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COLlive - Community News Service - Relevant, up-to-the-minute, breaking news, photos and video from Crown Heights and Jewish communities worldwide.
The Desert Sun | Palm Springs and Coachella Valley news The latest Palm Springs area news from The Desert Sun newspaper in the California desert. Coachella Valley photos, obituaries and events calendar.
Argus Leader, Sioux Falls South Dakota News - is the home page of Sioux Falls South Dakota with in depth and updated Sioux Falls local news.
All Paws Rescue All Paws Rescue, Inc. was founded in 2003 as an all volunteer, non-profit, foster home, animal rescue organization. We are a 501(c)3 charity.
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Get Started in the Towing Business | How To Get Started In The Towing Business Hi my name is Don Archer and I own a half a century old 12 truck towing company that was struggling. We'd always had our share of truck traumas and employee dramas, I guess like everybody else. At times I seriously thought about getting out of the business, these last few years were the worst, it really made me worry a lot. I know you know where I'm coming from when I say I'm used to being awakened in the middle of the night, but this lack of business stuff was keeping me up nights- churning my stomach. As I'm sitting here at my kitchen table pounding on my computer I can still remember how it used to feel, I can actually feel the acid boiling in my stomach right now just from thinking about it again. Yuk. Ok what I figured out was I was worrying way too much about the people who didn't use my services and wouldn't unless they were forced. These people only wanted to get the lowest price and didn't care about service or anything else. Ok so when I kept giving these price-shoppers all my attention I was ignoring the good customers, the customers who appreciated us and wanted to use our services. Not that these folks didn't care what we charged it's just that they figured there really wasn't much difference in price, at least not enough to worry about it. They weren't rich it's just that when they needed something towed they knew they'd have to pay somebody and, for one reason or another, that was me. So I quit stressing over those low-ballers and started to talk to my regular customers (asking why they used us) and the thing that kept hitting me was that they thought we were better because we'd been doing this for awhile and we knew what we were doing. That's when I had one of those Aha moments I began to think about what I could do to take advantage of the fact that we do know what we're doing. I started to question everything we do and noticed that our customers saw us as the authority. Awesome I thought, I'd never considered that before. I ran with it. That's when I came up with a way to build on and use our authority to our advantage. What I did was create a marketing message that explained in detail what questions someone might want to ask before they call for a tow truck. I wanted to give new customers something to think about besides price. You and I both know that there are some operators out there who don't follow the rules and are not insured, so I just started pointing out what customers should be wary of when calling for a tow. And it started working great. We started to get more calls and I felt happier when talking to customers over the phone and guess what? I didn't get pissed anymore when a price shopper wasted my time. Part of the business. So... If you've been flailing around these last few years looking for that something to give your business a boost you should consider changing your strategy a little. One way of being seen as the authority in your market is to have an authoritative presence on the web. What does that mean? It means that your business must be found on the first page on Google? How do you do that? Well going into that can be quite time consuming but the short version is you need a properly optimized website, you need a verified Google plus page, you need a Facebook Business page, and an easy way of generating reviews. Then once you have all that you need to point everything at your website. Your Google plus page, your Facebook Business Page, and your reviews need to be integrated into your site. I'm not just talking about links from your site to Facebook. I'm talking about true integration. I know this can be a bit confusing but to be found in Google's TOP 3 on the map, you need to do this. Did you know that 95% of searches end on the first page? Yeah...that means that folks don't continue to search beyond the first page, and rarely do the scroll below the fold. The fold is just an old newspaper term for placement. When a newspaper is sitting in a stack the first headlines you see are on the front page above where the paper is folded in half. That's where you want to be on Google. So get to it and establish your towing business as the authority in your market. If you need any help with this or anything else, don't hesitate to call.
Cats Paws Sanctuary | Blackpool Cats Paws Sanctuary is a small independent charity supported by our two charity shops, fund raising events and donations and bequests. We began in a very small way in 1986 with a group of ladies who were concerned for the plight of the many homeless and abandoned cats in the Blackpool area. We raised money by holding jumble sales and coffee mornings, and all proceeds went towards feeding and caring for the rescued cats and kittens.
Cat Rescue, Cat Adoption and Cat Rehoming in Brighton, Sussex, East Sussex, West Sussex and Surrey Cat Welfare Sussex and Southern Region is a registered charity run entirely by volunteers dedicated to the welfare of stray and unwanted cats both domestic and feral, within the Southern England area.
Cali49 Joshua Tree National Park, California Gold Rush Country, Mojave Desert, Route 66. Photography, history. Ghost towns, abandoned places, rock art, gold mining and prospecting.
Dogs for Adoption | Adopt a dog . Foster care . Volunteer . Donate to our cause - Best Friends Animal Rescue is based in Perth, WA. We save animals from euthanasia | BFA Rescue BFA Rescue believes that all dogs should be given a second chance at life. We are a non-profit organisation run by a group of animal loving volunteers who dedicate their time to rescuing abandoned, abused and unwanted dogs facing euthanasia. We visit pounds throughout the West Australian country and metro area and hand a lifeline to those dogs on death row, often with just moments to spare. All dogs are kept in loving foster homes whilst a permanent home is found.
Abandoned Berlin Ruins, derelict sites, abandoned buildings, Berlin. Histories, stories, tall tales of trespass and anecdotes of fear. Go, explore.
Mohawk Hudson Humane Society: Menands Animal Shelter The Mohawk Hudson Humane Society (MHHS) runs an animal shelter in Menands, NY dedicated to saving animals, whether strays, abandoned, or injured.
21 Unclaimed Property FREE SEARCH - Officially endorsed By The States, Provinces and Naupa Officially endorsed by NAUPA and the participating states and provinces, FREE national search for your missing money. State and provincial governments working together to safeguard and return your lost unclaimed property funds
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Animal Rescue | Illinois Horse Rescue Of Will County | United States The Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County was founded to provide shelter and care for mistreated or abandoned horses and other animals. We provide shelter, food, and veterinary services for these animals until a suitable home can be found. As secondary services, we provide educational and therapeutic programs to local
Saskatoon SPCA - Saskatoon Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - Dog and Cat Adoption and Rescue The Saskatoon SPCA is a registered charitable organization that provides care for an average of 4,000 abandoned, homeless and neglected animals annually from Saskatoon and area. Our organization relies upon support from individual and corporate donors to ensure that we have the ability to provide care, shelter, sustenance & vet care to lost & unwanted companion animals. We provide the public with adoption programs, pet safekeeping, pound services, lost & found, humane education programs and volunteer programs. We also promote the enactment of laws to protect all animals from cruelty, neglect & abuse.
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Mary's Finds | Mary Padian: Storage Wars | Shop Mary's Finds is an eclectic mix of found treasures refurbished or untouched. Owner, Mary Padian, from A&E's Storage Wars salvages design worthy items out of abandoned storage lockers she buys to sell.
Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center | Wild Animal Rescue | Scottsdale Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center of Scottsdale AZ rescues native wild animals that have lost their homes to development, or are found injured, orphaned, or abandoned.
28 | The best place on the net to buy and sell Cuda''s is the pinnacle of `Cuda specific websites. Online for almost ten years helping Cuda owners sell their cars and helping people find that special dream Cuda for free!! Check us out and let us tell your story!
Lost & Found Ohio - Abandoned Places | Cemetery Phtography | Paranormal Research Lost & Found Ohio - The paranormal, cemetery photography and abandoned buildings.
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Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue | Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue BVCR rehomes stray, abused and abandoned cats and kittens. All are desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and wormed.
The Dobermann Trust Dobermann rescue and rehome for dogs and puppies who can no longer be cared for by their current owners or those who have found themselves abandoned or strayed
My Dog Sighs My Dog Sighs'' style is characterised by the combination of melancholic and often naive portraiture with the use of found materials including abandoned food cans.
Steve McEllistrem | The Devereaux Dilemma The Devereaux Dilemma In a future where religion and disease have brought social order to the verge of collapse, and where some humans have been biologically and others mechanically enhanced, Jeremiah Jones must find the one man who might be able to fix everything. Problem is, that man - Walt Devereaux - may have created bio-weapons that could wipe out humanity. Is Devereaux really a dangerous man? Or is Jeremiah simply a pawn in a deadly game? Who can he trust? The nun who is sheltering Devereaux? Jeremiah's ex-partner and former lover, who betrayed him? The Attorney General, who hopes to capture Devereaux to catapult himself to the presidency? Surrounded by questions, the only way Jeremiah will learn the truth is by battling the transgenic Escala and their sworn enemies, the mechanically enhanced Elite Ops. And the odds of survival are slim. Finalist - 2014 International Book Awards - "Fiction: Science Fiction" "Fans of classic Heinlein-esque science fiction will enjoy The Devereaux Dilemma by Steve McEllistrem. The Devereaux Dilemma is full of complex plot twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. McEllistrem writes gripping, action-packed scenes with eye-popping tech and well-imagined future combat." -Lyda Morehouse, Philip K. Dick Award-winning author of Archangel Protocol and Resurrection Code "With so many science fiction visions of tomorrow out there, it's hard to come across new stories that are fresh and vital. The Devereaux Dilemma captures and delivers a well-conceived world of complex human characters and believable technologies - all set against a backdrop of thrilling political intrigue. Steve McEllistrem has created a searingly vivid portrayal of a very possible future." -Jeffrey Morris, FutureDude and author of Venus: Daedalus One "The Devereaux Dilemma continually hints at questions environmental ethicists have been asking for decades: If we know that life in all forms is connected, if we know that evolution continues and sometimes occurs more rapidly than Darwin predicted, doesn't it make sense that our most advanced future rests in moving away from genetic tampering for simple corporate-military gain and toward, instead, what Aldo Leopold hoped would be our social-ecological evolution? Steve McEllistrem, like many in his genre, shows us the best and the worst based on current scientific and political trends. Will human evolution and our relationship with Earth proceed with selfish, power-enhancing mutations, or will we let it proceed on a more natural course? Nature, after all, is capable of succeeding our human built environments much like the trees in McEllistrem's abandoned subdivision grow through deserted homes – stretching walls and lifting windows – an image that burns in the mind as a symbol of our species' terrible transparency. Thankfully, the organic, less controlled world lives on. I only hope the Escala don't leave for Mars." -Maryann Lesert, author of Base Ten (Women Writing Science Project) __________ The Devereaux Disaster Retired secret agent Jeremiah Jones travels to the Moon with his former enemy, Elite Ops trooper Jack Marschenko, to find his abducted son Joshua. But Jeremiah's mission goes haywire almost immediately. Elias Leach, the head of CINTEP and Jeremiah's former boss, is behind the abduction and has constructed obstacles to prevent Jeremiah from recovering his son. Elias needs Joshua and his fellow cadets to attack specific targets on Earth. He believes that only an attack from an outside force like the cadets can unite the world's warring factions. However, unbeknownst to Elias, the cadets he programmed have begun to devolve and they have no intention of following his directives. Further, after Jeremiah is gravely injured, he is infected with the Susquehanna Virus in a desperate attempt to save his life. Can Jeremiah stop his son and the rest of the cadets from attacking Earth? Can Walt Devereaux and the genetically enhanced Escala help? Or is Earth doomed? Finalist, 2015 International Book Award for Science Fiction ***** Five-Star Review from Readers' Favorite - Reviewed by Samantha Rivera: ... There's plenty of adventure and plenty of interesting characters throughout the course of this well written book. Maybe that's why I couldn't seem to put it down. I was drawn into the way Jeremiah fought and continued to fight as his son was at risk. This wasn't just your typical 'saving the world' story... Bookviews Pick of the Month for April 2014, by Alan Caruba: [The Devereaux Disaster] is a most unusual science fiction novel and one that means Jeremiah can only save the world if his son and fellow cadets are destroyed. __________ The Devereaux Decision The gripping third volume in the Susquehanna Virus series: A group of fanatics has created a virus that could wipe out humanity. Retired secret agent Jeremiah Jones and the reformed cadets Curtik and Zora, who almost destroyed the world while under a compulsion, somehow have to stop the terrorists before the virus reaches a tipping point. The problem is, none of them know where to find Susquehanna Sally. Complicating matters, the genius Walt Devereaux has been stricken by the virus and a decision must be made – should they let him die or do whatever is necessary to save his mind? From Indonesia to London to Washington D.C., the race is on to save the world. Meanwhile, a Chinese spaceship approaching Mars and the Escala colony refuses to acknowledge all efforts to communicate with it. Who is on that ship? And are their intentions hostile? Aspen is determined to discover the truth. Awards/Honors for The Devereaux Decision: Finalist, 2016 Minnesota Book Award Finalist, 2016 Midwest Book Award Finalist, 2016 International Book Award. ----- The acclaimed fourth book in the Susquehanna Virus series – The Devereaux Deity The terrorists who created the Susquehanna Virus have been stopped and the planet is safe once again, or is it? The effects of the virus linger, creating questions about whether all of humanity will be infected. Complicating matters even further, an entity claiming to be God has hacked into multiple computers and performed miracles that have no reasonable explanation other than that a deity has come to Earth. Walt Devereaux and Jeremiah Jones, along with Curtik and Zora, must try to get to the bottom of things and save the world once again. Finalist - 2017 Midwest Book Award The Man Who Found His Moniker The unnamed man walks city streets, haunted by visions he doesn't understand, tortured by a tragic past, seeking redemption despite questioning whether he deserves it. His visions imply that violence is coming, a horror that he must prevent from occurring. Yet, try as he might, he can't quite grasp what that event might be. Eventually he comes to understand the visions, enabling him to save lives as a result. But can he save himself? This little gem of a novel explores the ruminations of a man who more than anything wants to return to a past that cannot be, a man who must come to terms with the reality that is, a man who must find his way back to humanity. Link to Amazon page ==> NOW AVAILABLE: Emerging Man Steve's newest novel is a coming of age story that blends humor, pathos and philosophy. Ryan Connelly, nearing forty, has returned to Crescent Township, the small Minnesota town where he grew up, hoping to reconnect with his father. But their relationship was strained even before the death of his mother many years earlier. So he goes about his work, feeling as if he's standing still while the world passes him by. Then he connects with an old sculptor named John Doe, who begins to carve out a giant boulder that takes the shape of a man emerging from the soil. As the statue progresses, and as Ryan assists the old man in his project, he finds himself opening to the possibilities around him, overcoming his past and rediscovering his passion for living. Link to Amazon page ==> ———————————————— Hound of God Joey Winston, a woman of science, working as a researcher doing DNA testing and preparing for grad school, suddenly becomes a werewolf. At first, she doesn't believe it. These must just be dreams of being a wolf. However, she soon realizes that the dreams are real and that she has become the victim of some ancient mystical curse. People are dying. But is the wolf evil, or is it an agent of God? Only when the wolf begins killing people she knows does she realize the full extent of the horror that possesses her. As she struggles to rid herself of the demon, the wolf grows in power, threatening her family. Can she stop the wolf before it kills everyone she loves, or is its power too great for modern technology to control? Link to Amazon page: ==> In addition, Steve is one of the editors of – and a contributor to – Boundaries Without: The Calumet Editions 2017 Anthology of Speculative Fiction. Connect with me:
LOST MY CAT - FOUND CATS HOMELESS DATABASE NATIONAL REGISTER has a fully searchable missing cat database for the UK. Our aim is to reunite lost and found cats with their owners and find homes for homeless. Users can submit photographs and descriptions of animals.
Your Greenland Tour Expert – We specialize tailor-made –and add on tours in Greenland. Any tours are to be found at our place, with focus on culture, nature and history. Our shop in the city center provides you with information about our top day tours, such as boat tours to the ice fiord, abandoned village, inhabited village in the bottom of the enormous fiord, whale watching, restaurant in the fiord, hiking tours, city tours and much more! We specialize tailor-made –and add on tours in Greenland. Any tours are to be found at our place, with focus on culture, nature and history. Our shop in the city center provides you with information about our top day tours, such as boat tours to the ice fiord, abandoned village, inhabited village in the bottom of the enormous fiord, whale watching, restaurant in the fiord, hiking tours, city tours and much more!
Simple Marquee Example The African Diaspora Forum (ADF) learnt with shock and utter dismay that people are being sold as slaves in Libya. “I salute the people of Zimbabwe for achieving such a great goal without spilling blood or burning buildings. South Africans can learn a lot from this,” Letlhake said.
VERNACULAR TYPOGRAPHY : Vernacular Typography Vernacular Typography is a digital archive and community-based initiative dedicated to the documetation and preservation of vanishing examples of lettering in the everyday environment. It seeks to explore, protect, and promote the typographic heritage of local communities around the world that retain their rich traditions of vernacular signage.
Twitter "I believe that curiosity is the secret. Curiosity is the truth and the way of creative living. Curiosity is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end." — Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear Well, I finished Elizabeth Gilbert's book on creative living a few days ago, and the truth that I found in the words above informed my own "creative process". There were two really big take aways that I had. 1) Curiosity is the fuel behind my own creativity, and 2) You have the right to create things that, ultimately, don't matter at all. I used to operate under the seriously mistaken idea that I had to create something great, and meaningful. And that puts a lot of misplaced pressure on yourself for an unrealistic goal. Who says what is great? How do you define that? In the process of trying to create something "great", I became formulaic and started making what I thought people were looking for. In that process, I lost what I was looking for. I lost my own style, and most of all, I lost my interest. And I think I was just waiting to hear someone tell me, my work doesn't have to mean anything at all to the world at large. I have the right to create whatever I want, and I have the right to make it unimportant, and I have the right to my own, at times crappy ideas. I even have the right to enjoy those crappy ideas. That thought freed me. And I waited, and thought about it, and guess what? An idea came knocking at my door. I love reading retellings, especially of fairytales. I've discovered I don't have much art for plot, but I'm really good at flipping storylines, and I love finding new ways of presenting characters. And I thought of Shakespeare. I love magic, and adventure. And I thought of The Tempest. Can you see where I'm going with this? The last book I wrote, The Huntress, I worked on for a very long time. I wrote and worked and in the end, I hated it. It wasn't right. You could read where my curiosity abandoned me about a hundred pages in. It's been an embarrassing two years since that time. I never stopped writing. But I moved on to poetry— something that didn't involve a serious commitment. Something I didn't feel pressure to get right every time. What I didn't realize was that all that time, I was craving another story to write. I wanted to return to it. But I was afraid of failing again. And when I thought of The Tempest, I felt that nudging at my mind. And ideas were coming through. I started asking all of those "what if" questions, and I knew I had something. So my thanks to Ms. Gilbert. I feel like I'm back. And with regained confidence. Jess
Fun Cats is a trusted source for information for cat owners and lovers. Check out all the vet's recommendations, funny kittens videos or helpful tips.
Moorook - Home Adopt don''t shop! Search by breed Australia-wide. The Moorook Animal Shelter is a non profit / non kill organisation established in 1999. Our shelter and website has made such a difference for so many of the unwanted dogs and cats available for adoption throughout Australia.
Jacksonville and North Florida Lost Pet Found Pet and Pet Adoptions Jacksonville and North Florida Lost Pet Found Pet and Pet Adoptions - View and post lost and found dogs, cats, and other animals. Jax Animals is a complete resource and information center for pet and animal issues in Jacksonville and North Florida with an emphasis on lost, abused, neglected, and homeless animals. Animal shelters, humane societies, and animal rescue groups in Jacksonville and surrounding counties are welcome to submit their information to be included in our rescues and shelters lists at no cost. JaxAnimals includes lost, found, stray, and abandoned pet information as well as animal care and other related information. Founded in 2006, JaxAnimals is a 100% volunteer effort and will grow as funds and resources permit.
Jim''s Page Relating to the natural history of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and its communities
Larkhall Thistle FC | Gasworks Park, Larkhall Larkhall Thistle v Girvan West Region Championship Today was gala day in Larkhall and the revived event seemed to have drawn most of the passing trade and left this end of season affair with a sparse crowd. Thistle however were looking to put on a gala performance in what was the replay of the game that was abandoned at the start of March. After an early flurry from Girvan where they looked interested for about the first ten minutes, it was all Larkhall for the rest of the game. Girvan did however have the first meaningful attempt on goal after 24 minutes when their hat trick hero No.9 from the last fixture hit a decent shot that went just past the post. That was about it from them in any kind of attacking sense and Jags keeper Ryan Cooper could have brought a deck chair he had so little to do. Thistle took the lead a minute later when Ryan Carling who had an excellent day, pinged a ball across the park to Greg Fernie who controlled it on his chest and volleyed past the keeper from 20 yards, an outstanding goal. Just before the interval Thistle had a good chance to add to the lead fom a cross but Forbes and O'Hagan got in each other's way and the header went over the bar. Half time: Larkhall Thistle 1 Girvan 0 Larkhall started the second half as they had ended the first, well on top right from the off and pressed the visitors back with their vastly superior energy levels and running. Kevin Wilson nearly made it 2-0 with a tremendous drive when he was given the freedom of the midfield to stroll up and have a pop at goal, his effort came off the underside of the bar and bounced somewhere in the vicinty of the line. It would have been interesting to see what Goal Line Decision technology would have made of it but as far as junior football goes it was one that the referee couldn't give. Thistle did double the lead however right on the hour mark with another very good goal, Dixon took the ball down the left wing and delivered a great cross into the area, Fernie found himself unmarked and calmly volleyed past the keeper. It was no more than Thistle deserved and Fernie almost completed his hat trick 12 minutes later with what looked like his easiest chance of the day but he shot over from 6 yards although in fairness the ball might have taken a bobble. Larkhall saw out the game for easily their most convincing win of the season and with some new faces coming in and grabbing their chance by the scruff of the neck, next season looks promising already. Full time: Larkhall Thistle 2 Girvan 0 Cooper; Forbes, Boyle, McMurray, Dixon, wilson, Carling (J. Adam 87), Crawford (Breen 79), Fernie (R. Adams 87), O'Hagan, Galloway TAGS ---- Larkhall Thistle, Girvan, match reports, Gasworks Park, West Region Championship 2018 - 2019 CATEGORIES ---------- Match Reports - League 2018-2019 West Region Championship
Building Kingdom Properties, Inc. – Empowering Lives, Rebuilding Communities Building Kingdom Properties, Inc. is a small group of abandoned money professionals located in Maryland. If you've received a call or a letter from us, it's because we've found funds being held by the government that may be rightfully yours.
Our Ground - Save Public Open Space News on the disappearance of public greenspace through privatisation schemes: Liverpool is an example of the changes now taking place throughout Britain.
ENDRIAN The home of the Endrian original graphic novel, and DEPRIVED: A Dark Souls Story. Enjoy your stay!
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Sarah Divi – Textile Artist | Maker | Teacher Sarah Divi creates site-specific fiber art installations from unwanted items rescued from the back of your closet. Once unraveled, she begins the process of blending it with other yarns, fabrics, or found objects to give life to the things that we have forgotten and abandoned. Sarah finds inspiration in taking familiar objects and presenting them…
SpurFreedom | Tiny House Friendly Community The old west town that welcomes new pioneers. Spur Texas is a classic west Texas town on the wide open prairie. Our population is around 1,000 and we are one of two towns in Dickens County, a 900 square mile wonderland of canyons, cotton fields and an abundance of wildlife. The population of Dickens county is about 2,500 . We're ranchers, farmers and townsfolk who love our freedom and the endless blue sky. In the last half century, urbanization and social changes in America caused many small towns to lose residents to large cities, where better opportunities were thought to exist. Farm mechanization and consolidation also contributed to reducing the number of families in agricultural communities across the country. But here in Spur we feel a change in the wind and in west Texas, we're pretty familiar with the wind. Big cities have raised the economic threshold necessary for the most basic living expenses to a point that is unbearable for many of their citizens. And community is becoming harder to maintain with increased economic polarization. These developments have given rise to some exciting new strategies for coping and competing in America. The tiny house movement is one example of reducing costs and gaining freedom to operate according to your own plan, unfettered by onerous and unnecessary costs. And the internet has opened a world of opportunity to redefine where and how we work. For example, our town is wired with fiber-optics! We propose that tiny houses in small towns yield even more freedom and offer a unique opportunity to regain a sense of community and self sufficiency. So we're proud of our city council resolution, passed in July, 2014, that declared Spur the nations' first tiny house friendly town, where you can build or bring your dream house, no matter the size and set it on a foundation on a regular city lot and live the way you choose. After two years, over 70 lots have been sold to folks planning to make Spur their new home. As folks have begun moving here, various definitions of "tiny houses" have been bandied about and the city council has settled, for now, on a definition that most people consider somewhat standard in the tiny house movement. Any tiny house that features wood or metal framing, flush toilets connected to city utilities and electrical work properly done, is welcome in Spur. All new houses must be set on a foundation that is re-enforced with some rebar and goes at least six inches below ground, (The Texas frostline). Details can be found in the city ordinance posted on the 'city proclamation' page of this website. If you already own a tiny house on wheels that fits the above description and are looking for a permanent home, we'll be watching the horizon, waiting to welcome you! We'll get you help to remove the axles( the last set took all of fifteen minutes to remove), store them and set your house down on its new foundation. A simple (and free) permitting process will establish that your house design meets structural safety requirements. Purchasing Your Home Site If you are interested in finding out about county lots for sale, contact the County Tax Collector's office at 806-623-5216 and they will email/send you a list of available lots as well as a map of Spur. You can also contact City Hall right here in Spur at 806-271-3316 as they may have additional lots for sale. Any questions regarding the new Ordinance and any permitting/coding should go to John Schmidt and you can reach him at 682-239-0973. With all the publicity we've been getting, the city lots are disappearing fast (we are hoping that people are not just buying, holding on to these lots, thinking they will turn around and make a profit, therefore, taking away home sites from those that want/need to come right away to start their new lives). There will be more lots made available as the County's attorneys work to get clear titles on the many abandoned lots still left in Spur but things move slowly here in West Texas. To that end, we would like to see that you have your home's foundation, at least started, within one year of purchase of your land. Also, you have the ongoing cost of maintaining the property in that you must keep it clear, clean and always mowed. Once you own it, that is really your only responsibility but there are steep penalties if you don't. And, of course, paying your taxes! Contacting us If after reading this whole website, especially the FAQ, About Spur and the All News pages, you have further questions, please email us at: INFO MAIL. Or fill out the Contact Us form. Someone will get back to you as soon as they can. Please keep in mind that we are not realtors. We are only volunteers that are tiny housers that have moved here already, have been through it and want to help those coming in with the questions they have. You can also take the free Spur Compatibility Quiz to see if your lifestyle fits with west Texas freedoms. If your are super serious about learning more, take our informed new E-course. It will give you updates on the demographics of tiny housers (avg. cost of house, avg. age of tiny houser, types of homes moving it, where folks are coming from, etc). The course is fluid, with new information, interviews of tiny houser's uploaded; as data/stories unfold. Click button below for a preview. Click Here To Take A Peek
World of 2-XL 2-XL was a toy robot from Mego in 1978 and from Tiger in 1992. View info and pics of the toys and programs, rare promotional materials, FAQ, fan-art and more.
Welcome to Stray Aid | Stray Aid Welcome to Stray Aid
demonizerdoom | "The only people who will not be STERILIZED with FEAR are those among you who are already DEAD!" "The only people who will not be STERILIZED with FEAR are those among you who are already DEAD!"
ANML-RESQ - Rescue for Animal Victims of Bill 132 | Phone us at 416-256-1DOG for more information. ANML-RESQ cares for animals and provides foster care when unwanted or abandoned animals need help. All animals are vetted and even sterilized before being adopted out. We are a small non-profit group who is 100% volunteer. We are not for one breed of dog or another, but champion all dogs.
Mohawk Hudson Humane Society: Menands Animal Shelter The Mohawk Hudson Humane Society (MHHS) runs an animal shelter in Menands, NY dedicated to saving animals, whether strays, abandoned, or injured.
Toby''s Legacy Equine Rescue - Home Toby's Legacy Equine Rescue: rescuing abandoned and abused horses, providing them with a safe place to physically and emotionally rehabilitate until new forever homes are found.
Growth Hacking Rockstars - your award-winning growth agency We grow your business. Growth Hacking Rockstars is your award-winning premier growth agency located in Amsterdam.
Menifee Valley Humane Society Official Website | Pet Adoption, Lost and Found Pets Menifee Valley Humane Society is a registered 501 c(3) non-profit, all volunteer, no-kill organization dedicated to reducing pet overpopulation and finding forever homes for abandoned and neglected animals in our community.
Error 404 Artha Not Found This blog is ABANDONED! See the post for where to find me! Tumblr just killed itself in the most colossal way, and I am moving on to greener pastures. Toodles!
Tailwaggers Siloam Springs – Siloam Springs, AR | Animal rescue working with Siloam Springs, W. Siloam Springs & Gentry Animal Shelters Welcome to Tailwaggers! We're glad you came Our Mission Tailwaggers is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to improving the lives of pets and and their owners through education, promoting spaying/neutering,  and  assisting otherwise abandoned, abused and neglected animals through fostering and promoting their adoption from Siloam Springs, West Siloam Springs, Decatur, Gravette and Gentry Animal Shelters and…
Kitty Save Kitty Save, a nonprofit, no-kill animal rescue specializing in abandoned, neglected, and abused cats found in city and county shelters
Heartland Weimaraner Rescue: Serving the Heartland Since 2002 A 501(c)(3) organization involved in the rescue and placement of unwanted Weimaraners.
Dogs Welfare Trust Tenerife Charity Care of Stray and Abandoned Dogs Dogs Welfare Trust Tenerife. Charity for the Care of Stray and Abandoned Dogs in Tenerife. Re-homing & Fostering of dogs. Sponsor us or Make a Donation.
Missing Money Free Search for Unclaimed Property - Officially endorsed By The States and Provinces Officially endorsed by NAUPA and the participating states and provinces, FREE national search for your missing money. State and provincial governments working together to safeguard and return your lost funds
Bay Area Urban Exploration Blog I've been interested in photographing street art for a while which has led me to doing some urban exploration. This blog is a place to share some of the locations I've found. All locations are in the...
Missing Money Free Search for Unclaimed Property - Officially endorsed By The States and Provinces Officially endorsed by NAUPA and the participating states and provinces, FREE national search for your missing money. State and provincial governments working together to safeguard and return your lost funds
AA Dog Rescue | Bradwell on Sea | Essex | United Kingdom AA Dog Rescue is dedicated to saving 'pound dogs' who through no fault of their own, have found themselves in council pounds.
HOME Southwest Pennsylvania Retriever Rescue Organization or S.P.A.R.R.O. is not your standard rescue, we are a temporary home for wayward, abandoned, unwanted, or abused dogs. All dogs that enter our organization are treated as members of a family.  Some do stay forever! If a dog is found to not fit in after several attempts at placement or no interest is shown in a particular dog we just make room and he stays for the remainder of his life. S.P.A.R.R.O. IS MOST DEFINITELY A NO-KILL ORGANIZATION! We attempt to crate train all dogs as well as teach them basic commands and how to walk on leash. We strongly believe in the gentle leader and can arrange to supply one with dogs that are adopted.
Raw Materials - The Home Store Raw Materials is not your average home store. Looking for something out of the ordinary? Then you came to the right place! We travel the world to find beautiful old unique raw objects and materials. One of a kind pieces found in abandoned factories, land washed ships, local vintage markets or any place we come by chance. Without losing the story of their past, we restore, recycle or redesign them. Our shop is 600m2 of interior inspiration. From vintage pieces to the most trending brands, we offer a wide collection of furniture, accessories and more that fits every home. Looking for a small gift or want to renew your complete living room? You are always welcome to come by and see what we have in store!
Labrador Retriever Rescue of CT, Inc Labrador Retriever Rescue of CT, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit rescue for labrador retrievers found abandoned or in shelters in CT, MA, RI, and NYC area.