennessee because of the affordable prices, superior service and quality dental work from Dr. Michael O'Daniel. Roan Mountain Dental Center and Dr. O'Daniel offers comprehensive dental care in a gentle and caring environment for children, families, and individuals. Our goal is to provide our patients with the very best dental treatments available and do this so that you may achieve optimal dental health throughout your lifetime. At Roan Mountain Dental Center we will accommodate any emergency appointments you may have and fit you in our schedule. For regular scheduled appointments we do appreciate at least 24 hour notice for all cancellations.
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Newpark Clinic | Orthodontic Braces, Invisalign & Skin Aesthetics Dublin's leading practice offering Invisalign clear braces and regular metal braces with Specialist Orthodontist Dr. Máirlín O'Donnell. We also offer dental hygienist cleanings, teeth whitening and aesthetic skin treatments (noninvasive tightening treatments for the face and body) to perfect the entire smile.
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Medford Orthodontist | Medford Pediatric Dentist | Eric R Gheewalla DMD | AnnaMarie DeFeo DDS MS Medford Orthodontist and Pediatric Dentists, Dr. Gheewalla and Dr. DeFeo are dedicated to Pediatric dentistry and Orthodontics offering services such as braces, Invisalign and many more smile brightening procedures.
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Palm Beach Children's Dentistry – Dr. Lisa Ameer is a pediatric dentist treating children starting at 6 months old Dr Lisa Ameer of Palm Beach Children’s Dentistry provides dental care for all children, infants starting from 6 months old, and has expertise in working with medically compromised and special needs patients. She is a pediatric dentist in Royal Palm Beach who loves protecting kids smiles with regular checkups, routine cleanings, digital x-rays, sealants, fillings and whitening.
Bundaberg Vet | Sugarland Animal Hospital Caring for the pets of Bundaberg. Call Sugarland Animal Hospital 41513550. We provide 24 hour emergency, medical and surgical care and mobile vet services.
Skin Smart Salon,facial treatments,microdermabrasion,acne care Owner, licensed Esthetician, and Certified Acne Specialist, Lisa Massimiano, has over 15 years'' experience in the skin care field. Her philosophy is simple: good skin care promotes healthy, beautiful skin. Regular facial treatments can make a dramatic difference in your skin.
Acne Treatments and Anti-Aging Skin Care - Skincare 4 All Seasons Skincare 4 All Seasons provide acne treatments and anti-aging skincare enhancements. We use clinical-grade products, active peptides and light energy therapy that will stimulate beautiful healthy changes and skin regeneration.
The BackLoop - Spinal Decompression in Your Home, Office, On the Road The BackLoop is a portable spinal decompression device that sets up easily and works in minutes for regular treatments for the relief of back pain, and for increased mobility, flexibility, and performance.
Rose Tree Thai Massage Specialist in Edinburgh | Professional Qualified Massage Therapist and Mobile Masssage Service in Edinburgh. We specialise in DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE, REFLEXOLOGY, THAI MASSAGE and much much more. Contact us now for competitive rates.
Sound Healing Dublin - Meetups, Workshops, Retreats Sound Healing Dublin - regular group meditations and meetups. 1 to 1 treatments. Workshops, retreats, training, attunements and other events.
Rainbow Vibrations - Sound Healing | Tune your mind body and soul into harmony | Bristol South Glos Bath Somerset Sound Healer and Sound Ceremonialist, based in Bristol, using sound to support you to tune your mind, body and soul back into harmony. Offering sound meditations with regular monthly groups, 1-1 treatments, online membership, mentoring and
Dental Centers of Virginia - Sam English DDS - Cosmetic and General Dentistry - Virginia At the Dental Centers of Virginia, we treat your whole family with the same care and consideration that we would offer to our own families
S. Danney Dental Group S. M. , Inc. - Home At S.D. Dental Group we are committed to providing our patients with the highest quality of care and dental services. At S. D. Dental Group we provide the following Services: Porcelain Crowns, Veneers, Cosmetic Procedures, Implant Services, Permanent Bridges, Fillings, Dentures, Root Canals, Regular Cleanings, Periodontal Gum Treatments, Extractions, and Tooth Whitening.
FertilityAssyst | Quality, Safety & Effectiveness Dr. Lateef Akinola Fertility Assyst welcomes you! We're always available for customers with emergent fertility problems. You can easily reach us 24/7 via the phone number below:+234 7033 761764 Appointments Booking an appointment with us is as easy as it gets... You will be able to schedule a convenient time for your meeting with our dentists with just 2 clicks! Dr. Lateef Akinola Fertility Assyst welcomes you! Welcome to Fertility Assyst We're glad you hand your fertility health concerns to our skilled hands. We make sure we deliver the best possible fertility care to all our patients! Of course, we always complement our services with a customer service oriented approach. We sincerely believe that we will not disappoint you! We provide an equally comfortable counselling needs to all our clients both young and adult customers before, during and after their treatments! Also we implement a lot of evidence based treatment options. We invite you to explore our web posts plus other information on our website! Feel free to read our terms and conditions and all the additional info we have posted. Why choose the Fertility Assyst Clinic? Booking an appointment at our fertility clinic is as easy as doing 2 clicks! Our 3 fertility consultants have over half a century of practical experience. They are ready to put it to action for you! We work during all state holidays, besides working till late during the regular days. In case of emergencies we accept weekend bookings. We offer fertility treatment at reasonable prices without compromising quality and safety. We are proud of our positive achievements and successes. Our services What our patients say This is one hospital i will for ever remain grateful to, when you talk of perfection they are there,when you talk of good medical care they are there, they saved my life with the help of God, thanks DR Akinola and his staff. you guys are wonderful. Thank you so much for your swift response, I appreciate your help. For my antenatal visits, care and scans, when I compare your level of detail to that of the other hospital, you were tops and at par with what the Americans are doing. This is truly commendable and I have promised myself to refer as many as seek my opinion for a hospital to use. Please keep the standard and I believe the sky will be your springboard, best of luck. Best Regards and God bless. Sarah... Sent from my iPad. Thank you Fertility Assyst Clinic and your diligent staffs. At last I am pregnant at 54! I pray to God to see me through this pregnancy and beyond. Its been a long tortuous road to get to this point. Thanks to God for using Dr Lateef Akinola & team to let me and my husband fulfil our yearnings to have our own children. We offer a wide range of IVF procedures to help you fulfil your dreams! Recent Posts
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Bella Vue | Campbelltown Bella Vue are Waxing Specialists in Campbelltown focuses on giving you the best, quickest and highest quality service with minimum discomfort. In addition to providing Ladies and Mens Waxing services
The Natural Health Centre | After suffering from hay fever throughout her adult life, Helen Cahill found relief in a dozen sterile needles. She told Health Editor MADELEINE BRINDLEY how acupuncture has set her free from her annual hay fever misery FOR years Helen Cahill was dependent on nasal sprays, eye drops and tablets to help her through the annual hay fever season. On days when the pollen count was particularly high, she would close all the windows and not leave home. But the 53-year-old, who lives in Peterston Super Ely, has now found drug-free relief for her hay fever symptoms after undergoing acupuncture. The regular sessions of the complementary therapy have left her symptom-less and allowed her to get on with her life without the worry and inconvenience of suffering hay fever's flu-like symptoms. Helen, a project worker, first started suffering from hay fever at the age of 17. "I wouldn't say that I was an extreme case, but I was very aware of it – if I was going out at the weekend, I'd go to the seaside rather than the country. "When I lived in London I didn't have it as much, and it has come in phases. I live in the countryside now so I'm much more aware of it. "I'd used eye drops, nasal sprays and tablets, which did work, but the tablets made me feel drowsy and you would have to remember to take them regularly. "You couldn't just decide to take them when you had the symptoms." She added: "I'd been thinking for some time that I'd had enough of the tablets and nasal sprays after all these years and wanted something, an alternative that was less chemical and more natural, as a treatment." Helen opted for acupuncture after a casual conversation with running partner Jackie Brown, who is the clinical director of the Natural Health and Fertility Clinic in Whitchurch. During the acupuncture treatment, she had fine sterile needles inserted into her face, hands, wrists and legs. She said she noticed a difference after just one session. "I felt the benefits of the acupuncture almost immediately after the first session," Helen said. "My nose dried up, stuffiness was eased and eyes were no longer itchy and sore. It also helped with the itchy throat although I still have to use eye drops when the pollen count is very high. "I felt full of life and the lethargy and sleepiness brought on by the tablets and condition, was lifted. It was marvellous. "The important thing for me and, I expect, other sufferers, is to start the course of treatment in April before the onset of any symptoms. "I have found that each year the symptoms have reduced and this could be as a result of the acupuncture. "Acupuncture has no side effects, there is an immediate response. It is gentle and relaxing." She added: "Whereas before I was faced with being virtually locked inside my home with doors and windows firmly shut during, what was for me, the miserable months of May and June, now I can go outside with confidence even during the highest pollen days. "I was a teeny bit sceptical at first but nevertheless I wanted to give it a try. I'm really glad that I did and now wouldn't be without the acupuncture sessions." Helen, whose hay fever is worst in late spring and early summer, has two acupuncture sessions every April and four more during May. "It has been a revelation. The sessions themselves are relaxing and soothing in a wonderfully comfortable room at the clinic equipped with low lighting and soothing music. "The acupuncture has really helped to enable me to participate in sports again during these months. It stops my runny and blocked nose and the general feeling of debilitation associated with taking tablets. "I am now confident to go out on long walks in the countryside with my 12-year-old cocker spaniel Amos and he is delighted. "This is all thanks to my newfound freedom from sniffles, horrendous sneezes and streaming eyes. I can't thank Jackie enough for what she has given me." Acupuncture has had mixed results in clinical trials, but research published in 2007 in the Medical Journal of Australia, has shown that it can help relieve the symptoms of chronic hay fever. Charlie Xue, a professor of Chinese medicine at RMIT University in Melbourne, found that two months of acupuncture reduced the symptoms of persistent sneezing, itchy and blocked nose for at least three months. And Daniel Maxwell, of the British Acupuncture Council, said: "It is great for hay fever because of the significant effect it has on modulating the immune system." Jackie Brown said: "Acupuncture is often effective treatment for hay fever. The effect of acupuncture can be immediate. "Although the effect can be instantaneous, it is common for the effect to wear off and the symptoms to return after a while. When this happens another treatment is needed. "Consecutive acupuncture treatment prolongs the desirable effects or, in other words, acupuncture has an accumulative effect. "As each person is different and lifestyles vary it is difficult to say how many treatments will be needed to bring about a positive effect. "I recommend two treatments in the first week and weekly treatments after that for about six weeks. It is best to start before the hay fever season begins for maximum effect as this will strengthen the immune system and your body is ready to deal with the pollen when it comes." 'I'd had enough of the tablets and nasal sprays and wanted something, more natural as a treatment' Contact The Natural Health Centre 086-1550442 for more information. Credit
Kardia Chiropractic Clinic | LansingMichigan The team at Kardia Chiropractic Clinic will create a friendly, comforting and relaxing atmosphere for patients. We provide a variety of unique chiropractic treatments to help patients heal, achieve a higher level of comfort and return to their regular lives free of pain.