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Actorium - Vancouver Acting School & Part-time Classes Vancouver based acting school rooted in Meisner Technique and Stanislavski Theory. Classes focused on the acting process aiming to improve depth and range.
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What is Microblading – Totally Browtiful Microblading Totally Browtiful Eyebrow Microblading is semi-permanent make-up technique, through manual process of inserting pigment into the upper layers of skin.
Vocal Process: Inside the Singing Voice, Belting, vocal technique Vocal Process, run by Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher, gives training in healthy voice use. Our courses, books and CDs are used by singers the world over.
CIMI - Centre de formation et conseil (Maintenance, Production, Management, Techniques) CIMI - Loir et Cher, région Centre - centre de formation et conseil en maintenance, production, management, techniques, automatisme, électrotechnique, froid , climatisation, hydraulique, informatique appliquée, mécanique, pompes, vide, pneumatique, régulation , instrumentation, soudage, contrôle , métrologie. Diagnostic, évaluation et accompagnement.
Actors Movement Studio Conservatory, Actor training, Summer Acting intensives, summer theater school, teen acting intensives in NYC Welcome to the Actors Movement Studio, Inc., The Williamson Movement Technique is physical training for the actor. It was created by Loyd Williamson who trained as an actor with Sanford Meisner in New York City. At the Actors Movement Studio we teach a physical process that focuses on how the body establishes a connection to an imaginary world and how they can shape the behavior that flows out of this connection.
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Paul Harman's Audition Success – New York Audition Technique Class We will provide the actor with a clearly delineated process, which will support him or her in the crafting of any song at all. By "craft" we mean to shape carefully, with intelligence and consideration, the material at hand, in a skillful, expert way, which results in an audition that is professional, thoughtful, emotionally true, and…
Innovation in Practice For thousands of years, inventors have embedded five simple patterns into their inventions, usually without knowing it. These patterns are the "DNA" of products that can be extracted and applied to any product or service to create new-to-the-world innovations. Drew Boyd shares how to use this effective, repeatable, and trainable innovation process for organic growth.
Alka''s Sujok Acupuncture Healing Centre in Hyderabad ,SJ T Alka Sodhani. "NO DISEASE IS INCURABLE". If you are tired of prolonged medication with no results, excessive pain, stress, and entangled with lifestyle diseases then it is time to switch to Sujok. It an age old oriental medicine. It is a drug less therapy which uses hands and feet to cure. Acupuncture ,acupressure, colour therapy, seed therapy, twist therapy , magnet therapy ,moxibustion , smile meditation, samwondong , samwongong are some of the modalities that we use. ACUPUNCTURE: Definition Acupuncture is one of the main forms of treatment in traditional Chinese medicine. It involves the use of sharp, thin needles that are inserted in the body at very specific points. This process is believed to adjust and alter the body’s energy flow into healthier patterns, and is used to treat a wide variety of illnesses and health conditions. Purpose The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends acupuncture as an effective treatment for over forty medical problems, including allergies, respiratory conditions, gastrointestinal disorders, gynaecological problems, nervous conditions, disorders of the eyes, nose and throat, and childhood illnesses, among others. Acupuncture has been used in the treatment of alcoholism and substance abuse. It is an effective and low-cost treatment for headaches and chronic pain, associated with problems like back injuries and arthritis. It has also been used to supplement invasive Western treatments like chemotherapy and surgery. Acupuncture is generally most effective when used as prevention or before a health condition becomes acute, but it has been used to help patients suffering from cancer and AIDS. Acupuncture is limited in treating conditions or traumas that require surgery or emergency care (such as for broken bones). Description Origins The original text of Chinese medicine is the Nei Ching, The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, which is estimated to be at least 2,500 years old. Thousands of books since then have been written on the subject of Chinese healing, and its basic philosophies spread long ago to other Asian civilizations. Nearly all of the forms of Oriental medicine which are used in the West today, including acupuncture, shiatsu, acupressure massage, and macrobiotics, are part of or have their roots in Chinese medicine. Legend has it that acupuncture developed when early Chinese physicians observed unpredicted effects of puncture wounds in Chinese warriors. The oldest known text on acupuncture, the Systematic Classic of Acupuncture, dates back to 282 A.D. Although acupuncture is its best known technique, Chinese medicine traditionally utilizes herbal remedies, dietary therapy, lifestyle changes and other means to treat patients. In the early 1900s, only a few Western physicians who had visited China were fascinated by acupuncture, but outside of Asian-American communities it remained virtually unknown until the 1970s, when Richard Nixon became the first U.S. president to visit China. On Nixon’s trip, journalists were amazed to observe major operations being performed on patients without the use of anesthetics. Instead, wide-awake patients were being operated on with only acupuncture needles inserted into them to control pain. During that time, a famous columnist for the New York Times, James Reston, had to undergo surgery and elected to use acupuncture instead of pain medication, and he wrote some convincing stories on its effectiveness. Today, acupuncture is being practiced in all 50 states by over 9,000 practitioners, with over 4,000 MDs including it in their practices. Acupuncture has shown notable success in treating many conditions, and over 15 million Americans have used it as a therapy. Acupuncture, however, remains largely unsupported by the medical establishment. The American Medical Association has been resistant to researching it, as it is based on concepts very different from the Western scientific model. Several forms of acupuncture are being used today in America. Japanese acupuncture uses extremely thin needles and does not incorporate herbal medicine in its practice. Auricular acupuncture uses acupuncture points only on the ear, which are believed to stimulate and balance internal organs. In France, where acupuncture is very popular and more accepted by the medical establishment, neurologist Paul Nogier developed a system of acupuncture based on neuroendocrine theory rather than on traditional Chinese concepts, which is gaining some use in America. Key terms Acupressure — Form of massage using acupuncture points. Auricular acupuncture — Acupuncture using only points found on the ears. Chi — Basic life energy. Meridian — Channel through which chi travels in the body. Moxibustion — Acupuncture technique which burns the herb moxa or mugwort. Tonification — Acupuncture technique for strengthening the body. Yin/Yang — Universal characteristics used to describe aspects of the natural world. Basic ideas of Chinese medicine Chinese medicine views the body as a small part of the universe, and subject to universal laws and principles of harmony and balance. Chinese medicine does not draw a sharp line, as Western medicine does, between mind and body. The Chinese system believes that emotions and mental states are every bit as influential on disease as purely physical mechanisms, and considers factors like work, environment, lifestyle and relationships as fundamental to the overall picture of a patient’s health. Chinese medicine also uses very different symbols and ideas to discuss the body and health. While Western medicine typically describes health in terms of measurable physical processes made up of chemical reactions, the Chinese use ideas like yin and yang, chi, the organ system, and the five elements to describe health and the body. To understand the ideas behind acupuncture, it is worthwhile to introduce some of these basic terms. YIN AND YANG. According to Chinese philosophy, the universe and the body can be described by two separate but complementary principles, that of yin and yang. For example, in temperature, yin is cold and yang is hot. In gender, yin is female and yang is male. In activity, yin is passive and yang is active. In light, yin is dark and yang is bright; in direction yin is inward and downward and yang is outward and up, and so on. Nothing is ever completely yin or yang, but a combination of the two. These two principles are always interacting, opposing, and influencing each other. The goal of Chinese medicine is not to eliminate either yin or yang, but to allow the two to balance each other and exist harmoniously together. For instance, if a person suffers from symptoms of high blood pressure, the Chinese system would say that the heart organ might have too much yang, and would recommend methods either to reduce the yang or to increase the yin of the heart, depending on the other symptoms and organs in the body. Thus, acupuncture therapies seek to either increase or reduce yang, or increase or reduce yin in particular regions of the body. CHI. Another fundamental concept of Chinese medicine is that of chi (pronounced chee, also spelled qi). Chi is the fundamental life energy of the universe. It is invisible and is found in the environment in the air, water, food and sunlight. In the body, it is the invisible vital force that creates and animates life. We are all born with inherited amounts of chi, and we also get acquired chi from the food we eat and the air we breathe. The level and quality of a person’s chi also depends on the state of physical, mental and emotional balance. Chi travels through the body along channels called meridians. THE ORGAN SYSTEM. In the Chinese system, there are twelve main organs: the lung, large intestine, stomach, spleen, heart, small intestine, urinary bladder, kidney, liver, gallbladder, pericardium, and the “triple warmer,” which represents the entire torso region. Each organ has chi energy associated with it, and each organ interacts with particular emotions on the mental level. As there are twelve organs, there are twelve types of chi which can move through the body, and these move through twelve main channels or meridians. Chinese doctors connect symptoms to organs. That is, symptoms are caused by yin/yang imbalances in one or more organs, or by an unhealthy flow of chi to or from one organ to another. Each organ has a different profile of symptoms it can manifest. THE FIVE ELEMENTS. Another basis of Chinese theory is that the world and body are made up of five main elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. These elements are all interconnected, and each element either generates or controls another element. For instance, water controls fire and earth generates metal. Each organ is associated with one of the five elements. The Chinese system uses elements and organs to describe and treat conditions. For instance, the kidney is associated with water and the heart is associated with fire, and the two organs are related as water and fire are related. If the kidney is weak, then there might be a corresponding fire problem in the heart, so treatment might be made by acupuncture or herbs to cool the heart system and/or increase energy in the kidney system. The Chinese have developed an intricate system of how organs and elements are related to physical and mental symptoms, and the above example is a very simple one. Although this system sounds suspect to Western scientists, some interesting parallels have been observed. For instance, Western medicine has observed that with severe heart problems, kidney failure often follows, but it still does not know exactly why. In Chinese medicine, this connection between the two organs has long been established. MEDICAL PROBLEMS AND ACUPUNCTURE. In Chinese medicine, disease as seen as imbalances in the organ system or chi meridians, and the goal of any remedy or treatment is to assist the body in reestablishing its innate harmony. Disease can be caused by internal factors like emotions, external factors like the environment and weather, and other factors like injuries, trauma, diet, and germs. However, infection is seen not as primarily a problem with germs and viruses, but as a weakness in the energy of the body which is allowing a sickness to occur. In Chinese medicine, no two illnesses are ever the same, as each body has its own characteristics of symptoms and balance. Acupuncture is used to open or adjust the flow of chi throughout the organ system, which will strengthen the body and prompt it to heal itself. A VISIT TO THE ACUPUNCTURIST. The first thing an acupuncturist will do is get a thorough idea of a patient’s medical history and symptoms, both physical and emotional. This is done with a long questionnaire and interview. Then the acupuncturist will examine the patient to find further symptoms, looking closely at the tongue, the pulse at various points in the body, the complexion, general behavior, and other signs like coughs or pains. From this, the practitioner will be able to determine patterns of symptoms which indicate which organs and areas are imbalanced. Depending on the problem, the acupuncturist will insert needles to manipulate chi on one or more of the twelve organ meridians. On these twelve meridians, there are nearly 2,000 points which can be used in acupuncture, with around 200 points being most frequently used by traditional acupuncturists. During an individual treatment, one to twenty needles may be used, depending on which meridian points are chosen. Acupuncture needles are always sterilized and acupuncture is a very safe procedure. The depth of insertion of needles varies, depending on which chi channels are being treated. Some points barely go beyond superficial layers of skin, while some acupuncture points require a depth of 1-3 in (2.5-7.5 cm) of needle. The needles generally do not cause pain. Patients sometimes report pinching sensations and often pleasant sensations, as the body experiences healing. Depending on the problem, the acupuncturist might spin or move the needles, or even pass a slight electrical current through some of them. Moxibustion may be sometimes used, in which an herbal mixture (moxa or mugwort) is either burned like incense on the acupuncture point or on the end of the needle, which is believed to stimulate chi in a particular way. Also, acupuncturists sometimes use cupping, during which small suction cups are placed on meridian points to stimulate them. How long the needles are inserted also varies. Some patients only require a quick in and out insertion to clear problems and provide tonification (strengthening of health), while some other conditions might require needles inserted up to an hour or more. The average visit to an acupuncturist takes about thirty minutes. The number of visits to the acupuncturist varies as well, with some conditions improved in one or two sessions and others requiring a series of six or more visits over the course of weeks or months. Costs for acupuncture can vary, depending on whether the practitioner is an MD. Precautions Acupuncture is generally a very safe procedure. If a patient is in doubt about a medical condition, more than one physician should be consulted. Also, a patient should always feel comfortable and confident that their acupuncturist is knowledgable and properly trained. Research and general acceptance Mainstream medicine has been slow to accept acupuncture; although more MDs are using it, the American Medical Association does not recognize it as a specialty. The reason for this is that the mechanism of acupuncture is difficult to scientifically understand or measure, such as the invisible energy of chi in the body. Western medicine, admitting that acupuncture works in many cases, has theorized that the energy meridians are actually part of the nervous system and that acupuncture relieves pain by releasing endorphins, or natural pain killers, into the bloodstream. Despite the ambiguity in the biochemistry involved, acupuncture continues to show effectiveness in clinical tests, from reducing pain to alleviating the symptoms of chronic illnesses, and research in acupuncture is currently growing. The Office of Alternative Medicine of the National Institute of Health is currently funding research in the use of acupuncture for treating depression and attention-deficit disorder. SUJOK- An art of healing: Sujok is a Drugless therapy to heal and put a person to ease from his dis-eased self. The Korean word Su means hand and Jok is foot. It is acupuncture, acupressure, seed, colour, twist, chakra, tri origin, palm leaf, energy flow, six ki, zonal, smile meditation etc, using hands and feet for treatment. The inventor of the science is Prof. Park Jae Woo. It is very interesting to note that the structure of the hand and foot demonstrates a surprising similarity with the structure of the human body. This similarity is the manifestation of deep inner relationships existing between the body and the hand. Sujok is a theory based on the fundamental traditional information of- • Korean acupuncture • Chinese acupuncture • Indian Chakra system • Egyptian Pyramid Energy System • Mesopotamian Spiral Energy stem In Sujok therapy treatment is given at various levels  Physical  Metaphysical (bio energy system of the body)  Emotional (mind)  Reason (brain, intellectual) The Sujok therapy is not only a mode of healing but it explains the laws of nature in the form of naturallaws and philosophy of existence. OUR FOUNDER: Alka''s Sujok Acupuncture Healing Centre in Hyderabad ,SJ T Alka Sodhani.
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How To Declutter And Organize | Just another WordPress site GOOD NEWS FOR Stressed out moms... small space dwellers…. the chronically disorganized and… everyone else who is overwhelmed with their stuff "How to drop your clutter baggage and feel the amazing relief of a fresher, spacious, organized home in 7 days or less" How you can easily live lighter and happier where you are right now What you are about to discover How to de stress, so you feel good, and make a plan in the midst of chaos Where to start-what to do- what Not to do. All your questions and more covered in this all-in-one- guide How to see your clutter, make quick decisions and easily get rid of it Awecome practical strategies for pain free decluttering at your fingertips 5 No Fail Organizing Keys for the chronically organized Easy tips to keep simplifying, decluttering and organizing in minutes everyday What to do when you have a messy house and you want to get organized immediately The 3 step strategy when organizing kids, their rooms and their things The 3 costly mistakes everyone with clutter makes To: Anyone who's overwhelmed and frustrated with all the stuff they have in their lives From: Jane Alais, fellow unclutterer and professional organizer Are you fed up and stressed with the mess and chaos clutter brings. Maybe you've searched for answers..... but feel confused by all the random bits of advice you read on the net..... and find it impossible to know where to start and what to do? Then this will be the most important message you will ever read. Big Call? Maybe. Here's why Let me explain… Hi, my name is Jane A few years ago I moved a ton of possessions from Canada..... to a tiny two bedroom house in Sydney Australia. Not only was this house small it had NO closets, cupboards, basement or garage. At the time I didn't even know houses existed without basements. I mean… where's a girl supposed to keep all her extra stuff? Maybe you can relate to my story. Our house was full BUT when I had my children things quickly got overwhelming. We had way too many things, absolutely no storage space and I kept everything. Don't get me wrong..... I love being a mom..... but adding all the baby and toddler stuff to my overfull house made it impossible to enjoy my kids. Clutter made everyday hard work. I seemed to be picking up and putting away all day long. I began to feel chronically overwhelmed. I was a busy mom- with a million things to do every day. The housework was never ending. I seemed to be picking up and putting away all day long. No matter what I did... everything seemed disorganized I tried to be organized and find the right place for things. But I didn't have the knack. And guess what... I spent tons of time every day looking for... shoes, socks, pens and keys. You name it I looked for it. My overfull house drained my time and... I felt tired, grumpy and overwhelmed all the time. It was impossible to keep my house basically neat and tidy. By the way. This is where my story gets really alarming I was so tired I couldn't face my cluttered disorganized kitchen so we often ordered pizza. I found out I had spent more at the pizza place than I had in my bank account. Whoops! What a shocking wake up call. I never realized how much money clutter was costing me. Expensive take out food, costly disorganized grocery shopping, throwing away food we never ate, buying clothes I never wore, buying stuff on sale because I might need it, office supplies I never used and the toys my kids never played with. At that moment I realized... my clutter, mess and disorganization cost me thousands of dollars. So I thought I have to do something to get my home organized and stop wasting money. I was determined to get out of this clutter crisis and live lighter, simpler and manage money better. But where to Start? So, of course I went to the internet, I don't know about you... but very quickly I got into information overload! There were so many different tips and a lot of useless information out there. If one person said do this the other said do that. It was so confusing. The information was piecemeal and complicated. I found it too difficult in my overwhelmed state. All I wanted was a simple- join the dots- all in one- resource that could handhold me through every step of the process, start to finish. I wanted a new perspective. A fresh start AND a quick easy way to dump all my clutter baggage. Just give me simple easy to follow info in one place! Anyway read on and let me save you the brain draining hours in front of your computer, But if you are happy to stop and patch bits of info together, be prepared to be stuck, confused, frustrated...... and keep your clutter forever Back to my story.. So I went back to the bottomless pit of scattered online information… to try to put something together that I could use. While I was searching for answers- I thought about some of the problems I had. Maybe you can relate to this? Have you ever felt like this? You think information to help me would be easy to find? Hhhmmmmm So I tried to put together relevant (so I thought) information to attempt to get things under control. It didn't work. The information wasn't simple or actionable. There were too many steps and no plan. Most of the "declutter information" saw me getting rid of the wrong things and regretting decluttering again. The information didn't help me make the right decision or translate to my life and my home. I would start clearing stuff out, then it would get too hard and stopped. The clutter just kept coming. I struggled with staying motivated but all I felt was fear. It frustrated me to no end To cut my long story short... I had a brilliant idea. Instead of decluttering I bought dressers and cupboards to put my stuff in. Now things started to get a lot worse. I collected more stuff and... I had more drawers to look through. I became more and more disorganized. The frustration was building. I started spending big bucks on containing my clutter. I even thought about renting a storage unit. To complicate things I continued to make bad decisions. In a frustrated decluttering frenzy I accidentally threw out some valuable jewelry, (left in a pocket of a pair of jeans I gave to charity). I donated an expensive carpet and then I had to spend money to replace it. I sold my nice dishes and kept my cheap ones. I was dumping the things I loved in the name of clutter! What was I thinking! This increased my fear of letting things go so I just hung on to things even tighter. The internet information I gathered told me to organize my clutter. So I, bought organizing products. Guess what….. some of them were the wrong size, others ugly and….. most of them just added to my disorganization. So now I had containers of things stacked everywhere. You're probably wondering what I did. Well… I was so angry about the wasted money and even bigger mess I gave most of the containers away. My daily battle was in the kitchen. It was so disorganized... I could never figure out where to put things. Deciding dinner started at 5 o'clock- with a quick dash to the store. My grocery bill was huge. I probably trashed around 40% of the food we bought. Don't get me started on the mess in our office. Piles of paper, chaotic, bill paying system and boxes of disorganized files. I just didn't know where to start or what to throw out. And guess what? I was a grumpy mommy and rotten partner. Household tasks were so time consuming… I couldn't relax at home. My stress and unhappiness were starting to go off the charts. I was tired of the same generic how to. It didn't give me support or change the way I thought about stuff. In fact all it did was make me waste a lot of money and end up creating even more clutter. And this is just the tip of the iceberg So here I was in my shrinking home... feeling more and more depressed because my dream of an easier lifestyle and beautiful home were drifting far away. I didn't seem to be able to get my head above it all. Have you ever felt like this, so stuck, not knowing what to do? Desperate to find some answers? Desperate to change? Luckily as chance would have it I came across a community organizing course. To make myself feel better I enrolled and I loved it. This course inspired me. I started to understand at a deeper level why decluttering was a problem for so many people. I asked my friends with great organizing genes about their habits, systems and routines. I talked to people I knew who had conquered their clutter to live happy simpler lives. I got a decluttering buddy and… started to test drive my ideas. As I downsized my stuff. I tried out the best of the best strategies to help others declutter their home and get organized successfully. I learnt so much from every decluttering project. As you can imagine all this experience really paid off. So I dumped the advice that was useless and kept the concepts that were inspiring, fun and worked. I thought just maybe there are other people like me out there? You know.... who would benefit from my experience… and make life so much easier by having all the solid consistent information in one place-in one easy to read book. And PRESTO-6 months later.... after many late nights and weekends at the computer I'd done it. Introducing a simple easy to read e-book that will make all the difference to your life, your family and your home. Here's a quick preview of the valuable information you'll have at your fingertips. What you get is a proven practical room by room, step by step blueprint with flexible strategies that you can make your own. Easy to understand language… and specific tips for all those clutter hot spots in your home like clothes, closets, files and paperwork. I've included 5 decluttering methods so you can swap, change and use what really works for you and the one decluttering technique that you must know. Not everyone is the same, or has the same amount of clutter so these strategies and techniques can be tailored to your energy, time and mindset. And that's just a small taste of what's in store I even have special sections to simplify and organize your life. Things like menu planning, staying motivated, how and where to start and organizing kid's things. I've even added quick routines that keep your house tidy and clean. There are motivating quotes, moral boosters and easy, organizing tips. Did you know that getting rid of clutter eliminates 40% of housework in the average home? (Ottawa Citizen, newspaper (1/14/00 80% of the clutter in most homes is a result of disorganization not lack of space (Ottawa citizen 1/14/0) Now I would like you to experience what your home can be: Just picture this for a moment. You come home tired from work or a day out. You open your door….smile and relax because you see a welcoming clean and tidy home. You walk into your spotless kitchen and make some tea. Your favorite dinner is in the fridge all ready to be cooked. Paperwork, bills, laundry are under control... everything is where it should be. You feel contented and confident. Every item has its home so putting away is easy. There is nothing for you to do but sit down, relax and enjoy your time. Your home is a creative inspiring place to be. Your weekend is free for fun. What a joy. There you have it... I don't know about you but I wish I had all that information when I was overwhelmed by my stuff and in the middle of my clutter crisis. Simple Solutions for Your Everyday Clutter Problems And there is even more Bonuses . The best part- the price, and to be honest with you if I added up the countless hours of hard work I've poured into this e-book, and all the evenings and weekends I sacrificed, I would have to charge you hundreds of dollars of labor. I could easily sell this package for $97, it would be great value. 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good wood by topher A[edit] Applied carving - background which is worked separately and then applied, rather than being worked in place. Architrave - ornamental mouldings around a door or window frame, covering the joint between the frame and plaster. B[edit] Bead - a semicircular piece of moulding. Bench dog or Bench stop - a peg standing proud of the bench surface. Blind - joinery with mating surfaces not protruding through the face or end grain of the pieces being joined. Example - blind mortise and tenon joint Billet - 1. a short piece of log particularly used for fuel; 2. a split out piece of a bolt of wood. Bolster (pillow, cross head) - 1. shoulder; 2. a timber between a post and a beam to increase the bearing or shorten the span. Bolt - a piece of log cut to specific length, usually a short length from which products such as shingles are split or cut. Sometimes also called a billet or round. Brace - a hand tool used to drill holes, having a knobbed handle on the top to which pressure is applied, and a U-shaped grip in the middle which is used to rotate the drill bit. Burl - a knotty growth from a tree with a convoluted, complex grain. C[edit] Cannel, channel - the concavity of a gouge blade. Card scraper - a flat blade with a burred edge used for smoothing. Caul - A strip or block of wood used to distribute or direct clamping force Chatoyance - the effect seen in dramatic wood grain direction changes as seen in flame figured maple. Chip carving - incised surface decoration, usually geometric. Chops - a type of vise. Climb cut - On a table saw or router, cutting against the normal feed direction at the end of the cut to prevent tearout. Close grain - woods with very fine fibers of cells (wood grain) that are not visibly porous. Conversion - reduction of a whole log into pieces suitable for working. Conversion can be done in three basic ways, sawn, hewn, or split. Crook - longitudinal bending to one side, caused by uneven seasoning or grain. (See Wood warping) Crotch - the section of a tree where a branch divides from the trunk, or the trunk divides in two; typically an area of convoluted grain. Crossgrain - working perpendicular to the grain. Crosscut - a cut made perpendicular to the grain. Crown of thorns - a system of self-supporting and interlocking pieces. Cruck - a pair of crooked, structural timbers in a timber frame building. Crucks act as both posts and rafters like an A-frame. Cup - transverse bending, convex or concave, usually predictable, considering grain orientation. (see Wood warping) D[edit] Dado - a slot made across the grain. Typically, the slot is made by milling, chiseled, or sawed. Dovetail joint - a joint technique most commonly used in woodworking joinery. Noted for its resistance to being pulled apart (tensile strength), the dovetail joint is commonly used to join the sides of a drawer to the front. Drill - (verb) the process of making holes in a material or (noun) a tool for drilling holes. F[edit] Face - when a board has one side that is wider than the other, the wider side is referred to as the face (as opposed to the edge). May also refer to the face that is to be visible in the finished item. Fence - a flat and straight length of some material, usually wood, steel or aluminium, which provides a reference for tools to work against, or which prevents the work from sliding. Fiber/fibre - the fine tube-like structure of wood which is hollow and determines the grain direction. Figure - naturally occurring decorative patterns in wood, caused by either growth increments or tissue orientation. Firmer - a strong chisel for general work or mortising, may have square sides or bevels on both sides. Fishtail chisel or gouge - a chisel or gouge with a splayed end. Flat gouge - a gouge with minimal curvature, used for finishing and smoothing. Flitch - a board in which the round of the trunk is still visible, a rough-cut board. Flute - a deep channel cut in wood* occasionally denotes the cannel of a gouge. Foxing - a yellow-brown discoloration of wood due to fungal infection. French cleat - a molding used to hang cabinets Fret saw - a saw with a very fine toothed blade used for delicate cuts in thin material. Frosting - regular indented patterns created with a special-purpose punch called a froster. G[edit] Grain - the longitudinal fibers in wood. Gouge - a chisel-like tool with a curved cutting edge. Green wood - unseasoned wood; freshly harvested timber, usually with a high moisture content. Grit - the grade of particles in sandpaper or sharpening stones which determines the aggressiveness of the cut. Groove - a slot or channel made with the grain, usually on the end-grain in preparation for a tongue and groove joint. Grooving- a rectangular sinking in the surface of any material. H[edit] Hand plane - see Plane. Hardwood - wood from an angiosperm tree, i.e. a tree in the division Magnoliophyta. Despite the name, not necessarily very hard or dense wood (e.g. balsa is a hardwood), although generally harder than softwoods. Heart shake - a shake (i.e. crack or split) radiating out from the heartwood. Heel - the corner of a chisel, knife, or gouge bevel which meets the back of the blade and polishes the cut. Hold down or hold fast - a hold-down iron, fitting into a hole in a bench, tightened or loosened by hammer taps. Hollow grinding - a concave bevel on a chisel, gouge, or knife. I[edit] Incannel - the concave surface of a gouge; a gouge sharpened on the concave surface. Interlocked grain - wood grain which has multiple longitudinal directions in alternating layers, typical of many tropical hardwoods, and very difficult to work and to produce smooth surfaces. J[edit] Jig saw - a tool that can form circular cuts by moving the work piece past a blade rapidly moving up and down. Joiner - a woodworker who does finer work than a framing carpenter. Jointer - 1. a power plane used to straighten boards and square edges, sometimes called a joiner; 2. an intermediate length hand plane, a jointer plane. K[edit] Kerf - the gap left when material is removed by a saw. The width of the kerf is equal to the set of the saw. Knot - A circular pattern in timber, caused by a dead branch that was not fully integrated into the tree before it was cut down. A loose knot is one that cannot be relied upon to remain in place in the piece. A tight knot, on the other hand, is fixed by growth or position in the wood structure so that it firmly retains its place in the surrounding wood. L[edit] Lead - the tendency for wood that is being cut to direct the saw parallel to its grain. LathArt - a type of folk art that uses lath from old plaster and lath walls M[edit] Molding - a strip of material with various profiles used to cover transitions between surfaces or for decoration. Mortise or Mortice - a cavity or hole (generally rectangular) in a piece of wood, meant to receive a tenon or a hinge Mitre (UK, Cda) or Miter (US) - a joint made by fastening together pieces with the ends cut at an angle. Mitre box (UK, Cda) or Miter box (US) - a box used for making mitre joints by having slots to guide a saw at the desired angle for the joint. O[edit] Off fall - Scrap created by making a cut. Abbreviated as fall. Outcannel - the convex surface of a gouge; a gouge sharpened on the convex surface. P[edit] Plane (tool) - (verb) the process of removing material in thin shavings in order to make it flat, or (noun) a tool for planing. Plane iron - cutting part of a hand plane. Planer - or thicknesser. a machine which reduces the thickness of boards. Q[edit] Quarter-sawn - a plank with growth rings perpendicular to the wider face. (See Wood grain) R[edit] Rabbet - A ''groove'' cut parallel to, and at the edge of, a board. Rail - Horizontal member of a frame on a door, window or panel. Rasp - a long and flat steel tool with raised teeth for shaping wood. Reed - a series of beads in a row. Relief cut - short straight cuts made at right angles to a curved layout so sharper than normal curves can be cut with a jig saw or band saw. Riffler - a paddle-shaped rasp. Rift sawn - rip sawing of lumber (timber) perpendicular to the grain, often confused with quarter sawn. Ring shake - a natural type of split (shake) occurring between the annual rings. Rip - a cut made parallel to the grain. Route - to cut a channel or groove. See router (woodworking). S[edit] S2S - lumber, usually furniture grade hardwood, with two sides planed. (S4S - four sides) Saw rasp - a rasp with saw teeth. Scorp - a drawknife with a curved, sometimes completely circular blade, often used for hollowing out objects such as bowls. Scratch awl - a sharp-pointed hand tool used to mark wood for cutting, usually used in joinery or when a more precise mark is need beyond that provided by a pencil or other method of marking out the cut. Scribe - the woodworking technique of shaping the end of a moulding or frame component to neatly fit the contours of an abutting member. Scroll saw - a motorized fretsaw. Seasoning - reducing the moisture content of wood before working to prevent cracking, splitting, and other damage due to drying. Shake - 1. a crack or split in wood, caused by damage or drying; 2. a split (as opposed to sawn) shingle. Shoot - planing an edge straight or square. See Shooting board. Slab - 1. a partially round cut from a log; 2. In Australian English a slab is a plank. Slab-cut - a plank with growth rings roughly parallel to the wider face. Slick - a giant chisel used in framing and traditional building construction. Slip - a shaped stone used for sharpening non-flat blades such as gouges. Snib - a wooden toggle used to hold the work on a table. Softwood - wood from a gymnosperm tree, i.e. trees in the divisions Pinophyta and Ginkgophyta Despite the name, not necessarily very soft or light wood (e.g. douglas-fir is a softwood). Spalting - a change in the texture, strength and color of wood caused by colonies of fungus growing within the dead wood. Where colonies of fungus meet, fine black lines - often considered a desirable feature, can be seen. Split - to longitudinally separate wood along grain layers. Spokeshave - a tool used to shape and smooth wooden rods and shafts - often for use as wheel spokes and chair legs. Square - 1. a tool such as a steel square, try square, combination square; 2. a right angle; 3. an area of 100 sq. ft. Stickers - a small block of wood used to separate boards that are in the process of drying. Sticking - a moulding that is part of a larger piece of wood such as a frame (as opposed to being applied). Stile (or sometimes style) - vertical member of a frame on a door, window or panel. Stringer - in stairs, a is a timber (usually 2"x12") that supports the treads and rises in a staircase. Sweep - 1. the curvature of a gouge, ranging from flat (little curvature, but not actually flat else it would be a chisel) to deep or quick; a warping defect in a piece of wood. T[edit] Tear out - broken or torn fibres resulting from damage as the blade of a tool exits the cut. Tenon - is a projection on the end of a piece of wood for insertion into a mortise. Tread - in stairs the part that is stepped on. True - something which is accurately placed, shaped, or sized. To true up two pieces of wood is to make them align. The correct size or shape. Twist - longitudinal twisting of wood due to uneven seasoning or grain. (See Wood warping) U[edit] Undercutting - cutting away from an edge to increase the sense of relief or thinness. V[edit] Veiner - a small deep gouge. Veneer (wood) - very thin slices of wood used for inlay or to cover surfaces. Veneer saw - specialty tool for trimming veneer. W[edit] Wane - an edge of a sawn board where the bark or surface of the trunk remains. Warp - distorted lumber, such as a twist, cup or a bow. (See Wood warping) Wasting - quickly removing wood during carving, usually with an adze, knife, or rasp. Waste - wood that will be removed in the finished work, often retained during working as a handle. Wood - an organic material, a natural composite of cellulose fibers (which are strong in tension) embedded in a matrix of lignin which resists compression. External links[edit] Woodworking glossary [hide] v t e Woodworking Overviews History Glossary Wood (lumber) Wood art Forms Boat building Bow and arrow Bush carpentry Cabinetry Caning Carpentry Chainsaw carving Chip carving Clogs Ébéniste Fretwork Intarsia Japanese carpentry Log building Marquetry Millwork Parquetry Pyrography Relief carving Root carving Sawdust Segmented turning Shingle weaving Shipbuilding Spindle turning Timber framing Whittling Wood carving Woodturning Wood flour Woods Soft Cedar (Calocedrus, Cedrus) Cypress Douglas fir Fir Juniper Larch Pine Spruce Yew Hard Ash Alder Aspen Balsa Beech Birch Cherry Chestnut Cocobolo Ebony Elm Hazel Lignum vitae Linden (lime, basswood) Mahogany Maple Oak Padauk Plum Poplar Teak Totara Walnut Willow Tools Abrasives Axe Adze Chisel Clamp Drawknife Drill Float Mallet Milling machine Mitre box Moulding plane Plane Rasp Router Sandpaper Spokeshave Timber-framing Vise Winding sticks Wood scribe Workbench Saws Backsaw Bandsaw Bow Bucksaw Chainsaw Circular Compass Coping Crosscut Frame Fretsaw Jigsaw Keyhole Miter Rip Scroll Veneer Whipsaw Geometry Joints Birdsmouth Bridle Butt Butterfly Coping Crown of thorns Dados Dovetail Finger Groove Halved Hammer-headed tenon Knee Lap Mason''s mitre Miter Mortise and tenon Rabbet/Rebate Scarf Splice Tongue and groove Profiles Bead Bevel Chamfer Molding Ogee Ogive Treatments French polish Heat bending Paint Paint stripper Steam bending Thermal Varnish Wood drying Wood preservation Wood stain Organizations American Association of Woodturners Architectural Woodwork Institute British Woodworking Federation Building and Wood Workers'' International Caricature Carvers of America International Federation of Building and Wood Workers National Wood Carvers Association Society of Wood Engravers Timber Framers Guild Conversion Chainsaw mill Hewing Sawmill Whipsaw Wood splitting Techniques Frame and panel Frameless construction Category Category WikiProject WikiProject Commons page Commons Categories: Glossaries of crafts Woodworking Art terminology bottle stopper stoppers cutting boards handmade charlotte nc north carolina custom live edge live-edge
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Société d''Electricité Générale pour l''industrie et le tertiaire Société d''installations électriques pour l''industrie, le tertiaire, le milieu hospitalier
Portail - Site Technique francophone de référence du soudeur Le site technique francophone de référence du soudeur et des métiers du soudage, du brasage et du coupage.
Pure Pastry Pastry/Dessert/Cake/Sweets/Technique/Delicious/Cuisine/Food/Tutorial/Stim
Pharma Guidelines Validations Clean Room Classification Sterile Aseptic Process Regulatory Guide Pharma Validation Guideline Clean Room Classification Regulatory Affairs 21CFR Part11 Sterile aseptic process technique Pharma Process Validation cGMP
SMAC | Social Moms Around Columbus | Connecting Moms with the City Getting your child or even your teenager to brush their teeth can be a challenge. So when it's time for your kid to get braces it's only natural to worry about how you can ensure that their teeth are cleaned properly. Your young child may get frustrated if they can't get into the spaces between brackets. And your teen may get annoyed with the more detailed cleaning process. But, have no fear! The following tips can help your child get the cleanest, healthiest smile while wearing braces. The Importance of Properly Cleaning Teeth with Braces First and foremost, it's imperative to first talk to your child about the reasons why cleaning teeth with braces is important. While you already know that brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once a day is crucial for preventing cavities and gum disease, properly cleaning teeth with braces is even more important. Your kid may think that brushing their teeth just like they always have would be enough to keep their mouth healthy, but this simply isn't the case. Here are just some reasons why properly cleaning teeth with braces is especially important: ● If your child doesn't clean their teeth properly it can lead to a host of dental issues. This includes cavities, inflamed or infected gums, tooth decalcification, and discolored teeth. ● Even the best toothbrush won't be able to clean around brackets and wires. If wires and brackets aren't properly cleaned, food particles will sit on teeth and braces which can cause plaque to form. ● Brushing too hard can dislodge wires or damage brackets. This can cause a major setback in a teeth straightening treatment plan. ● Brushing twice a day may not cut it. Your child's dentist or orthodontist may recommend cleaning teeth and braces after every meal to ensure food particles don't sit too long between wires and brackets. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends brushing your teeth after every meal and snack. Share the following tips with your child or teen to ensure they get the proper brushing technique down: How to Clean Teeth with Braces Brushing Teeth with Braces ● Always rinse your mouth with water to loosen debris before you brush. ● Using hot water, rinse your toothbrush to clear away food particles that may be stuck between bristles. ● Brush at a 45 degree angle to the gums and move the brush back and forth gently. ● Make sure to brush between wires and around brackets. ● Don't rush! Always brush your teeth's outer, inner, and chewing surfaces. ● Time it! Brush your teeth for two to three minutes. ● Always brush your tongue to remove other lingering bacteria. Important note: If your child is unable to brush their teeth after snacks or at school, have them swish water around their mouth after eating. This can help rinse away debris. Flossing Teeth with Braces If your child knows how to floss their teeth, the process is fairly similar to flossing teeth with braces, but with one small difference: the use of a floss threader. Share the flossing process from the ADA (plus the extra steps below) with your child or teen to ensure their teeth and gums remain healthy: ● Pull out 18 inches of dental floss. ● Purchase a floss threader and thread your dental floss under the archwire between each tooth. ● Floss both sides of each tooth. ● Remove the threader from the floss and wind the rest of your floss around each middle finger. ● Hold the floss tightly between the thumbs and forefingers. ● Gently insert the floss between teeth, and curve it into a "C" shape as you floss each side of every tooth. Rub the floss gently up and down for proper cleaning. ● Don't forget to floss behind your back teeth! Other Tips for Cleaning with Braces Following the proper brushing and flossing techniques for braces is just one part of keeping teeth and gums healthy. Your should also ensure that child or teen follows the following tips to prevent tooth decay, gum inflammation, and tooth discoloration while wearing braces. ● Pick out a great toothbrush. Soft-bristled toothbrushes are important for all teeth - especially teeth with braces. You can even ask your dentist for a special interdental toothbrush that helps to clean under wires and brackets. ● Use a dentist-recommended mouth rinse. Depending on your child's needs, their dentist or orthodontist may recommend hydrogen peroxide antiseptic mouth rinse or fluoride mouth rinse to keep teeth and gums healthy. ● Don't eat certain foods. Your child's dentist or orthodontist will likely give them a list of foods or beverages to refrain from. Certain foods can cause damage to brackets and wires, or even cause teeth to stain. These foods and drinks may include coffee, tea, tomato-based foods, and drinks or foods that contain food coloring. ● Stay on top of professional teeth cleanings, exams, and orthodontist visits. Proper teeth cleaning with braces at home is one thing, but it's also important for your child to see their dentist for regular teeth cleanings and all recommended orthodontic care visits. Doing so will help your child's dentist address any dental or teeth correcting concerns early. ● Consider ClearCorrect Clear Braces for your teen. If you have a responsible teenager, they may be a good candidate for ClearCorrect invisible braces. These teeth aligner trays are clear, almost invisible, and removable. Because they can be removed, they make teeth cleaning with braces a lot easier! Not only that, but they will allow your teen to eat their favorite foods, and brush and floss their teeth just like they always have. About the Author: Dr. Kristin Piper, DDS, is the owner of Capstone Dental located in Clintonville. Dr. Piper is a proud graduate of The Ohio State University College of Dentistry where she received her DDS degree. She is also a member of the Ohio Dental Association, American Dental Association, American Academy of Facial Esthetics and the Implant Continuum. If your child needs a teeth cleaning or orthodontist referral, or your teen wants to try ClearCorrect, Dr. Piper can take care of these dental needs and more. Contact our friendly staff today for an exam.
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Plastic Moulding: Process, Polymers & History Plastic moulding is the process of shaping plastic using a rigid frame or mould. The technique allows for the creation of objects of all shapes and sizes with huge design flexibility for both simple and highly complex designs.
Explosive Bonding High Energy Metals, Inc. High Energy Metals, Inc. (HEMI) specializes in explosive bonding which uses the forces of controlled detonations to accelerate one metal plate into another creating an atomic bond. This metalworking technique is used to join dissimilar metals into a high-quality joint which has high mechanical strength, is ultra-high vacuum tight, and can withstand drastic thermal excursions. Explosive welding can introduce thin, diffusion inhibiting interlayers such as tantalum and titanium, which allow conventional weld-up installation. Also, explosive welding is considered a cold welding process, which allows metals to be joined without losing their pre-bonded properties.
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Metric – Technology Beyond The Limits Métric est une ESN, elle met en œuvre pour les grandes entreprises et maintient des solutions informatiques globales orientées vers l’optimisation des process métier et de la performance du système d’information, proposant un accompagnement tant fonctionnel que technique.
Healer to Healer | When a healer friend invited me to a psychic party earlier this summer I said, "Yes! Sounds like a lot of fun!" And it did. The funny thing is, being a professional psychic myself, I don't usually attend things like this. I don't consult psychics because I can tune into things myself. But I felt I should be there, so I went. - And yes, the psychic was very good. She nailed a struggle I was having, without knowing I had it, and came straight out with the advice I had been resisting. (Sigh. Grump.) - And yes, the party was fun -- I discovered kale chips and totally want to make these now! Yum! But that's not what I wanted to talk about. The psychic was very perceptive, true, and I'll link her at the bottom of this article, but most of all, I appreciated her professionalism. One of my personal missions is to improve professionalism in the energy healing and intuition professions. So I wanted to share a couple of excellent points she made because I wholeheartedly agree! Gifts vs. Skills One point she brought up is that even though she had a tremendous natural psychic or intuitive abilities, she has trained extensively to learn to use and manage her skills. She has taken mediumship classes, trained with other professional pychics, etc. Why do this? Consider someone with a natural talent for architecture. They can imagine cool new buildings and naturally understand how changing a building's structure can improve the work that gets done there. Wow! But without formal training, they do not know how to calculate stress on girders or wind shear. They might build something that looks cool on the surface, but falls down in a storm. Hmm, nice metaphor, Daria. For many years in my practice, I struggled with unskilled healing and intuitive gifts, too. I knew I had them, but had to learn the hard way how to use them. So I blurted things I should have gently introduced after a little information-gathering. I explained things clients didn't want to hear. (Like your doc knows a lot of tedious cell physiology you might not want to learn -- you just want to know how to get better.) Once I even did healing for someone who didn't want the healing (I thought it would be good for them, but then I could intuitively feel the backlash which felt horrible and stopped immediately) And so much more. I believe we all have healing gifts, and intuitive gifts of different strength and application. (It's just that most of them go unexplored and undiscovered.) If you are starting to sense that you have a gift, I recommend taking a class to develop that gift. Classes have many benefits, including: - Meeting other people with similar experiences and feeling validated that yes you do have that gift. - Learning a method to make use of your gift. - Learning how to process clients. - Extreme confidence boost. Many classes have drawbacks, however. Ask past students about the teacher and watch out particularly for: - Egotistical teachers who enjoy having students need them, or who have a hard time with jealousy and students that they perceive are more talented than the teacher. - Classes designed to make you pay a lot of money for common teachings, or get you into an expensive program. ($500 for a few days of healing instruction is about the average) - Many healing classes only teach techniques, not about healing itself or how to master the technique (but that's what we teach here, if you are looking for it) Either way, if you wonder whether you are a healer or a psychic, jump into exploring your natural gifts by taking a class or working with a teacher/coach! Share Your Wisdom How did you discover you were a healer or intuitive? Did you take any training for it? How did it hinder or help you? Do you have any negative experiences you would like to help us avoid? Further Resources Find the psychic I saw, Jonna the Happy Medium, at I offer healer-to-healer consultations to help you explore your gifts and where they are asking to be taken. Other Articles in this Series A story of psychic development (c) Daria Boissonnas 2013 All Rights Reserved. Please contact us for reprint information.
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Ashwini Hospital & Fertility Centre 08071280311 Iyer Bungalow Rd, K.Pudur. | Ashwini Hospital is fully equipped with the modernized equipment providing a complete care under one Ashwini Hospital & Fertility Centre 08071280311 Iyer Bungalow Rd, K.Pudur. in Madurai ,Ashwini Hospital is fully equipped with the modernized equipment providing a c.
Julie Campiche Harpist Julie Campiche's work is an on-going process of musical innovation. Through research and experimentation she has developed the use of electronic effects that enhance the scope of her improvisational work. She has a very personnel technique and her own musical language.
FIRST ARROW''s - Online Shop SilverAccessories FIRST-ARROW’s helps the person who wear our product. We have such an earnest wish. Arrow shows a better way, and we wish our customers will be led to good luck. We handcraft these products one by one in the FIRST-ARROW’s studio. We never compromise, each one is handcrafted carefully ,delicately and to make absolute value. The origin of the style is native , but at first ,we make the product which we want. We bring out the utmost characteristic of the material(feel and color), and harmonizing it with a design. Each production process is carried out by the original technique such as selection of material, sculpture and whet. We want to offer eternal products. This is a concept of First Arrow’s. (Every product of the First Arrows will receive “an eternal guarantee”.)
Chromatography Counter Current Countercurrent Centrifugal Partition Extraction Research Preparative Process Columns HPLC HPLC-MS SFC SFC-MS SFE HPCCC HPCPC HSCCC CCC CPC Counter Current Chromatography, CCC is a Preparative Chromatography technique capable of laboratory, preparative from Quattro CCC.
Evolix, Hébergement && Infogérance d''infrastructures Logiciels Libres / serveurs dédiés et BSD Linux à Montréal Evolix est une société spécialisée en hébergement et infogérance d''infrastructures en Logiciels Libres à base de serveurs dédiés sous Linux et BSD.
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Portes ouvertes des Lycées des Métiers de Poitiers - Les lycées des métiers de Poitiers s''associent pour vous proposer une journée de découverte des métiers et des formations. Dans le cadre de cette journée portes ouvertes vous pourrez découvrir les lieux de formation, les plateaux techniques, les équipements pédagogiques, les différents projets pédagogiques réalisés au cours de ces dernières années et rencontrer les équipes enseignantes.
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Zodiac Vodka The official Zodiac Vodka website - Produced and bottled exclusively in eastern Idaho, Zodiac vodka is deeply rooted in the heart of potato country. Both our original Zodiac Vodka and our Zodiac Black Cherry Vodka start with the world''s finest potatoes and are produced through a four column, continuous distillation process. Our distillery sits atop the Snake River aquifer – the pure, clean source of Zodiac''s water. Zodiac is produced through a modern, yet ''hands-on'' method, without the use of computers, instead using the expertise of our Master Distiller''s technique and refined pallet. The end result is the smoothest vodka in the Cosmos!
Impacts of Technology on Society in the New Century – Electronics, Information Processing, IT and Telematics Applications , Multimedia , Telecommunications, Networking, Design and Modelling, Transport and Shipping Technologies, Rational use of energy.
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Path to Happiness The Path to Happiness technique uses awareness of what isn’t working for you – what is in the way of your happiness – to uncover the underlying beliefs through which you interpret the world. Those beliefs – those stories you tell yourself – can be tested and evaluated against alternative beliefs. This process creates the freedom to choose beliefs which lead to greater happiness and health.
Infogérance - Solutions IP -- A6Tech A6Tech accompagne les TPE et PME dans leur développement en leur fournissant le support technique et l’expertise des nouvelles technologies à travers un service d''infogérance adapté à leur taille...
Accueil Alcyon Technique Alcyon Technique regroupant Alcyon Industries, Alcyon Process Technologies, Alcyon Solutions et STest.Spécialisée en: Tuyauterie, Chaudronnerie, Tôlerie, Métallerie, Electricité Industrielle, Automatisme, Instrumentation et Régulation, Fournitures Indutrielles, Transport, Terrassement et Maintenance Industrielle.
Marcella Fanzaga - Danzatrice, Coreografa, Insegnante - Home Marcella Fanzaga Diplomata in Danza Contemporanea presso la School for New Dance Development di Amsterdam, in Teatro Danza presso la Civica P. Grassi e in Danza Terapia con Maria Fux presso la Civica Scuola di Animazione Pedagogica e Sociale di Milano. Ha studiato a New York alla Erick Hawkins Dance Foundation ed al Limon Institute. Ha danzato per coreografi quali Min Tanaka, Katie Duck e Masaki Iwana, facendo parte della compagnia di danza Butoh Habillé d’eau. Con le proprie coreografie ha partecipato a numerosi festival in Italia e ha orientato la propria ricerca verso l’arte dell’improvvisazione, collaborando con diversi musicisti tra cui il maestro Fakhraddin Gafarov