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Iowa City Press-Citizen - The Press-Citizen is the number one source for Iowa City breaking news, jobs, real estate, photos, videos and blogs.
Luke Davids | The Official Luke Davids Music Site Luke Davids is a London-born singer-songwriter with piano-based songs and inventive arrangements that evoke the refined hooks of The Beatles, Billy Joel, Elvis Costello and Ben Folds Five
4 Teamwork Media Television Inc. Nelson BC Canada - film & video services, from the Kootenay area of south eastern British Columbia. Serving Canada & USA since 1980. Film, video, audio recovery, rescue, restoration and digital transfer services Film, video, audio, photo archival, physical & digital restoration. Transfers & conversions of 8mm, super 8mm, 16mm, 35mm movie film. DVD & CD duplications, conversions of video & audio tape, slides, photos, negatives. Recovery, rescue, restoration of warped, shrunk & damaged motion picture film. TV News production for media & broadcasting companies & TV stations worldwide.
Walt F.J. Goodridge presents Turn Your Passion Into Profit Walt F.J. Goodridge presents Turn Your Passion Into Profit
The Winners Journal The 2019 "43rd Edition" Winners Journal In Stock Now Meet Coach Pam Carls! What makes The Winners’ Journal a winner?  It’s Who makes the Winners’ Journal a winner… and that’s Coach Pam Carls! In a family of Chiropractors, Pam taught physical education for 30 years. In that time she also coached volleyball, track, swimming, and soccer and touched the lives of thousands of young people. Not just bringing out their athletic prowess, but helping to build their values and character. As a coach you are challenged to be there for your players at every timeout, every half time, pre-game and post- game. More than just teaching how to play the game, though, a good coach has to inspire athletes and teach them how to overcome their problems and face their fears. A great coach builds a legacy by assembling the best lessons and teachings from her life as a coach, and then passing them on year after year, instilling her wisdom as she lights a fire under you! That's Pam Carls! Does your life have a "Mission Statement?Ever thought of one? Does your life have a "Mission Statement"? Ever thought of one? If they work for business – indeed they are a must! -- why not for life? Learn to focus on what is really important in life, organize your life so as to act in a manner that brings the best out in you and others. Find inspiration to bring out the best in those who are important to you. Pam helps you build just such a foundation for the rest of your life – a foundation based on goals, values, priorities and attitudes. The "Journal" will help remind you of what is important in life day by day and inspire you to give each day your best effort. Your life tomorrow will be the result of the attitudes and choices you make today. Choose and act wisely! A Tradition of Excellence This is the 41st edition of The Winners’ Journal, which has been published annually for more than 31 years.  With more than 500,000 copies in print, today it is one of the most widely used tools of personal organization and achievement. The Winners’ Journal was created using the best thoughts, ideas and concepts from hundreds of self-improvement books, tapes, seminars and lectures presented by successful people from all walks of life. The result is a single source of positive thinking, motivation and affirmation for your day-to-day progress toward a more successful and abundant life filled with prosperity, happiness and more self-confidence. The success of the book is its own best testimonial.  With more than a half million copies in print, it has helped thousands of people achieve their goals.  And it can help you too! Day by day The Winners’ Journal will help you track your progress and guide you to a higher level of performance, abundance and happiness.Its unique format -- combining calendar, daily planner and applied principles of living -- provides the framework for your success.  "The Winners’ Journal revolves around goal setting.  I have written goals every week and it's truly been inspiring and motivating." -- Teri Bussler, Michigan By putting "The Daily Thoughts" and "The Monthly Guidelines" into every day of your life, you will develop successful thinking habits and actions. Soon every day will be a successful day.  Successful days become successful weeks, then successful months.  And successful months make successful years… and a successful life! Dr. John & Pam Carls
Maintenance | Ryokira Zine A zine dedicated to the relationship of Ryo and Akira from the hit series Devilman Crybaby! We are selling physical and digital copies as well as...
Lawrence Sieberth | Musician | Composer | Producer Want to know more about Lawrence Sieberth - a celebrated musician, composer and producer? Then you can visit him online! He has also put up links to his CDs for you to easily purchase and download his music. You can feel free to connect with him online for physical copies and scores.
EDCON Publishing Group develops and distributes digital downloads available at this site and through digital distribution partner companies. To purchase physical copies of products to be shipped to your location please contact
Gabriel Cyphre — Home The official store of Gabriel Cyphre, the EXCLUSIVE place where you can find the physical copies of your favourite GC's album!
STORY OF HEROES: A Folklore/Fairytale OW Zine Welcome to the official Tumblr page for Story of Heroes: A Folklore/Fairytale-inspired Overwatch Zine. Pre-order here at Twitter @storywatchzine Tumblr @storywatchzine