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American Society of Plastic Surgeons Get information on plastic surgery procedures, view before and after photos, read about the latest trends and find board-certified plastic surgeons in your area.
eCM - eCells & Materials Conferences - Open Scientific Discussion European Cells & Materials Conferences, official societies AOCMF, AOTrauma, European Orthopaedic Research Society (EORS), Swiss Society for Biomaterials (SSB) and Tissue & Cell Engineering Society (TCES)
Eyetube: Ophthalmic Surgical Video Resource Discover the largest ophthalmic surgical video library of narrated, physician-created content on cataract, cornea, retina, glaucoma, and refractive procedures.
Best Luxury Spa KL Bangsar Malaysia | Ozmosis Health & Day Spa Best Luxury Spa KL Bangsar Malaysia | Ozmosis Health & Day Spa- an oasis of serenity for those seeking to replenish their body, mind and soul while indulge in a
Brighton Saint Augustine's Events Centre St Augustines Centre in Brighton is a home for the Arts, Wellbeing & spiritual sectors
Welcome to Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Centre | Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation We are a quality-driven multi-disciplinary rehabilitation company that has been serving residents of Barrie and the surrounding areas 30 years!
Cytology and Genetics - Scientific Journal on cell biology, biotechnology and genetic engineering Journal Cytology and Genetics publishes articles on human, animal, plant, clinical, molecular, population and ecological genetics, bioinformatics, cytologenetics, cell biology, biotechnology and genetic engineering. Publications are addressed to experts in the fields of science, agriculture, medicine, education and industry, to researchers, professors and PhD students. Journal was founded in 1966.
International Journal of Blood Transfusion and Immunohematology (IJBTI) International Journal of Blood Transfusion and Immunohematology (IJBTI) is an international, monthly, open access, online journal, publishing high-quality, peer reviewed articles in the fields of transfusion sciences and immunohematology.
: NCRM : : Nichi-In Centre for Regenerative Medicine(NCRM), Chennai, India An Indo-Japan venture on stem cell therapeutics tissue engineering,FEAT,Fujio-Eiji Academic Terrain, stem cells PhD, TPRM courses FEAT
Equine, Canine, Veterinary, Cold Laser, Soft Laser, Laser Therapy - SpectraVET Therapeutic Lasers - HOME SpectraVET manufactures professional & home-use therapeutic laser equipment for equine & canine performance sports, small & large animal rehabilitation, animal physiotherapy & companion animal therapies
Australian Knee Clinic provides informations for treatment, reconstruction and rehab programs of knee injuries, sport injuries, harmstring injuries and other related knee problem. This site explores all problems associated with the knee joint; the knee articular cartilage, the knee meniscii, the knee ligaments, knee arthritis, knee cartilage, knee patella problems, knee replacement, paediartic knee problems, knee injury in sports, knee injury at work, knee synovial disease, anterior cruciate ligament, and all conditions related to the knee.
Katoomba Natural Therapies Katoomba Natural Therapies has a professional team of practitioners dedicated to providing personalised service in a holistic and caring environment
Tinley Park, IL based Massage Therapy Spa and Therapists includes Sports, Deep, Swedish to minimize pain. Couples Massage are performed, too. Combination foot massage is offered in Tinley Park , IL and Orland Park, IL area Massage Spa in Tinley Park, IL specialized in Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Swedish. Massage therapy with therapists here 7 days a week. Specializing in Asian methods to reduce pain for muscle and sports injuries as well. Serves Orland Park, Tinley Park, and Palos area
Spokane Massage - Massage Therapy ~ Reiki ~ Meditation Spokane Massage offers a variety of massage therapy and wellness services including deep tissue massage, hot stone, myofascial release, craniosacral, Reiki, meditation, and mindfulness.
Pain in the Neck | notes from a neck pain clinic I heard some wonderful opening lines waft through the thin cubicle curtains (as if privacy were just a visual thing) in my time as an NHS physiotherapist, but nothing beats the pain of 'Shall we share a story?' - an intrusive frown to boot I bet - delivered by an eager early adopter of the psychosocial aspects of our work, back in the late nineties. But where and how should we begin our sessions - and does it matter? Is it possible that the first words of the session carry greater import than we care to acknowledge? And do our initial muttered utterances have implications for the trajectory of the entire 'therapy'? Roberts and Langridge (2018) have recently noted that surprisingly little attention has been given in the literature on how 'best' to open the clinical encounter, but one study does at least shed some light on the variety and preferred 'openings' that physiotherapists use. Chester et al (2014) audio-recorded 42 initial consultations (and 17 first follow-up encounters - but we won't be discussing those here, interesting though they are) between qualified physiotherapists and individuals with back pain, in an adult musculoskeletal, primary care outpatient setting. Eleven different opening questions were identified which were then used to determine clinicians' preferences in a national survey from a broad range of physiotherapy professional networks (Sports Medicine, Orthopaedics, Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy, and Pain Management). A selection of the openings used by physiotherapists from Chester et al (2014). The preferred opening question for an initial encounter among the physiotherapists who responded was: 'Do you want to just tell me a little bit about your problem first of all?' Although the survey response in this study was small, the paper apparently generated much debate. I don't know about you but some of these opening phrases sit rather awkwardly with me: talk of a 'bit of a chat' and 'a little bit about your problem' are hardly suggestive of a forthcoming expansive discussion. Personally, I tend towards usually opening with a 'so what's the story?' and then sitting in silence until the narrative has run dry, before engaging with the conversation. Doctor and writer John Launer has also discussed openings in his wonderful book 'Narrative-Based Practice in Health and Social Care' (2018). He suggests there is no reason to avoid one of the conventional questions, such as 'How can I help you?' but does counsel against the use of formulations such as 'What's the problem?' arguing that this 'already closes down possibilities - for example there may not be a problem or there may be several'. He also notes that trained mentors and coaches often start meetings with the question: 'What are you hoping to get out of our conversation today?' Asking this can save a lot of time that might otherwise be spent barking up the wrong tree, and the answer is often quite unexpected, he notes (Launer 2014). In another fascinating piece - 'The Three Second Consultation' - Launer (2009) spends over an hour reviewing the first three seconds of a recorded consultation - concluding that the best conversations, whether social or professional, are unconstrained by any prior expectations of where they ought to go. Rita Charon - in her book 'Narrative Based Medicine' - describes using 'tell me what you think I should know about your situation' followed by 'a commitment to listen and not to write or speak'. Charon describes how foregoing the urge to order the narrative leads to her absorbing what is being said without ' deranging the narratives into my own form of story.' She describes listening 'as hard as I can.' Indeed Charon cites work suggesting that warmth and intimacy between clinician and patient tend not to build over time, but achieve whatever level they will achieve at the first meeting. And what do we do after the initial response to our opener? According to Roberts & Langridge (2018) physiotherapists interrupt the patient whilst they are answering the opening question in 60% of cases! Marvel et al (1999) found nearly half of patients were interrupted whilst describing their problem and - wait for it - patients were given on average just 23.1 seconds to describe their problem before being interrupted. But how long does it take a person to describe their problem? Langewitz et al. (2002) reported that people will take on average 92 seconds to explain their problem in an outpatient setting (if they are not interrupted!). Peter O'Sullivan has discussed the benefits of staying silent after his initial opener of 'tell me your story'. He says 'everyone who comes to me has a story. Usually in that first minute you'll hear something really important about their story - if you just don't say anything - and that will lead you down a path.' (Pain Reframed Podcast 2017). So, whatever opener you decide upon - hush and hold thy tongue dear clinician and LISTEN AS HARD AS YOU CAN! References Charon, R 2006 Narrative Medicine: Honoring the Stories of Illness Chester, E.C., Robinson, N.C., Roberts, L.C., 2014. Opening clinical encounters in an adult musculoskeletal setting. Man Ther, 19, 306-10 Langewitz, W., Denz, M., Keller, A., Kiss, A., Rütimann, S., Wössmer, B., 2002. Spontaneous talking time at start of consultation in outpatient clinic: cohort study. , 325 (7366), 682-3. Launer J (2009) 'The Three Second Consultation' Postgrad Med J 2009;85:560 Launer J (2014)'Good Questions' Postgrad Med J 2014;90:121–122 Marvel, M.K., Epstein, R.M., Flowers, K., Beckmanm H.B., 1999. Soliciting the patient's agenda: have we improved? JAMA., 281 (3), 283-7. Pain Reframed Podcast 'Caring Deeply and Dropping Your Ego' Dr. Tim Flynn and Dr. Jeff Moore with Dr. Peter O'Sullivan Roberts, L. and Langridge, N. (2018) Principles of communication and its application to clinical reasoning. In, Petty, N.J. and Barnard, K.(eds.) Principles of musculoskeletal treatment and management: a handbook for therapists: a handbook for therapists. (Physiotherapy Essentials) 3rd ed. Edinburgh. Elsevier, pp. 209-233. If you are interested in learning more about Narrative-Based Practice in Health Care, John Launer and colleagues are running a three day workshop at the University of Hertfordshire, UK in Summer 2019. Further details here: Conversations Inviting Change
Best Luxury Spa KLCC Bangsar Kuala Lumpur (KL) Malaysia | Ozmosis Health & Day Spa Pamper Yourself with Award Winning Spa Experience at a sanctuary of serene relaxation-Ascott KLCC, Bangsar or Fraser Residence Kuala Lumpur (KL) Malaysia |
Massage Therapy Yoga Classes Vinyasa Deep Tissue Jessa Munion Coach – rock-steady-studio Rocksteady Bodyworks offer deep tissue massage therapy, structural integration based yoga classes, personal development and coaching, yoga teacher trainings
Burst Biologics Home | Harnessing the Power of Biology Burst Biologics is a biotech company with four suites of groundbreaking regenerative medicine products derived from umbilical cord blood, bone, and tissue.
Parcus Medical LLC At Parcus Medical our mission is to create innovative surgical product solutions that allow our healthcare partners to provide patient care without compromise.
Phenomenal Rehabilitation - Visit 1 of our 5 locations Our highly trained Physical Therapists utilize evidence-based practice to provide you with care that is second to none. Visit one of our 5 locations.
Nick Castle Osteopathy & Sports Medicine Clinics in Chelsea SW5 SW7 & Fulham SW Nick Castle Osteopathy & Sports Medicine Clinics. We cover Fulham Broadway, Parsons Green, Putney Bridge, Craven Cottage, Stamford Bridge. We treat Sports Injuries, Postural Pain & Dysfunction, Overuse/Work-Related Injuries, Back and Neck Pain ,Soft Tissue Lesions, Fractures, Post-Operative , Arthritis
Training Institute for Regenerative Medicine Training Institute for Regenerative Medicine (TIRM) hosts CME acredited courses focused on the use of regenerative medicine through a diverse applications.
Wellforce Integrated Medicine Service| Complementary therapy Sheffield|room hire|homeopathy| counselling| acupuncture| massage | Wellforce Wellforce offers homeopathy, counselling, acupuncture and a comprehensive range of other complementary therapies and massage in Sheffield. Our team of fully trained, qualified and experienced complementary medicine therapists are committed to providing you with the best treatment for your health and wellbeing. We also offer treatment rooms to hire if you work elsewhere and wish to see clients based in South Yorkshire.
eCM - eCells & Materials Conferences - Open Scientific Discussion European Cells & Materials Conferences, official societies AOCMF, AOTrauma, European Orthopaedic Research Society (EORS), Swiss Society for Biomaterials (SSB) and Tissue & Cell Engineering Society (TCES)
LLS ROWIAK LaserLabSolutions GmbH: Home LLS ROWIAK LaserLabSolutions designs and manufactures femtosecond laser systems. The products are devices for contact-free cutting of biological tissue and various materials and instruments for precise non-invasive manipulation of cells in Life and Material Sciences.
Home - Zen Japanese Massage Hi! I''m Jack, a Tokyo trained, licensed and qualified massage therapist and physiotherapist. Wanting to share my authentic massage techniques with Australians, I am now also the proud owner of Zen Japanese Massage, Sydney''s premier Japanese massage experience. As a firm believer in the power of manual therapy, our aim here at Zen Japanese Massage is to rectify your physical ailments with the use of hands on techniques, which as studies show, can evaluate your individual condition unlike machine operated physio devices. Due to that fact, remedial massage can help tailor make the most suitable short term or long term treatment specifically for you. With that in mind, we choose to hire only the most skilful therapists based on the quality of their work as Zen understands our clientele desire more than a fleeting ''moment of relief''; they genuinely crave alleviation of pain. In true accordance with our strict Japanese traditions, we call for nothing short of perfection. To support that claim, our team of therapists are all extremely professional, having worked as professional massage therapists in Australia and Japan for a combined total of 53 years experience. Striving to stay ahead of competitors and wanting to continually improve the quality of our own massages, we here at Zen are always eager to achieve higher techniques and better solutions for you. Thank you. We very much look forward to helping you find the physical peace you deserve.
KALMB BIIOTECH Keeping in view that trees provide food, shelter, medicine, fuel and wood our culture promotes the idea of producing, planting, protecting and donating trees to the society. Conserving a tree is a pious action.
Serving the Danville, San Ramon, Alamo, Walnut Creek, Bay Area specializing in massage therapy and stress reduction relaxation techniques. Services include complimentary alternative medicine, mental health services through therapeutic massage therapy, hot stones massage, massage bodywork, spa pampering, Reiki energy healing, hypnotherapy, hypnosis, emotional freedom techniques, EFT tapping, meditation and mindfulness.
e''lite Massage Therapy * (515) 222-0555 * Des Moines, IA e''lite Massage Therapy Home Page. Located in Des Moines, Iowa. Providing Professional Massage Therapy since 1938.
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The Body Mind Clinic - Massage Therapy Parkdale, Queen West Body Mind Clinic - West Queen West, Parkdale RMT, Massage Therapy Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Lymphedema Therapy, Manual Lymph Drainage, Naturopathic Doctor, Holistic medicine. Book your appointment now! 358 Dufferin Street suite 111, M6K1Z8 Radiator Building
MIMETAS Organ-on-a-Chip MIMETAS - The Organ-on-a-Chip Company offers OrganoPlates and develops human tissue and disease models for tomorrow’s medicines, chemicals and food.
Hyperbaric Oxygen and Wound Care at MemorialCare - Long Beach Medical Center, Long Beach California Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at MemorialCare, Long Beach Medical Center - Long Beach, California - Serving The Los Angeles County and Orange County Area
Home Page - Ariel Dynamics Ariel Dynamics, Inc. is a leading innovator and service provider in the fields of Athletics, Biomechanics, and Sports and Rehabilitative Medicine. It performs individual motion analysis studies, known as the Ariel Performance Analysis System (APAS), and manufactures computerized exercise equipment, known as Ariel Computerized Exercise System (ACES). Both products are in use at NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), the United States Air Force, and various universities, sports clinics, and professional athletic training facilities throughout the world.
Orthopedic Excellence In Foot Care :: Delhi Foot Delhi Foot, the one and 1st of its kind orthopedic center in India with high intentions and specialization for treating all kinds of foot and ankle ailments. With a dedicated team of orthopedician, diabetologist, physiotherapists and nutritionist, our motto is to give qualityservices all under one roof.
Digilab; Precision towards Perfection Home Digilab provides imaginative, value-adding solutions for scientific discovery in Life Science, Analytical Chemistry and Diagnostic markets.
African Journal of Laboratory Medicine The African Journal of Laboratory Medicine focuses on the role of the laboratory and its professionals in the clinical and public healthcare sectors, and is specifically based on an African frame of reference.
Natural Balance Massage - Spa - Brooklyn, NY Natural Balance Massage located in Brooklyn, NY, USA - Spa Wellness Center. We specialize in Massage, Body Care, Skin Care, Holistic Health.
55 Welcome to Regenerative Medicine web site, News of regenerative medicine research and therapies as reviewed by the experts at the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine
The London College of Osteopathic Medicine and The Osteopathic Association Clinic. The London College of Osteopathic Medicine and The Osteopathic Association Clinic. Training medically qualified doctors to become Osteopaths. Osteopathic clinics available to help relieve pain and injury.
Thai Stretching Combination, The Ultimate treatment of Thai Massage And Deep tissue Best in D.C. Thai Massage in DC, Thai Stretching Combination The Ultimate treatment of Thai Massage And Deep tissue (Best in NW D.C.), DC Thai massage, Thai treatments, Dupont Thai massage, Thai combination massage, Thai-Swedish massage, Thai-Deep tissuse massage, foot and hand massage. sabaithaiyoga
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Active Release Techniques: Carpal Tunnel Treatment, Sports Injuries, Soft Tissue Treatment, Headache Relief, Occupational Health, Industrial Injury Prevention via patented ART®methods
Thyroid and Hormonal Information | | Bestselling Books | Coaching | Articles from Mary Shomon Thyroid and hormonal health information, conventional and alternative medicine approaches, covering hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, thyroid cancer, diabetes, adrenal health, prediabetes, nodules, goiter, and drugs like Synthroid, Armour, Cytomel, weight loss, diet, metabolism problems, and autoimmune diseases, including free monthly email news reports, info on the bestselling books The Thyroid Diet, Living Well With Hypothyroidism, Living Well With Autoimmune Disease, and more, from Mary Shomon
Sağlıklı Beslenme ve Hareketli Hayat Dairesi Başkanlığı Halk Sağlığı Genel Müdürlüğü, Aile Hekimliği, Birinci Basamak Sağlık Kuruluşları, Bulaşıcı Hastalıklar, Bulaşıcı Olmayan hastalıklar, Laboratuvarlar
Maria Konovalenko | aging, anti aging, neuroscience, regeneration, longevity, cell therapy, gerontology, geriatrics, life extension, stem cell therapy, tissue engineering, telomerase, aging population, regenerative medicine, telomere, aging process, brasto, telomeres, gerontological, healthy aging, research on aging, SIRT1, stem cell articles, anti aging medicine, transhumanism, transhumanists, diet restriction, successful aging, aging and longevity, sirtuins, stem cells regenerative medicine, transhuman, telomerase activity, anti aging research, telomere length, telomeres aging, what is anti aging, human genome research, telomeres and aging, fight aging, longevity anti aging, longevity now, anti aging program, anti aging news, anti aging techniques, reverse the aging process, telomerase and aging, experimental gerontology, mechanisms of aging, negligible senescence, anti aging studies, biogerontology, gerontology articles, life extension research, anti aging process, lifespan extension, telomere research, immortalism, radical life extension, systems biology of aging, telomerase anti aging aging, anti aging, neuroscience, regeneration, longevity, cell therapy, gerontology, geriatrics, life extension, stem cell therapy, tissue engineering, telomerase, aging population, regenerative medicine, telomere, aging process, brasto, telomeres, gerontological, healthy aging, research on aging, SIRT1, stem cell articles, anti aging medicine, transhumanism, transhumanists, diet restriction, successful aging, aging and longevity, sirtuins, stem cells regenerative medicine, transhuman, telomerase activity, anti aging research, telomere length, telomeres aging, what is anti aging, human genome research, telomeres and aging, fight aging, longevity anti aging, longevity now, anti aging program, anti aging news, anti aging techniques, reverse the aging process, telomerase and aging, experimental gerontology, mechanisms of aging, negligible senescence, anti aging studies, biogerontology, gerontology articles, life extension research, anti aging process, lifespan extension, telomere research, immortalism, radical life extension, systems biology of aging, telomerase anti aging
Alternative Cancer Treatments, Chronic-Degenerative Disease, Infection, Stress, Emotions Alternative treatments for cancer, chronic-degenerative disease, infection, emotional distress, stress, digestive problems, naturopathic medicine, diagnosis of disease-causing digestive enzyme deficiency food intolerances, healing with seawater, glandular protomorphogens, cell, tissue or mineral salts, treatment with constitutional hydrotherapy, vaccine dangers and ineffectiveness, vaccination connection to AIDS, AIDS treatment, drugless healing, junk science, bad medicine.
Somax Sports - Home Somax is a sports performance institute that uses advanced technology to help athletes of all ages improve their performance beyond conventional coaching and improve their flexibility beyond stretching.
American Society of Plastic Surgeons Get information on plastic surgery procedures, view before and after photos, read about the latest trends and find board-certified plastic surgeons in your area.
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Gaia Herbs® Official Site: Herbal Supplements & More Connecting plants and people since 1987. Shop the leading herbal supplement brand, focused on organic farming from seed to shelf. FREE shipping over $49.
Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork | Montgomery, AL | Hands On Healing Feel Better Today, Stay Better for a Lifetime! Hands On Healing is a Massage Studio located on Vaughn Road in Montgomery, Alabama. Since 2003, we've been changing bodies and making people feel better, both mentally and physically. We offer Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork services in Montgomery and central Alabama.
Center for Massage Therapy Continuing Education Online and Mail Courses Offering massage therapy continuing education courses online and through the mail. NCBTMB continuing education massage CEU courses are also state board accepted for continuing education for massage therapists.
Intra-Lock Home Intra-Lock® International Inc., headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, USA, is a leading provider of innovative dental restoration solutions including a wide range of dental implants, bio-materials and prosthetic abutments. Intra-Lock dental implants are biologically driven in design. Their architectures are “site-specific” which encourages physiologic harmony and ensures an ideal tissue response when compromised bone volume, density and/or extraction site defects are encountered. Intra-Lock’s advanced bioactive surface, OSSEAN®, its ergonomic delivery technology, Drive-Lock™ and its exceptional abutment stability offer a complete solution for dental implant specialists.
California Stem Cell Treatment, Stem Cell Therapy Los Angeles Stem Cell Therapy at TeleHealth offers stem cells, PRP, bone marrow, adipose & amniotic derived injections for arthritis, soft tissue & cosmetic indications in OC, LA & San Diego
Kneaded Energy Home | Professional Massage | Welcome to Kneaded Energy | School of Massage by Kneaded Energy | Onsite Chair Massage | National Massage Network | The Enviable Lifestyle: Creating a Successful Massage Therapy Business | Greensboro Massage School Kneaded Energy, Inc.
The Way Up - Alternative Health Product, Alternative Health Products, Alternative Health Supplement, Natural Health Alternative
Photon Sound Beam - vibrational energy alternative medicine by Integrated Healing Systems Integrated Healing Systems has been creating, manufacturing & advancing Vibrational Energy Technologies & the Photon Sound Beam since 1988. Announcing the ATP NeuroEndocrine Balancer!
Cyriax Orthopaedic Medicine Course Course in orthopaedic medicine, demonstrating clinical diagnosis of shoulder lesions, examination techniques, interpretation and treatment with Cyriax massage, manipulation and infiltrations of the rotator cuff
Research For Life | Whole Body Donation Organization and Non-transplant Tissue Bank Whole body donation organization and non-transplant tissue bank, Research For Life provides a free cremation when donating one''s body to the advancement of medicine.
Neurology Expert Witness Dr. Richard A. Rubenstein, brain injury and neurology expert medical witness, provides evaluations and testimony in personal injury and malpractice cases.
80 - Increase Golf Swing Speed 25 MPH or Your Money Back Increase your swing speed with the Somax Power Hip Trainer. The Somax Power Hip Trainer is the first all-steel home exercise machine that guarantees you will add 25 mph to your golf swing speed, reduce casting, and eliminate slicing, or your money back.
Houston Massage Party - Houston Massage Therapy Massage, bridal party, bridal shower, baby shower and many other treatments.
Stem Cell Research & Therapy | Home page Offering a unique focus on translational research into stem cell therapies, Stem Cell Research & Therapy acts as a platform for global debate and discussion. While placing a special emphasis on basic, translational and clinical research, the journal publishes cutting-edging articles looking into stem cell therapeutics and regenerative therapies, including animal models and clinical trials. Along with a global readership, the journal also benefits from an expert Editorial Board, and a submission to first decision time of only 34 days.
A Touch of Health Therapies - Home A Touch of Health - Midland, MI. Medical Massage and Integrative Manual Techniques. A Touch of Health Therapies provides a relaxed and calming atmosphere for individuals that are looking to come and unwind from the world. We provide massage, therapeutic/deep tissue/ medical massage, Lypossage, and much more at an affordable price.
Edorium™ Journal of Orthopedics Edorium™ Journal of Orthopedics is an international, peer reviewed, open access journal, publishing high-quality original articles on all aspects of orthopedic surgery.The scope of Edorium™ Journal of Orthopedics covers clinical studies and experimental research in orthopedic surgery and related disciplines, including clinical orthopedics, traumatology, implant design, orthopedics research, pediatric orthopedics, rehabilitation, sports medicine and tissue engineering. Studies of pathobiology from experimental models and human material are also welcome.Following types of articles are published in Edorium™ Journal of Orthopedics: Review Articles, Original Articles, Short Reports, Rapid Communication, Case Series, Case Reports, Clinical Images and Letter to Editors.
Karmy Clinic, Regenerative Medicine Clinic Karmy Clinic is specialized in regenerative medicine and Platelet Rich Plasma injections. The clinic offers Platelet Rich Plasma PRP Injections to regenerate and repair various tissue injuries.
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Welcome to Strong - Strong welcome to strong, homeopath Randburg Johannesburg vitamins minerals herbs tissue salts homeopathics bach remedies, Homeopathic medicine, holistic approach to health, homeopathy products, holistic medicine
Flame Yoga Studio - Belfast New to Belfast - Tri Fly Aerial Yoga. This available only at Flame Yoga Studio Belfast. This innovative and amazingly fun way to practice yoga involves the use of a fabric swing supporting your body thus allowing a greater lengthening of the spine and muscles, using your own body weight with the aid of gravity. Flame Yoga Studio Belfast also provides Iyengar yoga classes along with Birthlight Classes, Indian Head Massage, Massage Therapy, Meditation, Reflexology and Soft Tissue Release Massage.
Regenerative Solutions of NJ Stem Cell Center of NJ specializes in the non-surgical care of acute and chronic pain conditions in the orthopedic field – whether it’s shoulder pain, elbow pain or ankle pain.
Home - Suncoast Rheumatology SUNCOAST RHEUMATOLOGY Susan L Zito DO MPH FACR FOCOI 13425 Belcher rd S Largo, FL 33771 727-223-9610
Nadipathy-Acupressure Health Care Centre. Kakinada-Hyderabad. Nadipathy treats height,weight,joint-Knee pains,kidney stone,migraine,ovarian cysts,sciatica,L4L5bulging,paralysis,spine,Diabetes,Thyroid,varicose veins and all
Home Hi, my name is Sanna Lee Solem, Oregon LMT#17613 & I help people experience profound changes in their bodies & lives through the healing touch of bodywork & massage. My practice of Soma 10-Series Structural Integration (Rolfing tradition), Fascial Stretch Therapy & Cranial Sacral Bodywork, gives me a powerful, effective & integrative approach to bodywork & massage ~ from transformative structural/deep tissue work, to dynamic tractioned stretching, to gentle, clarifying energetic work. I consider bodywork & massage an art form as well as health & wellness care. I utilize the highest quality paraben-free vegan lotions & pure essential oils in my practice because the body is sacred & plants have healing medicine for us. My highest intention is to hold welcoming, honoring space & create a therapeutic, blissful & transformative experience for every client. Limited or decreased mobility, Anxiety, headaches, depression, Auto Injury Chronic pain, Spinal compression or curvature, Improve Posture, balance, confidence & flexibility, Surgical preparation & recovery, Pre&Post Natal wellness Relaxation, rejuvenation, personal growth, transformation Working in Lake Oswego, West Linn & Milwaukie, Oregon since 2009... My clients are all ages, shapes & sizes - from women with significant scoliosis who want to keep their spines as healthy as possible, to elders improving posture & balance, to runners, bikers, computer workers, spa-savvy ladies, patients preparing for or recovering from surgery, golfers or others passionate about their sport wanting to sharpen their game, people recovering from auto accidents & anyone who needs some simple relaxation & rejuvenation. Working collaboratively with each client, I treat chronic neck & back pain, carpal tunnel, headaches, joint pain, TMJ, numbness in arms, scoliosis, plantar faciitis, anxiety & depression, sports/auto injuries. Additional benefits & outcomes include improved athletic performance, increased energy, less tension, better balance, greater clarity, focus & vitality.
SIS Electrotherapy: Infection Treatments, Wound Healing, Pain & Injury Treatments. Next Generation Electrotherapy for viral, bacterial, H Pylori, MRSA, Hep B, Hep C, pneumonia, bronchitis, ENT, UTI, HPV, herpes, antibiotic resistant superbugs, acute and chronic infections; wound healing electrical stimulation machines, electrotherapy devices, for chronic non-closing, non healing wounds, infected wounds; injury repair, and pain blocking applications; tissue regeneration. Low voltage cranial electrical stimulation (CES). Silver Iontophoresis Stimulator (SIS) Electromedicine Technology, silver medicine.