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Danfoss Engineering Tomorrow - explore energy efficient and innovative solutions for your industry | Danfoss Danfoss engineers technologies that empower the world of tomorrow to build a better future. Learn how our energy efficient technologies empower smart communities and industries to create healthier and more comfortable climates in our buildings and homes and to supply more food with less waste.
ENERGY STAR | The Simple Choice for Energy Efficiency ENERGY STAR® is the simple choice for energy efficiency. For more than 20 years, EPA’s ENERGY STAR program has been America’s resource for saving energy and protecting the environment.
Cepsa - Global Energy Company - Adaptable Energeering At Cepsa we work in all phases of the oil value chain. Thanks to technological excellence, we make your world more efficient.
Electric Radiators from £139. Electric Heaters - Free Delivery Electric Radiators Direct, the UK''s Leading Supplier of energy efficient electric radiators, electric heaters and electric towel rails.
Nanoleaf - Smart Home, IoT, and Lighting that's Smarter by Design : Nanoleaf is a green technology company that's transforming the way we light up our world with impeccably designed, ultra energy efficient LED lighting.
Energy Efficient Commercial LED Lighting Installation Services UK | GREEN BUSINESS LIGHT Commercial LED lighting installation services UK - Commercial lighting installer - Free lighting survey & energy report
MaxLite | MaxLED - The Home of Energy Efficient LED Lighting MaxLite is a leading global manufacturer of energy-efficient lighting products that include LED lamps, luminaires and lighting controls.
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Home | BSH Hausgeräte GmbH Welcome at BSH Hausgeräte GmbH. Making home life more convenient. We offer household appliances of outstanding quality, design and performance thoughout the world.
ETSI - Welcome to the World of Standards! ETSI - Producing globally applicable standards for ICT-enabled systems, applications & services deployed across all sectors of industry and society. Made in Europe for global use.
Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers The voice of the Malaysian manufacturing industry. A key focal point for those seeking links with Malaysian manufacturers for investment, trade and services.
Landscape Management - Sharing new ideas to help contractors run more efficient, profitable businesses. : Landscape Management Sharing new ideas to help contractors run more efficient, profitable businesses.
16 | Your Energy Efficient Lighting Retrofit Supplier We are your online supplier for energy efficient lighting retrofit products for commercial and industrial lighting applications. We carry over 50+ manufacturers of LED, fluorescent, and induction products at great prices.
AmbiRad A powerhouse of energy efficient heating and ventilation systems, with it’s highly distinguished brands comprising of AmbiRad, Nordair Niche, Airbloc and Benson Heating.
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CECO Environmental | Industrial Air Quality, Energy, and Fluid Handling Solutions CECO Environmental enables industrials to grow by providing clean, safe, and more efficient solutions that help protect our shared environment.
Ceiling Fans | Lighting Fixtures | Lamps Westinghouse Lighting offers beautifully designed lighting fixtures, a wide range of decorative ceiling fans and the latest in long-life energy efficient LED and other light bulbs
SBT Alliance › Energy Efficiency + Connected IoT Solutions For A Smarter World SBT Alliance is home to industry-leading companies Direct Discount Lighting (DDL), Integrated Advanced Controls (IAC), and Glued Solutions (GSI). Each SBT company plays a pivotal role in streamlining how energy efficient lighting, controls & integrated/connected IoT solutions are engineered, delivered, optimized & supported long-term. We go beyond the LED Lighting, beyond the LED Fixtures, beyond Occupancy Sensors & Controls to create energy cost savings solutions for a variety of retail, commercial, office, warehouse, industrial & municipal applications.
Decorative Light Fixtures, Energy Efficient Lighting | Good Earth Lighting Good Earth Lighting, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of energy efficient, decorative, and value driven lighting fixtures for the indoor and outdoor residential applications.
Luxsoli - SOLAR POWER - ROOFTOP & BIPV - VALSAD DAMAN SILVASA - RESIDENTIAL, INDUSTRIAL,COMMERCIAL & NGO SOLAR PROJECTS SOLAR POWER - ROOFTOP & BIPV - VALSAD DAMAN SILVASA - RESIDENTIAL, INDUSTRIAL, COMMERCIAL & NGO SOLAR PROJECTS SOLAR BIPV - stylish, elegant & efficient solar power systems SOLAR PUMPS - sun brings you water farming SOLAR ELECTRICITY - free energy for your daily needs FREE ELECTRICITY from the SUN. GO SOLAR & get 5 times returns on your investments. Contact us now.. LUXSOLI provides most efficient solar electricity with 5 years free service & 20* years system life. get free, clean and unlimited electricity - GO SOLAR with LUXSOLI. LUXSOLI
Cenergistic Cenergistic empowers K-12 schools, universities and municipalities to become more energy efficient and recover 25% or more in energy costs through energy conservation. Offering sustainability-as-a-service by combining technology and applied behavioral science for long-term sustainability.
Solares Architecture | Modern & Eco Friendly Passive Solar House Design Solares Architecture is reputed for their modern and eco friendly sustainable house designs or also known as passive solar home or green home design that's also cost effective, beautiful and built to last.
Mansha Brothers | Polycom Dealer in Pakistan | Smart Home Automation System Solution. Mansha Brothers is the only distributor of Polycom audio and video conferencing solutions within Pakistan. We also deal in smart home automation system.
Elemental.Green - Your place to Dream, Discover, Design Find all you need to create your dream green home! From LEED design to tiny homes – browse inspiring projects, ingenious products, and all the why's & how's.
Get Inspired to Save Energy | Energy Upgrade California® Energy Upgrade California® ®is a statewide initiative teaching Californians how to be more energy efficient and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Windows and Doors | Marvin, Integrity, Infinity Manufacturer Marvin and its three brands create windows and doors that are ready to take on any project, whether it be a new construction, remodel or replacement.
Solar Direct Solar Direct offers Solar Electric Systems, Solar Water Heating Systems, Solar Pool Heaters, and other renewable and energy efficient products
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Invertek Drives is a global manufacturer of Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs / AC Drives) for energy efficient control of variable speed electric motors in fans, pumps, industrial automation, HVAC building services & elevators
1414 Degrees | Unlike any other energy storage system in the world 1414 Degrees; a highly efficient, clean, scalable and sustainable thermal energy storage system (TESS), unlike any other energy storage system in the world. 14D is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.
Best Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries | RELiON : Our Lithium batteries are the safer; more efficient way to meet your energy needs. RELiON, the best LiFePO4 battery source!
Cascade Park - Apartments in Colorado Springs, CO Situated in wonderful Colorado Springs, Colorado, you'll be proud to call Cascade Park your future home. You can choose from studio, one, two, and three bedroom homes so you can find the perfect fit for your lifestyle. Our homes feature hardwood and tile flooring, energy efficient windows, spacious living areas, unique layouts. Community amenities include barbecue and picnic areas, bike storage, on-site laundry facility, and a pet-friendly atmosphere.
Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows in Phoenix | Krasiva Windows and Doors Are you looking for energy-efficient replacement windows & doors in Phoenix, Mesa, or the surrounding areas? Call Krasiva Windows & Doors today!
Viking Cold Solutions: Innovative Thermal Energy Storage Viking Cold Solutions is a thermal energy management company, making cold storage systems more efficient, delivering environmental benefits and cost savings.
Top Fishing Tips - Get Expert Fishing Tips Here Jacob Montgomery fishes with his dog at a camp near Iron Gate Dam on the Klamath River. PHOTO BY TESS TOWNSEND It is assumed that fishing is not as easy as dipping a hook in the water and taking out a fish. I have been told that it is an exercise in patience and that you will often go home empty-handed. But those ideas do not describe my experience on a recent camping trip near the Oregon border. There, in a reservoir on the Klamath River, yellow perch, a species that is not native to California, thrives artificially in the water even by the Iron Gate Dam. And the fish are very anxious to break with the silicone lures at the ends of the fishing line. The trip is an annual pilgrimage made by my partner and his friends, a group of outdoor activities, many of them research biologists. Teejay O & # 39; Rear, the ram of 40 and something that started the tradition, said he collects a large part of the fish he will eat at home next year when he goes. (He could not do it this year). Try only to eat meat that he has hunted himself. Others on the trip follow a similar rule throughout the year. "Probably by proxy, many of my vacations are sustainable," says O'Rear. That's partly because of their lifestyle in general, and partly because their idea of ​​a vacation is "getting rid of the greatest possible civilization." During what some experts call not only climate change but a climate crisis, there is something very attractive about vacationing in a way that does not feed the projections of the day of the final judgment. Since last summer, the United Nations published a report that says one million species of plants and animals are currently at risk of extinction and another says that humans must drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the next decade to avoid the worst projections of global warming. The trip to Iron Gate was presumably as green as a vacation one could take. We slept in tents, we left the showers, we fished a source of sustainable food and we did it all a few hours in a shared car from home. Compared to flying to a hotel or resort with electricity and running water, we spent this long weekend of camping consuming a fraction of the energy and resources. But I had the annoying feeling that it would be irresponsible to keep the trip as an ecological model. To begin with, to make a measurable difference in its impact on the environment, you have to make sustainable decisions throughout the year, not just during vacations. This is not the norm in an economy that rewards bad choices for the planet by making them faster, more accessible, and often cheaper. In addition to that, industry practices and public policies also determine how human beings impact the environment. Many parts of the trip reflected the eco-unfriendly system in which we live. We store our fish fillets in plastic bags, a product derived from petroleum. We brought food packed in plastic. We use plastic refrigerators. We cook with portable kerosene stoves. Some of us knock down lead fishing lines. We drove to the camp in fossil fuel cars. And we camped in a man-made reservoir that dramatically altered the ecosystem of its natural state, making the entire trip possible. An artificial environment A common sight in our tent camp was that campers filleted dead fish, a process that left the wooden picnic table full of fish guts while a container of corpses was constantly being filled in each session. What made that image so frequent was the abundance of yellow perch, a fish native to the Northeast and the Midwest that has thrived in the artificial reservoir. The Iron Gate Dam interrupts the flow of the Klamath River, creating a 944-acre reservoir that is "lake-like" and warmer than if the river were allowed to flow unimpeded, says fishing biologist Peter Moyle, a distinguished professor emeritus at UC Davis. How exactly the yellow perch that entered the Klamath river is not clear. Moyle said the now defunct US Fish Commission. UU Introduced the fish in the Central Valley near the 20th century. "He disappeared from the Central Valley and then mysteriously appeared at Copco Reservoir," he said north of the Iron Gate in Klamath in 1946. This would have happened after the predecessor of the utility company PacifiCorp began building dams on the river in 1903, but before it completed Iron Gate in 1962. PacifiCorp owns seven dams in Klamath, which according to the company's website they provide "enough energy to supply the energy". needs of approximately 70,000 homes. " That's about 15 percent of all the hydropower produced by the company, according to spokesman Bob Gravely. PacifiCorp also generates energy from coal, natural gas and wind. Dams are often controversial. On the one hand, reservoirs help to irrigate the land and store water for human needs. Hydroelectric dams produce a source of renewable energy when the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is essential. However, dams damage fluvial ecosystems and the aging of infrastructure poses a risk of flooding. The dams on the Klamath River interrupt the migration of the native Coho and Chinook salmon. The Coho are classified as threatened under the federal endangered species law on the Klamath River in California, and there is a petition to list Chinook administered in the spring as threatened or endangered in a part of the river. The relatively calm and warm water in the reservoir makes the river more prone to toxic algae that, according to Moyle, can kill small fish, as well as the invertebrates that fish eat. "The dams are ruining the river and basically they are making the river sick. And because the river is sick, everything that depends on the river is also sick, "says Amy Cordalis, general counsel for the Yurok tribe. The lower Klamath traverses the Yurok reservation and is intricately woven into the history and culture of the tribe. However, Cordalis says that when toxic algae occur, no one can touch the river. That means there's no swimming for humans or pets, no fishing. The type of toxic algae that grows in Klamath is known to kill dogs. Brian Williamson tools the yellow perch at a campsite next to the Iron Gate Dam on the Klamath River. PHOTO BY TESS TOWNSEND The removal of four dams in Klamath, including the Iron Gate, is planned in 2021, after a great effort on the part of the Yurok and Karuk tribes, non-profit environmental organizations and government agencies, and the cooperation of PacifiCorp. Plans for disposal still require federal approval, and the Board of Supervisors in Siskiyou County, where three of the four dams are located, opposes the elimination. In letters to the California Water Resources Control Board, the county says the removal could have a negative impact on the environment and cause flooding, "in addition to the socio-economic impacts on the local community." The panorama Compared to the typical options of supermarkets (food produced with intensive energy and often transported over long distances), yellow perch is more sustainable. "In fact, it's great to harvest them," and makes little difference to the general population of yellow perch in the reservoir, says Moyle. O & # 39; Rear says that when it goes to the Iron Gate, it usually returns between 150 and 200 fish. "That's at least six months of dinner meat," he says. But Moyle also says: "You're only taking advantage of an unnatural situation." Fish can only thrive in Iron Gate because a dam creates an artificially favorable environment. Remove the prey and the yellow perch will disappear from the Iron Gate deposit, although they will still remain in other parts of the river. Camping is best with happy dogs that enjoy playing with the bark of the surrounding trees. PHOTO BY TESS TOWNSEND However, the elimination of the dams will not yet result in a perfect restoration of the original environment. The Klamath River will still heat up due to climate change, although the increase will be smaller and slower than if the dams remain in place, according to a 2011 report by the United States Geological Survey. This paradox of yellow perch as a sustainable food source that depends on a damaged natural ecosystem reflects how any individual choice made with sustainability in mind is still balanced on a highly engineered extractive system. A clearer example is choosing between different transport options when traveling. "We're choosing between carbon-intensive options because that's what we have," says Lisa Aultman-Hall, an engineering professor at the University of Vermont who studies long-distance travel. An "average" car with five passengers is more energy efficient than a Boeing 737 with approximately 160 passengers, and a full bus or train is more efficient than both, she says. But you continue to contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. Electric vehicles are generally better for the environment, but even so, how much better depends on where the electricity comes from. "I think it is up to the policymakers to create a system and create a price structure for that system so that we, as individuals, collectively make better choices," says Aultman-Hall. While the search for a sustainable lifestyle is worthwhile, isolated individual actions will not determine the future of fossil fuel consumption and other activities that affect the planet. What will determine that the future is policies and regulations and collective action, similar to the collective action that is leading to the elimination of the planned dam for the Klamath. On the last morning of the camping trip, my partner and I took out their canoe in the reservoir to fish. Our boat floated on the still water towards a small cove. I submerged a luminescent white lure in a group of seaweeds, quickly catching fish after fish. Later I told Moyle how surprised I had been for how easy it was to hook the yellow perch. According to historical records, he said, it was once so easy to catch native salmon. Source:
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Home Page - SHARC Energy Systems SHARC Energy Systems offers a sewage heat recovery that uses a heat pump to capture the warmth of that wastewater and transfer it to the clean water stream that is entering homes and businesses.
Urban Green Council | Urban Green Council's mission is to transform NYC buildings for a sustainable future. We believe the critical issue facing the world today is climate change. Our focus on climate change requires us to target energy and other resource management. As we improve energy and other resource management, we can deliver a more resilient, efficient, healthy and affordable city.
ECOLEX | The gateway to environmental law What is ECOLEX? ECOLEX is an information service on environmental law, operated jointly by FAO, IUCN and UNEP. Its purpose is to build capacity worldwide by providing the most comprehensive possible global source of information on environmental law . This unique resource, which combines the environmental law information holdings of FAO, IUCN and UNEP, seeks to put this information at the disposal of users world-wide, in an easily accessible service, employing modern technology. The ECOLEX database includes information on treaties, international soft-law and other non-binding policy and technical guidance documents, national legislation, judicial decisions, and law and policy literature. Users have direct access to the abstracts and indexing information about each document, as well as to the full text of most of the information provided. What is now available on the web ( owes much to a project funded by the Dutch government, which ascertained the feasibility of a joint service, and set the stage for the implementation of the resulting partnership between FAO, IUCN and UNEP. This joint service is now being further refined and developed by the three partners to best meet the needs of the user. Why ECOLEX? Environmental law has, over the past thirty years, become a recognized legal discipline, and a major tool for the achievement of environment and natural resources management, in the context of sustainable development. Within this field, there has been a significant growth in multilateral and bilateral agreements, national legislation, international "soft law" documents, and law and policy literature, as well as related jurisprudence and court decisions. Yet, much of this wealth of information is difficult to access, even for those whose profession is to develop and implement national legal mechanisms in the field. There are two causes for this difficulty: first, there is limited knowledge about the existence and location of this information; second, even when this information is available, access is limited. This is particularly the case in developing countries and countries with economies in transition, where government officials, practitioners, environmental managers, non-profit institutions and academia lack easy access to the legal information they need for developing the necessary legal tools to promote environmental management. The need for such services is illustrated in the constantly growing number and variety of requests for data, and for assistance in locating information on specific environmental law topics, which FAO, IUCN and UNEP receive from governments, academia, including NGOs, companies and members of the public. Why FAO, IUCN and UNEP? -- a bit of history The FAO Legal Office has developed FAOLEX, a database of references to national legislation linked to electronic versions of their texts. Selected texts of major significance pertaining to FAO's mandate, including legislation on agriculture, energy, environment, fisheries, food, forestry, land, livestock, mineral resources, plants, water, wild fauna and flora, are summarized and indexed in the database. Access to the summary, index and full text of each piece of legislation is provided. IUCN Environmental Law Centre (ELC) created a comprehensive information system on environmental law (ELIS) in the 1960's. ELIS, which was one of the first computerized legal information system, evolved into a large set of references to treaties, national legislation, soft law and legal literature, linked to documents held in the libraries of the ELC for the IUCN Environmental Law Programme. It continues to be one of the main assets of the capacity building activities of the IUCN Environmental Law Programme, as well as a constant source of expertise for the work of the Programme in the fields of law development, technical assistance, and expertise building. UNEP, for the past thirty years UNEP has provided leadership to the development and implementation of global and regional international environmental agreements, the strengthening of national environmental legislation and capacity building in the field of environmental law. This work which has been undertaken within the framework of the Governing Council decisions relating to the Development and Review of Environmental Law, and has led to the collection of a very significant amount of legal materials in electronic and hardcopy form, which have been made available by UNEP to ECOLEX. To join forces and combine the strength of the three organizations therefore made eminent sense, and while cooperation in this field between UNEP and IUCN was firstly mandated by the Governing Council of UNEP in 1995, it is in 2001 that a partnership Agreement was signed by FAO, IUCN and UNEP for the integration of their data, and of FAOLEX into ECOLEX. The resulting combined information resource is the largest available on environmental law globally, with over hundred thousand references to relevant documents already being available on the web. The Overall Objectives ECOLEX must be maintained, refined and further developed with a view to serving the end users as efficiently as possible. In this context, the long-term objectives of ECOLEX in building capacity worldwide are as follows: Maintain, refine and develop the environmental law databank and its related information and resources; Present these data in a user-friendly format, facilitating searches for references and full texts through the development of multilingual retrieval possibilities (English, French, Spanish); Provide global access to the database in an efficient and cost-effective manner; Address the special needs and access problems of users; Develop a distributed network of associates, at regional and national level; Develop special ECOLEX products and services aimed at increasing knowledge and building capacity in environmental law at the local, national and regional levels; and Expand the consortium of partners of ECOLEX.
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Atrium Windows & Doors | Manufacturer of Vinyl Windows and Patio Doors Atrium manufactures energy efficient replacement windows, new-construction windows and patio doors designed to increase the comfort and beauty of any home.
NuVision Energy | Nu Vision Energy | Solar Energy Suppliers Devon NuVision Energy is a Energy Efficiency supplier in Devon & supplier of renewable energies including Solar PV. As Solar PV Suppliers in Devon, we stock various energy saving products including Energy Efficient Boiler and Warmed Air Ventilation Solutions
Офіційна сторінка Інституту професійно-технічної освіти НАПН України - Офіційна сторінка Інституту професійно-технічної освіти НАПН України — інститут професійно-технічної освіти Професійна освіта і навчання в Україні, наукові дослідження теорії та практики професійної освіти. Професійна кар''єра, Дистанційне професійне навчання, сертифікація. Аспірантура, Докторантура, електронні підручники.
Infrared Sauna | Heat Therapy | Pure Life Energy Saunas As an authorized dealer, we not only offer top quality, highly efficient saunas, we also have educational information on here as well. Read more!
Burton Lumber Burton Lumber is Utah's largest full service lumber yard and building material supplier. We have eight locations to serve you. Building Material, Framing Lumber, Trusses, Home Siding, Energy Efficient Windows, Interior Doors, Exterior Door, Custom Wood Doors, Door Hardware, Moulding and Millwork Material, Engineered Wood Products and many more building supplies you might need for all your construction projects.