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Tessa Homepage TESSA THE NEW NAME WITH AN OLD TRADITION. TESSA (The new name for IEC) is a leading Israeli company manufacturing food processing equipment & Packaging machinery. Simultaneously TESSA actively works in new directions such as - releasing of new equipment with latest technologies & methods for processing of raw material, reconstruction and new equipment with the purpose of increasing their profitability & the release of the non-standard equipment by individual & specific orders.
Gills Fruit Fusions All the ingredients you need to run a successful smoothie bar operation, - at very competitive prices! Our range Includes IQF Fruits, fruit mixes, exotic pulps, yogurts & Sorbets. All from Gills Fruit Fusions - a leading supplier of food ingredients.
LAMI PACKAGING (KUNSHAN) CO., LTD. - tetra pak | milk box LAMI PACKAGING (KUNSHAN) CO., LTD. - LAMIPAK is the leading packaging solution provider for aseptic storage of beverage and food.We expor
Govt.Of India Regd. Computer & Vocational Training Organization No. 1 Computer & Vocational Training Organization In West Bengal.First ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organization In Its Class
Swiss leading company Fruit juice Puree concentrate essences pulpes We sell fruit concentrates Purees Pulpes Essences organic, baby food, concentrate, frozen, aseptic
industrial contractor, industrial construction, merit shop construction company, leading general engineering contractor, dairy construction, wine industry construction, winery construction, industrial & concrete construction, stainless steel fabrication, wind power and co-generation facilities, petrochemical construction, alternative energy industry construction, civil construction, California, western United States UCI Construction, a merit shop construction company, is a leading general engineering contractor specializing in process piping, dairy, winery construction, industrial & concrete construction, and stainless steel fabrication. We get the job done on time, within budget and to your specifications. Safety, integrity, efficiency and accountability are our top priorities. Our 30-year history of successful job completion and customer satisfaction says it all.
Thimonnier, Manufacturer of packaging machines for flexible pouches Thimonnier Company is recognized as one of the leading designers and manufacturers of flexible plastic pouch and rigid shell packaging machines and thermal, impulse and radio-frequency sealing machines.
Steuben Foods - Aseptic Processing, Manufacturing & Packaging Steuben Foods is America's leading aseptic food & beverage manufacturer, offering superior value to partners and consumers alike.
LAMI PACKAGING (KUNSHAN) CO., LTD. - aseptic packaging | milk packaging LAMI PACKAGING (KUNSHAN) CO., LTD. - LAMIPAK is the leading packaging solution provider for aseptic storage of beverage and food.We expor