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Temple Beth Sholom Welcome to Temple Beth Sholom. Temple Beth Sholom is a conservative, egalitarian congregation located in Roslyn Heights, NY
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Temple Beth Sholom - Connecting. Enriching. Inspiring. Temple Beth Sholom is a traditional egalitarian Conservative synagogue located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Since 1940, we have been committed to serving our congregants and community by making TBS a place where everyone can pray, gather, learn and grow with others.
MAULANA AZAD MEMORIAL ACADEMY LUCKNOW Maulana Abul Kalam Azad occupied a place of pre-eminence for over three decades in the struggle for Indian Independence and the evolution of a secular and egalitarian culture for the country. At a time like this, when fissiparous forces are attempting to disrupt the unity of the country and progressive forces are engaged in a struggle to establish a social order which would ensure the well - being of the poor and the down-trodden people of the country, irrespective of their caste and creed, it is felt that the propagation of the ideals of patrio-tism, secularism and intellectual integrity which inspired the life of Maulana Azad would be a positive contribution towards the strengthening of the fabric of Indian society. With this end in view, the Maulana Azad Memorial Academy has been established.
The New Shul Founded in 1999, The New Shul is a progressive, inclusive, independent, and egalitarian congregation that is life-affirming and spirit moving, that respects tradition while remaining open to experimentation and innovation in Jewish life and ritual.
Protego-Et-Servio 29 | Cisgender | She/Her | Pan-Demi | Mom of Two | Crocheter | Pro-Choicer | Domestic Abuse Survivor
Yep, it''s possible. Finally made this sideblog. Just call me Nick. White. Male. 24. Bi. American Red Fox, among other things. Otherkin, Therian, Egalitarian and (OH NOEZ) Conservative. No I'm not delusional, mentally ill...
Crazy Writing Witch I'm a Crazy Bastard, a Writer, a Witch with a dick, Egalitarian as hell, and a Geek. I hide not the geek, but the person I fear to become. Luckily, Chaotic Good is still a good thing. ASK ME...
stereotype & society In a complex and dangerous world, the allure of the simple is addictive. But the habits of typecasting can offer us little wisdom. We must educate ourselves to understand these habits, and to demand public discussion that is based on knowledge, understanding, and a belief in the possibility of egalitarian community. Without this, democracy cannot exist. Join Typecasting authors, Stuart and Elizabeth Ewen, in an ongoing discussion of the influence of stereotypes, past and present, and strategies for combating divisive ways of seeing.
My main blog Name is Dave, I am a Skeptic, Liberal and Egalitarian and view the world through an Atheistic and colour blind mindset. Join my Discord:
Welcome to Congregation Ahavat Olam in Howell, New Jersey Congregation Ahavat Olam is the only egalitarian, Conservative Jewish synagogue within the towns of Lakewood, Howell, Jackson, Farmingdale, Wall, Colts Neck, and Freehold Township, serving western Monmouth County & Ocean County.
Libera Community Space Libera Community Space (Coffee, Books & Infoshop) is organized by a group of anarchist-minded people in a horizontal and egalitarian way. We promote issues such as gender & sexual liberation, economic...
Things from the past that I miss or missed out on. A blog for sharing images and thoughts on all sorts of stuff I like from the past. Mostly 1900s-1930s with some forrays into other eras. Also, Egalitarian, Anti-Feminist/SJW but that's not the main...
Chester Snapdragon McFisticuff Elizabeth (or whichever abbreviation you prefer), 29, egalitarian. Life-long gamer,  Whovian, Python, Hitch Hiker and Holmesian.
Misandry - The hatred of men Female, anti feminist, egalitarian. I'm against sexism of all kinds but there are plenty of blogs whose sole focus is on women but very few even recognise that sexism does not equal Man against Woman....
New blog = better Aqua Formerly Egalitarian Aquagirl. Went with amazing cause Aquagirl is in fact, amazing. Amatuer writer. (They/them, please.)   Ask for my Discord if we're mutuals!
Antisocial Justice What I call myself: pro-shipping, anti-MOGAI, anti-Marxist, anti-SJW, egalitarian, transmed, autistic, salty bitch. ~ What you can call me: Cyan. ~ Follows, replies, and asks from @space-case-cyan. ~...
DAPHNE''S MIND 23• Baltimore Close your eyes or you'll burst into flames.. Egalitarian, Altruist, Optimistic Pessimist, Activist, Healer, Lover, Hippie, NATURAL HAIR, Martian Instagram: melanated_martian 👽👫👭👽
Jagran Jan Vikas Samiti – People's Awakening and Develpment Society Jagran Jan Vikas Samiti's mission is to create an egalitarian social order where basic needs are fulfilled, economic inequalities are minimized, and where democratic decision-making provides for the common good. Get Involved
Jackie Always Unplugged | Jackie''s Blog about theology, Jesus, women, relationships and family I decided to blog because I have a lot on my mind ... much about theology, practice, women, relationships and family. This is a place where we'll talk about all of these things. Nothing is off-limits. Hopefully, somehow in the journey, we'll find ourselves going deeper, and having a richer life with each other and Jesus.
I like dumplings "White. Male. Egalitarian. Basically everything tumblr hates. Try not to get offended."
Acorn Community – An egalitarian, income-sharing, secular, anarchist, feminist, consensus-based intentional community. Supporting radical sharing, positive communication, compassion, consent culture, sustainability, and anti-oppression activism. Living free of hierarchy and coercion.
Or Haneshamah - Ottawa''s Reconstructionist Community Or Haneshamah is a liberal, egalitarian synagogue affiliated with the Reconstructionist movement of synagogues. We welcome all Jews and their families, including intermarried couples, people who identify as LGBTQ and those who have never been members of a congregation.
Writer, worldbuilder, player of games, reader of books. Twenty-Something years of age, egalitarian & transhumanist. I post alot of stuff, everything from sci-fi and cyberpunk to Fantasy and nature,...
Adath Shalom Congregation Adath Shalom Congregation of Ottawa is a friendly and inclusive Conservative community. It has been egalitarian and lay-led since 1978. Shabbat services held every week.
Congregation Etz Chaim Congregation Etz Chaim is a progressive, egalitarian, Conservative synagogue that provides meaningful Jewish experiences in a welcoming, engaging environment
קהילת מעיינות kehilat Ma'ayanot masorti in Jerusalem Masorti egalitarian conservative Kehilah in Jerusalem
Adath Jeshurun Congregation - Adath Jeshurun Congregation The mission of Adath Jeshurun Congregation, a member of the Conservative Movement, is to be a progressive, egalitarian and sacred community dedicated to Torah (learning and tradition), Avodah (prayer and spirituality) and Gemilut Hasadim (acts of loving
Greenburgh Hebrew Center | Conservative Synagogue Westchester NY, Dobbs Ferry, Irvington, Hastings, Ardsley, Hartsdale, Scarsdale, Yonkers GHC is a warm, inclusive, egalitarian, Conservative Jewish Synagogue in Westchester County NY, led by Rabbi Jay Stein and Cantor Janet Leuchter.
Temple Beth Sholom Welcome to Temple Beth Sholom. Temple Beth Sholom is a conservative, egalitarian congregation located in Roslyn Heights, NY
Human Agenda The mission of Human Agenda is to envision a world where the human needs of all can be met, engage the community in forging local institutions that are democratic, cooperative, egalitarian, sustainable, and kind, and take individual responsibility to embody the change we’d like to see.
Elaine Adler : Ketubot : Hebrew Calligraphy Handmade personalized ketubot and other calligraphic art by Judaica artist Elaine Adler. Fresh and spiritual, traditional and contemporary text and designs for ketubot, Bar/Bat Mitzvah gifts, family trees, invitations, birth announcements, baby naming certificates, organizational gifts and plaques, and more.
Ketubah By Sidon, custom illuminated ketubot Jewish marriage contract and Judaica art Ketubah by Sidon,a unique source handmade Ketubahs by the Ketubah artists Eli and Caja Sidon,custom,illuminated ketubot,Jewish marriage contract,Orthodox,Conservative,Reform,Egalitarian,Interfaith,Equal Partners,and anniversary ketubas and Judaica art. The Ketubah renaissance in traditional Jewish wedding design
Sinai Synagogue | Your home for Jewish life in South Bend Sinai Synagogue – an integral part of South Bend''s Jewish community since 1932. Sinai Synagogue is a proud part of the Masorti (Conservative) Movement, a dynamic blend of our inclusive, egalitarian approach and a commitment to Jewish tradition.
Toplumcu Düşünce Enstitüsü Toplumcu Düşünce Enstitüsü: Yenilikçi, özgürlükçü,eşitlikçi,katılımcı,çoğulcu bir düşünce platformu. A platform of progressive, modernist, free, egalitarian, participatory and pluralist thinking.
Bay State Design Shop Bay State Design Shop (“BSDS”) is a growing community that’s for New England-area designers, by New England-area designers. We''re an inclusive gathering spot for all stripes of designer—veteran practitioners, up-and-comers, and greenhorns alike—we’re an egalitarian, pretension-free place for designers to talk shop, chew the fat, and lend each other a helping hand.
Hadar | Hadar is an educational institution that empowers Jews to create and sustain vibrant, practicing, egalitarian communities of Torah learning, prayer, and service.
The Free University of Sheffield We are a broad association of those concerned by the state of higher education organising for egalitarian, decentralised, and collectively run learning spaces.
Right-Winged Republican Pro-life, pro-2A, pro-Israel, anti-SJW, anti-Feminazi, egalitarian, anti-Islam, American, white, male, straight, agnostic protestant christian conservative. The only privilege I have is being born in...
Heavens to Mergatroyd Heavens to Mergatroyd, the website and blog of Nancy McClernan, playwright, egalitarian, ANTI-racist, and advocate for civil and human rights.
Central Synagogue of Chicago: Conservative - High Holiday Services The Conservative Synagogue of Downtown Chicago and the Near North Side attacts congregants from all over the city.
Congregation Ner Tamid | Cherry Hill NJ Synagogue Congregation Ner Tamid is a Conservative, Egalitarian Synagogue in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.
New Story Coffee Byron Bay - Specialty Coffee - Eco Social Enterprise New Story Coffee Byron Bay specialty coffee wholesale roaster, eco-social enterprise. lovingly roasted, open, inclusive, egalitarian, loving & joyful
Hoist By Your Own Petard I'll let anon-hatemail describe this blog: "You're not noteworthy [enough] to be slandered [by being called a Nazi] because you're a blue-pilled, egalitarian faggot. So you fit in well with leftists,...
My blog, take it or leave it Female/24/egalitarian/anti-sexism/pro-LGBT/anti-racism/basically pro-accepting everyone and anti-being a douchebag. Mostly anime, Nintendo games, Game of Thrones, fantasy books, posts about world...
Anusha Narasimhan's Blog – My thoughts on books, life, the universe and everything Hi there! I am Anusha Narasimhan, a Chennai based programmer, bibliophile, environment lover and egalitarian in progress. Welcome to my website! Here, you'll find my reflections on random topics. From general musings to book reviews to green living, everything that matters to me will be posted. More info on my blog in Q&A format below: 1.…
Ruach Hamidbar — A warm and welcoming Jewish Renewal community “You are warmly invited to join our vibrant and joyful community. Our spiritual and uplifting services, classes and salons will add depth and meaning to your life. We look forward to meeting you!” ~Reb Sarah Leah Grafstein We are a small, friendly community of egalitarian Jews and spiritual seekers of all ages an
Home The UPJ is the roof body that resources 27 congregations, schools, youth groups and communal organisations across Australia, New Zealand and Asia, serving about one fifth of the region’s affiliated Jewish community.
Ketubah, Ketubot and Judaic Art by the Studios of Lee Loebman Ketubah - The Studios of Lee Loebman features limited edition prints, Ketubot and Judaic art.
Shy, But No Longer Silent Kaye. Non-feminist, pro-choice, I guess egalitarian (it seems to be the closest). Side blog, so I cannot follow back. Click here to read why I became a feminist and here to read why I no longer am...
Misty My name is Misty, I am a 25 year old mother of two, photographer, bar associate and agency represented alternative model from England, UK. represented by rogue model management. EGALITARIAN ❤Elijah...
Dacha Project | a do-it-yourself (diy) educational, egalitarian homestead near Ithaca, NY Explore the Dacha Project, an owner-built 16 acre sustainable homestead in Freeville, NY. Learn about our experiments with community living, alternative energy,
Thoughts from Eden – A discussion of environmental ethics and policy A discussion of environmental ethics and policy
Congregation B'nai Jacob – Jersey City's Contemporary Egalitarian Synagogue
Altshul | Home Altshul is an independent, egalitarian minyan in Park Slope, Brooklyn that is guided by halacha and follows the traditional liturgy.
Home | Kehila Chadasha Kehila Chadasha is a progressive Jewish "shul without walls" in the Washington, DC metro area. Sunday School, membership, calendar, Reb David's blog
Men in Skirts - By a Man in a Skirt - Front Page for This Site Men in skirts - I''m a man in a skirt. Supports true gender equality for all. Egalitarian & Androgyny.
Responding To My Posts Is An Agreement To A Debate Originally Anti Feminism Pro Equality • Egalitarian • Populist • Atheist • Anti Theist • Ex Christian • Ex Feminist • Anti SJW • Anti Trump • Female • Cis • Bisexual • Mexican • 24 • INTJ • I'm...
Dank Side of the Moon 20 | Male | Gemini | INFP-T | Egalitarian | Ambivert | Reposts and Other Possible Responses. An eye for an eye and the world goes blind.
Dances With Dogmeat Formerly Bernstenlr According to Tumblr my labels count as my allegiance and worth so here is some stuff about me I have no control over, but will likely be judged for. Egalitarian. Atheist. Bisexual....
Fundación Confepaso Internacional - Confepaso The Confepaso International Foundation is an entity conceived for the Equal Confederation of Associations and Federations, egalitarian, manifested in the realization of equine, cultural and amateur sports activities with legal personality and permanent nature that may exercise their activities around the world .
Beth El Synagogue Beth El is a warm, open and caring Conservative Jewish community in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. The synagogue reaches out to its 1,250 households throughout
Heavens to Mergatroyd Heavens to Mergatroyd, the website and blog of Nancy McClernan, playwright, egalitarian, ANTI-racist, and advocate for civil and human rights.
Anti SJW Action pro lgbt, egalitarian, libertarian, anti-sjw, anti RADICAL feminism. (pfp by @antifem.aesthetic on ig)
bruce parry Bruce Parry is a documentary filmmaker. He is best known for his time spent living with Indigenous Peoples as well as his investigations into globalisation and climate change. Bruce''s latest film is about how humankind has shifted its connection to nature with devastating results. He is presently trying to bring his learning into his own life on his embryonic egalitarian homestead in Wales.
Allycat 247 That British Cat. (17 [they,them or she,her]) Aro Ace, egalitarian, inclusionist, with an attitude and a very dark and dirty sense of humour. Is also a nerd. (mostly reblogs tbh) talk to me about...
Egoistic Martyr Erika Born in 1992 Homestuck, MtG, Warhammer, MLP, Warframe, Persona, Mass Effect, One Piece, Comics, other fandoms and Egalitarian ramblings Political shit tagged "Social Justice" , Recent Homestuck...