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John Trudell John Trudell was a poet, recording artist, actor and speaker whose international following reflects the universal language of his words, work and message.
Cherie Burbach - writer, artist, poet writer, artist, poet
Neiel Israel – Poet, Artist, Vocalist, Educator
Beyond the EyeOf the Storm My name is Micheal, 24 Male, Sun Virgo, Moon Scorpio, AS Sagittarius, MC Libra, INFP, Bisexual, Artist and somewhat of a Poet. A blog of everything under the sky and everthing below the sea. If you...
Eloise Grills My name is Eloise Grills. I am an award-winning essayist, comics artist and poet. I recently signed a two-book deal with Brow Books. My first full-length illustrated essay collection, big beautiful female theory, is slated for publication in 2020. It will be developed with the generous assistance of a VicArts grant. I create work at my studio in North…
bee kind she/her • artist/poet • welcome!
Veronica J. Valentini – Independent Film Producer, Screenwriter, Script Consultant, Ghostwriter, Author/Poet, Background Actress, Voice-Over Artist and Philanthropist
Paintings by Malcolm De Chazal - An introduction to Malcolm de Chazal gouaches - the perfect lost fauvist Malcolm de Chazal (1902-1981) His most notable works were: Sens Plastique and Sens Magique, In 1950, at the suggestion of Georges Braque, he began to paint. He is the perfect lost Fauve, following in the tradition of Derain and Matisse yet carving his own perfect style whilst embracing an animistic and feral interpretation of the world through bold colours, harnessing the emotions whilst rejecting the rigid representational approach to art.
16 – High Quality Retouching, Editing & More  Photo Retoucher | Graphic Designer|Artist | Professional | Digital Art     More Hi there! Thanks for stopping by, I'm Meka Poet.I am very passionate and meticulous about my craft the content/edits I provide my clients with. I enjoy seeing the smiles and excitement on my clients faces when I present my work to them,…
New course to improve staff’s resuscitation skills | Home | Arfon & Dwyfor New course to improve staff’s resuscitation skills, Arfon & Dwyfor
90° South Shane Red Moon, Second Perfect Number, Autistic Mystic / Musician / Poet / Artist / Occultist / Extraterrestrial / Desert Island Castaway
Fritz Eichenberg Fritz Eichenberg was born in Cologne, Germany in 1901. He learned lithography, wood-engraving and etching and by his early twenties he had produced masterful illustrations for Gulliver''s Travels and Till Eulenspiegel. He left Germany for the United States in 1933, and by 1934 he had created a series of now-famous images of New York City. Over the next five decades, Eichenberg became one of the world''s most sought-after illustrators of literary classics, including great Russian works such as The Brothers Karamazov and Crime and Punishment, as well as books by Edgar Allan Poe, Dylan Thomas, the Bronte sisters, and others.
journal of a writing man | the daily journal and other web works of an English writer, artist, and poet the daily journal and other web works of an English writer, artist, and poet
Shaun Blakemore Stevenson | Game Design | Poetry | Fiction | NC SBS: Writer''s Suite will have fiction, fanfiction, poetry, scripts for games, and a bit of differing medium artworks(mainly paintings or Adobe Illustrator), directing, character designs, logo designs, level design, etc. Not erverything is uploaded yet, and I have no experience yet during logo designs or scripts.
Visa John Dunsworth, beloved father, husband and grandfather, was known for his great acting talent. He was also a poet, an artist, a sailor, a writer, a stone mason, and a teller of stories. The family would like to continue to share his legacy. This page is owned and maintained by the Dunsworth Family.
Anjola Coker Poet + Illustrator + Filmmaker
Andrea Grant, The Pin-Up Poet Andrea Grant a.k.a. ‘The Pin-Up Poet’ is an accomplished artist known for a unique melding of poetry, photography, collage, 3D paintings, spoken word audio recording, video, acting, modeling, and live performance which creates a dynamic expression that can be understood on many levels. Her work explores themes such as irony, mythology, and the contradictions of modern womanhood.
EMBERHONEY Home page of EMBERHONEY, an alternative artist from Brighton. Taylor Madison Damion is the artist known as EMBERHONEY - Singer-Songwriter, Musician, Poet & Visual Artist. Darkly poetic lyrics set to cinematic soundscapes.
Let Me Be Frank - Frank Moore - web video series Let Me Be Frank is a web video series based on the life and art of shaman, performance artist, writer, poet, painter, rock singer, director, TV show host, teacher & bon vivant Frank Moore.
 Art Kibbutz International Jewish Artist Colony - Home Art Kibbutz International Jewish Artist Colony
Lisa Segal Art, Artist, Poet, Writer & Teacher Lisa Segal, Artist: Sculptures, Paintings, Drawings, Poetry, Prose, Publications, Reviews, Writings.
grace davis Grace Davis is a multi-media artist and poet from Baltimore, Maryland. This is a platform for her writing practice. Here is a direct link to a her visual studio work:
Wit – The Official Website for Wit – Singer-Songwriter, Artist, Author, Actor, Poet, Performer and Band Wit. Wit Singer-Songwriter Artist, Author, Actor, Poet, Performer and Band Wit Your source for the latest information About Wit
Koorosh Angali: Award-winning Artist's Official Website Koorosh Angali: Visual Artist, poet, musician; works,biography,illustrations,contact,about, کورش انگالی,هنرمند,نقاش,بیوگرافی,آثار,نقاشی,درباره,تماس
38 Meghan Tutolo, founder of 1flychicken creations: poet, painter, writer, creator. Doing all the things, all of the time.
Zora Burden: Writer, Artist, Poet - Home
Boxer Poet Boxer Poet is a creative artist development company that uses the power of identity and storytelling to emotionally connect artists with fans.
EZRA BENUS - home page New York based artist and poet best known for his paintings, sculptures, and performances focusing on the cultural assumptions around disease/disability, and religion.
MICHELLE MONET | AUTHOR. VOCALIST. COMPOSER. GUITARIST. STREISAND IMPERSONATOR. POET  MY WRITING LIFE CLICK HERE TO SEE MICHELLE MONETS AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE MICHELLE MONET BOOKS AVAILABLE ON AMAZON CATCH A POEM BY THE TALE 'A Poetic Memoir' CLICK HERE TO BUY CATCH A POEM BY THE TALE "5 stars! Loved this book!!!!! !Brilliant, bold, brazen, and sublime. Powerful, poignant and personal! Inspiring, insightful and intriguing! Love this Book! It inspired me to see the majesty in every day activities like doing dishes. LOL. Amazing writer. Get this book. you will LOVE IT! Ingenious and clever too. MAGGIE, AMAZON READER *** "Once I started reading... I couldn't stop . THE BEST READ! I was totally mesmerized by every word! I laughed , I literally sobbed , I couldn't imagine that she hadn't seen into my soul ~" FRANCINE, AMAZON READER *** "CLEVER, INSIGHTFUL, ORIGINAL! So cleverly written, well-organized, and truly original, both in its concept and its execution.5 out of 5 stars! Although I like poetry, I seldom sit down to read a whole book of it. Yet -- Michelle Monet's Catch a Poem by the Tale was the happy exception... " ERIN, GOODREADS READER *** "5 stars! GET THIS BOOK NOW! Creativity requires a certain madness, as evidenced in this first published book by Michelle Monet. Catch a Poem by the Tale is all about the ups and downs of the creative process and the pure joy of self-expression through words. With this book, you'll laugh, cry, laugh out loud!" BARBARA, AMAZON READER CREATIVE PEOPLE...AND WHAT MAKES THEM TICK "This is one AMAZING book! The images are beautifully rendered and the stories of the Artists really give an insight to each artist and, well, what makes them tick. This book will make a great gift for the Artist in your life or as a gift for yourself to experience amazing insight by folks who are generally misunderstood. Michelle Monet writes with the passion of the multi-talented Artist that she is, and this book made me want to explore more of her work!" JUDITH, AMAZON READER *** "5.0 out of 5 stars !! INSPIRING FOR BOTH ARTIST AND THOSE WHO WISH TO UNDERSTAND THE CREATIVE MIND "The book just arrived and it is truly inspiring; beautiful and rich.This book is both for artists (perhaps to feel validated and understood) and for those who desire to understand the mind of the artist (to honor how being different is quality that makes great art)." - NANCY, AMAZON READER WORD EXPLOSION A BLAST of Eclectic Poetry CLICK HERE TO BUY WORD EXPLOSION "5 out 5 stars! It's her best book by far! This is Michelle Monet's 3rd book containing more of her zany and uplifting poetry, and it's her best book by far... this is not poetry for the uptight . I'm glad Michelle dares to do things differently, because her personality really shines through." - ANDREA, AMAZON READER *** " 5 stars! Vibrant, with positive atttitude and vulnerability" - KIKI, AMAZON READER LIMERICK EXPLOSIONLevity to Lament "5.0 out of 5 stars "Michelle Monet has done it again! This book gives the reader a whimsical peek at the author's thoughts and life through her short and punchy limericks." ROBERT, AMAZON READER *** 5.0 out of 5 stars "Thought provoking work from a poet and spiritual seekerI love this book! Ms Monet's creativity is exploding all over these pages. The limericks are funny and thought-provoking and highly entertaining." MARTHA-GRAHAM-WALDON, AUTHOR *** 5.0 out of 5 stars "Michelle Monet's latest book offers more fun, musings and imaginings! Michelle Monet's latest book offers more fun, musings and imaginings! I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to her further creative explosions!" - BARB - GOODREADS READER CLICK HERE TO BUY LIMERICK EXPLOSION M y M u s i c L i f e GO TO MUSIC PAGE
Δημοσθένης Αγραφιώτης | Artist's portfolio Επίσημη ιστοσελίδα του Δημοσθένη Αγραφιώτη, ποιητή - καλλιτέχνη διαμέσων | Official Website of Demosthenes Agrafiotis, poet - intermedia artist | Site Officiel de Démosthène Agrafiotis, poète - artiste intermédia
Edward Barton - Walking in the House Blog Edward Barton : Manchester Artist/Musician/Songwriter/Poet - Walking in the House
notes Home page of Jess Wayne, an americana, blues, folk, songwriter artist from Los Angeles. After a life of performing as a singer, songwriter, professional modern dancer, actor, poet, musician, professor and lawyer, Jess’s thoughtful intimate songs refl
Home Magdalena Gomez, Poet, Playwright, Latina, Boricua, , Director, Columnist, Teaching Artist,Puerto Rican
Art gallery of work by Claire Pinney, English artist and poet. Art gallery homepage showing the artwork of Claire Pinney, an English artist and poet, whose work includes satire and cartoons.
Sonya Renee Taylor Sonya Renee Taylor is an author, poet, spoken word artist, speaker, humanitarian and social justice activist, educator, and founder of The Body is Not An Apology movement.
Agastya Kapoor की दुनिया – My world, My words I am a part of so much—part computer graphic artist, part philanthropist, part teacher, part blogger, part happiness coach, part mad, part seeker, part lover, part traveler, part poet, part writer, part thinker, part explorer, part failure, part winner, part looser, part fool, part genius, part leader, part follower, etc. I am still exploring myself and,…
Sonya Renee Taylor Sonya Renee Taylor is an author, poet, spoken word artist, speaker, humanitarian and social justice activist, educator, and founder of The Body is Not An Apology movement.
I Don''t Drink Coffee. Artist || Poet Scientist || Philosopher ♓Pisces♓ ¤Cernunnos¤ ~ "I love you, and I love that you're always on my mind."
B. Davis and family''s pages for the fun of it art and poetry pages for the fun of it, personal pages with links to other artists sites
Kelsey Scharnhorst – writer, poet, artist, scientist As a writer, poet, artist and scientist I seek to discover and create beautiful truths of nature and emotion.
From a State of Zen Brooke: Poet,Artist, Playwright, Autistic. B.A. English/Creative Writing. I promote Neurodiversity & Disability Rights. I use a literature/social theory,responsible consumer approach to media and...
On a photographers mind | Photography, inspiration, reflections, personal Photography, inspiration, reflections, personal
Ekabhumi Charles Ellik: Welcome! Personal website of Ekabhumi Charles Ellik: artist, painter, muralist, kinetic sculptor, poet, tantric yogi, teacher, performance coach, yantra builder.
Brandon Wint - Poet. Spoken Word Artist. Teacher. For nearly as long as Brandon has been performing poetry on stages and in cafes, he has been teaching the art of writing poetry. Over time, his approach to teaching has grown, shifted, and refined itself according to the influences of his university education, and the teachings of admirable poets he befriended. Brandon is well known for blending an academically grounded approach to poetry, which he inherited in his several years of study as an Honours English student at Carleton University, with a spiritual-emotional approach. Brandon gives his students the ability to understand the fundamental structure of free verse poetry in a way that is coherent, accessible, and grounded in his own experience. These technical tenets are joined by a strong emphasis on authenticity, sincerity and the exploration of personal narrative. As an arts-educator, Brandon firmly believes that poetry is, ultimately, an act of telling the truth. He helps his students arrive at their personal truths and distill them into evocative, satisfying poetic verse. If you have questions about how to register for one of Brandon`s courses, or how to book at your school, workplace, or community building event, feel free to e-mail him at: [email protected]
mark bardsley caricatures and illustration Mark Bardsley, caricaturist, cartoonist, poet, writer and illustrator of children''s books
India''s Best Music Platform for Independent Artists & Content - ArtistAloud Artist Aloud is a platform for talent and independent content across the globe. Artist Aloud provide facility for independent artist to upload their content and get the exposure that they need. Check out the performances of artists like Hard Kaur, 7Bantaiz, Mumbai’s Finest, Tochi Raina & Ajay Gehi. Artist aloud runs contests to bring out the best talent first such as comedy talent hunt, khazana & awards.
Adriana Popovici | Outside Time, in the Heart of Times Blog . Writing . Projects . Images . Opinions . Recommendations . Care
Booknvolume | For the Love of Words, Laughter, Inspiration (and the odd sexy split infinitive.) For the Love of Words, Laughter, Inspiration (and the odd sexy split infinitive.)
Mui-Ling Teh - Art and Words from the Heart The official site of artist, photographer and poet, Mui-Ling Teh. Mui-Ling Teh’s art and photography vary in mediums and subjects; but at present the artist is best known for her miniature origami, and combining her art with her own poetry.
MONSEGUR VAILLANT WEBSITE ** ADG-PARIS 2010 monsegur vaillant web site - adg 2010; monsegur vaillant sings to her own accompaniment schubert, schumann, gounod, wagner, fauré, rachmaninoff - Soprano and concert pianist. More than 100 exclusive streaming audio files. Book : Tristan et Iseult (French, English, German). Most recent book on our website : La Leçon de Musique by claude d''esplas
Visual-Poetry i'm anatol knotek, a text-based artist and visual poet from vienna (austria). i post my own work and art that inspires me. have a look at my --> posters
John Lennon - Official Website Artist, musician, poet, peace activist & philosopher John Lennon. "Imagine all the people living life in peace."
Ismailimail – An independent blog/website. Ismaili Muslim community, followers of Aga Khan/Agha Khan (Prince Shah Karim Al Hussaini), Imam of Nizari Ismailis.
Cor + Web = Cor''s Org.. Home of Cor, human being, poet, artist, singer, writer, maker of tools.. Cor + Web = corz org.. more than virtual home of cor - poet - writer - tech - artist, maker of tools, troubleshooter, creator of creative solutions. Here is my digital output, most of my work, in time.. software, words, poetry, songs, music, images, web site spare-parts, design, code, tutorials, hacking, comment, mysterious metaphysical meanderings and quite a bit more.
Amy Fletcher Amy Fletcher is an award winning fine artist, professional makeup artist, poet, DIYer, ordained minister, doula, music lover and migraineur. Amy is a recipient of the 2015 Ella Fountain Pratt Emerging Artist Grant in painting. She spent her formative years in New Hampshire, playing in the woods, drawing and building snow forts. While in college, Amy studied fine art and creative writing before moving to Paris, France in 1993. In 1997, Amy moved back to the United States with her infant daughter and finally finished her undergraduate work with a degree in Political Science with minors in Fine Art and French. Her passion for creating and art never faded, but was unable to return to painting full time until 2013 when a dramatic decline in her health made it necessary to make drastic life changes. Some of her art heroes include Rembrandt, Matisse, Picasso, Modilgliani, Rothko, Kandinsky, Lucien Freud, Alice Neel and John Currin.
Brandon Amico – Poet & Freelance Writer Brandon Amico is the author of a collection of poetry, DISAPPEARING, INC. (March 2019, Gold Wake Press), and is a 2019 National Endowment for the Arts Creative Writing Fellow. He is the recipient of a North Carolina Arts Council Regional Artist Grant and the Hoepfner Literary Award for poetry, awarded by Southern Humanities Review. His poetry can be…
Betsy Potters Art: Home This is the personal website of Betsy Potter from Wilson, NY. This site features Betsy''s art which includes environmental paintings, landscape and wildlife paintings, warbler pastels, musings, illustrations, and abstract art.
| Dipping Into Light Abraham Menashe’s Dipping Into Light, highlights souls who dared to venture into the dark and have returned with fragments of light. It celebrates the artist, the poet, and the peacemaker. The domain also features Abraham menashe’s photography.
Eileen Myles'' Homepage Eileen Myles - writer. Official website.
LunaMusika :: Luna Jade :: Indie Vocalist, Songwriter, and Artist Luna Jade :: singer/songwriter, composer, producer, writer, photographer, software developer, etc… an eclectic creative of multi-faceted expression :: Sound | Word | Visual | Tech :: An innovative multimedia artist with a passion for nature, Qi 氣, peace, love, and positive shift for our planet.
TheEditorial Interviews around emerging ideas along the Harvard, MIT and Cambridge Kendall Square corridor. Explore big new ideas through a series of interviews around innovation, science, civic building, culture and tech.
Minton Sparks | Spoken Word Performance ArtistMinton Sparks – Southern Author, Storyteller, Poet, Songwriter Minton Sparks is a wildly original poet, performance artist, novelist, teacher, and essayist born in Tennessee and raised in and around Arkansas.
Visionary Art Book by Black Swan Editions - Visionary Art Books by Black Swan Editions in Santa Fe, NM A visionary art publishing company, Black Swan Editions is proud to announce Illuminations, The Geography of the Imagination. Paintings, poems and drawings by Steven Edwin Counsell
Billy Edd Wheeler Songwriter Recording Artist Playwright Poet Author & Visual Artist Billy Edd Wheeler is an award-winning songwriter, recording artist, playwright, poet, author and visual artist living in Swannanoa, North Carolina.
Levi The Poet Levi The Poet is a writer and spoken-word artist from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Born the introverted son of a father whose mental illness led to suicide, and a mother who clung to her faith, Levi turned to writing and performance as a means of expression...
Mervyn Peake - Artist, illustrator of Alice in Wonderland and Treasure Island, poet and author of Titus Groan and Gormenghast - 1911-1968 Official website of Mervyn Peake and Gormennghast. Inlcudes information on Mervyn Peake''s career as an illustrator, artist, poet and novelist
Snow Q – Re-imagining the Snow Queen story Three Polish-connected artists poet Maria Jastrzębska, fine artist Dagmara Rudkin and composer Peter Copley came together to collaborate on a project inspired by The Snow Queen story by Hans Christian Andersen. Following a research and development grant from Arts Council England we worked together for over 6 months and this blog is about that work.…
D e c a y i n g   O r b i t s Over the course of a few million years Martin has become a deity, but has he managed to stop being an arsehole?
Mei. my name is Mei :D i'm an aspiring artist and poet, among other things. currently just a queer college kid... (。◕◡◕。) ~i'm a cat!!~ ☭dirty commie☭ [pangender (they/them/their)]
jamartlondon Jenny Meehan home page london based contemporary british artist abstract expressionist painter poet christian contemplative, licensable images, art educator jenny meehan,