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University at Albany - State University of New York The University at Albany is the premier public research university in New York’s Capital Region and offers more than 17,000 students the expansive opportunities of a large university in an environment designed to foster individual success.
Western Illinois University Western Illinois University students have the advantages of large universities - accomplished faculty; modern technologies and facilities; and broad academic and extracurricular opportunities. We give you the extras that larger public universities can''t - personalized attention from our faculty and staff.
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East Tennessee State University East Tennessee State University, We are large enough to offer all the opportunities you can imagine, but small enough to provide personal attention. Explore the unique treasure that is ETSU!
Youth In new thinking-عالم شباب بفكر جديد Youth In new thinking-عالم شباب بفكر جديد
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ICCA ICCA, the International Congress and Convention Association is the global meetings industry network. ICCA can assist meeting organisers in finding the main specialists in handling, transporting, and accommodating international events. ICCA offers a variety of benefits for suppliers, such as networking, education, and promotion, as well as business opportunities through databases containing valuable information on congress organisers and details on international meetings. - ICCA - ICCA
Αρχική - Ελληνική Κοινότητα Προγραμματιστών Python Ελληνική Κοινότητα Προγραμματιστών Python. Greek Python User Group (PUG).
EZDiscounter | Get discounted online products. Aspiration Bank may be a good choice for customers who want the convenience of banking online, without the need to visit a branch. Aspiration combines investment and banking services with social responsibility. Aspiration was launched in 2015 as a socially responsible banking partner. Their motto is "Do Well. Do Good.". What sets Aspiration apart is the belief that people are just as important as profits. In that regard, they make "elite" investments available to ordinary investors and have a company philosophy of treating customers like partners. They offer investments centered on funds that invest in companies that operate in ways that are sustainable and environmentally friendly and that provide fair employee practices. Their position is that such businesses represent true long-term growth opportunities, more so than those that are driven primarily by profits. They also enable you to direct 10% of your fees toward various charitable groups that work more directly in those areas. But one of the most interesting features of the platform is that you have the ability to choose how much you want to pay in investment fees. Theoretically, you could pay zero. But Aspiration is betting you won't make that choice. They believe you will determine that the services they provide justify a fee, as well as your interest in advancing sustainable causes. Aspiration offers two main services: Banking services: Aspiration offers a Spend & Save Account to easily save money or manage daily living expenses. The Spend account offers cash back, while the Save account offers a high interest rate. The minimum to open is just $10. Investment services: Aspiration offers 2 specially-curated professionally managed mutual funds. It selects sustainable and low volatility investments to help you maximize your returns. It offers individual accounts and Traditional IRAs. The minimum to start is $10. Aspiration Bank offers the following account types: Summit Account (Checking Account) Investing Accounts Retirement Accounts Summit Account The Aspiration Bank Summit Account is an interest-bearing checking account that you can open with as little as $10. The account earns an APY of one percent, which according to the bank's website, is up to 100 times better than the interest rate offered at big banks. Aside from earning interest on deposits, the Summit Account offers another benefit through its fee structure. With this account, you pay no: Minimum balance fees Monthly service fees Overdraft fees Stop payment fees Foreign ATM fees With a Summit Account, you can access your money from any ATM in the world fee-free. Aspiration Bank reimburses you for any foreign ATM fees or surcharges you pay, either at a machine in the U.S. or overseas. That sets it apart from other banks that offer ATM fee reimbursement but only up to a limited amount each month. Aspiration Bank does charge a fee for incoming and outgoing wire transfers. But, those fees are a bargain at $0.82 each. You have the option of paying more for extra banking services — but only if you want to. Aspiration gives you the ability to pay fees, up to the amount you think is fair, even if that's zero dollars. You can open an individual or joint account and Summit Accounts are FDIC-insured, up to $250,000. In addition to accessing your account at the ATM using your debit card, you can also check your balance, schedule transfers or make bill payments with the Aspiration Bank mobile app for iOS and Android. Other account perks include: Identity fraud expense reimbursement in case your account is ever hacked Cell phone protection insurance Personalized Sustainability Scores, which let you see the impact you're making socially and environmentally, based on how and where you spend Investing Accounts Aspiration Bank also offers two investment options if you're interested in potentially earning a higher return than the Summit Account offers. Both are sustainable mutual funds that include a collection of stocks and bonds that are 100 percent fossil fuel-free. These are professionally managed accounts, which means you have the benefit and expertise of a knowledgeable investment team. Redwood Fund (Ticker symbol: REDWX) The Redwood Fund includes a mix of companies that adopt sustainable practices with regard to social issues, governance and the environment. That includes increasing workplace diversity, focusing on green initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint and supporting human rights. The fund is diversified across different sectors, including financials, information technology and health care. It takes just $10 to make an initial investment in the Redwood Fund and you pay no: Front load fees Back load fees Per transaction fees Performance fees There is an annual fund operating expense fee of 0.5 percent of assets, which is a bit higher than what you may find with other investment accounts. Flagship Fund (Ticker symbol: ASPFX) The Flagship Fund is a little different than the Redwood Fund. Instead of focusing exclusively on socially responsible investing, this fund is designed for investors who are looking for minimal volatility. In other words, it's designed to ride out the high and low points of the market. You can invest in the Flagship Fund with as little as $10. The fund's investments span a wide range of asset classes, including managed futures, options, bonds, and equities. It's simplified diversification in a fund package that's intended to help investors manage risk appropriately. Similar to the Redwood Fund, you pay no: Front load fees Back load fees Per transaction fees Performance fees Redemption fees Once again, the 0.5 percent operating expense fee applies. These are the advantages that we found using Aspiration: Only $10 to open an account. Many big banks require you to have a large opening balance. Aspiration only requires $10 to open the Spend & Save Account, and there is no monthly balance requirement. Competitive interest rate. Aspiration offers a very competitive interest rate on Save balances. The APY is in line with those offered by top online banks. No ATM fees worldwide. Aspiration never charges you ATM fees, and will even reimburse fees charged by 3rd parties. However, for ATMs overseas, there will be a 1% foreign transaction fee that cannot be waived. Pay what you feel is fair. They put you in charge of the service fee, even if it means $0. They feel that trust works both ways, so they let you be in the driver's seat. You can change the amount you pay as often as you want too. 10% is donated to charities. Aspiration commits to donate 10% of their earnings to charity. You can also make a donation yourself through their online giving platform. The charity categories include poverty, water, education, environment, health, and human rights. You can decide which cause you want to donate to, or to all of them. Link to a variety of third-party apps. You can link Aspiration to apps like Mint, PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay. You can link the external accounts just like you would any checking account. Socially-responsible investments. Aspiration's platform offers a socially responsible investment fund. Requiring only $10 to start, this opens up socially-responsible investing to everyone, instead of only to the wealthy. Charity donations for referrals. Every time you refer someone to Aspiration, and they sign up for an account, Aspiration will donate $25 to your charity of choice. They will also donate $25 to your friend's charity of choice once their account is open and in good standing for at least 10 days. Aspiration Impact Measurement score. This tells you how your own spending habits affect the environment. Aspiration bases your score on the impact the businesses you spend your money on have on the environment and the people. Opening an Account Getting started with Aspiration is straightforward. You begin by providing your email address and a password. Then you'll be given the option to open one of the investment accounts, a Spend and Save account or just a Save account. Spend and Save is presented as the "recommended" option. Then you'll be asked to provide some basic identifying information, including employment details and your level of investing experience. To fund an account, you'll be asked to link it to an existing bank account to allow for an electronic funds transfer. The entire process should take about five minutes. The company is unique in the marketplace and offers a way to save and invest while possibly supporting causes that are important to you. Aspiration may not be for everyone; you may not personally support the same causes as the company, or you may prefer to be socially conscious in your own way. As a financial institution, it's products are competitive compared to most banks. You can potentially use Aspiration as your only bank, though some might find the offerings too limited. Have you opened an account with Aspiration? 
Good Leadership Skills - Character - Integrity - Courage Good leadership skills require good character, integrity, and courage. Some can be improved upon yet others come from within!
Web Design, SEO, & Social Media Management Firm We are a results-focused digital media business. Our sole purpose is to use our expertise to help your business grow. Our services consist of web design, SEO, and social media management.
Scheffel’s Hideaway Campground is a new, family-owned campground nestled against hundreds of acres of the Point Beach State Forest. With the State Forest on two sides and a restaurant/pub, locally renowned for its pizza, on our south side, we offer a wonderful setting to enjoy your camping experience. The campground has been a work in progress since June 2009. We are proud to say that our dream finally became reality Spring 2011. Located in beautiful Two Rivers, Wisconsin, we’re just 5 minutes from the Historic Downtown. Here you will find the charm of a small town, yet the modern technologies of today. Do you find nature walks or bicycle rides enjoyable? This is the perfect place for you. The Rawley Point Bicycle Trail, with its endless miles of natural beauty, is adjacent to the campground and easily accessed. You can head north to the Ice Age Trail and the trails at Point Beach State Park or head south to access the Mariner’s Trail and ride along the Lake Michigan shoreline. We can accommodate any type of camping. Need a home away from home setting? We offer 50 large campsites with utilities, 15 of which are pull-throughs. All sites have their own water and electric hook-ups, and 15 sites also have sewer connections. Drive in, plug in, sit back, enjoy the nature around you, and still have the comforts of home. The sites can also be used for tenting. With the State Forest as your backdrop, any site will be a perfect fit. The bathroom/game room facility is centrally located on the grounds. The large showers are individually accessed from outside the building to ensure privacy. Your toughest decision will be what weekend to come and stay. Two Rivers may be a quiet small town, but there are events going on all the time. From the annual celebration of the Ice Cream Sundae (the Sundae was born in Two Rivers), the Cool City Classic Car Show, Kites Over Lake Michigan, Carp Festival, Ethnic Fest, and a whole host of other events and festivals. We are conveniently located 90 minutes north of Milwaukee, 45 minutes east of the Fox Valley, 30 minutes south of Green Bay, and 45 minutes south of Sturgeon Bay and Door County. We’re also only 15 minutes from Manitowoc and the Manitowoc S.S. Badger dock, where you can jump aboard and travel to Ludington, Michigan. Come and enjoy our magnificent Lake Michigan shore area with its beautiful beaches and forests, museums, wonderful dining opportunities, and local charm. So, what are you waiting for? If relaxation is what you seek, come for a night or even a week. Grab a calendar and start planning your vacation. Our normal operating season is April 1st to December 1st however, we will accommodate stays before and after these dates upon request.
Tech Investing News | Investing News Network The technology sector may arguably be the most important section of today’s economy. With technological innovations transforming every aspect of business in virtually every market, technology investing is driving the way we understand investing as a whole. Although the term technology encompasses any instrument or system that solves a problem more effectively than pre-existing solutions (think of the invention of fire!), today technology has moved well beyond these humble roots. From 3D printing, which has transformed the way companies approach manufacturing, to nano tech, which has benefited causes as diverse as cancer therapies and solar energies, new technologies are radically transforming our world. Major Tech Sectors It is difficult to separate the technology industry into separate parts, as there are so many connections uniting this industry. However, Investopedia suggests some general subsections into which the the tech industry can be divided. Network technology companies encompass internet based businesses and e-commerce site, like Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) and Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), which have transformed commerce in both business-to-customer and business-to-business focused realms. Software bridges the gap between humans and machines, facilitating access to advanced hardware technologies.This section of the technology sector is dominated by large software companies like Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT). However, due to relatively low start up costs, there are also a plethora of start-up companies in this sector, developing everything from new apps to cloud based computing solutions. Hardware devices, usually driven by semiconductors, can include computers, cell phones, technical equipment and telecommunications equipment, amongst other things. Semiconductors, also known as micro/nano chips, make up the backbone of the tech industry, powering everything from supercomputers to cell phones. This section of the tech industry is perpetually working towards creating smaller, faster, and cheaper chips while at the same time increasing functionality and storage capacity. However, these divisions are very general, and always bleeding into one another. A discussion of technology investing cannot be limited to computers and nanochips. New technologies can break ground in medicine, agriculture, manufacturing, energy production, and most other sectors of the economy. If there is a breakthrough new innovation, you can be assured that technology played some role in it. Technology Investing There is an almost infinite array of investing opportunities in the technology sector. Indeed, our increased reliance upon computers has generated entirely new fields of investing potential. For example, the sheer amount of information generated from day to day transactions has generated the need for data companies, which store, process, and analyze this information, and cloud computing solutions, which store this data on secure external servers. However, with the good comes the bad, and this increased reliance on computer platforms has led to a new generation of cyber attacks, which target the secure cyber platforms of companies, governments, and other organizations. Luckily, cyber security has emerged as a new growth industry, to ward against these attacks. These growing technology markets bode well for technology investing as a whole. By carefully researching tech companies, sizing up their competition, and keeping a diligent watch on the markets, investors can expand their opportunities and maybe even catch the wave of the next technological revolution.
Good Leadership Skills - Character - Integrity - Courage Good leadership skills require good character, integrity, and courage. Some can be improved upon yet others come from within!
SME Business Forum SME Business Forum has been providing networking forum & platform (twice a month) for Entrepreneurs and Senior Executives from Small, Medium, Large Industrial and Allied Business Sectors, Multinational Companies, Government PSUs, Government Agencies and Start-ups to establish and enhance business contacts, exchange business leads & enquiries, identify potential business & investment partners, introduce new products and services, promote, market & brand products & services, new business partnership with potential suppliers, manufacturers, buyers, service providers, strategic partners, distributors, franchisees, agents, companies and clients, connectivity with purchase and procurement departments of SMEs, large corporates, MNCs, Government PSUs to explore emerging business opportunities and vendor registration for supply and procurement.
Home - The Cherwell School The Cherwell School is ‘A Centre of Opportunity’. We invite you to get to know us. We have all the advantages of being a large school in that we offer a very wide range of curricular and extracurricular opportunities. However, our two sites enable us to create smaller and more personal units within the whole school. This makes it easier to know, support and value each student; in this school each individual matters to us.
Professional Data Modeling Software Development Services Grandite - Software tools for data modeling, business process modeling and UML modeling
Five by Five - The businesses of tomorrow already exist within yours. We come from the tech ecosystem, and we work with large corporates in transforming their unexplored potential into new business opportunities.
Helping credit unions in Delaware, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island | Cooperative Credit Union Association Whether you’re a small or large credit union, CCUA is committed to protecting your interests. Explore how we provide advocacy before legislators and regulators, resources for keeping compliant, and educational opportunities to help you effectively lead your credit union.
Iran Investment, Invest in Iran, Professional Business Services in Iran, Iran Investment Opportunities - Iran Investment Opportunities, Invest in Iran Global Investment, Iran Investment Opportunities, Invest in Iran Global Investment was founded with a single vision, to help small to large enterprises with their strategic entry into the Iranian market by providing unmatched services for companies across all major industries.
Sergei Avksentevich Kolyada | PAINTING THE HEART OF MOSCOW: A SUSTAINED VISION The artworks of Russian artist Sergei Avksentevich Kolyada are intimately tied to his love for his home town of Moscow where he was a faithful resident for the ninety years of his life. A highly accomplished portraitist, still life and landscape artist; it is his series on "Old Moscow" that has received the greatest acclaim by critics, including renowned Russian art commentator Valentina Arzarkovich and art critic Vladimir Kostin. With time, this collection will become essential as a unique and very complete witness of a faithful picture of Old Moscow already disappeared or on the verge of disappearing. Sergei was born in Moscow in 1907. Admitted as an apprentice to famous artist Nicolai Krymov's studio at the age of 18, it was a crucial meeting for Kolyada with a master of impression and light which would have an important influence on his future artistic career. His apprenticeship was followed by four years of study at the prestigious Superior Institute of Arts and Techniques (Vhutemas – Vhutein) under Shterenberg and Guerassimov, after which he joined the OST (Society of Easel Painters) for two years prior to its disbandment by the authorities. The beginning of Kolyada's career coincided with the establishment of Soviet Socialist Realism as the only authorized style of art. Prominent artists and writers joined political authorities in declaring that art and literature must depict the "reality of Revolutionary Russia." Although he was admitted into the Union of Artists and participated in many group exhibitions, he did not gain the prestige of colleagues who fulfilled the Party's plans for realistic Art. He kept his personal and artistic integrity, perhaps at the expense of lost opportunities for advancement. In 1945, a great number of his early paintings (including a number of avant-garde works) were destroyed in a fire at his parents' home. As with numerous artists of that time, Kolyada worked not only for the state in an official capacity; but also created a large body of impressive private works, including portraits, still lives and landscapes. Co-founder of the Society of Painters of the Moscow region and of the Union of Painters of Russia, after the Second World War, he participated in a few artistic missions in the "Pouchinsky-Gory" region (which inspired Pouchkine) and in the kolkhozes of the Moscow's region during the 1950's. In the 1960s, he started painting the landscapes of "his" old Moscow; a long and patient work which he willingly and passionately continued for over 30 years. Focusing on the lesser known streets and laneways, and old condemned suburbs; the subject of each work was painstakingly researched. The artist retrieved old archival records and compiled a dossier for each work detailing the "life" of the house or building he was portraying – who its residents had been, the architect, significant design features, its unique "story." His love for the landscapes of his youth would see him complete a unique collection that with time, is becoming increasingly important as a record of the Moscow that "was" – now replaced in many instances by new housing estates and mass developments, the old buildings lost forever. With "Kouneka" – Moscow 1978 In his last years, one of the (then) oldest member of the Union of Artists of Russia, Kolyada travelled, painted and exhibited outside the URSS; in Australia first, then in France in Etretat, Angers, Dinard and Paris. He died in Moscow in 1996 at the age of 89. Besides a great number of group exhibitions, Kolyada's long career is marked by important solo exhibitions in the prestigious Tretiakov Gallery, the Krimsky-Val Gallery and the Glinka Museum, as well as the famous White House (Douma) for the 850th Anniversary of Moscow foundation. Some of his works have also been included in 5 different exhibitions at the Museum of Russian Art in Minneapolis in the United States. Three important Moscow Museums hold a dozen of Kolyada's works acquired when the artist was still alive: The State Tretiakov Gallery, The Moscow Historical Museum and the Lounatcharsky Museum. All his life, Sergei Kolyada never sought fame. Modest, he always maintained recognition would come at an appropriate time. The legacy of Kolyada and his unique record of "Old Moscow" are today increasingly gaining the prominence they deserve. Sergei Kolyada, at home in Moscow, 1994
Transferet Relocation | TRANSFERET is a leading worldwide provider of relocation services and moving solutions, providing more than 100,000 relocations till date. Wherever your move may take you, TRANSFERET is committed to be the safest, most customer focused and successful transportation company. TRANSFERET is licensed and has set new standards in the relocation industry with a unique QOS model. Wherever your move may take you. We have years of experience. Our high quality service is guaranteed. We also offer competitive prices, and no agents to deal with. We are equipped and experienced in both local and long distance moving as well as residential and commercial. We deliver the best mobility experience at the lowest total cost to relocate through: • Complete management of the global supply chain • The world’s leading global operations • Industry-leading risk management processes • Full accountability and transparency of all costs Delivering service in more than 100 countries, our global presence and local expertise enable TRANSFERET to anticipate and meet the evolving needs of the industry. Our processes and strategies are built with the strength of a global knowledge base, and delivered personally by our local mobility specialists. With our industry-leading global footprint, TRANSFERET can deliver superior service and corporate relocation programs customized for you. With TRANSFERET’s industry-leading supply chain management, unrivalled global presence and the passion of our people, companies can be confident that their mobile employees will be successfully relocated, enabling the greatest productivity and highest satisfaction. From moving household goods, to providing mortgage, corporate housing, pre-decision assistance, and more, TRANSFERET brands deliver the services and programs that make up a large percentage of your total relocation spend. TRANSFERET, we take a rigorous, analytical approach to managing the global supply chain. We understand the importance of defining the potential risks and cost-saving opportunities throughout the entire mobility process. With analytic as the foundation, value can be created within each client’s mobility program as costs are reduced, potential risk is managed and the quality of corporate relocation services increases. Delivering service in more than 100 countries, our global presence and local expertise enables TRANSFERET to anticipate and meet the evolving needs of the industry. Our processes and strategies are built with the strength of a global knowledge base, and delivered personally by our local mobility specialists. With our industry-leading global footprint, TRANSFERET can deliver superior service, customized for you. image01 At TRANSFERET, customer satisfaction is our ultimate benchmark. We know that to provide an impeccable global relocation services, we have to truly understand our client''s needs and priorities, and we make sure these are the areas where we excel. Our Values: We have developed four core values central to our business. We aim to achieve our mission by adopting these traits in all we do. Passion: The people we employ have year''s of experience in this industry and they’re passionate about it. Their expertise will reduce your administrative burden, allowing you to focus on the strategic issues central to your needs; passion is the soul of our services. Honesty: International moving and relocation service is not a defined exact science, but it involves strategic planning and logical evaluation and solutions. That’s why we’re more than just a service provider. Our experienced and professional teams will work as your strategic partner. Their cost-saving initiatives, policy updates and service innovations will keep you away from all the complexities involved and we ensure the complete process is transparent and hence we deliver international standard of services with Honesty and Transparency. Caring: We employ people who are culturally diverse and globally aware. Our team has exposure and has experienced cultures and values worldwide. Because they understand your expatriates needs and concerns, they can pre-empt problems,. A touch of care combined with our professional delivery model adds to our customer experience which means happy, settled expatriates for you. Delivering: As a world-class international relocation company, we want our clients to be happy and satisfied throughout the process. That means professional and friendly staff; integrated delivery of services; and clear communication, from beginning to end. Our unique Delivery model ensures your relocation from one part of the world to the other as simple as possible, and you can start a new journey immediately on a positive note. TRANSFERET is a leading worldwide provider of relocation services and moving solutions, providing more than 100,000 relocations till date. Wherever your move may take you, TRANSFERET is committed to be the safest, most customer focused and successful transportation company. TRANSFERET is licensed and has set new standards in the relocation industry with a unique QOS model. Wherever your move may take you. We have years of experience. Our high quality service is guaranteed. We also offer competitive prices, and no agents to deal with. We are equipped and experienced in both local and long distance moving as well as residential and commercial. We deliver the best mobility experience at the lowest total cost to relocate through: • Complete management of the global supply chain • The world’s leading global operations • Industry-leading risk management processes • Full accountability and transparency of all costs Delivering service in more than 100 countries, our global presence and local expertise enable TRANSFERET to anticipate and meet the evolving needs of the industry. Our processes and strategies are built with the strength of a global knowledge base, and delivered personally by our local mobility specialists. With our industry-leading global footprint, TRANSFERET can deliver superior service and corporate relocation programs customized for you. With TRANSFERET’s industry-leading supply chain management, unrivalled global presence and the passion of our people, companies can be confident that their mobile employees will be successfully relocated, enabling the greatest productivity and highest satisfaction. From moving household goods, to providing mortgage, corporate housing, pre-decision assistance, and more, TRANSFERET brands deliver the services and programs that make up a large percentage of your total relocation spend. TRANSFERET, we take a rigorous, analytical approach to managing the global supply chain. We understand the importance of defining the potential risks and cost-saving opportunities throughout the entire mobility process. With analytic as the foundation, value can be created within each client’s mobility program as costs are reduced, potential risk is managed and the quality of corporate relocation services increases. Delivering service in more than 100 countries, our global presence and local expertise enables TRANSFERET to anticipate and meet the evolving needs of the industry. Our processes and strategies are built with the strength of a global knowledge base, and delivered personally by our local mobility specialists. With our industry-leading global footprint, TRANSFERET can deliver superior service, customized for you. image01 At TRANSFERET, customer satisfaction is our ultimate benchmark. We know that to provide an impeccable global relocation services, we have to truly understand our client''s needs and priorities, and we make sure these are the areas where we excel. Our Values: We have developed four core values central to our business. We aim to achieve our mission by adopting these traits in all we do. Passion: The people we employ have year''s of experience in this industry and they’re passionate about it. Their expertise will reduce your administrative burden, allowing you to focus on the strategic issues central to your needs; passion is the soul of our services. Honesty: International moving and relocation service is not a defined exact science, but it involves strategic planning and logical evaluation and solutions. That’s why we’re more than just a service provider. Our experienced and professional teams will work as your strategic partner. Their cost-saving initiatives, policy updates and service innovations will keep you away from all the complexities involved and we ensure the complete process is transparent and hence we deliver international standard of services with Honesty and Transparency. Caring: We employ people who are culturally diverse and globally aware. Our team has exposure and has experienced cultures and values worldwide. Because they understand your expatriates needs and concerns, they can pre-empt problems,. A touch of care combined with our professional delivery model adds to our customer experience which means happy, settled expatriates for you. Delivering: As a world-class international relocation company, we want our clients to be happy and satisfied throughout the process. That means professional and friendly staff; integrated delivery of services; and clear communication, from beginning to end. Our unique Delivery model ensures your relocation from one part of the world to the other as simple as possible, and you can start a new journey immediately on a positive note.
World Congress of Faiths | Dialogue for spiritual life... The World Congress of Faiths is open to all who share its aims and interests regardless of their faith. Our aim is to promote and share the personal values and public value of spiritual life. You can become a member and join one of the oldest interfaith bodies in the world, with a very rich history. We offer the freedom and opportunities to meet, explore, challenge and understand different faith traditions through events from small workshops to large conferences, partnership working, on-line conversation and publications, including our unique international journal, Interreligious Insight. Join us on our journey.
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Applications of gis in health sciences applications of gis in health sciences The Public Health Graduate Certificate in GIS is a 15 SCH program and can be taken independently or as part of a graduate degree program in the School of Public Health. By the completion of the certificate program students will be able to: applications of gis in health sciences Spatial Analysis, GIS and Remote Sensing: Applications in the Health Sciences CRC Press Book This new book explores the rapidly expanding applications of spatial analysis, GIS and remote sensing in the health sciences, and medical geography. GIS allows interactive queries of information contained within the map, table or graph. It permits a dynamic link between databases and maps so that data updates are automatically reflected on the maps. Dynamic maps published on the Internet assist patients in locating the most convenient health services easily. applications of gis in health sciences GIS provides an excellent means for visualising and analysing epidemiological data, revealing trends, dependencies and interrelationships. It can acquire, store, manage, and geographically integrate large amounts of information from different sources, programmes and sectors. GIS serves as a common platform for the convergence of multidisease GIS resources at SFU Library Access GIS software, geospatial data, options for GIS training (in person and online), consultations, and other means of support via SFU Library''s GIS& Maps pages. Access points for geospatial data GIS Applications in Geology: GIS can significantly add value to environmental and public health data. (The application of GIS in environmental health sciences: opportunities and limitations. ) 48. Location Identification: This technique is used to find a location for a new retail outlet. It helps to find out what exists at a particular location. applications of gis in health sciences GIS and public health Jump to navigation Jump to search agricultural applications, and others. Public health is another focus area that has made increasing use of GIS techniques. A strict definition of public health is difficult to pin down, as it is used in different ways by different groups. In general, public health differs from personal health in that it is (1) focused on the health Applications of GIS in Health Sciences Download as PDF File (. pdf), Text File (. txt) or read online. Applications of GIS in Health Sciences Applications of GIS in Health Sciences It is obvious that GIS has a lot to offer the health sciences. On the other hand, GIS involves concepts and analytic techniques that can lead to the uncritical use of the technology. Epidemiology, statistics and geographic information science combined can bring important improve ments to medicine and health
32 - Bogdan (Bo) Runceanu - (VR) Virtual Reality, Augumented Reality, Projection Mapping, Live Visual Effects, Offline Visual Effects (VFX), 3D Graphics (GFX), Ad Spots and Multimedia Productions Dreaming in digital since 2004. (VR) Virtual Reality, (AR) Augumented Reality, Projection Mapping, Live Visual Effects, Offline Visual Effects (VFX), 3D Graphics (GFX), Ad Spots and Multimedia Productions, to mention only a few dreams.
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VillaconMundial | La Voz de Villa Consuelo The speedy evolution connected with rock audio Rock Popular music & it has the Rapid Advancement Introduction Songs has been having man since dawn of your energy. Every conquer or appear can getting be considered in the form of form of songs. Dating back towards early fella music happens to be something as simple as the comforting sound to a waterfall or possibly a tree unsteadiness with the the wind or a wild animal performing through a natrual enviroment. Today music is so diversified and so engrained in our everyday life that almost every youngster or young adults & also an adult contains a vast set of songs that they can might take note of on their audio players. There are various varied branches of favorite songs existing at this time. These companies have now enlarged to involve everything from the tribal music to most things that comes out of any synthesizer. And even although look for music in a great many forms at present, I'm absolutely sure the idealists would refuse with what the youth of today call great music. Now-a-days it seems typically the search is actually on for that "in music". Music that is making anyone feel good at this time and which is discarded inside a heartbeat the moment something a great deal better comes along. Precisely what is it which includes made ordinary music visit so stable all these several years? The reason why We have chosen Rock music intended for my class paper issue is that, I truly am really passionate about this kind of genre of music. Coarse Music or perhaps Rock as it is so called will be vastly often neglected by individuals, most of who simply correlate it using negative stereotypes like drug addiction, alcohol dependency facts, violence, sexual abuse, demonic control along with vices. An individual cannot responsibility people for having these types of misconceptions about Rock considering that over the years most of the famous Natural stone artists have come to be referred to mainly for their own drug dependancy and other stupendous behaviour under the influence of alcohol and toxic chemicals. However it is vital to understand that certain must independent the artisan from his particular music not pass pointless judgment on the music just based on the vices of the specialit. Another misunderstanding is that natural stone is only percussion and guitar, when that could be only individuals face involving Rock. The good news is host involving other tools that are important elements to really are fun music as one, other than basically guitar and percussion. Coarse Music -- History & Origins I may now always like to begin with the History of Stone music. Just where did it start? What are their roots? Ways has it developed along the ages? What is the circumstance at present? There are several views as to where the Rock style got right up and planning. And many think Rock originated in the west with the daybreak of Coarse & Spin by Elvis Presley. Even so that is not the case. All this started off during the post-war urbanization of The united states. The popular tunes of the overdue 1940s bundled country new music, folk audio, the reds, rhythm as well as blues (known as R& B), jazz music and ancient music. Generally rock songs hails from a combination of various popular music styles at that time in the country of North america. Rock popular music started off in the late 1940s when folks wanted to go out on their own from the gradual beat punk music along with the slow electrified blues audio to a with more speed beat & rhythm brimming tune at that time. The rock sound will be believed to possess primarily came with the any guitar. It is believed that the active guitar tracks used in yellows music appeared to be soon mixing up in with other forms of music like folk, classical music, folk popular music and other preferred forms of audio existing good. All this generated the beginning of Natural stone music to be a separate sort of favorite songs which previously came to be called Rock a few Roll towards the early 1950's. Around that point i. electronic. the delayed 1940's to early 1950's Rhythm in addition to Blues (R& B) artists mainly targeted on the dark audience. Even so later onwards musicians started playing for one multi-racial customers. These music artists and bands also themed the modern forms or even blends about music toward this customers. Later on the fast overcom blends regarding R& B and the troubles etc came into existence coined since 'Rock d Roll'. "It is assumed that for 1951 within a town with Cleveland, Oh in STATES a artist by the name of Joe Freed has been said to have began playing a new form of R& B audio for a multi-racial audience & is regarded an have 1st used the term 'Rock 'N' Roll' to indicate his songs. " Supply: Icons involving Rock instructions Scott Schinder with Andy Schwartz & Encyclopaedia Britannica - Rock Music. Really are fun Music tutorial Evolution Rock and roll music can be believed to be those types of genres of music containing evolved really rapidly during the last 50 for you to 60 many years. Its high-speed evolution is witnessed mostly over the last 50 years. It all initiated with good old Rock a few Roll in the exact 1950's. That later advanced in the 1960's which was thought of as a Golden Era for Rock audio. Rock required a totally diverse turn along with the British invasion of ordinary by the Beatles. This was soon after followed by what exactly came to be often known as Surf tunes in America that had been a mix of typically the catchy really are fun n rotate n often the hip in addition to happening Beatles music. The exact Beatles new music also led to a new type of music that is called because the hippy plus psychedelic really are fun music. In the 1970's which will came to be identified as the memorable years advanced different different rock popular music such as Tough Rock, A-hole Rock & also Put Rock. The very 1980's viewed a change within the band members' hair styles. That era at the same time was recognized for what was named as curly hair bands. That included varieties rock which include punk stone & funk rock. That led to the exact evolution about Heavy Metal. Groups used to wear well leather dirt bike pants and carried insane extended hairdos. Typically the 1990's exhibited a completely completely new and outrageous evolution of rock. Them gave more recent forms of natural stone such as Grunge Rock & Alternative Ordinary. It presented the revolutionary any guitar distortion & feedback. Most genres with the 1950's onwards till the very 1999's continue to be well known right now. Most of the bandz in people eras are nevertheless popular right now. Many of today's bands still play all the styles of rock music. A few of them even get remakes of them songs implementing modern day kinds and instruments. The afterward half of 2000 also witness something that very well came to be often known as fusion favorite songs. It anxious bringing together conventional music (Western or Indian) and blending it in with modern day natural stone music. This unique style right now is very popular specially in our country among all of our Indian youngsters that have combined the Native indian classical instruments very properly with assets like the any guitar, keyboard, carambolage, etc . The particular 1950's The actual 1950's afforded rise to the Youth culture. It suffering problems like racial tensions & the advent of the main Cold War. This earliest saw typically the advent of Really are fun n Move with fantastic artists including Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Little Rich, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Dark areas, Buddy Holly, Bo Diddley, Bill Haley & often the Comets, Gene Vincent, the Everly Friends, and Carl Perkins, among the many others. These were considered to be the first wave associated with Rock some remarkable Rollers. Good ole' in its initially stage has been described as simply just blues by electric guitar audio attached to them. In its purest form, Really are fun & Move was as basic as about three chords, a solid yet insistent guitar to come back beat, together with a catchy tune. Early natural stone & spin was sucked from sources mainly including pinks, R& H, and nation, but also gospel, traditional put, jazz, together with folk. Those genres were definitely combined together in a straightforward, blues-based melody structure which has been fast, danceable, and catchy. Rockabilly come about in the mid1950's. It is only a mix of rock 'n roll, country audio, blues, along with a little spruce too. Obtained a fundamental audio genre belonging to the 50's. The actual father's and also founders with Rock some remarkable Roll emerged t be known as Costs Haley, Elvis Presley, Bit of Richard & Chuck Maqui berry. Their audio revolutionized the music industry and later it was gave strategy to new varieties of rock song in the many decades to follow. Within today's situations their tunes is still favored. Rockabilly appeared to be popularized by means of white singers like Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins & Jerry Lee Lewis who typically concentrated on the country sources of the music. The Popular visits recorded around that time was "That's Okay (Mama)" - Elvis Presley, "Heartbreak Hotel" - Elvis Presley, "Rock Around the Clock" - Charge Haley & the Comets, "Folsom Living hell Blues" -- Johnny Funds, "Blue Suede Shoes" tutorial Carl Kendrick. Another popular form of Rock n Are collected the 1950's was called the 'Doo Wop'. It emphasized on multi-part vocal harmonies and insignificant backing words of the melody & helped with lumination instrumentation. It is origins were being African American vocal groups similar to the Inkspots & the Mill Brothers. Famous bands on this form of songs were The actual Orioles, Often the Ravens and The Clovers, the fact that used a substantial element of traditional gospel new music in their songs. The great hits included "The Great Pretender" - The actual Platters, "Yakety Yak" - The Coasters & "Yes Sir, That's my Baby" - The exact Clovers coupled with many others. Down the road during the 1950's Elvis Presley came to be named the California king of Rock n Function. Even today he has still commemorated as 'The King'. The actual decline about Rock a few Roll has been witnessed in the early 1960's with the dying of popular musicians including Buddy Holy and Richie Valens inside of a plane wreck; the travel of Elvis Presley in the army, the actual retirement about Little Richard to become a preacher, prosecutions regarding Jerry Lee Lewis and Place Berry and also the breaking of your payola scandal. All of the preceding incidents provided a sexual enjoyment that the good ole' era provides come to a stop. However during its diminish rock in the roll observed a feminine area with an intro to probiotics benefits of love ballads targeted to a female audience & the surge of female groups for example the Crystals and then the Shirelles. The many events the fact that occurred in the very 1950's at some point led to what precisely came to be generally known as Surf Popular music, Garage Ordinary & the main Twist dancing craze. Risk major celebration that was successful in the 1960's was those of the climb of Language Rock in Roll while using emergence with the Beatles which had been greatly affected by the America's 1950's Rock and roll n Roll. The 1960's The 1960's witnessed a lot of events that adheres to that of the Vietnam War, Civil Rights Showdown, Surf Popular music, Hippie customs, The Bay area Scene, The Music of Protests & typically the birth with Heavy Metal. Also Rock some remarkable Roll in the particular 1960's had 4 development or elements. These sections are the following: Part As i - Often the Beatles & The British isles Invasion Element II - Motown New music Part 3 - Typical Rock: The exact Sounds on the 1960's Section IV aid Message New music Before 1963 i at the. 1961 onwards America noticed the rise of Ocean Music some sort of Rock and Roll. This particular music has been pioneered by way of Duane Eddy, Link Wray, and The Efforts that put in distinctive "wet" reverb design & speedy alternate choosing to the popular music. One of the well-known hits has been "Let's Visit Trippin" in 1961 and this announced the ocean music trend. The in history favourite string quartet of this years is The Beach Boys. Area I - The Beatles & Often the British Incursion During this decades i. y. post 1963 America and the rest of the universe witnessed just what exactly came to be well-known only simply because 'The English Invasion'. While in the 1960's the most well find out and globally renowned band with the British offensive was the one and only Beatles. Often the Beatles till today are believed to be to be the in history success stories of the 1960's. The reason the Beatles are considered the most effective and most powerful rock groups of all time would be the because they had taken what Elvis and other Good ole' n Move artists established in the 1950's and metamorphosed it towards a whole new distinct thing. That's why this years is known as a bed that gave birth and labor to a modern of Ordinary. The Beatlemania had began with its first of all single hurt song throughout 1962 "Love Me Do" in Great Britain. Along with the Rock a few Roll of your 1950's the very Beatles widely popularized new genre of good ole' music including ranging from folks rock that will psychedelic appear. The Beatles were thus influential through the 1960's this their modern ideals had been considered to be cultural & societal revolutions. Several other great visitors of the Beatles include "I Wanna Store Your Hand" which offered 2 . 6th million copies in the United States in barely two weeks. The particular Beatles came out with many visitors during this years such as "She Loves You", "Please Please Me", and so forth Other growing bands within this era enclosed The Dork Clark Five, The Kinks & Typically the Rolling Stones. The In business Stones finest hit during this period was "Honky Tonk Woman" Part II - Motown Music Motown was a Detroit based track record company this was founded through Berry Gordy who was some one-time flow line worker within Ford Motor. It became essentially the most successful dark-colored owned history company by means of 1963. Motown had many vocal communities, songwriters & musicians. The background music recorded appeared to be known for her "tight orchestrations and catchy lyrics". The music was according to the injustice to the black locality during the Municipal War. The exact Motown greats were The particular Temptations, The actual Four Passes, Martha Reeves & typically the Vandellas as well as Diana Ross & Typically the Supremes. Area III -- Classic Really are fun: The Tones of the 1960's This era witnessed the fact that was known as the Hippe tradition. Their significant chant seemed to be 'Make Enjoy Not War'. Peace has been their actual theme. The Beatles is amongst the famous groups that transitioned during this period in terms of their own look along with music. Various other artist installed to everyday living were Jefferson Airplane, Elegance Slick, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Doors, Steppenwolf, Clair & Garfunkel, Mamas and also the Pappas and also Lovin Spoonful. The famous show of this age was The Woodstock. This was some sort of concert regarding promoting contentment, love & brotherhood. Artists like Jimi Hendrix shook up the conjunction. Part IV - Note Music A good number of themes in rock and roll on this era addressed love and even relationships removed wrong. It all followed the war on Vietnam & the variety of protests getting undertaken. The music was a trial to magnify upon the government actions occurring at this time like the civilizado rights exercise, the expanding unrest above the war around Vietnam, along with the rise about feminism. The main "message" inside song aimed at peace. Quite a few songs gained substantial airplay and became "anthems" at concert events, rallies, in addition to demonstrations. The main Message thru Folk Tunes & Often the Message by Rock Tunes The most well known artists to emerge from the particular folk custom include Joe Dylan, Nancy Baez, Phil Ochs, and also the trio identified as Peter, Paul holmes, and Betty. In 1965, a strong artist, Barry McGuire strong ! the charts with a song that resembled the escalating turmoil on the globe. Other favorite hippy and even psychedelic artists such as White Floyd, The actual Who, The very Rolling Gemstones, The Yardbirds, the Happier Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, and others did start to rule the earth. These bands provided rise on the counterculture exercise, trendsetters, by their drug caused lyrics together with hypnotic tunes. Other genres of ordinary began to come out such as progressive rock and that is experimenting with many other instruments except for guitar, muskie and pieces. This was prominent by Pinkish Floyd. Men or women rock ended up being popularized by just Bob Dylan and Janis Joplin. Typically the 1960's inevitably gave your pregnancy to heavy metal and rock which is a thicker, heavy, and highly amplified genre involving rock primarily popularized through Black Sabbath. The world had been just now starting out witness the particular tremendous electrical power & impact rock seriously had about society. The particular 1970's From the 1970's the Vietnam World war had was concluded, the protests stopped & people begun to settle down. Along with that, the background music too performed settle down. The whole world witnessed often the split on the Beatles & also often the death regarding John Lennon. The 70's rock audio brought various cultures and even audiences more together than you ever have. Rock music began to part out straight into new races like Tough Rock, Heavy metal and rock & Punk Rock. Directed Zeppelin became extremely popular using its perfect mix of Hard Coarse & Sorrow music how they could phone call its own. In that era bands and artists and painters such as Brian Bowie, Indeed, The Eagles, and California king became very influential. Concerning the late 70's the world furthermore witnessed often the rise of Punk Rock and roll. The starting up fathers connected with punk had been The Ramones. They blended thoroughly anarchism along with teenage wrath with rock 'n roll and this came to be known as Punk Rock. Various other bands for example the Sex Pistols and The Clash helped popularize and redefine punk rock. This new, highly effective and forceful genre about music affected many groups of the future. The exact 1980's Thereafter came typically the 1980's. Good ole' Music improved itself in a manner that everyone was going to be part of the very upcoming field. The music required a different switch, more in relation to punk coarse, new tide, heartland really are fun and choice rock. The majority of people would consider the 80's as interesting features of big hairdos and androgyny. The gay and lesbian activists required to inside of a big simply by this several years. People begun embracing one other sex and everybody had coloring in almost everything they did or possibly wore. The inspired often the rock popular music scene dramatically. The eighties saw from enthusiasm to neon pinkish socks, damaged by adult males. Creativity was expressed which means that greatly within the 1980's and also artists put on their identity with golden technologies. The 1980's music picture is probably considered as amongst the strangest moments in the advancement of stone music. Music artists were carrying out everything, a variety of00 bubblegum appear, sentimental always ballads to be able to thumping utility beats and perhaps the hardest good ole' metal. This particular decade pretty much saw it. Artist including Bruce Springsteen, Guns as well as Roses, Viajan Halen, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Flat iron Maiden, Metallica, Bon Jovi, and Motley Crue can best end up being remembered for his or her power ballads and excellent guitar solos. A new type of music called like 'New wave' also blossomed from dick, funk, and even disco. It turned out made well-known by music artists such as Estrella, The B-52's, Talking Head, and Blondie. Indie coarse or Renewable rock currently well known begun to emerge in the late 1980's with artists for instance U2, R. E. Meters., The Cure, The main Smiths, and Sonic Youngster were very fashionable with young people. Punk moreover became more popular with rings such as Dark colored Flag and then the Dead Kennedys. This was at the same time the time for producers. They are importance matured and musicians took our own a good the manufacturer could take most of their records for the market. Subsequently came often the advent of possessing soundtracks with movies. File companies had any idea the economics in placing song inside a movie, the response was basically tremendous. Regardless of variety, the background music is the eighties was a huge hit, this still is. In addition to that's considering that the music mention the imagination of the people, it all made zero apologies, you can identify with the slow ballad by Phil Collins within the afternoon and set up their particular black leather-based jacket, rocking to In terms of iron Maiden by means of night time, everyone dint need to apologize that will anyone. Flexibility of manifestation, experimenting along with lyrics grew to be an integral part of the main eighties. Which is precisely the good reason that the eighties they say can not ever die. The actual 1990's The early to mid 90's was basically known as typically the era connected with grunge along with alternative rock. Nirvana was known as the most common grunge wedding band of the 90's. Grunge song can be described as dusty guitar, robust guitar riffs with distortion and opinions. It contains dark words of the tune and attributed teenage worry. Popular grunge and choice bands ended up Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Jane's Addiction in addition to Alice around Chains. A very iconic scene was associated with the occurence of female artists. Women were becoming much less dependent on men, and fewer oriented on the way to having a family-based future. These folks were daughters of girls who fought for same rights they usually expressed it- in the form of terms and information. The paper, Billboard contributed to the financial success within the music marketplace. It altered the way it ranked available girls and albums of music artists by tallying actual income at retailers instead of with the industry-manipulated word of mouth marketing. Rock unexpectedly beat pop in terms for sales, and "minority" genre such as state and hip-hop began to enter the charts. That led the industry to invest a lot more in these fraction genres. The 1990's demonstrated that music appeared to be for the crowd and that the concept behind popular music was to see the artist as one, his construction, his team, his lyrics, his image, his songs video spectacular personality. Anyone had their favorite type of favorite songs and a favourite genre, popular artist together with a favorite cd. You couldn't help it- there were plenty of choices by this time. 2000 aid Present Alternate choice rock even now is one of the famous and largest genre associated with rock songs. Emo, is known as a new sub-contract genre for rock which consists of extreme emotional words of the tune with serious punk root. It was widely popularized by rings like Through First for you to Last, Often the Used, Brand New and softer bands for example Dashboard Confessional and Brilliant Eyes that may also be identified as indie. The word "indie" literally stands for unbiased and is the term for bands that are part of a private record tag. However , at this time indie includes a whole new that means. Indie serves as a mainly up until now hidden and better version of other rock. Well-liked indie bands and artists include Passing away Cab meant for Cutie, The very Strokes, Elliott Smith, The Decemberists, The particular Arcade Fire, The Misiva Service & a few many others. Heavy metal has now reached a really new degree. Sub-genres regarding heavy metal just like black combination, death stainlesss steel and thrash metal which is certainly very deafening, aggressive and fast approached the industry. Preferred hardcore metal bands include Slipknot, Because i Lay Coloring, Korn, Indicacion Jean and also Cannibal Depouille. Alternative stone has now grow to be an all effort hit utilizing bands that include Incubus, Pink Hot Chili Peppers, Chevelle, Coldplay, and also the Foo Mma fighters. Pop ordinary is another common genre. It is rock combined with a more general approach together with popular song lyrics. Pop rock bands can include Fall Out Youngster, All-American Rejects, Ashlee Simpson, Avril Lavigne, and others. One other form of favorite songs that came in relation to was the hiphop rock. People symbolized the actual fusion with the raw, streets music and also hard natural stone pelting sounds. It was a fast hit along with the fans with both the categorie. Examples of these kinds of were Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Religious beliefs no More, Rage Against the Machines, etc Really are fun Music inside the Indian Predicament Rock favorite songs caught about in Asia during the the middle of 70's. From the hearing reports of my dad and his friends in small time bands actively playing the good oldies like Elvis Presley, The actual Carpenters, Typically the Beatles, The particular Shadows, Joe Dylan and various other artists their guitars. Just read was many these types of small online communities which were predominantly Catholics which played the many dance volumes mainly for marriage ceremonies & the Christmas flow. These were the main jive & the turn numbers that others used to love to dance in order to back in the day. In regards towards the 80's artists like Directed Zeppelin, Ominous Straits & Jethro Tull became noiseless popular. People used to order these music cassettes in addition to listen to these kinds of music particular audio cassette players & Sony Walkman. That nonetheless was a quite a while ago. Points soon transformed with the Gulf of mexico War for 1991 opening the entrance to medium in The indian subcontinent. MTV was initially one of the options that were beamed, along with CNN. Apart from Put music what exactly caught at quickly had been rock. Nevertheless as an viewers, the amounts in Asia were yet minimal. It previously was only bands like Outl Leppard, Note Jovi and also U2 that will caught the fancy of a lot of people. For a large extent, rock began and concluded with Profound Purple's Interstate Star. The love for rock only designed name-dropping and wanting to tone fashionably edgy. All that adjusted quickly converted to from the calendar year 2000 onwards. Hard rock and roll quickly snagged on in conjunction with its in the us Heavy Metal and is also literally worshipped in many technological innovation colleges across India. Numerous groups are formed in a number of areas where the exact rock landscape is still lively. These include Goa, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune & Delhi. A lot of popular India bands come from these kind of areas and still have composed rather famous bites that are well recognized to the Indian native Rockers. Many engineering educational facilities still shell out tribute for you to Rock by hosting Natural stone shows in which fans from various parts from the country hasty to gather head bang with harmony. The earliest rock band with India to get famous seemed to be Indus Creed. Famous Native american rock rings of today comprise of bands for example Zero, Pentagram, Parikrama, These individuals Clones plus various some. One taking place rock displays of Mumbai used to be often the Independence Really are fun gig on Rang Bhavan popularly often known as I-Rock which used to be jam-packed and packed as it was seriously popular and had rings playing with all over the country. Away from late very good of i-rock has deceased down because of the change in time and venue due to specific restrictions. Some other new genre of rock music containing probably advanced in The land of india is Fusion rock that involves blending Of india classical equipment with that on the electric guitar, key pad & accus. This is whatever is definitely springing up in the country together with rock melodies in Hindi rather than English language and even in Hinglish. I even now feel that you can find very poor liberalization for Coarse music in your country but since time goes by by elements will definitely are considered getting better. You evident simply to Channel V's 'Launch Pad' that arises every year the fact that hunts to search for the Countries most well liked and ideal Rock band. Alongside Channel Sixth v, MTV even offers started one thing called seeing that Rock with Desi Beats that hunts for fusion rock groups of the region and popularizes the best. One other evident undeniable fact that rock tunes is reeling in up easily was the release of the dvd 'Rock On' directed by just & with Farhan Akhtar. Conclusion For that reason I ardently believe that Natural stone music which consists of legendary Past can never perish out. It will probably always be a component of culture and may always be find out as truley what shapes customs & firmly affects world. It is lastly meant for customers to understand that Stone is just with regards to the music and also the passion this drives inside youth. It should not be stereotyped with drug abuse alcoholism & other bassesse. For this to happen this gives lingual braces the people that need to change their valuable ways along with it is essential in the famous performers to set a example as they owe the idea to their lovers as much as that they owe it to the new music. Another important element is that although opportunities near your vicinity for Coarse music have become low & it is extremely hard to become significant, society need to encourage the kids that have a desire for this new music.
newjetnet – Basic Finance 1. Prioritise Goals It is most unlikely that you will be able to achieve all your dreams at once and to attempt to do so usually ends in failure all around. Take a little time to order your goals in their relative importance to you. If you have a spouse or partner, this should be a joint enterprise to have the best chance of success. The chances of achieving what matters most are greatly enhanced by focusing your efforts. 2. Primary Goal To realise your primary goals, desirable but less important ones will often need to be postponed to achieve the best allocation of resources and time. 3. Conflicts Conflicts arise even if all the goals are worthy which raises questions such as which goal will be of the best short-term benefit balanced against which goal if delayed will cause the most long-term harm. 4. Timing Make time your most important ally in achieving goals: money deposited in interest-bearing savings or invested in stocks and bonds to yield compound growth. The more time available, the greater the chances of success. Of course age is a major factor, younger people will pursue different strategies to those that are older. They have more time to build a nest egg and to recover from any setbacks hence they can take greater risks. An older person who does not have the luxury of much recovery time must follow a more cautious approach to investments. 5. Objectives In setting out your list of goals, look for things that improve your chances of being financially secure, happy, fulfilled and ready to meet any additional aspirations. Items that are likely to be on the list include getting out of short-term debt, building an emergency fund, children's education, suitable life insurance. Provision while the children are still in education or elderly grandparents are still alive, also for your spouse, clearing the mortgage on the family home. The list needs to be ranked in order of importance once assembled. 6. Family considerations Included family members, your spouse or significant other should be part of the process from the beginning. Children should also be able to have some say regarding goals that will affect them. 7. Do not delay The longer the delay in identifying your goals and introducing measures that focus on achieving them reduces the chance of success due to less desirable patterns of conduct becoming entrenched and the lost opportunities of compounding your money. 8. Focus on the large items Once you have defined your goal priorities, try to keep your spending patterns as near to plan as possible (unless an exceptional opportunity arises). When you are considering making a large outlay for anything consider: "is this moving me nearer my primary goals or leading me astray?" If a big expense, say, an extended holiday will divert money from say reducing your mortgage by a lump sum payment, just delay the holiday or think of a less expensive venue. 9. Don't neglect the small items Most of life being lived in the here-and-now the most of what you spend will continue for daily expenses, which includes entertainment and enjoyment, which is as it should be. However, the large expenditures should never be allowed to be out to focus, and a careful avoidance of the more frivolous small expenses usually makes a significant difference to the end of month figures. 10. Accept the necessity of change Your family is growing as you grow older so your needs and priorities will be different to that of the past. It is prudent to have an in-depth re-examination of your priorities say every five years. Be prepared for change.
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Latin American Energy Review | Intelligent debate on energy issues Summary: Many emerging market governments – including those in Latin America -- are unwittingly promoting speculation in their renewable energy auctions, with developers and lenders getting caught up in it as well. This has a destabilizing effect on the energy sector and ultimately does not serve citizens' or investors' best interests. A brief analysis of the situation with recommendations. About the publisher: Carlos St. James is a leading advisor to energy investors, bankers and developers in at Wood plc. He is also a board member of the Latin American & Caribbean Council on Renewable Energy (LAC-CORE) and publishes the Latin American Energy Review to help generate debate on the industry's issues. He will next be speaking at the Andean Renewable Energy Congress in Bogota, Colombia, November 14-17, 2017. ============ We've seen the charts and graphs highlighting the increasingly low electricity prices obtained in renewable energy auctions in Latin America under government-sponsored power purchase agreements (PPAs). The announcement of a US$37 per megawatt-hour (MWh) bid achieved in Peru's wind auctions gets overshadowed by the $29/MWh achieved by a solar project in Chile, which in turn become old news with a winning $27/MWh price in Mexico. And so on. Energy ministries avidly compete for these headlines. Yet this push for ever-lower prices as sole determinant of success has an important distortional effect on energy markets. As it turns out, many of the lowest-priced winning bids do not get built because they are not financeable by banks (i.e., "bankable") at those prices. Those that do get built with similarly low prices operate on a razor's edge with no margin for error. This is not the ideal structure of a sound national energy matrix. "Countries will not be able to develop sound capital markets if they remain dependent on subsidized lending." The need for bankable proposals Banks typically need to see debt service coverage ratios of between 1.25-1.50 times (at P90) a project's cash flow in order to lend. But because auctions are structured to only consider lowest price as determinant of success, they result in reduced cash flow from projects and in turn lower debt service ratios – below the levels banks can approve. And so banks shy away from them, resulting in two adverse effects: continued dependence on development banks and export credit agency (ECA) guarantees to access financing, and a rise in speculation by developers, scrambling to lower the quality and warranties on technology (solar panels and wind turbines) so capital expenditures and debt is lowered. Dependance on previouly-owned or otherwise rejected equipment is on the rise. Emerging market countries will not be able to develop sound capital markets if they remain dependent on subsidized lending, and growing an energy matrix using firms who steer towards high risk solutions that don't have correspondingly high upsides (as is the case with renewable energy auctions) is like playing with fire. Sooner or later you're gonna get burned. Turkish and Argentine cases Turkey's recent wind energy auction provides an example of what's happening. See Graph A; click on images to enlarge. Eight large multinational conglomerates made initial bids for the 15-year power purchase agreements (PPAs) being offered by the energy ministry. The auction was to have a single winner. Prices in the initial round of bids were all between US$52 and 63/MWh. These were all bankable in the traditional sense: Turkey had lost its investment grade status in 2016, so these prices allowed for access to project financing at higher interest rates. Graph A: Summary of results of Turkey's renewable energy wind auction, August 2017. Data source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance and Citibank But the government included numerous additional rounds whose sole objective was to lower the price. Five of the initial eight immediately dropped out; that in itself is significant. In the end a winning price of $34.80/MWh was obtained – a 38% drop from the first round's average $56/MWh. (Bear in mind the best wind in Turkey is about 6 meters/second, roughly a wind power class of 2 or 3 -- where class 7 represents the highest wind.) This winning price is not bankable in the sense of using project financing debt as a primary source of capital. Commercial banks won't touch it without further guarantees, so it is likely to be relegated to subsidized financing from development banks. Within Latin America, there are a number of comparable examples. Let's take a quick look at an admittedly unique situation: Argentina. See Graph B. Last year's RenovAr auctions, Rounds 1 and 1.5, were eye-opening on many levels and an unequivocal success from the government's perspective. Argentina had been absent from international debt markets for about a decade and the local private sector had no experience developing or pricing renewable projects -- and it showed. On the solar side there were 20 initial bids that also participated in Round 1.5. Graph B: Summary results of solar PV bids in Argentina's RenovAr Rounds 1 and 1.5 renewable energy auctions of 2017. Data source: Argentine ministry of energy Round 1 had seen extremely wide prices ranging from US$63 to $99/MWh from this grouping; in Round 1.5 those very same projects presented new prices ranging from $48 to $59/MWh, a 31% drop on average but narrowing the range considerably. The most extreme case was a 52% drop in bid price. These bidders were essentially shooting in the dark – with the government's blessing. Save larger corporates that had access to institutional funding or were using their own balance sheets, bidders had no clear sense of cost of debt and were simply hoping to have a winning project to sell: they were speculating. The country remains dependent on development bank financing and ECA guarantees. Additional considerations Penalties for not building a winning project are typically not high; governments have decided they would rather have many market participants than simply good ones and to let market forces separate them. Three final examples from Mexico, Chile, and commercial banks: In Mexico an unexpected twist took place: the last auction resulted in such low prices that the 15-year energy PPAs had insufficient tenor to repay debt (note that Turkey's auction also has 15-year PPAs). Commercial lenders backed off after realizing they needed 18-20 years for debt to fully amortize at those prices, and so the government muscled the three national development banks to step in: institutions which, while very professional and capable, do not have significant experience in project finance nor renewables. Again: increased dependence on subsidized lending. As mentioned in an earlier analysis, Chile's current auctions allow for a six year period between signing the winning PPAs and commercial operation date. While ostensibly it allows winners more time to finish putting together their projects, it actually entices them to speculate on lower technology costs (namely cheaper solar panels). Yet too much can go wrong during this waiting period: interest rates may well rise, trade walls get built. Commercial banks are looking for ways to not miss out on the opportunities, persuading themselves the projects can be made bankable. How? By adding merchant risk, i.e., betting on spot price sales of electricity to enhance cash flows. They're allowing projects to be structured to have about three quarters of installed capacity sold under the long term fixed price PPAs -- and the remainder sold at the open spot price. Since spot prices are usually higher than the fixed price of the long term PPAs it has the effect of increasing the weighted average overall price and therefore projected cashflows. This is even being considered in Chile, which had a painful experience from lending to merchant projects as outlined in this other analysis. Increasing use of the spot price is already taking place in markets like the United States. But they aren't comparable to Latin Americas': they're much larger, more sophisticated and efficient, and have numerous ways to box in uncertainty through hedging. Latin American energy markets are only in the very early stages of shifting from managing contracts to managing energy and risk. Better ideas needed One possible solution could be in the way emerging market governments structure their auctions. Rather than seeking the lowest price, they could seek assurance of bankability (tip of the hat to Mike Eckhart at Citibank from where this idea was born). Selecting the lowest price among bankable proposals would include a balanced evaluation comprised of three legs, each weighing about a third for purposes of decision making: a financial plan that might include a letter from an accounting firm confirming its viability, or better yet, a commitment letter from a bank; a price structure that includes escalators allowing for more breathing room in the project and for ownership changes once operational that can reduce return on investment requirements; and technical evaluations: letters from independent engineering consultants stating that the projects as envisioned are indeed technically viable*. The industry's continued growth will be tested when the lowest-priced projects continue to fail at reaching financial closure -- or worse, fail outright and weaken a country's overall energy matrix. This is a very avoidable problem. *in the interest of transparency, note that I work for one such technical advisory services firm – specifically one of the largest of its kind in the world, that has worked on more than 160 GW's worth of renewable energy projects globally. Wood plc has pretty much seen it all. © Latin American Energy Review 2017 This report has been prepared by Carlos St. James for The Latin American Energy Review. The views expressed on this site are his own and do not reflect the views of Wood plc, its affiliates or business partners. This report has no regard to the specific investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs of any specific recipient. It is published solely for informational purposes and is not to be construed as a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any securities or related financial instruments. The report is based on information obtained from sources believed to be reliable but is not guaranteed as being accurate, nor is it a complete statement or summary of the securities, markets or developments referred to in the report. The report should not be regarded by recipients as a substitute for the exercise of their own judgment. Any opinions expressed herewith are subject to change without notice and The Latin American Energy Review is not under any obligation to update or keep current the information contained herein. The Latin American Energy Review accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage of any kind arising out of the use of all or any part of this report. Additional information will be made available upon request.
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TxtMania | The Philippines, a group of over 7,000 islands with combined land area encompassing 300,000 square kilometres, grew into a nation under more than three centuries of Spanish conquest and 42 years of American rule. It is the first country outside the New World that closely witnessed the United States' rise to power following the 1898 Spanish-American War. Situated 800 kilometres southeast of mainland Asia, the archipelago, named after King Philip II of Spain, was discovered in 1521 by Ferdinand Magellan, the same explorer who had discovered the Pacific Ocean in search of the so-called "Spice Islands" and is now widely considered the first navigator to have cruised around the planet. Ironically, the Filipinos, after having been subdued for centuries by foreign colonizers as a result of Magellan's voyage, would emerge as the best seafarers in the world, manning a third of all international vessels today. Some 7.8 million overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and Filipino migrants would help rebuild cities in many countries and bring back over US$10 billion in annual remittances to their families in the Philippines. The country's geographical location and long exposure to foreign influences has placed the Philippines on a unique cultural base in Asia. It is now the only predominantly Catholic country in the region, with 70 million out of its total population of 85 million (as of 2005) confessing to be Catholic. There are also large numbers of Protestants and Born-Again Christians in the country while the Muslim population is concentrated in southern Mindanao. Early Trade The first inhabitants of the Philippines were the Negritos who traveled from mainland Asia over a land bridge that is now underwater. Migrants from other Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia later followed and established a Malayan culture that flourished before the Spaniards came. Chinese and Arab merchants helped establish markets at the community level. A sultanate system, first established in the southern island of Sulu in the 14th century, is believed to have reached the islands of Luzon and Visayas, giving way to the rise of the Islamic faith. The Spaniards would later drive the Muslims to the south and establish Catholicism as the main religion in the north and central parts of the country. Local villages, known as barangay, traded agricultural and fishery products with each other. The Igorot tribe in Northern Luzon carved the marvellous Banaue Rice Terraces from the mountains, a proof of their advanced agriculture technology. Communities near the shore exchanged goods with Chinese and Arab merchants, who came aboard large ships. These communities traded slaves, gold, beeswax, betel nuts, pearls, and shells for porcelain, silk, iron, tin and semi-precious stones. The Philippine islands were a part of an extensive trade route used by Chinese merchants as early as the 10th century. By the time Magellan arrived in the islands, regular trade and cultural contact between Chinese traders and local chieftains were firmly instituted. Many Chinese merchants settled in the country and shared their crafts with the natives. Some historians claim that an Italian Franciscan priest, named Father Odorico, was actually the first European to have reached the Philippines in 1324 when his ship bound for China took refuge from a storm in Bolinao Island in northern part of Luzon. Aside from the Banaue Rice Terraces in the Cordillera Mountains, early settlers did not leave any giant monument, and this is what makes conservative historians doubt the existence of the rich kingdoms in the country hundreds of years ago. However, it cannot be denied that early Filipinos were learned individuals who expressed their beliefs and sentiments in rich languages. According to the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), there are actually 78 language groupings and over 500 dialects in the Philippines. Feudal Society Magellan, who claimed the archipelago for Spain in 1521, died in a battle with a group of local warriors led by Lapu Lapu at Mactan Island. It was Ruy Lopez de Villalobos, in the fourth Spanish expedition, who named the territory as Filipinas after the heir to the Spanish throne in 1543. In 1565, Miguel Lopez de Legaspi led an expedition to colonize the islands and by 1571, most parts of the archipelago came under Spanish rule. The Spaniards established the colonial government first in Cebu in 1565 and then in Manila in 1571. Historians claim that University of San Carlos in Cebu and University of Sto. Tomas in Manila are the oldest universities teaching European type of education in Asia. Jesuit and Dominican priests established the two institutions. Under Spanish rule, Catholicism became the dominant religion. Catholic friars not only lorded over the congregations; they enjoyed vast political and economic influence, which they eventually used to repress Filipino peasants' uprisings in the largely feudal Philippine society at that time. The Spaniards also quelled a number of rebellions instigated by the Chinese migrants. The friars distributed lands to Spanish families, who later comprised the landowning class. To perpetuate their economic interests, this class would also rise to become the political elite that would remain in power to this day. This gave way to the hacienda system in the Philippines, where cacique or landowners managed large tracts of lands tilled by peasant workers. Under the system, farmers were supposed to receive half of the harvest, but they usually ended up with much less because they had to pay for large interests on debt incurred from the cacique. This would be later corrected with a system of land reform, which, however, remains to be fully implemented to this day. Galleon Trade The Manila-Acapulco galleon trade became the major trading system between Asia and the Americas for nearly two centuries. Manila became a transhipment point of American silver to China. It was through this trade that the first Chinese silk and porcelain reached the shores of the New World. There were unverified claims that Filipinos helped build the city of Los Angeles in America. The Chinese and Filipinos would later become the two largest Asian migrant groups in the United States. Coconut became the country's top agricultural product, because of Spain's huge need for charcoaled coconut shells used for the caulking of the galleons. In 1642, the colonial government issued an edict requiring each Filipino to plant 200 coconut trees all over the country. By 1910, coconut exports would account for a fifth of total Philippine exports and to this day, coconut oil remains the country's top agricultural shipment. The Galleon Trade lasted for about 200 years until 1815. It is during this period that rice and tropical fruits from the Philippines such as mango and banana made their way to Latin America. Beginning 1750, Spanish priests encouraged the development of plantations to grow abaca (hemp), tobacco, coffee and sugar. Sugar barons from the Visayas would later emerge as among the richest clans in the country. From 1762 to 1764, the British briefly captured Manila during the Seven Years War. The treaty of Paris ended the British occupation and returned the colony to the hands of their original colonial masters. Plantation Crops In 1781, the Spanish governor established the tobacco monopoly in the Philippines, which would become a major source of revenue for the colonial government. From 1820 to 1870, the Philippines would be transformed to an agricultural export economy. Located on the oceanic trading routes connecting Asia to other parts of the world, the Philippines became a transhipment point of merchandise goods from all over Southeast Asia on their way to Europe. The Philippines exported plantation crops such as sugar, abaca, other fibres, tobacco, coffee, and coconut products to China, Spain, United States, United Kingdom and British East Indies. In return, it imported textiles and rice. Historians claim that Spain administered the Philippine affairs through Mexico. Spanish administrators in the country were actually reporting to the Viceroyalty of Mexico. After Mexico gained its independence from Spain in 1821, Madrid directly governed its only Asian colony and even allowed rich Filipinos to study in Europe. The Spanish rule gave way to the rise of a small but highly powerful elite class, which to this day, controls most of the Philippine economy. The elite families, which own large plantations, were able to send their children to Europe for education. Foreign Investors Investors from Spain, Germany, Britain and other European countries laid the groundwork for utility companies in steam navigation, cable, telegraphy, railroads and electricity in the country. They also invested heavily in rice and sugar milling, textile and banking. The local elite developed the brewing industry, which would become one of the most profitable sectors in the economy. Although the educated Filipinos who studied in Europe shunned the use of force to topple the colonial government, their writings provoked nationalist sentiments among young men, who eventually formed a revolutionary movement against Spain. In 1896, the war between Spanish and Filipino soldiers escalated following the death of novelist Jose Rizal and rebel leader Andres Bonifacio. Emilio Aguinaldo, the new leader of the revolutionary forces, forged a pact with US Commodore George Dewey in Hong Kong to defeat the Spanish army. American Colony The Americans entered the scene because of its conflict with Spain over Cuba. With the outbreak of the Spanish-American war in the Pacific, the Philippines had to be taken by the US, lest other European countries such as Britain, France and Germany would fight for their next Southeast Asian colony. On June 12, 1898, Aguinaldo, first backed by American forces, declared the independence of Kawit, Cavite, the seat of the revolutionary Filipino government at that time, from Spanish rule. The Americans took possession of Manila on August 13, 1898. While armed clashes with Spanish forces continued in other parts of the country, the Americans and the Spaniards were negotiating for the purchase of the Philippines for US$20 million. In the Treaty of Paris in 1898, Spain ceded the Philippines, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Guam to the US. Filipinos felt insulted at the fact that their country has been passed from one colonial master to another for only US$20 million. When the US, which had not conquered any country before, made known its intention to succeed Spain as the next colonizer of the Philippines, Aguinaldo and his men waged a revolutionary resistance that ended with his capture in March 1901. The American soldiers easily subdued the remaining factions of rebellion with the help of their powerful weapons and their divide-and-conquer tactic. As an archipelago of 7,000 islands, the Philippines is home to different ethnic groups which do not speak the same language. The national government's attempt to declare Tagalog (spoken in Central and Southern Luzon including Metro Manila) as the national language would not easily win the support of other regions. The Philippine-American war took the lives of 4,234 American and 16,000 Filipino soldiers. The death toll was much higher on the civilian population, with as high as 200,000 casualties. Although local resistance persisted until 1903, the US ended its military rule on July 4, 1901. American Way Under American civilian rule, the Philippines was introduced to US-type of education, Protestant religion, and later to the concept of democracy. Placed under US control were most parts of the country, except in the southern portion of Mindanao where Muslim rebels held strong resistance. William Howard Taft, the 27th US president, was the first American Civil Governor in the Philippines. Taft was praised for establishing a civil service system, creating a national legislature, suppressing prices, upgrading health standards, and sponsoring land reform and road building in the country. In 1907, the First Philippine Assembly composed of educated and rich Filipinos with vast landholdings. Manuel L. Quezon, who represented the Philippines in the US Congress, lobbied for the passage of the Jones Law, which in 1916 abolished the Philippine Assembly to give way for a bicameral legislature made up of the Senate and the House of Representatives. With the passage of the Tydings-McDuffie Act in 1934, Filipinos had their first taste of self-rule through the Philippine Commonwealth, a transitional government designed to prepare the Filipinos over a ten-year period for independence. By 1935, the Commonwealth was in place with Quezon as its first president. The Philippines also approved a new constitution in the same year. The United States is credited for helping establish the Republic of the Philippines, the first democratic government in Asia. Economically, the Philippines was ahead of its Asian neighbours, who were still subjects of European colonial powers before the war. Japanese Invasion In December 1941, the Japanese Imperial Army invaded the Philippines and drove the Commonwealth Government from Manila. While Quezon continued to head the government-in-exile until his death in New York in August 1944, the Japanese forces handpicked Jose P. Laurel, a graduate of Yale University and Tokyo International University, to head a new government under their control. The Philippines was dragged into the war because of Japan's military ambition to become the dominant force in Asia and the Pacific. Japan wanted to be the leader of an economic zone in East Asia, which would be the source of its raw materials. The US presence in the Philippines, known for its strategic location in Southeast Asia, was the largest threat to the Japanese forces, following the destruction of the American Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. While the American forces were regrouping in the United States, Filipino soldiers formed a guerrilla organization called Hukbalahap (People's Anti-Japanese Army). Some 30,000 guerrillas at that time engaged the Japanese army in intermittent clashes. The Hukbalahap would later adopt the communist ideology and rule in the countryside. Meanwhile, Sergio Osmeña replaced Quezon as the head of the government-in-exile and joined General Douglas MacArthur in the liberation of Manila. General MacArthur returned to the Philippines via the island province of Leyte, along with 174,000 army and navy servicemen on October 20, 1944. The liberation of Manila took almost 20 days from February 3 to 23, 1945 and the fierce battle destroyed much of the city, with its ruins now often compared to the ruins of Warsaw, Poland in Europe. The Japanese army, however, continued to fight in the provinces, until September 2, 1945 when General Yamashita, the Tiger of Malaya who was believed to have hidden vast amount of treasures during the war, surrendered in Baguio City. It is estimated that the battle of Manila cost the lives of 1 million Filipinos, 300,000 Japanese and 60,000 Americans. The intensity of the US-Japan war would force the former to drop an atomic bomb in Hiroshima on August 6, 1945 and in Nagasaki three days later. US Bases By February 1945, Osmeña restored the Commonwealth in the Philippines but it was only on July 4, 1946 that the US granted the Philippines its independence, coinciding with the celebration of the Independence Day in America. However, US military bases would remain in the country for the next 45 years. On March 14, 1947, Manila and Washington signed the Treaty of General Relation, which provided the US to construct military bases for a lease period of 99 years. In 1959, the agreement was amended to shorten the lease period until 1991, after which both sides were to renegotiate the contract. When the US sought a ten-year extension of the lease period in 1991, the Philippine Senate, led by Senate President Jovito Salonga, rejected the proposal in a historic casting of vote on September 16, ending US military bases in the country. With newfound freedom in 1946, Filipinos elected Manuel A. Roxas, leader of the Liberal Party and one of the seven members of the Constitutional Convention who drafted the 1935 Constitution, as the first president of the independent republic in April 1946. His presidency was focused on rebuilding the cities and municipalities torn by the war, redistributing lands as wealthy landowners returned to reclaim their estates, and confronting the Hukbalahap, which by this time was tagged as a socialist-communist organization. The economy grew at a rapid pace, immediately after the war. Special Treatment Close economic ties between Manila and Washington continued after the war on the back of agreements providing for preferential tariffs for American exports and special treatment for US investors in the Philippines. In the 1946 Philippine Trade Act, the Americans were granted duty-free access to the Philippine market and special rights to exploit the country's natural resources. Because of the Trade Act, the Philippines suffered a huge trade deficit with the influx of American imports. In 1949, the Philippine government was forced to impose import controls, after getting the consent of Washington. Roxas' two-year presidency ended with his death, following a heart attack while delivering a speech at Clark Air Force Base in Pampanga province in April 1948. Vice president Elpidio Quirino succeeded Roxas as president and defeated Jose P. Laurel to keep his post in the 1949 presidential race. It was during Quirino's term that the Minimum Wage Law was enacted and the Central Bank was established to stabilize the peso and consumer prices. The country's gross national product grew by an average of 7.7 percent annually in the early 1960s, on the back of the double-digit increase in the manufacturing sector. In the 1953 presidential election, Ramon Magsaysay, who had served as defense secretary under the Quirino administration, won by a landslide. The charismatic Magsaysay initiated peace talks with the Hukbalahap, which would later evolve into a communist organization. He became popular for opening the gates of Malacanang Palace to ordinary people. He died in a plane crash on Mount Manunggal in Cebu in March 1957, which to this day remains a mystery to many Filipinos. While the standard of living in the Philippines was below that of the Western World, the country was often cited as the second richest economy in Asia, after Japan in the 1960s. However, ill-advised economic policies, poor governance and rapid population growth in the country would allow other Asian economies such as Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and China not only to catch up with but to leave the Philippines behind in the race towards industrialization. Filipino First Vice President Carlos P. Garcia assumed the country's top government post following the death of Magsaysay. Garcia was known for his First Filipino Policy and Austerity Program, which put the interests of Filipinos ahead those of foreigners. Under his austerity measures, he encouraged temperate spending, which resulted in less imports and more exports. His nationalist policies, however, perpetuated the business interests of the ruling elite in the country and did not encourage local businesses to be competitive. Garcia lost to his vice-president in the 1961 presidential poll. Protectionist policies allowed local manufacturers to control the economy from 1949 to 1962, discouraging them from becoming competitive. Diosdado Macapagal, father of incumbent President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, was the president from 1961 to 1965. Before he became president, he authored the land reform program as a legislator and was vice-president to Garcia. As president, Macapagal began a five-year socio-economic program by removing imports control and liberalizing foreign exchange. It was Macapagal who declared June 12 as the national Independence Day. In 1962, the Macapagal administration began devaluing the peso by half to around 3.90 to the US dollar. Macapagal initiated a shift in investments from the light industries to chemicals, steel and industrial equipment. He was also one of the proponents of the MAPHILINDO, a trade bloc of three South East Asian countries – the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia. This bloc later expanded to what is now the Association of the Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). By 1965, foreign capital was present in nearly a third of the country's capital stock. Martial Law Ferdinand Marcos, the Senate president, defeated Macapagal in the presidential election to become the country's tenth president in November 1965. A close ally of the United States, Marcos launched military campaigns against the insurgents including the communist Hukbalahap and Moro rebels in Mindanao. In August 1967, Manila hosted a summit that led to the creation of the ASEAN. With his reelection in 1969, Marcos had to contend with worsening civil strife. An ideologist named Jose Ma. Sison founded the Communist Party of the Philippines on December 26, 1968. It was during the same year that University of the Philippines Nur Misuari founded the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), the armed wing of Islamic resistance movement. In June 1971, the government convened the Constitutional Convention to amend the Constitution. Ironically, Marcos declared Martial Law on September 21, 1972, following a series of bombings in Metro Manila, He abolished Congress, curtailed freedom of the press, imposed curfews, ordered the arrest of his political enemies, prohibited labour unions, and controlled the economy with the help of his cronies. Although his wife Imelda was credited for building some of the country's finest monuments, she was criticized for personal extravagance, a form of which was maintaining a collection of 3,000 pairs of shoes. Green Revolution The so-called green revolution in the early 1970s, which introduced new farming technologies, enabled the Philippines to export rice to its neighbours. The International Rice Research Institute was established in Los Banos town, Laguna province where Thai, Vietnamese and other Asian researchers trained to develop their own rice production. Thailand would later become the world's largest rice exporter and the Philippines one of the largest rice importers. With the introduction of new farming technologies, the Philippines became heavily dependent on importer fertilizers, which are mostly fuel-based. The increase in world crude oil prices also pushed prices of fertilizers, to the detriment of Filipino farmers trying to adopt the modern technologies. Chinese Tycoons On June 9, 1975, the Marcos administration signed a joint communiqué with Communist China to restore official diplomatic relations. The Communiqué recognized that "there is but one China, of which Taiwan is an integral part. In return, China vowed not to interfere in the internal affairs of the Philippines and refrained from providing any substantial support to the Communist Party of the Philippines, the largest insurgent group in the country. The largest success story in the Philippines actually involved Chinese merchants who left China in pursuit of business opportunities abroad. Unlike rich American investors, Chinese migrants came to the Philippines with little money but large determination that the country's democratic society would help them become rich. True enough, they found goldmine in the Philippines. Today, the richest individuals in the Philippines have Chinese names, including billionaires such as Lucio Tan, Henry Sy, John Gokongwei, and George Ty. Together, they are the largest group of investors in the Philippines and control most of the largest companies in the country. Overseas Workers Under Martial Law, one man other than Marcos would singularly define labour relations in the Philippines and the role of the Filipino workers in the world. Labour Minister Blas Ople, a former journalist, authored the Labor Code on November 1, 1974 and launched the overseas employment program in 1976, which would send young and talented Filipinos who could not find work at home to other countries for dollar-earning jobs. Ople obtained the permission of Marcos to deploy thousands of Filipino workers overseas to meet the growing need of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates for skilled workers and the rising demand for Filipino seamen in flag-of-convenience vessels. Hesitant at first, Marcos later conceded to the proposal, if only to tame the growing militancy building among the hearts of the young and intelligent Filipinos who could not find job opportunities in their own land. The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) and the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) were established to intensify recruitment of Filipino workers. This would make the Philippines the third largest destination of dollar remittances in the world, next to the more populous countries of India and Mexico. The Marcos administration also tried to court foreign investors, by committing guarantees against nationalization and imposing restrictions on trade-union activity. However, the blatant record of human rights abuses by the military under his administration was a big turnoff among foreigners. Under Martial law, the military and the police killed, abused, or arrested at least 10,000 Filipinos, including some of the brightest students and intellectuals. Many had disappeared without a trace. While Marcos lifted martial law on January 17, 1981 in time for the visit of Pope John Paul II to Manila in February, he maintained most of his powers as a dictator. Benigno Aquino, an opposition senator living in asylum in the US, decided to return to Manila in 1983. His death, from assassins' bullets at the tarmac of the Manila International Airport, sparked adverse sentiments against the Marcos administration. Bankruptcy As the economy stagnated under the Marcos administration because of a mix of bad economic policies, corruption and uncontrolled population growth, the government had to resort to foreign borrowing to finance the fiscal deficit. In October 1983, the Central Bank notified its creditors about its plan to default payment on debt amounting to US$24.6 billion. With the growing loss of confidence by the business community, the peso depreciated by as much as 21 percent in 1983. The gross domestic product shrank by 6.8 percent in 1984 and by 3.8 percent in 1985. Emboldened by Marcos' dipping popularity, the opposition gathered around Aquino's widow, Corazon Cojuangco Aquino, who would later challenge Marcos in the 1986 snap presidential election. When Batasang Pambansa (National Assembly) declared Marcos the winner amid allegations of widespread electoral fraud, protesters, buoyed by Manila archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin, trooped to the streets. Following the defection of Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile and Armed Forces vice chief Fidel Ramos from Marcos, protesters began converging along EDSA near Ortigas Avenue, which would culminate in the ouster of Marcos from Malacanang Palace on February 25, 1986. The media called the bloodless uprising as the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution - something that political groups would later thought could be replicated time and again. Democratic Rule After Marcos, his family and his cronies fled from the Philippines, Aquino became president, organized a new government, freed the political prisoners and tried to restore democratic rule in the country. In February 1987, her government approved a new Constitution, which would later be subjected to heated debates over its restrictive provisions on foreign participation in the economy. The 1987 Constitution restored the presidential system of government with a bicameral legislature composed of the Senate and the House of Representatives and an independent judiciary headed by the Supreme Court chief justice. To avoid a replication of Marcos' excesses, the Constitution limited the president's stay in office to one six-year term. It also created the autonomous regions of Muslim Mindanao and Cordillera and put agrarian reform as the cornerstone of the government's plan for social transformation. A renegade faction in the Philippine military launched a series of coup attempts against the Aquino presidency. Perception of political instability dampened economic activities and refrained the economy from matching the large strides taken by its Asian neighbors in the 1980s and 1990s. By this time, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand have overtaken the Philippines in the race towards industrialization. The Arroyo administration, while taking pride of having restored democracy, failed to bring the economy on track towards industrialization, and one of the factors singled out was the president's political inexperience and lack of consistency in pushing for economic reforms. In the 1992 presidential election, Aquino endorsed the candidacy of her chosen successor – Defense Secretary Fidel Ramos. In June 1991, Mount Pinatubo's powerful eruption sent tons of ashes around the planet's atmosphere. Subsequent lava/lahar flow buried several towns in Central Luzon and jolted the economy. The natural tragedy also forced American soldiers at Clark Field and Subic Bay to withdraw from their bases earlier than stipulated. The US turned over to the Philippine government the two bases with total assets amounting to US$1.3 billion. The Philippine government later transformed the two bases into special economic zones. Liberalisation In 1992, Fidel Ramos was elected President. He began his term amid an energy crisis, which plunged the country literally into darkness. This he was able to resolve by inviting foreign investors to take part in the so-called build-operate-transfer (BOT) scheme, where they would serve as independent power producers (IPPs) enjoying a lot of incentives and guaranteed market. While it brought light to Filipino households, the scheme would later translate to high electricity rates. In 1995, the Ramos administration also had to contend with a rice shortage, as a result of low agricultural production and poorly managed importation program. Since then, the government has authorised the National Food Authority (NFA) to import rice at will in order to prepare for any shortage in domestic stock. The Ramos presidency was also responsible for economic reforms such as privatisation of government assets, trade and banking liberalisation and deregulation, which would push annual trade growth at double-digit levels and draw in large-ticket foreign investments. By 1996, the Philippines was described as a newly industrialising economy along with the likes of Thailand and Malaysia. It was also under the Ramos presidency that communism was legalised, and some leftist organisations would later join Congress as partylist groups. The government and the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) headed by Nur Misuari would sign a peace agreement that would establish a peace zone in southern Philippines. However, other militant rebel groups such as the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and Abu Sayyaf would continue waging a war against the government for a Islamic state in the south. What Ramos failed to accomplish is the amendment to the 1987 Constitution to remove the restriction on foreign ownership of land and public utilities, which limits maximum ownership to 40 percent. The opposition party accused him of trying to tinker with the charter to remove the six-year term limit of the president and in the process perpetuate his stay in power. In the end, he had to give up such attempt under the weight of public opinion. Financial Crisis With the outbreak of the Asian financial crisis, the Philippine economy contracted by 0.6 percent in 1998, the same year Joseph Estrada, a popular politician with links to the movie industry, became president. The economy actually grew although at a slower pace at 3.4 percent in 1999 and at 4 percent in 2000 even as the inflation and interest rates began to decline. In comparison, growth reached 5.2 percent under the Ramos presidency in 1997. While Estrada got the backing of Filipino-Chinese businessmen by reducing the problem of kidnapping, he did not get the same support from other "elite" businessmen. Despite appointing top economists, Estrada, a former college dropout, could not convince the "high society" that he could resolve the country's economic woes. Ironically, what brought down the Estrada administration was not his economic policies, seen by many as not substantially different from those of Ramos, but the perception of wide corruption in his administration. In October 2000, a former ally implicated Estrada in illegal gambling payoffs and kickbacks. Reports that he has many wives housed in different mansions also got Estrada indifferent treatment from the Church, which was a force behind the 1986 People's Power Revolution. EDSA 2 In December 2000, the House of Representatives impeached Estrada. The subsequent impeachment trial at the Senate was aborted when senators from the opposition party walked out of the courtroom, triggering street demonstrations reminiscent of the 1986 revolt. Within hours after the walkout, the crowd at EDSA grew into millions of anti-Estrada protesters. When political and military leaders withdrew their support from Estrada, Supreme Court Chief Justice Hilario Davide swore Vice President Gloria Mapacagal Arroyo as the next president on January 20, 2001. Arroyo, a daughter of former President Diosdado Macapagal, came to Malacanang with a promise to clean the government of corrupt officials and bring down the number of poor Filipinos, which represents a third of the total population. In her first year in office, she faced numerous challenges starting with the May 1 rebellion, instigated by the Estrada camp to regain the presidency. The rebellion proved futile, as the highly politicised military and the police remained loyal to Arroyo. She also had to contend with Muslim extremists, who began to target cities in their attacks. Following the terrorist attacks in the US on September 11, 2001, the Philippines was one of the first countries to express support for a US-led international campaign against terrorism. On the economic front, Congress passed the liberalisation of the retail trade sector and the Electric Power Industry Reform Act of 2001, which aims to privatise the state-owned National Power Corporation. The Arroyo administration also promoted business process outsourcing (BPO), information technology, tourism, and mining as key investment areas for foreign companies. Trade with other Asian countries was also given importance in view of the declining trade volume with the United States. Telecommunications One particular industry, which has led economic growth since 2000 is telecommunications, although this proved to be a bane for other industries as Filipinos cut their expenditures on other items to buy mobile phones and pay for monthly network services. By 2005, it is estimated that half of the 85 million Filipinos would have mobile phones, a high penetration rate for a developing market. Because of the global economic slump following the September 11 attacks, the GDP grew by merely 1.8 percent in 2001. Growth reached 4.3 percent in 2002 and 4.7 percent in 2003 even as the Arroyo administration confronted communist and Islamic insurgency problems and a shocking military coup in July 2003. After surviving the coup, Arroyo won the May 2004 presidential election over Estrada's close friend and popular actor Fernando Poe Jr. Economic growth reached 6.1 percent in 2004, the highest in 15 years, although this was negated by high inflation and uncontrolled unemployment rates which were more felt by the poor. Fiscal Deficit Pressed by economists to narrow the burgeoning fiscal deficit, President Arroyo urged Congress to pass a package of tax reform measures aimed at achieving a balanced budget by the end of her term in 2010. Because of a long history of budget deficits, the public debt hit more than 130 percent of the GDP in 2003 and has been rising since then. Different sectors, however, criticised the administration for passing a heavier burden of taxation on the people at a time crude oil prices were hovering at historic high levels and pushing prices of goods and services beyond the capacity of ordinary consumers. By the second half of 2005, there were signs that the fiscal deficit was narrowing, even with the delay in the implementation of the Expanded Value Added Tax (EVAT) law, which raised by 2 percentage points the tax rate on consumer products and services to 12 percent and by 3 percentage points the corporate income tax to 35 percent. The new EVAT law, which was expanded to cover fuel and electricity, took effect on November 1, 2005. New Constitution As the popularity of President Arroyo dipped to the lowest level amid allegations that she bought her way to the presidency in the 2004 presidential elections, she was given an option to correct the loopholes in the political system by amending the 1987 Constitution. She formed a Consultative Commission to recommend charter amendments focusing on lifting all restrictions to foreign investments and paving the way for a shift in the form of government from a presidential, central system into a parliamentary, federal system. Posted by Text Mates at 4:16 PM 0 comments Labels: Economy, History, National, Social Filipino Inventions Solar powered Balut maker The College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology at the University of the Philippines-Los Banos has invented a solar "balut" maker. Engineer Fernando Paras Jr. said the machine, which covers an area of five square meters, is actually an incubator that can process duck eggs into embryonated eggs or balut for 15 to 17 days. Traditionally, balut makers in Pateros have been using electricity for incubation. The new invention is a two-way solar-powered system, with the solar water heater serving as the primary heat source while the photovoltaic cells serve as the auxiliary heat source regulating the temperature inside the incubator. The machine can process up to 4,000 eggs at the same time. This can double the income of farmers. SMS reader for the Blind A group of four engineering students from the De La Salle University invented the SMS reader, a device that allows the blind to read and send text messages. The prototype is composed of a black box with a Braille display that mimics the interface of a mobile phone. A data cable is connected to a slot in the black box. Superkalan Narciso Mosuela of La Union province invented the "superkalan", a novelty stove that can be fired with anything that burns—wood, paper, dried dung and leaves, corn cobs, and coco shells. The body of this stove is made of aluminum alloy, with a cast iron heat intensifier. For his invention, the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) bestowed on Mosuela the "best design award" for Third World country category in 1987. Aside from the superkalan, Mr. Mosuela invented a functional rice thresher and other kitchen gadgets. Anti-cancer cream In November 2005, Filipino inventor Rolando dela Cruz won the gold medal for his "DeBCC" anti-cancer cream at the prestigious International Inventor's Forum in Nuremberg, Germany. The "DeBCC" cream, developed from cashew nuts and other local herbs, was chosen over 1,500 entries as the "most significant invention" of the year. According to Mr. dela Cruz, the cream was a simple answer to basal cell carcinoma (BCC), the most common type of skin cancer worldwide. BCC affects around 800,000 Americans every year, according to the Skin Care Foundation. BCC also affects 500,000 Europeans and 190,000 Australians every year. Mole Remover In 2000, Rolando dela Cruz developed an ingenuous formula that could easily remove deeply grown moles or warts from the skin without leaving marks or hurting the patient. His formula was extracted from cashew nut (Annacardium occidentale), which is common in the Philippines. The formula won for dela Cruz a gold medal in International Invention, Innovation, Industrial Design and Technology Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur in September 2000. In March 1997, dela Cruz established RCC Amazing Touch International Inc., which runs clinics engaged "in a non-surgical removal of warts, moles and other skin growths, giving the skin renewed energy and vitality without painful and costly surgery." Modular Housing System Edgardo Vazquez won a World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) gold medal in 1995 for developing a modular housing system. Such a system called Vazbuilt is reportedly capable of building within weeks a house with prefabricated materials that can withstand typhoons and earthquakes. Ironically, Vasquez is not getting enough support from the Philippine government to propagate his technology, which could help provide shelter to some five million Filipino families without their own homes. Vazquez is the national president of the Filipino Inventors Society. Super Bunker Formula-L In 1996, Rudy Lantano Sr., a scientist from the Philippine Department of Science and Technology (DOST), won the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) gold medal for developing Super Bunker Formula-L, a revolutionary fuel half-composed of water. The mix burns faster and emits pollutants, 95 percent less than those released to the air by traditional fuel products. The inventor said his invention is a result of blending new ingredients and additives with ordinary oil products through agitation and mixing, which is a very safe process. The initial plan was to commercially produce two million liters of Alco-Diesel, two million liters of Lan-Gas and an unlimited quantity of Super Bunker Formula-L each day for customers in Luzon. Natural Gas Vehicle The Department of Energy (DOE) has developed a vehicle that runs on natural gas, whose rich deposits remain untapped under the Philippine seabed. The project's main objective is to look into the potential of natural gas as an alternative fuel to conventional petrol and diesel for the transport sector. The natural gas vehicle (NVG) has been road-tested in Isabela where an existing natural gas supply from the PNOC Gas Plant is located. Test runs have also been made in Cagayan, Ifugao and Mountain Province. The test vehicle used was the Isuzu Hi-Lander 4JA-1, direct injected diesel engine. The use of natural gas as a fuel is cheaper. On a gallon-equivalent basis, natural gas costs an average of 15 to 40 percent less than gasoline and diesel. There are over one million NVGs in the world today, according to the International Association for Natural Gas Vehicles. Lamp Fixing Invention A Filipino inventor has developed a technology, which could revive a busted lamp (pundido) and give it more years of functional life than those of new ones. Acclaimed by the Filipino Inventors Society as timely and revolutionary, the Nutec system can prolong the life of fluorescent lamps up to seven years. Nutec was developed by New World Technology, headed by president Eric Ngo and chosen as the "Product of the Year" at the Worldbex 2000 Building and Construction Exposition held at the Manila Hotel. Engineer Benjamin S. Santos, national president of the Inventors Society, called Nutec a timely invention. "Tubig Talino" The Department of Science and Technology claimed that it has developed "Tubig Talino", an iodine-rich drinking water that treats micronutrient deficiencies responsible for goiter, mental and physical retardation, and birth defects. "Tubig Talino" is actually a mixture of 20 liters of water and 15 ml of "Water Plus + I2". Consumption of five glasses a day of this iodine fortification in drinking water is expected to provide 120 micrograms of iodine, which meets 100 percent of the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of a male adult. Feminine Hygiene Product Inventor Dr. Virgilio Malang won a gold medal for his invention "Psidium Guajava Effervescing Gynecological Insert", a silver medal for his "Patient Side-Turning Hospital Bed", and three bonze medals for his inventions "external vaginal cleanser", "light refracting earpick", and "broom's way of hanging" at the Seoul International Fair in held South Korea in December 2002. There were 385 inventions from 30 countries that joined the competitions. Patis Contrary to popular belief, there was no fish sauce or Patis yet during the Spanish occupation. Patis began to become a part of most Filipinos' diet only after the Japanese occupation. Here is an account of how an enterprising lady discovered the fermentation of Patis. Immediately after the war, the family of Ruperta David or Aling Tentay started a dried fish business. One day, Aling Tentay stored in jars some salted fish that turned into fragments even before they dried. While in jars, the fish fragments turned into a liquid substance that tasted like our Patis today. Thus the beginning of the thriving Patis business of Aling Tentay, which was officially registered in 1949 and is known today as Tentay Food and Sauces Inc. (Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer) A Showcase of Ingenuity Nothing perhaps has been associated with Filipino technology as much as the country's pride - jeepney. The word "jeep" evolved from the military designation, general-purpose or G.P., of a light vehicle first used by the Americans in World War II. Developed by the U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps, this vehicle was powered by a four-cylinder engine and was classified as a quarter-ton truck in carrying capacity. It had served as a command vehicle, reconnaissance car, and ammunition carrier. The American soldiers brought these vehicles to the Philippines in the 1940s. After the war, these vehicles were left by the Americans and converted by the Filipinos into public utility vehicles. Employing artistic and indigenous designs, the Filipinos came up with a longer, well-decorated, techni-colored and sleeker vehicle, which they later called jeepney. From the standard military jeep, the body was extended to accommodate between 20 to 30 passengers. Modern jeepneys now sport very colorful and intricate paintings, fancy adornments, and metallic decors reflective of Filipino sentiments, values, and culture. The town of Las Pinas has been recognized as the jeepney-producing center in the country. Today, public utility jeepneys or PUJs serve as the primary means of transportation in most provinces. For this, the Philippines came to be known as the "land of the jeepneys".
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The Dylan Hotel at SFO Home | The Dylan at SFO The Dylan at SFO boutique hotel, in #Millbrae, California, is 1 mile or 1.5 kilometers away from the San Francisco International airport. They Dylan at SFO boutique hotell has a free SFO Airport Shuttle bus. Upon guests’ arrival into #SanFrancisco and the #SFO area, The Dylan offers a free SFO Airport shuttle bus from the San Francisco International Airport. The free SFO airport shuttle bus also drops guests off at the San Francisco International Airport for their departure out of San Francisco and the SFO area. The free SFO shuttle bus picks up and drops off at The San Francisco International Airport’s Domestic and International terminals. The Dylan at SFO boutique hotel’s free SFO shuttle bus to and from the San Francisco International Airport phone number and other information is located on The Dylan at SFO boutique hotel’s website, as well as the SFO area hotell board inside of the San Francisco International Airport. The San Francisco International airport employees should be able to assist you with finding The Dillon at SFO boutique hotel’s free SFO airport shuttle. The Dillon at SFO boutique hotel’s free SFO airport shuttle will make your arrival into San Francisco is very convenient so that you can be on your way to a tradeshow or convention in San Francisco’s #Moscone center, or enjoying the many sights of San Francisco or Silicon Valley. Park, sleep and fly packages are available at The Dylan Hotel at SFO As well as Park, Say and Fly packages. The Dylan Hotel has Park n Fly packages for guests flying out of San Francisco International (SFO) airport on United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Southwest airlines, Virgin, #Lufthansa. After parking their car, guests can take the SFO airport shuttle, Millbrae BART or #Uber to the San Francisco International Airport. The Dylan at SFO boutique hotel is the only Millbrae & SFO Airport area hotel located next to the Millbrae BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) Subway train and Millbrae Cal train station directly to San Francisco and the Silicon Valley. The Millbrae BART Subway train drops you off at all of the San Francisco BART Subway train stations including San Francisco’s Powell Station and San Francisco’s Embarcadero Station. Some of the San Francisco tourist spots that are accessible by riding the Millbrae BART Subway train include San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco’s Lombard street, San Francisco’s, Pier 39 and Fisherman’s wharf. @BART For business travelers traveling to San Francisco or attending a conference at the San Francisco Moscone Center take Millbrae BART to Montgomery BART station for the San Francisco Financial District or to Powell BART for the San Francisco Moscone Conference center. From The Dillon walk 3 minutes to the Millbrae CalTrain station and take the train directly to Stanford University in Palo Alto. Levi Stadium home of the #49ers is easily accessible using #Caltrain; 300 yards from The Dylan boutique hotel: Board at the Millbrae Caltrain station to the Mountain View Caltrain station; take the #VTA electric rail to Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. The San Mateo Expo Center is a 10 minute Cal Train ride from The Dylan Hotel at SFO and a 10 minute walk from the Hayward Park Train Station. Walk 300 yards from The Dylan at SFO hotel to the Millbrae Cal Train station and take it to Hayward Park Cal Train station and walk to the #SanMateoExpo Center. #youtube headquarters are a 10 minute #uber ride away or take #caltrain to the San Bruno station and uber from there. #caltrain to Chase Park home of the San Francisco Giants Baseball team. #mlbgiants #sfgiants @sfgiants The Dylan at SFO boutique hotel offers a free Breakfast. The Dylan at SFO boutique hotell’s free continental breakfast offers some free breakfast options at 4am for travels who have early flights out of the San Francisco International airport and are waiting for the free SFO airport shuttle bus. The Dylan at SFO Boutique hotel offers the full free breakfast at 6 am. The Dylan at SFO boutique hotel''s free breakfast is delicious and features freshly baked goods that are baked inside of The Dylan at SFO Boutique hotel. Many guests rave about The Dylan at SFO boutique hotel''s free breakfast because the free breakfast option that are offered at The Dylan at SFO boutiqe hotel are top notch. Have some free brakfast and relax before you catch your tour of San Francisco or conference at the Moscone Event Center. Free coffee, tea and free freshly baked cookies are available in the afternoon when the free deluxe continental breakfast is no longer available for the day. The owners of The Dylan at SFO boutique hotel in Millbrae know that it’s extremely important to stay connected while you enjoy your San Francisco vacation, so they have provided guests with free high speed internet wireless internet. The Dylan at SFO boutique hotel’s free wifi is extremely fast and offers guests a reliable wifi connection. The free wifi is located in each guestroom. Free wifi can also be obtained in all other public areas of The Dylan at SFO boutique hotel. The Dylan at SFO boutique hotel’s free wireless internet is password protected. The Dylan at SFO boutique hotel is a newly remodeled boutique hotel in the San Francisco Bay Area and features artwork from famous surrealist artist Thomas Barbey. The Dylan at SFO boutique hotel is the only hotel in the world to feature Thomas Barbey’s artwork. Many of Thomas Barbey’s pieces that The Dylan at SFO boutique hotel feature incorporate scenes of San Francisco. San Francisco’s Transamerica Builing, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco’s Cable cars are some of the San Francisco relics you may spot in Thomas Barbey’s San Francisco themed art at The Dylan at SFO boutique hotel. The Dylan at SFO boutique hotel guests have accommodations close to San Francisco. A guest can visit one of the many neighborhoods including, San Francisco''s Mission district where you can visit San Francisco''s Dolores Park, a popular park in San Francisco''s mission district that offers relaxation. San Francisco''s Daboce Park is another beautiful park nestled in San Francisco''s Mission District. San Fran''s Mission district is home to many famous murals done by Diego Rivera. San Francisco''s Mission district also has art galleries that feature the artwork of San Francisco Bay Area Artists. San Francisco''s Mission Dolores is the oldest mission in Kalifornia and is great to visit for a dose of San Francisco history. San Francisco''s Mission district is home to some of San Francisco''s best restaurants featuring latin and California cuisine. Valencia Street in San Francisco is great street to find some of the man San Francisco restaurants that people from all over come to San Francisco to visit. San Francisco''s Marina District offers a more posh experience in San Francisco. Many San Francisco locals come to the Marina to enjoy Kalifornia cuisine at one of the famous San Francisco restaurants located in the Marina District in San Francisco. After enjoying a delicious Frisco brunch in San Francisco''s Marina District, you can walk to Fort Mason in San Francisco to see the sail boats on the San Francisco Bay. Take a walk over to San Francisco''s Palace of Fine Arts and then visit the beautiful Golden Gate bridge, a symbol of San Francisco. The Golden Gate Bridge is a top tourist destination in Frisco. You can walk across the Golden Gate Bridge or take photos of the Golden Gate Bridge peeking out from behind the famous San Francisco fog. San Francisco''s #GoldenGateBridge offers spectacular Photo opportunities. You can take a bus to The San Francisco Marina District and to the Golden Gate Bridge. There are San francisco tour option which can be booked through The Dylan at SFO boutique Hotell that will drive you across San Francisco''s Golden Gate Bridge. One can not miss San Francisco''s Golden Gate Bridge when they are visiting San Francisco. Arranging for accommodations at The Dilon at SFO hotell will make it easy to travel on the Millbrae BART Subway to visit The San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. Don''t forget to buy a San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge souvenir! San Francisco''s Golden Gate Park, Located next to San francisco''s Golden Gate Bridge offers art and science lovers a place in San Francisco to frolic. Many of San Francisco''s museums are located in San Francisco''s Golden Gate Park. San Francisco''s #deYoung Museum and San Francisco''s California Academy of Science are very popular in San Francisco. San Francisco''s Golden Gate Park has a gorgeous Japanese Tea Garden. Also located in San Francisco''s Golden Gate Park is The botanical Gardens of San Francisco and the San Francisco Conservatory of flowers. Keep a look out for San Francisco''s Bison that are located in San Francisco''s Golden Gate Park as well. San Francisco offers a special Golden Gate Park bus that will shuttle San francisco Golden Gate Park visitors all around San Francisco''s Golden Gate Park. Access to San Francisco''s Golden Gate Park is quick and easy when staying at The Dylan at SFO Boutique Hotel. The Millbrae BART and a short bus ride will take you to San Francisco''s Golden Gate Park. When you make accomodations at The Dylan at SFO Boutique Hotell, you will be a short Millbray BART Subway ride away from the crooked street Lombard in Frisco. San Francisco''s crooked street lombard is the crookedest street in the world and a must see and walk when in San Francisco. San Francisco''s crooked street Lombard is a beautiful twisty street with colorful flowers. San Francisco''s crookedest street lombard is a nice crooked street to walk on a sunny San Francisco Day. For a fun San Francisco experience, take San Francisco''s Powell Hyde cable car. San Francisco''s Powell Hyde cable car will take you right to San Francisco''s crooked street Lombard. Aside from walking San Francisco''s famous crooked street lombard, you can enjoy the famous San Francisco Bay view with the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge from San francisco''s Powell Hyde cable car. You will get amazing photos of San Francisco and The San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge while riding San Francisco''s Powell Hyde cable car. Don''t forget to also watch the San Francisco cable cars turn around at the san francisco cable car turn around point On San Francisco''s Market Street, by Union Square in San Francisco. San Francisco''s cable cars are the only moving national monument and offer an authentic San Francisco experience. Making accommodations at The Dylan at SFO Boutique hotel allows you to be close to the Moscone Event Center in San Francisco. The San Francisco Moscone Event Center in a large conference center in San Francusco. San Francisco recently approved plans to expand San Francisco''s Moscone Event Center, so that San Francisco can host massive conferences at San Francisco''s Moscone Event Center. Dreamforce comes to the San Francisco Moscone Event Center every year in October. #Dreamforce is Salesforce''s huge event at the San Francisco Moscone Event Center. Dreamforce brings together the greatest minds in the tech industry and Silicon Valley in one place, the San Francisco Moscone event center. Dreamforce goes on for a few days at the San Francisco Moscone Event Center. Dreamforce features daily entertainment at the San Francisco Moscone Event Center. This year Bruno Mars is playing at the San Francisco Moscone Center for Dreamforce. Aside from Dreamforce at The San Francisco Moscone Event Center, Oracle Openworld also comes to the San Francisco Moscone Event Center every year. Like Dreamforce, Oracle Opeworld lasts for a few days in San Francisco''s Moscone Event Center. Like Dreamforce, Oracle #Openworld brings together the brightest minds in the tech industry and the Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Moscone Event Center. Like Dreamforce, Oracle Openworld features nightly entertainment at the San Francisco Moscone Event Center. Dreamforce and Oracle Openworld at the San Francisco Moscone Event Center are accessible from The Dylan at SFO Boutique Hotel via The Millbrae BART Subway train. Dreamforce and Oracle Openworld at the San Francisco Moscone Event Center are huge events, so plan ahead to make accommodations at The Dylan at SFO Boutique Hotel. San Bruno and YouTube are 3 miles away from The Dylan Hotel at SFO. San Bruno is the next city north of Millbrae and the San Francisco Airport. #salesforce #okta #youtube @youtube #uber @uber
Cottonwood Canyons Realty -- Real Estate Opportunities at Snowbird, Alta, Little Cottonwood Canyons -- Utah Cottonwood Canyons Realty is the exclusive real estate agent for a large assortment of properties at Snowbird, Alta and Solitude ski resorts.
Welcome to the Retirement Net - Retirement Communities and Homes | is the best site to find and view 55+ communities, active adult communities and retirement communities and homes, from golf course communities, to manufactured homes communities, RV and rental communities. Also search for the finest Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care and Continuing Care is the best and largest site to find active adult communities and retirement homes. All types of community living from golf course communities to manufactured homes communities to large selection of senior care and assisted living facilities can be located.
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LAUMC Los Altos UMC is a family friendly church in the Bay Area of California. We are a reconciling church that welcomes all people. We are a large that feels like home.
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7517 N Moonlight Way, PARADISE VALLEY, AZ 85253 | Rela This spectacular mountainside estate is impeccably constructed from floor to ceiling, flawlessly combining exquisite modern elements, symmetrical lines and unique artistic impression, all of which fully embrace the unparalleled views that continue as far as the eyes can see. Each room is loaded with inspired elegance from the stunning gourmet kitchen to the magnificent master retreat. The open floor plan offers endless large scale entertaining opportunities, while quaint enough to easily accommodate intimate family gatherings. With gorgeous walls of windows, the private hilltop setting is so exceptional it will take your breath away. The extraordinary architecture, designed by the highly acclaimed, award winning architect, Gordon Rogers, perfectly captures the limitless city lights and divine southwest landscape from every vantage point and one can only dream of savoring the sunsets by the breathtaking infinity edge pool as the numerous fire features illuminate the ethereal atmosphere. Tasteful extravagance, superb taste, and quality finishes create an ambience so serene and so pure, pride of ownership will certainly overflow from anyone lucky enough to reside here!
A Warm Welcome Awaits Visitors | Darlton Gliding Club DGC’s 1.4 km grass airstrip is complete with 2 hangars, maintenance shop, large clubhouse – these facilities offer year-round flying opportunities for all.
Home Page Keith provides knowledge and courteous Christian service combined with a love for fishing to make your trip a memorable one. Bring your family, church group, business customers, or friends for an adventure you won''t soon forget. Lake West Point is within easy driving distance of Atlanta, Newnan, Columbus, Auburn, Opelika. The Chattahoochee River offers new opportunities for more advanced anglers, such as fly fishing, stripers ,hybrid bass & shoal bass and our custom aluminum center console opens the door to those places.Keith Hudson''s Lake West Point guide service offers artificial or live bait guided fishing trips on West Point and other surrounding lakes and rivers. We offer more choices than most other guides. Four different boats are available including two center console boats, an aluminum jet drive boat and a fully tournament rigged bass boat. We have over 20 years experience and enthusiasm.My website boasts the most recent infomation and Lake West Point fishing report.
Business for sale Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast Business brokers representing hundreds of businesses for sale in Australia, with offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne & Gold Coast.
778 Idlehour Lane | deasypennerpodley Serious about perfection? This timeless contemporary invites the visitor to experience its Zen-like calm as well as its playful personality. Relax or entertain on one of multiple decks and take in the sweeping mountain views and valley vistas. Modern updates include a sleek chef’s kitchen with granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and custom European beech wood cabinets. In addition to the kitchen, living and dining rooms, the main level consists of two bedrooms and one and three-fourths baths. The master bedroom, set on the middle level, boasts a large walk-in closet with built-in vanity and en-suite bath complete with soaking tub and fireplace. The lower level is an added bonus and can used in a variety of ways (guest room/gym/office). The yard is easy-care and private with a tile patio nestled under a canopy of green. A separate studio presents opportunities for many uses. This is a turnkey property with all the bells and whistles!
Flyfishing in Bosnia Flyfishing in Bosnia - Regardless if you want to fish small streams, medium and large size rivers, Bosnia provides you with excellent fly fishing opportunities, mainly for wild fish. You can expect to catch huge grayling, beautiful trophy size brown trout, large rainbows and of course, the biggest attraction to all fly fishermen, the Danube Salmon (HUCHO HUCHO). Please visit the “Rivers” section to get more details about the waters