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Canadian News Stories, Breaking News, Opinion Get the latest Canadian and world news covering politics, business, lifestyle and the viral web. Join the conversation on issues that matter to you.
Close HelloGiggles is a positive online community for women (although men are always welcome!) covering the latest in culture, female empowerment, style, relationships, friendship, careers, and issues that matter most to young women’s lives. And now, we are growing beyond just the website to include video, film, television and events.
RAND Corporation Provides Objective Research Services and Public Policy Analysis | RAND The RAND Corporation is a nonprofit institution that helps improve policy and decisionmaking through research and analysis. RAND focuses on the issues that matter most such as health, education, national security, international affairs, law and business, the environment, and more. With a research staff consisting of some of the world''s preeminent minds, RAND has been expanding the boundaries of human knowledge for more than 60 years.
Youth Ki Awaaz: Citizen Journalism & News, Voice Of Youth Stories that matter, contributed by you: YKA covers India, news, politics, pop culture, gender, human rights, LGBT issues, music, arts and world events.
TOMS® Official Site | Stand For Tomorrow With every TOMS purchase, you stand with us on issues that matter.
News that Matters to American Jews – The Forward The Forward - incisive coverage of the issues, ideas and institutions that matter to American Jews. Reporting on politics, arts and culture
Coin Rivet - Latest Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News Coin Rivet is a dedicated digital currency global news site and an independent publication covering blockchain technology, blockchain jobs, blockchain-based cryptocurrencies, distributed ledger technology, decentralised applications, the internet of finance, wallets, exchanges and ICOs.
Breaking News | Latest News | Current News | Happening now | Orthodox Jewish News at VosIzNeias is a highly popular, rapidly-growing blog that meets the demanding media needs of the Orthodox Jewish community in New York, across the United States, and around the world. VIN News up-to-the-minute news, accurate reporting and research, hard-hitting, commentary and exclusive, mainstream-media-beating scoops-on the issues that matter to our readers most.
Nursing News, Education and Community Stories | With inspirational stories, helpful tips, and important lifestyle advice,''s Blog covers the issues that really matter to nurses.
Gluten Free Diet & The Food For A Healthy Brain - Dr. Perlmutter Dr. Perlmutter is a renowned neurologist whose expertise includes gluten issues, brain health & nutrition, and preventing neurodegenerative disorders.
Business News for London | LondonlovesBusiness Exciting and thought-provoking London business news, comment and culture. We talk to London’s most exciting entrepreneurs and dig deep into the issues that really matter to London’s business community
Australia''s #1 Business News Source - Business Acumen Magazine The top source of Australian and international business news for business leaders. We cover the issues that matter.
NATIONAL NATIONAL helps you deliver the right message, at the right time. With offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Saint John, Halifax and St. John''s, we have been at the centre of issues that matter to Canadians for over 40 years.
AJ+ | English AJ+ is a fresh experience. It''s here to inform and engage you around issues that matter. It''s a community, for you, a generation connected to the real world.
790 KGMI | News Talk Radio KGMI News/Talk 790 - Breaking news, weather, and traffic. Covering Bellingham, WA., Whatcom County, and the issues that matter most in our communities
Ambee | Home With the help of our data repository, researchers and healthcare professionals can push the boundaries of research and development.
Good Leadership Skills - Character - Integrity - Courage Good leadership skills require good character, integrity, and courage. Some can be improved upon yet others come from within!
中外对话 chinadialogue | china and the environment chinadialogue is a bilingual website, with news, features and reports on environmental issues in China and the rest of the world
Re: NZ's Alternate News Voice Re: is a socially-driven alternate news voice - we create video content covering important issues that matter to young New Zealanders.
Airbrush Compressor Reviews (2019) | Find the best airbrush compressors here! Whether you are a hobbyist or an advanced airbrush user, are you looking for the best airbrush compressor in 2019? We have you covered with our airbrush compressor buying guide. On this website, we rank all airbrush compressors that are available on the market. Some are better than others when it comes to their specific use. There are also many brands and models available from various manufacturers and not all are equal! Finding the right airbrush for your specific need is no easy task. We've simplified this process for you by testing out and reviewing all models. Check out the table below for our ratings and click on the compressor that you're interested in for a full review. Therefore we made this buying guide for you. Our buying guide is for hobbyist airbrush compressors. The Best Airbrush Compressor in 2019 Before we continue with the buying guide, I'd like to show you the best airbrush compressors. This table includes both highly rated compressors and less desired ones so you can easily compare all the available models as opposed to other websites which only present the top three or top five. Click on the airbrush compressor you are interested it for a more detailed review. Nevertheless, before you commit to purchasing a model, I recommend that you take a look at the rest of the guide below. Choosing an Airbrush Compressor to Meet Your Needs There are many purposes for compressors as they can be used for personal, commercial or industrial purposes. A hobbyist would use their device for personal purposes. However the type of art work varies from one another. The intended purpose of the compressor needs to be considered, whether its for make-up application or for model painting. The following list presents some of the characteristics of the different types of airbrush compressors. Silent Compressors: A lot of people believe the silent models are the best. They typically require little to no maintenance and beginners favor them as the silence allows one to concentrate on the task at hand. As most of the silent models are smaller than their counterparts, they are more portable, which is also preferred by many. Oil-less Compressors: These models produce some noise however they are durable and handy over extended use. For an oil compressor, it is necessary to change the oil over time (generally every 3 to 6 months). The oil-less models do not require such frequent changes and they usually better regulate temperature and prevent overheating. Overall, these compressors are more expensive. Diaphragm Compressors: These air compressors are the least expensive and preferred by hobbyists. The one downside is the pressure generated by the motor. The model would advertise a specific PSI, say 45, but once you pull the trigger, the pressure decreases significantly. For a small job, this may not be a problem but for a job that a requires a constant pressure over an extended period of time, a bigger compressor would be preferred. Choosing an airbrush Most beginner airbrushes come with a single-action airbrush. If you want to become a little more crafty and complete more advanced projects, a double-action airbrush may be required (these can easily be purchased separately). Let us explain the difference between each type of brush. Single-action: As the name states, a single-action airbrush has just one action, either on or off. In essence, you have no control over the amount of paint comes out of the nozzle in proportion to the air pressure. It happens automatically. Double-action: A double-action airbrush has a much more complex system built behind the nozzle which enhances your flexibility and control over the paint. There's a two-part system, a push and pull. Pressing down on the trigger releases the air and when you pull t back it releases the mixture. Therefore, you have direct control on the amount and pressure of paint released. A double-action airbrush takes practice to perfect but the control over the paint and pressure allows one to complete a wider range of projects. A beginner hobbyist is recommended to practice using a single-action airbrush before moving on to a double-action. Using a double-action while inexperienced can lead to a lot of wrecked projects. Check out our guide on the top 3 airbrushes in 2019 to purchase to tackle your toughest projects! Other factors These are other factors that need to be considered when choosing a compressor model: Capacity: A model with high capacity is always preferred over one with less capacity. You never know what kind of project you will undertake and how much capacity is needed. Therefore, when choosing a model, choose one with more capacity than you expect to use. Portability: If you have one dedicated location to use your airbrush, it doesn't matter if it's portable or not. If you expect to travel with it or move it around, a portable model is preferred. Noise: Larger models with big engines and high PSI are typically louder than their smaller counterparts. If noise doesn't bother use than this may not be an issue. For others, a set of ear plugs can alleviate all noise issues. Choosing an airbrush booth Spray booths are not always needed but for some projects they are indispensable. There are a lot of great booths on the market and a lot of them are adequate for all purposes. There are three qualities we typically look for when choosing an airbrush booth: good design, high efficiency and affordability. We created a separate list with our top 3 airbrush booths in 2019, read it here.
Here is how to become a Super Single Parent, all in plain and easy to understand language...
Good Leadership Skills - Character - Integrity - Courage Good leadership skills require good character, integrity, and courage. Some can be improved upon yet others come from within!
Airline Leader: The strategy journal for airline CEOs | CAPA Airline Leader is CAPA's bi-monthly magazine for airline CEOs, and provides independent insights on the issues that matter to airline management.
Styles Brook HOA Styles Brook HOA is social network for our neighborhood which makes it easy to communicate with your neighbors about the issues that matter most in our community
Ocean Unite Ocean Unite’s purpose is to unify, amplify and engage key voices at the moments that matter most for the Ocean. This drives positive Ocean conservation action and achieves specific “on-the- water” goals. Our Mission is to galvanize the Ocean community by creating new alliances, activating new influencers through an Ocean leadership network, and providing a uniting framework able to break down silos between different Ocean issues.
YouTube If you need assistance on estate planning, probate, a securities litigation matter, personal injury or other legal issues, contact an attorney at the Coleman Law Firm in Clearwater, FL!
Anti Slam Soft Closing Acoustic Door solutions for Hotels and Offices Specialising in upgrading Hotel Doors removing noise, drafts & stray light issues in hotels. A unique system solves hotel doors issues in a matter of hours.
High Vis - Issues in Construction Law from Corrs Chambers Westgarth Corrs High Vis tackles the issues that matter in the construction industry. The podcast series, brought to you by the Corrs Construction team, provides professionals with key commercial insights into the issues shaping the industry.
Welcome to TheBiofuelGuide - Anything You Want To Know About Biofuels Welcome to TheBiofuelGuide, here you can read all about biofuels. Bio-fuel is a fuel derived immediately from living matter.
Stories That Matter: Books by Beth Kanell Books by Beth Kanell, including research, writing process, and community justice issues, with fiction and poetry.
The Dr. Bo Show Bo takes a critical thinking-, reason-, and science-based approach to issues that matter with the goal of educating and entertaining.
Arctic News & Analysis | CRYOPOLITICS Cryopolitics is an Arctic news blog featuring photography and maps from the Last Frontier. It provides timely, critical analysis of issues that matter for the North like sustainable development, globalization, and climate change. Its goal is to make Arctic issues relevant for people living in the rest of the world.
Healthegy | Uniting the people who know, to talk about the things that matter. Healthegy is a multi-media/event production company on a mission to deliver best-in-class content and conferences on healthcare innovation. We serve and leverage a broad network of venture capital firms, Key Opinion Leaders, private and public company CEOs, and other industry executives to identify and address the most pressing issues and compelling opportunities in the healthcare industry.
MOUSSE AGENCY Mousse Agency is a communication studio specialized in visual identity, digital, events, printed matter, and other special projects. Since 2009, we have worked with galleries, institutions, art fairs, and other partners.
HIV Scotland The HIV Charity for Scotland - making sure people living with and affected by HIV have their say on the issues that matter. Campaigning to reach zero new HIV transmissions by 2030. #ZEROHIV
Home Boiler Servicing Visit Our Website: Compare Boiler Cover No matter how old your boiler is, it’s vital that if there are any issues with your boiler, they are fixed quickly so we recommend every household to have...
Borowiec & Borowiec PC – The lawyers at Borowiec & Borowiec P.C. in Sierra Vista are here to help you with your Personal Injury matter, DUI, Family Law issues, Criminal matter or Estate Planning-Contact us today!
New England IP Blog | IP & Patent Lawyers | Proskauer Rose Law Firm New England Intellectual Property Blog is written by the patent lawyers at Proskauer Rose and offers updates on New England IP legal issues.
Auburn Divorce Attorney | Litigation Lawyer | Family Law Issues If you have a question concerning a family law matter, contact the experienced attorneys at the Fiori Law Office, Inc. by calling 253-218-3728.
MidValley Doula Network - Home Information about the childbirth issues that matter most. Learn about birth, breastfeeding, and parenting resources from the doulas in your community. Who''s your doula?
Ethan 2018 | Because Tomorrow Matters Who is Ethan? Ethan Sonneborn is a dedicated champion for middle and working class families. He has the right ideas on healthcare reform, economic development and education. He's basing his campaign off issues the matter to Vermonters, not special interests. He's also 14 years old. We must protect Vermont from long term damaged caused by…
IP Breakdown | A Legal Blog by Aaron | Sanders, PLLC Who, What, Why AND Where One of the peculiar features of the U.S. legal system is that, while certain fields are governed exclusively by federal law—i.e., law that applies everywhere in the U.S.—others are governed exclusively by state law. That means, obviously, that there are fifty sets of laws governing a given subject, including some of the heavy-hitters, like contract law. And it get's worse. Sometimes federal law coexists with state law. Sometimes federal law tries to push aside state law but doesn't quite succeed. And sometimes state laws try to push up through federal law, with mixed success. Oh, and sometimes federal courts can hear state cases, but the two court systems use different procedures! You can see why law students spend a significant fraction of their time on various aspects of this "federalism." quotidian But I'm here to talk about a relatively simple aspect of having 50 different sets of laws for the same thing. What happens when the people involved are from different states, and the states' laws are significantly different? The Right to Work Where You Want This issues comes up in two different ways in the fairly recent case, General Electric Co. v. Uptake Technologies, Inc.. The basic facts reveal a very common type of dispute. Some of the defendants used to work for General Electric or its subsidiaries ("GE") on some technology involving "connect[ing] heavy industrial equipment to cloud-based software and analytics," and yadda yadda yadda. Over time, they were recruited by Uptake Technologies (also a defendant), which was working on similar technology. When they were initially hired by GE, they promised not maintain certain information confidential, and they promised not to solicit other GE employees if they left. But (GE alleges) those that were recruited first by Uptake helped Uptake recruit the others, which would violate the anti-solicitation provision. But wait! Several of these individual defendants are residents of California. And California law won't enforce non-solicitation provisions! California believes that letting workers take their knowledge and talent wherever they want is most encourage that knowledge and talent to be applied most effectively. Something about free markets. But wait again! GE is headquartered in New York City, or maybe Boston, Massachusetts, or maybe even Fairfield, Connecticut, depending on the date and how you look at it. And in each of those states, non-solicitation provisions are OK, so long as they're "reasonable." How do you tell which law applies to a contract when the contracting parties are in different states? It turns out that's a really, really hard question! And there can only be one law governing a contract (normally). The general rule is the governing law is the law of the "state of contracting," which was developed back before fax machines, when the parties probably met face-to-face to negotiate and execute the contract. But it has almost no application today, when negotiations are carried out by phone or email and the contract can be signed in different states. Fortunately, we don't have to guess. The contracts each had a provision specifying that New York law applied. So, end of story. Sorry to get you excited. Except that's not the end of the story. When you choose the governing law in a contract, a court can override that in favor of another state's law under the right circumstances. But, wait—where does that rule come from? It has to come from somewhere. There's no federal law governing what to do when two state laws conflict, as you might very reasonably expect. No, the source of the law governing conflicts of laws is…state law. New York's? California's? No—it would be the law of the state where the lawsuit was filed, which in this case is… Illinois! So, we're applying Illinois law to figure out whether to apply New York or California law. Illinois law says that it'll go with the chosen law (New York) unless it would be contrary to the "fundamental policy" of the law of another state with an interest in the case (California). Obviously, "fundamental policy" has to be more than just the existence of law that would lead to a contrary result. It's 100% the case that California greatly values employees' right to change jobs frictionlessly. Anyone who has conducted business in California knows this is a key—dare I say, fundamental—feature of California business. Dozen of reported court decisions back this up. And, yet, the court here found that, at least as applied to non-solicitation decisions, this was not a fundamental policy of California. That was because there is a stray mid-level appellate decision from 1985 kind of, sort of suggesting that maybe sometimes a non-solicitation provision might be OK under the right circumstances. The court recognized that this old decision has been well and truly overruled and generally regarded as a mistake. But its existence put enough doubt in the court's mind about California's commitment to employees' freedom of mobility that it's not quite fundamental enough to override the parties' choice of New York law, under Illinois law. Got that? This is an unusual case. Normally, it's a mug's game to try to guess which state's law will benefit you more in case of a breach of the contract. Usually, you don't know until it's been breached, and it's not worth paying your lawyer to guess at every possible breach and compare laws. Besides, even though there are 50 state laws, there's a lot of overlap, since most of them arise from the same legal foundations. Fate and the Law: Inevitable Disclosures We're not done yet. While the individual defendants were focused on attacking the New York choice-of-law provision, they were also attacking GE's claims for misappropriation of trade secrets. Now, at this stage, all we have is the complaint, and trade secret claims awkward to plead. On the one hand, a defendant has a right to know what it's accused of doing, and that includes knowing what alleged trade secrets it allegedly misappropriated (and how). On the other hand, complaints are public documents, and exposing a trade secret to the public is the equivalent of exposing a vampire to sunlight. Courts are slowly reaching a consensus that all the plaintiff needs to do in the complaint is describe generally the trade secrets at issue, with enough detail that the defendant has a pretty good idea what they are but not enough detail that the public can figure them out. This works on the theory that, if the defendant really did misappropriate the trade secrets, it'll recognize the trade secrets with enough hints. GE had another problem pleading its trade secrets claim. Sure, you don't have to detail the trade secrets, but you do need to say which defendants misappropriated which trade secrets. It's not a test, but GE can probably take reasonable guesses about which defendants have done what. GE argued it didn't have to get that specific because, under the doctrine of "inevitable disclosure," it doesn't matter whether a given defendant has yet to misappropriate a trade secret, only that such misappropriation will eventually happen. Thus, all of the individual defendants have effectively misappropriated all of the trade secrets, because they're alleged to all be on the verge of doing so. Inevitable disclosure is one of the most divisive concepts in intellectual property law. It's almost the exact opposite of California's right employee mobility. Taken to an extreme, once you've been exposed to a certain level of your employer's trade secrets, you can never work for a competitor in the same capacity. It was briefly in vogue in the 1990's, but courts have generally shied away from it since then, and many courts have been downright hostile to it. But guess where it the 1990's vogue for inevitable disclosure started? Illinois. The court ruled that Illinois law applied to GE's trade secrets claim. But not because the court happened to be in Illinois. But because Uptake is based in Illinois. Which is also probably why the lawsuit was brought in Illinois, but jurisdiction (judicial power over a defendant) is different from choice of law (which law applies to a given legal question). Defendants can rarely avoid application of their own state's laws! What about those choice-of-law provisions? Wouldn't New York law apply? Maybe! It would depend on the language of those provisions. Typically, choice-of-law provisions are drafted to apply only to the contract, e.g., "New York law shall govern the construction and enforcement of this contract." But rarely, it's broader, e.g., "New York law shall govern this contract and the parties' relationship for all matter related to the subject matter of this contract." In this case, the choice-of-law provision was of the more typical, narrow type. So, to conclude, Illinois law provides that New York law governs the contact claims, despite California's deep fundamental policy, and that Illinois law governs the trade secret claims, despite the New York choice-of-law provision. Thanks for reading!
TECHNOSOCIOFILE | Subspecies of nerd primarily interested in digital technology and the social implications and applications in the real world. May have issues with authority. Subspecies of nerd primarily interested in digital technology and the social implications and applications in the real world. May have issues with authority.
Adenomyosis Advice Association - Welcome Welcome to Adenomyosis Advice Association, we hope you find the support and information you require.
Documented - Immigration news as it matters to New Yorkers Documented is a news site that covers immigration issues as they matter to New Yorkers. The site covers a range of issues from policy changes, immigration detention, labor, and more.
calderdaleforum50plus | Calderdale Forum 50+ aims to support and represent people aged 50 and over in Calderdale and to promote a collective voice on issues that matter to them. Our Objectives: Calderdale Forum 50+ aims to represent and promote the collective voice of people over the age of 50 in Calderdale by a process of :- Communication, Campaigning, Influencing, Encouraging and Empowering. Issues & Concerns Survey - 2016: What are the issues and concerns of the over-50s in Calderdale? Back in 2016 we ran…
Eucerin in Middle East | Medical Skin Science that Shows Welcome to Eucerin Care in the Middle East. Get the right products and advice to address your skin issues, no matter what the complaint.
Concrete Moisture Drying Time and Testing No matter your role in the building process, it pays to learn issues, standards, & methods of proper concrete drying times & concrete moisture levels.
Tolerance International /UK - Homepage Welcome to Tolerance International. We exist to promote peace and fellowship and in doing so we must oppose fundamentalism and religious fanaticism wherever they appear. Islamic fanaticism is the most severe form of religious fanaticism that we are witnessing today, and through careful research we can trace the most important element in the spread of sectarian violence and terrorism under the banner of Islam to Iran. The Iranian people were the first Muslim nation to be hit by this plague, gladly they have been able to find the cure to combat it. TI is the first organization of its kind seeking to use this formula to oppose fanaticism and to educate those who are vulnerable. If, like us, you believe in a humane ordering of political and social life, you will want to support us. The following pages give a brief account of who we are and what we do. Please read them and get in touch., Tolerance International was set up to pioneer an all-inclusive approach to two pressing global issues facing our world today: global warming and extreme poverty. It is the first international NGO to have developed a strategy that combines efforts to combat climate change and to eradicate extreme poverty simultaneously. This is our Human & Habitat (H&H) Campaign
ClareDaly TD | To ask the Taoiseach and Minister for Defence if his attention has been drawn to the fact that Defence Forces personnel have located the recommendations for military honours made by a person (details supplied) for their subordinates at Jadotville; and if he will commence a review of all recommendations for military awards from 1958 to date in order that the men of Jadotville and all others with outstanding medal recommendations now receive the medals to which they are entitled. (Details Supplied) Commandant Pat Quinlan. REPLY The siege of Jadotville was a prominent event that occurred during Ireland's peacekeeping mission in the Congo in September 1961. "A" Company, 35th Infantry Battalion took responsibility for the UN post at Jadotville on 3rd September 1961. On the 9th September, a large force of Katangese Gendarmerie surrounded them and early on the morning of the 13th September "A" Company came under attack. From the 13th to the 17th September they endured almost continuous attack. They were taken into captivity on the 17th September and remained in captivity until finally released on the 25th October 1961. In accordance with Defence Forces regulations the award of medals for bravery is time bound. These may not be awarded in any case unless a recommendation is made through the usual channels to the Chief of Staff, not later than two years in the case of the Military Medal for Gallantry, and not later than four years in the case of the Distinguished Service Medal, after the performance of the act in respect of which the recommendation is made. Such awards are made on the recommendation of a Military Board appointed by the Chief of Staff for the purpose of examining and reporting on every recommendation for an award. The issue of the award of medals to the men of "A" Company, 35th Infantry Battalion was comprehensively addressed in 1965. A properly constituted Medals Board considered the various cases presented and made a decision that no medals would be awarded. The Chief of Staff of the day considered the decision of the Board and was satisfied with the findings. Subsequently at that time, the question was raised again in a letter to a newly appointed Chief of Staff. He forwarded the letter to the original Medals Board and asked that they reconvene and review their decision. The Board indicated that the issues raised had received due consideration and that they were not prepared to alter their findings. A review was conducted in 2004 by military officers for the purpose of a broader examination of the Jadotville case. This Board recommended that the events of Jadotville and the contribution of the 35th Battalion be given recognition. In this context, a number of measures have taken place to honour and to commemorate the events at Jadotville and the very significant contribution of "A" Company and of the 35th Battalion, as a whole, to the UN Peace Support Mission in the Congo. Recognition of their contribution over the years include: A. A presentation of scrolls to "A" Company in 2006. B. Portraits of Lt Col McNamee (35th Battalion Commander) and Comdt Quinlan (Company Commander "A" Company) were commissioned in 2006. C. In July of 2010 the 50th anniversary of the first deployment to the Congo was commemorated in a highly publicised and well attended event in Casement Aerodrome, Baldonnel. D. A nominal roll of "A" Company, printed in copper, was affixed to the monument in Costume Barracks and was unveiled as part of the 50th Anniversary of the Jadotville affair in September 2011. E. On the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the Siege of Jadotville, I decided to issue a Unit Citation to honour the collective actions and bravery of the men of "A" Company. This was the first time a Unit Citation was awarded within the Defence Forces and I was delighted to be able to formally recognize the brave actions of these men. Furthermore, on 13th June 2017, the Government decided, as an exceptional step, to award a medal known as "An Bonn Jadotville" or "The Jadotville Medal" to each member of "A" Company, 35th Infantry Battalion and to the family representatives of deceased members to give full and due recognition in honour of their courageous actions at the Siege of Jadotville.  This medal presentation ceremony took place on 2nd December 2017 in Custume Barracks, Athlone.  This location is considered the spiritual home of "A" Company and it is from here that "A" company assembled in advance of their fateful deployment to the Congo. Concerning the documents you refer to, Officials in my Department have examined all documents that have been submitted to date for consideration and have discussed them with Defence Forces management. Having consulted with the Defence Forces, it has been determined that those papers did not produce any new material or evidence that was not already considered. If additional documentation is made available which could throw new light on the circumstances on the issue of medals, this would be greatly welcomed.  My Department stands ready to give full and careful consideration to any documents provided to it on the matter of Jadotville.
Audio podcasts on controversial & topical issues | The Fifth Column Original and thought provoking audio podcasts on a variety of topical and controversial issues, with contributions from some of the most respected names in British journalism as well as new talents.
Home Boiler Visit Our Website: Boiler Cover No matter how old your boiler is, it’s vital that if there are any issues with your boiler, they are fixed quickly so we recommend every household to have boiler cover...
The Dr. Bo Show Bo takes a critical thinking-, reason-, and science-based approach to issues that matter with the goal of educating and entertaining.
The Law Office of Angela Lee - Bend, Oregon Angela Lee Law Bend Oregon, has significant professional experience and has been practicing law for more than 15 years in the State of Oregon, 14 years in Bend. She has served the needs of the people of Central Oregon with a warm smile, a non-judgmental attitude and a commitment to achieving successful results for her clients since 1997. Whether you are dealing with a criminal matter, a divorce, custody issues or need bankruptcy protection, The Law Office of Angela Lee is here to help you. Angela and her well-trained staff will give you and your case the personal attention you need and deserve.
Life after darkness – Living with depression while living for Christ Following Jesus through the darkness of clinical depression, and living for him when all else seems impossible.
Peace in Kurdistan ‘There is a need to put the legitimate demands of Kurds on the agenda and to conduct sincere negotiations...The Kurdish issue in Turkey is a matter related with the human and citizen rights of the Kurdish people who have been exposed to brutal oppression for a very long time.’ Noam Chomsky Since it was launched in…
WCET Frontiers – WCET is the national leader in the practice, policy, & advocacy of technology-enhanced learning in higher education. WCET is the national leader in the practice, policy, & advocacy of technology-enhanced learning in higher education.
The Driving You Crazy Podcast Let’s talk transportation, traffic, transit and what’s driving you crazy as you try to get from here to there, no matter how you do it. Longtime Denver traffic expert Jayson Luber and Denver7 executive producer Joseph Peters will look at the big issues in transportation, traffic, transit and whatever is driving you crazy. Come join us on the road well traveled!
Healthy Mind Ministry – Sharing the Gospel message of hope, strength, love, and peace through Jesus Christ to those who are hurting in their soul or spirit. This is the mission of Healthy Mind Ministry Sharing the Gospel message of hope, strength, love, and peace through Jesus Christ to those who are hurting in their soul or spirit. This is the mission of Healthy Mind Ministry
Cheri Verset | The libidinous home of author Cheri Verset Hello, This post is the most difficult thing I've ever had to write. I'm not going to beat around the bush: I'm going on hiatus. I'm not going to be writing or releasing new material for the foreseeable future. I published my first erotic story on July 31, 2011. It was called "My Daughter, My Nympho" and eventually Amazon forced me to change the name; I ended up republishing it later as "Everyone at Home is Fair Game." It's no masterpiece but I had a blast writing it. I became addicted to this genre. I soon wrote another story, then another and another. Before long, I was publishing a new book every single week. For almost eight years. The long and the short of it is that I'm tired. I can no longer sustain this cadence. It's not a matter of not having ideas anymore, although I've definitely reached the bottom of the well when it comes to family pairings. I can't dismiss either the fact that the Kindle Unlimited program has utterly destroyed profitability for the kind of stories I write. No, it's a general lack of enthusiasm for what used to be so amazing. Writing, publishing, promoting – after nearly 300 books – it's all become a grind for me. Consequently, I need time off. It wasn't an easy decision. I've been thinking about this for the last six months, going back and forth weighing my options. As hard as it is, doing it this way works best for me. So what does this all mean? I do have some bundles left to publish over the next few months, collections made up of previous stories of mine. And who knows, maybe I'll be suddenly inspired to write something original. Never say never, right? I'm not going away. The website will remain live. If you subscribe to my newsletter, you will be notified if I publish a new book. I'm also on Sharesome, having fun sharing the hottest pictures, videos and GIFs you can think of, often taboo. It's free and easy to join. Once you do, follow me here: Oh and if you just can't get enough of stories about naughty families, check out my friend Lexi Wood's books! I hope that you have enjoyed my stories over this past decade. I hope it spiced up your life a little. Made you smile. Made you laugh. Made you hot. I know I sure had fun writing them. Thank you all for your support, your reviews, your comments, and your emails. You are absolutely amazing and I could not ask for a better audience. Have fun and play safe in this crazy fantasy world, Cheri xoxo
e-Storm Community STORM has taken the issues that matter and scrutinised them in a practical way. The issues we face are often the stuff that an ever-evolving society is trying to make sense of. Instead of offering theoretical assumptions, STORM brings the people who ply their trades to share their views about the opportunities and challenges they face.
American Cowboy | Western Lifestyle - Travel - People American Cowboy is the voice of the new American West, an authentic journal of the issues and ideas that matter in big-sky country. It’s also a soup-to-nuts manual for those who want to enjoy a lifestyle defined by enduring values, epic landscapes, and really, really good steaks. Embodying a new breed of lifestyle service magazines, American Cowboy mixes gripping narratives with unrivaled coverage of Western travel, events, personalities, music, and cooking—and delivers it all in a voice that celebrates both old-time ranchers and newly minted weekend enthusiasts. Through exceptional reporting, photography, and advice, we enable our readers’ passion for today’s version of the cowboy lifestyle.
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Writing is my second nature. I use it to express my joy, anger, gratitude, or indignation about issues that matter to me and the world at large....
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GetFireAnt | The critical importance that social media currently plays in the lives of hundreds of thousands of smaller or larger companies all over the globe is incommensurable. Not only does the use of proper social media tools and apps help emerging businesses take advantage of online visibility, but it can also aid existing companies bounce two or three stories up faster than their managers could imagine was possible. Social media aggregators stand for the generic name given to the array of popular social network services everyone is using right now. These aggregators play the role of important information collectors. They are responsible for pulling together viable social media information into just one location. Companies using these aggregators get to keep informed on the type of products and new service offerings their potential prospects might be looking for. TWITTER IPO 2013! They get to rely their decisions on complex actions that involve RSS feeds featured on several social networks at a time, collect new friends and followers and turn them into clients, combine bookmarks and accurately consolidate messages, keep track of the times their company's name is mentioned in the online environment and do all this with the help of some special social media tools and widgets they can easily find on the Internet. The price of these tools and applications usually does not go through the roof and some of them are free of charge. So whenever a company is not fully satisfied with the services that a certain social media aggregator is providing it with, the respective company is recommended to keep exploring its options. There is an impressively wide range of choices to look into and the ever-evolving social media environment is forcing clever IT minds to add value to each upcoming social media aggregator, for competitiveness reasons. A business manager looking to considerably simplify the overall all-too-complicated social media experience of a company can read the product info all of these aggregators come accompanied by and make a clever decision. Online forums where folks are recommending or advising against these aggregators could also stand for some reliable sources of information at times, especially for the inexperienced. Successfully managing content across several networks under the same generous umbrella and hence incorporating social media into a blooming business all depends on the efficiency and accuracy of a social media aggregator. Some aggregators will personalize trending topics online, others will constantly keep an eye on Internet users' interests and needs in terms of information, some will carefully analyze comments and messages and other will even incorporate thoughtful social feed streams and useful bookmarks. All in all, the success of a business relies on the type of tools it uses to make itself and its products and services seen, heard of and talked about. No matter if your name is Frank Bobby and you are simply considering launching a new online T-shirt printing business or you are an experienced furniture company looking to get more out of your social media visibility, social media aggregators are the right impact tools you should make full use of. Pros and Cons of Social Media A lot of ink has been spilled over the matter of using social media means as promoting or boosting one's business. Social media web sites such as Facebook, Google Plus, or Twitter have also been attentively analyzed for their powerful role as information sources, as well as for their ability to cause negative impacts and lead to obsessive-compulsive behaviors online. Shortly put, there are both pros and cons that should be mentioned in relation to social media, and you can check it out following the lines below. More and more people are creating social media accounts, wishing to stay connected to everything occurring around them on a 24/7 basis. Social media is also the breaking ground of promoting one's business worldwide, and you can now find and compare several accredited nurse practitioner schools, instead of choosing to visit that place or the other and spend a great deal of time doing unnecessary travelling. You can also check out the Facebook page of your favorite cosmetics' brand and see if you can find your favorite natural hair products or coconut oil for skin you can purchase online. You can also keep in touch with your friends and long-distance siblings, chat, share photos, videos, thoughts and wishes in real-time. All of these are to be considered the strongest pros of using social media. Plus, the tweets originating from trustworthy information sources informing you of the latest local or worldwide news are now successfully replacing your regular information sources such as the news or online newspapers. Today, information reaches you via social media platforms, and you no longer need to go on a hunt for it on a daily basis. This is probably one of the biggest advantages of inserting social media into your daily routine. Information continues to be the key to success, so, so far, so good. But the amount of time millions of folks tend to spend online is the disturbing factor we should mention here. The social media bug can be caught by a lot of people, and the gap between normality and social media addiction is not that large and hard to cross. Teenagers and young adults altogether are the main targeted individuals, as they are most interested in being hyperactive and keeping in touch with all the important events worldwide. If we are to mention to case of the Boston Marathon bombing and the misleading information that has been leaked to the public, or other similar unfortunate events such as the death hoax cases that have involved celebrities worldwide and which have caused psychological damage similar to car accident negligence, we can see why social media is also faulty. While you can easily buy some serviced apartments London via Facebook contacts, you can also be bullied via social media platforms, so, without drawing the fine line between the pros and the cons, social media can prove to be a tool that is hard to control. Social media: Mass connection or mass disruption? We live in the world in which everyone is connected to everyone else. However, I once read a quote somewhere which said something like go into the forest; you won't find an internet connection there but I promise you will connect better. This small and very simple quote managed to capture my attention greatly. It is true, nowadays the only place where we may not have access to a goo internet connection may be a deserted spot in a forest or out in the middle of the ocean. Everywhere else seems to have a good wifi connection! Go to the malls, you will find access to the internet so that you can 'check in' an let your friends know that you are having a great time. Restaurants also have wifi enabled. If you happen to go somewhere without a wifi connection, you can simply turn on the mobile internet service provided by your operator! Going online is therefore no longer a problem at all. Now you wouldn't just go online because you want o surf the internet in a public place; mostly people surf the internet at home! The main reason why one wants to go online is because he or she has a massive circle of 'friends' on any one or more of the many social networking websites present. Today, I will discuss the different roles that such sites are playing these days. The social media is often filled with details of an individual's life that should not be disclosed to the hundreds of 'friends' that a person has on these platforms. You see, some information is either too personal or too trivial to be shared with everyone an individual knows. The concept of privacy seems to be nonexistent in the present world; everyone seems to know where you are, what you are doing and how you feel. Relationships have been strained because of such actions; fights have broken out among friends over petty issues generated from the social media. We live in a world where people deem it important even if they have health problems like sciatica pain. What people fail to understand is that some things are better left unpublicized. Such details about one's life are not for show; they should only be shared with close friends and family. Speaking of close friends and family, often people have others added in their social network streams when they aren't even acquaintances. You see, someone you once spoke to on a bus simply does not qualify to be added to your circle. You see, you can delude yourself by the statistics on your social media sites that you have hundreds of friends. That random man standing next to a shiny automobiles may be someone you meet at the grocer's daily, however, that does not make that person a friend! One must understand that in times of need, none of these friends turn up leaving the individual broken and confused. It is true that the social media has brought massive changes to our lifestyle and that it does have several benefits. However, the destruction caused by social media is a lot more than the benefits it gives. Fire Ants; Beneficial Pest? It is sometimes easy to forget about the little critters of the microscopic world. Crawling around in a tiny world, so intricately connected to our own, are over 900 million different species of insect. Some of the most profound, and interesting species are the ants, and there is no shortage of them! There are over 12,000 known species of ants and the total biomass of all the ants in the world is believed to be roughly equal to the biomass of humans; scientists estimate that for every human alive, there are 1.5 million of them! One particular type of ant, probably caught most of our attentions when we were very young; the fire ant (or to clarify; ants of the solenopsis genome). Many of us probably had our first encounter in the form of a sharp burning sensation when we sat in the way of one; hence the name "fire ant". Yes, the fire ant is perhaps most notorious for it's brutal sting. Other ants tend to bite and then spray venom into the wound. The fire ant bites only to grip on, and then injects a venom through a sting in the abdomen. The venom is an alkaline compound containing solenopsin. The effect is painful for humans, and often fatal for other insects. Interestingly, this particular alkaline has been used in homeopathic therapies, and has recently had scientific light shed on it to reveal it's qualities as an antibacterial, insecticidal, anti fungal, and anti-HIV properties. The fire ant might be paying us back for it's stings. That's better than the deals on nomorerack. Another claim to fame made by a certain fire ant, the Solenopsis invicta has another claim to fame; it is said to cause an estimated $5 billion in damages per year to North America, in medical treatment, damage, and control. These is an invasive fire ant species which is said to arrived by boat in the early 1900's. But there is much more to the fire ant than it's distinguishable sting, and it's ability to run up a whopping bill with the FDA. Like other ants, the societies they form are vast and complex, hierarchical and efficient, and there is much scientific interest around them. To nest, the fire ant produces large mounds, sometimes in open areas. They feed off plants, seeds, other insects like crickets, and sometimes small animals, which they are capable of attacking, and sometimes killing and eating. Colonies are founded by queen ants, who can give birth to an expansive population in a matter of months. Their primary focus is breeding, and they can lay up to 3,500 eggs in a single day. They live for around 6 or 7 years; much longer than any ant workers or males. That makes for a lot of eggs, perhaps as many as 9 million in a queen's lifetime. The workers, and soldiers, in the colony are born sterile, to the reproductive process of the queen. The workers tend to take care of the everyday tasks around the nest, including foraging for food, taking care of the larvae, and cleaning the nest. The soldiers are bigger, stronger ants, which have powerful mandibles. There are male ants in the fire ant societies, and their role is mate with the queen. Before anyone starts thinking this is the easy job, the male seems only to live for reason of this mating; he dies shortly afterwards. The males, and the queen, interestingly, have been shown to be born to a "cloning" process. Where workers are born to normal reproductive processes on the part of the queen, daughter queens are always clonally produced. This increases the queens relatedness to reproductive daughters but potentially damages the males reproductive success. As a result of this the male has developed a response by reproducing clonally too! They achieve this, it is suggested, by eliminating the maternal half of the genome in diploid eggs. Perhaps even more bizarrely, some colonies of fire ants have only one queen, known as a monogyne queen, and some societies involve multiple queens, aptly named a polygyne colony. The two colonies have also been shown to display differences in behaviour, with the monogyne acting more aggressively, and territorially, killing any queen that tries to attach itself to the colony. The polygene colonies, on the other hand, accepts strangers, including new queens to help colonize. Whether you love them, or hate them, the fire ant is a fascinating creature. With social and political structures that seem as complex as our own, stinging venoms that could become potential cures, and strange genetic behaviours that are leaving scientists baffled, the fire ant earns it's right to be king of the insects.