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Opportunity Desk | The one stop place for global opportunities! Are you 18-30 and inspired to save the planet? Submit a 3 minute video to the Tvebiomovies Global Youth Video Competition for a chance to be a youth reporter at the UN Climate Conference in Chile in December 2019
Menu icon bar 3 The University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK. The University of Glasgow is a major research-led university operating in an international context with the following fundamental aims: * to provide education through the development of learning in a research environment * to undertake fundamental, strategic and applied research * to make a major contribution to local, regional, national and international communities through widening access and through working in partnership to support economic regeneration * to sustain and add value to Scottish culture, to the natural environment and to the national economy.
Workplace culture and leadership impact for leading cultural change Human Synergistics helps organizations improve effectiveness by developing leaders, teams and organizational cultures.
Corporate and Employee Perks Program | Employee Rewards - Beneplace Employee perks and discount platform to reward employees, improve morale, and increase employee retention. Improve your workplace culture with Beneplace.
University of North Carolina Wilmington The University of North Carolina Wilmington, the state''s coastal university, is dedicated to the integration of teaching and mentoring with research and service. Our commitment to student engagement, creative inquiry, critical thinking, thoughtful expression and responsible citizenship is expressed in our baccalaureate and master''s programs, as well as doctoral programs in areas of expertise that serve state needs. Our culture reflects our values of diversity and globalization, ethics and integrity, and excellence and innovation.
The Splendid Table The Splendid Table is public radio's culinary culture and lifestyle program that celebrates food and its ability to touch the lives and feed the souls of everyone. Each week, award-winning host Francis Lam leads listeners on a journey of the senses and hosts discussions with a variety of writers and personalities who share their passion for the culinary delights.
اندرويدالجمالي اندرويد الجمالي مدونة متخصص تعريب وفك شفرات وتخطي حساب جوجل وفك شفرات ملتقي المطورين العرب والاجانب في تطوير البرامج والتطبيقات وتعريب وفك شفرة وتخطي جوجل والعاب جديدة وتطبيقات متنوعة
Hanyang University – Hanyang International Summer School Hanyang University International Summer School offers over 70 courses that are taught in English to international students from around the globe. HISS is held at Hanyang University, Seoul Campus. In the program, there are a wide range of courses from which to choose including Korean Studies, Humanities, Business, Economics, International Relations, Media & Communication, Design, Science, Sports, and Korean language. International students can also experience aspects of Korean culture by participating in various field trips. Excursions, and cultural programs.
RSS Icon Your complete resource for training and development companies, products, services, and technologies for IT, Sales, Leadership, Medical, Professional and Workforce Development.
Başkent Üniversitesi 1993 yılı ortalarında Haberal Eğitim Vakfı ile birlikte kurulması kararlaştırılan BAŞKENT ÜNİVERSİTESİ'nin kuruluş işlemleri başlatılıp kısa sürede tamamlanmıştır.Üniversitemiz 13 Ocak 1994 tarihinde 3961 sayılı kanunla kurulmuştur.
ISRAEL BIBLE CENTER - Dr Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg The Certificate in Jewish Context and Culture program consists of 24 mini-courses. It covers topics including: Hebrew Language, and much more!
Youth In new thinking-عالم شباب بفكر جديد Youth In new thinking-عالم شباب بفكر جديد
Unbridled | Event Production & Event Management Unbridled is a global event production and event management agency. We're passionate about designing and producing transformational experiences.
1A - Speak Freely With a name inspired by the 1st amendment, 1A explores important issues such as policy, politics, technology, and what connects us across the fissures that divide the country. The program also delves into pop culture, sports, and humor. 1A’s goal is to act as a national mirror—taking time to help America look at itself and to ask what it wants to be.
নিরাপদ নিউজ |সত্য ও ন্যায় প্রকাশে প্রতিদিন, নিরাপদ সড়কে আপোষহীন 24/7 bangla online news portal সত্য ও ন্যায় প্রকাশে প্রতিদিন, নিরাপদ সড়কে আপোষহীন
HR Benefits & Employee Wellness Platform Green Circle Life offers the patented web- and mobile-based Green Circle platform for employers to engage employees and their families to live happier, healthier and more productive lives. This helps employers attract and retain talent as they offer a centralized app for employees to access communications, benefits and services, which leads to more workforce creativity, better healthcare outcomes, lower healthcare costs and improved profitability through a culture of holistic wellbeing. The Green Circle Life suite of services are designed for a multi-generational workforce and segmented as HR, Health and Wellness, which are HIPAA and EEOC compliant. These services are fully integrated with each other and can be deployed individually or expanded as company needs evolve over time.
The Center for Asia-Pacific Exchange The Center for Asia-Pacific Exchange, CAPE, is a non-profit, publicly-supported, educational institution which was established in Honolulu, Hawai`i, in November 1980. cAPE contributes to the personal and professional development of scholars, students, and professionals from the entire Asia-pacific region by providing a wide range of seminars, workshops and study programs to meet the demand for professional development in their respective fields. Through CAPE''s programs, Americans also have an opportunity to acquire a better understanding of contemporary Asian cultures, to become familiar with the diversity of languages and their related cultures in the Asia-Pacific region, and generally, to be better prepared for cross-cultural encounters of either a personal or professional nature.
Houston Public Media – Houston Public Media is a non-profit organization broadcasting through a multi-media platform to deliver content with a focus on Arts and Culture, Education, News and Information. Join the Houston Public Media community today! Houston Public Media provides informative, thought-provoking and entertaining content through a multi-media platform that includes TV 8, News 88.7 and HPM Classical and reaches a combined weekly audience of more than 1.5 million.
Portland Monthly Portland Monthly chronicles, challenges, and celebrates one of America’s most innovative cities, inspiring readers to explore and shape the vibrant metropolis we call home.
School District No. 83 (North Okanagan-Shuswap) In the North Okanagan-Shuswap School District, we serve just over 6100 students in 22 schools through a variety of sites located around Shuswap Lake and the North Okanagan. We are known for strong academic achievement, a thriving trades and careers program, and a rich culture of school athletics. The school district enjoys comprehensive Local Education…
Custom Machining Specialists & Services | Astro Machine Works Astro Machine Works is a full-service custom machine building company, offering service including CNC precision machining, reverse engineering, 5-axis machining, wire EDM machining, machine repair & rebuild and much more. Contact us today to learn more about how our services can improve your production!
TOL Official site - 604-534-3211. Township of Langley, services, resident and visitor resources. Langley is a Community of Communities: Aldergrove, Brookswood/Fernridge, Fort Langley, Murrayville, Walnut Grove, Willowbrook and Willoughby.
Career Center project is to rise public awareness and promote equal opportunities by enabling fast, free, easy and effective nationwide access to information on job, career and professional skills development related activities announced by local and international organizations.
YouRememberThat.Com - Taking You Back In Time... - Main is an online community focused on sharing and reminiscing about pop-culture video, audio, and images that stir our memories of the past - old television, theme songs, commercials, print advertisements, and more. We''ve got the sights and sounds you remember from the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond...
Korean TOPIK | Study Korean Online | Học tiếng Hàn Online Korean Topik is a live library to Study Korean online, Build your Korean Grammar, Learn Korean Culture and Take TOPIK Test ONLINE.
The GFA Consulting Group, based in Hamburg, has a sound track record of implementing complex studies and projects in over 130 countries since 1982.
বাংলাদেশের আজকের ও সর্বশেষ খবর | Latest Bangladesh News | Desh Television দেশ টিভি Desh Television Limited, a global satellite TV channel in Bangla language, launched on March 26, 2009 to coincide with Bangladesh''s 38th Independence Day celebrations, represents an important and strategic consolidation of Karnaphuli''s presence and investment in the electronic media sector. Desh TV''s satellite footprint spans from Far East to Western Europe. Housed in its own building premises and having custom built, state of the art studios and IT and broadcast set up at its exclusive disposal, Desh is on the air 24 hours a day seven days a week with a rich mix of News & Current Affairs, Sports and Entertainment programs catering to viewers within Bangladesh as well as Bengali expatriates residing overseas in this footprint region. Desh TV is a prime Affiliate of Voice of America in Bangladesh and its also has a licensing agreement with VOA.
Web Design, SEO, & Social Media Management Firm We are a results-focused digital media business. Our sole purpose is to use our expertise to help your business grow. Our services consist of web design, SEO, and social media management.
Antalya Festivals -Antalyada olan Festival, Etkinlik, Sinema, Sergi, Tiyatro ve Gösterilerin detaylarini ve listesini bulabileceginiz güncel Antalya Aktivite sayfasi
UK travel and events. Work or study abroad in Britain. British culture and life. Study, work, live, travel in Britain (London/England, Wales, Scotland). Guide to British culture, traditions and events. UK student life for international students at university, college or language school. Learn English. Tours and tourist information.
Home The corporate EHS function, which oversees environmental, health and safety compliance began to merge at the management level around 1990. The first area is environmental management, which emerged as a profession in the 1970s, following the creation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other state-level regulatory systems. As companies began limiting waste to prevent pollution, they needed engineers to adapt scrubbers, filters, and other process changes to existing manufacturing systems. Workplace safety and occupational health also grew in importance during this time, with the passage of legislation such as the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. Over time, companies developed systematic way of complying with environmental, health and safety regulations. Corporations began tracking key measures and looking for ways to improve their performance. Then, in the 1990s, improvements in data technology management made it easier for an organization to analyze its operations. Around that time, corporations began to merge oversight for environmental, health and safety programs through a new management role called EHS. The newly appointed leaders, who began their careers in one of the three sub-disciplines, started to create systems to drive EHS progress across all operations. Today, with the advent of sustainability, EHS professionals are leading corporate efforts toward sustainability. Building on their decades of experience, EHS leaders are striving to meet this challenge, creating systems to reduce energy use, conserve water, and better communicate with stakeholders. Indeed, a 2009 survey found that two-thirds of the sustainability initiatives at member companies are being led or managed by the EHS
Carlo Scodanibbio - World Class, Lean Performance in the SMEs Carlo Scodanibbio - Industrial & Business Consultant - Lean Management Consultant - World Class, Lean Performance in the SMEs
Here is how to become a Super Single Parent, all in plain and easy to understand language...
Portland Monthly Portland Monthly chronicles, challenges, and celebrates one of America’s most innovative cities, inspiring readers to explore and shape the vibrant metropolis we call home.
Camels and Couscous | Language and Culture in Marrakech, Morocco My name is Aidan, and I'm a prospective linguistics major at Yale University, class of 2017. Before starting college, I took a gap year in Morocco, where I studied at the Center for Language and Culture in Marrakech, funded by the National Security Language Initiative for Youth, a great program that funds high school students studying abroad to…
Myanmar - Birmanie - Birmania - voyage sur mesure - tailor made trip - ,viaje a medida Page d''accueil full image ananda travel yangon Birmanie Myanmar - Ananda travel est le spécialiste Birman des voyages sur mesure en Francais. Ananda travel agency in Myanmar, tailor made program in Myanmar with a Myanmar local specialist, Ananda travel agence de voyage du Myanmar. Ananda travels Yangon viaje a medida con Myanmar
IsraeliSpeakers - Homepage We are proud to present IsraeliSpeakers - a brand new tool for the Jewish program organizer. IsraeliSpeakers offers an easy and comprehensive way to bring Israeli speakers to your community or organization. The range of speakers available ensures that you will be able to find a speaker for every occasion: politicians, journalists, academics, experts on the Middle East, writers, artists and many more.
goodreads PHIL COUSINEAU is an award-winning writer and filmmaker, teacher and editor, lecturer and travel leader, storyteller, TV and radio host. His fascination with the art, literature, and history of culture has taken him from Michigan to Marrakesh, Iceland to the Amazon, in a worldwide search for what the ancients called the “soul of the world.” With more than 30 books and 15 scriptwriting credits to his name, the “omnipresent influence of myth in modern life” is a thread that runs through all of his work. His books include Stoking the Creative Fires, Once and Future Myths, The Art of Pilgrimage, The Olympic Odyssey, The Hero's Journey, Wordcatcher, Beyond Forgiveness, The Painted Word, and Burning the Midnight Oil.
Artist Immersion Program - Art / Design Travel Travel around the world making and learning about art and culture. AIP hosts programs in inspiring places around the globe. We offer courses and residencies. Immersive and rigorous learning experiences for artists. Unique Group Travel, Courses, Residencies, Retreats, Art and Design Travel, Learning
Hot Camping Store | great things for camping equipment Camping Cooler Than You Think, lantern, cookware, dishes, knife, heater, grill, pad, tents, hammock, shower, backpack, Cool Camping Gears & Camping Equipment !
Trista Sue Kragh Kingdom Leadership Training Trista Sue Kragh has opened an office & developed a program that is dedicated to  training whoever desires to be a true Agent of Ch
San Fernando Valley Chinese Cultural Association - Home The San Fernando Valley Chinese Cultural Association (SFVCCA) is a non-profit, (501)(c)(3) organization dedicated to the preservation and celebration of the splendors of Chinese civilization.
Laura Bulian Gallery The Laura Bulian Gallery, based in Milan, was founded in 2008. Since its inception the gallery is focused on a constant rigorous research of contemporary visual culture and creativity from Eastern Europe, Russia, the Caucasus and Central Asia. The Gallery has also developed in its exhibition program a deep interest for the international art scene of the 70’s , including Conceptual art and Visual poetry. These features, together with a particular focus on artist practices with social, anthropological and political significance, have progressively given to the gallery a strong identifiable position. The Laura Bulian Gallery is constantly working on exhibiting projects with museums, foundations and public institutions at international level, and has celebrated its 7th anniversary by doubling its exhibition space at a new 220 m2 venue in September 2015.
Home | EDventure Experience The EDventure International Experience is a unique travel program that allows you to engage with and immerse yourself in a new and exciting culture and community.
UC San Diego innovation and entrepreneurship program. The Basement is a university incubator and startup hub that runs innovation and entrepreneurship programming for the UC San Diego campus, which serves early stage startups and entrepreneurs, igniting the campus'' entrepreneurial culture. Programming is designed to ignite innovative and entrepreneurial thinking. Participants receive mentorship, accelerator programming, co-working space, prototyping tech., and incubator resources.
The Highly Effective Teacher | Delivering quality professional development & resources for teachers Evidence-based, practical resources for teachers, to optimise supportive, nurturing, healthy learning environments for everyone.
Tribeca Art + Culture Night Tribeca Art+Culture Night is downtown arts festival that celebrates arts and culture at large in Tribeca. This year round event brings the greater New York City community together 4 times a year. TAC Night is free and open to the public. This urban festival embraces the diversity of creative expressions, from drawing to design, performance to crafts, music to fashion, and everything in between. The festival takes place in 20+ participating Lower Manhattan venues, including indoor and outdoor spaces such as art nonprofits, galleries, and parks. TAC Night features a program of events (performances, talks and workshops) like a FESTIVAL, showcases venues/organizations like an ART FAIR, unlocks spaces and is open to the public like an OPEN HOUSE, showcases exhibitions and offers art-walks like at ART NIGHT
AMPWORK AMPWork introduces better and less expensive products and technologies, employ better business models, and are faster and more flexible in everything it does. At AMPWork we believe in the power of work.
Club Experience Blog – A Youth Development Resource From Boys & Girls Clubs of America A Youth Development Resource From Boys & Girls Clubs of America
Workplace Health Safety Consultants | Hicks Health & Safety Hicks Health & Safety is a professional HSE service provider that can help you keep your employees safe. We deal in toxic chemicals, mold and other hazards.
The Ransacked Podcast – Current Events – Culture – Commentary You've found the Ransacked Podcast. This is an independently produced weekly program from Sacramento, California which features hosts Cindy Baker and Isaac Gonzalez as they discuss current events. You can find all of our latest shows by clicking here.
SMITH GALTNEY Smith Galtney is a recent graduate of the General Studies program at the International Center of Photography. He also studied photography at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies in Portland, Maine. In the fall of 2014, he was commissioned by the Frannie Peabody Center to create SeeingME: Profiles of Resilience, a series of portraits highlighting the diverse individuals who represent the AIDS/HIV community in Maine. His current project, Being Boring, is an autobiographical body of work that portrays gay marriage for what it is - enormous in a historical sense, yet average and unremarkable in the day-to-day. An entertainment journalist for more than 20 years, Smith has written for The New York Times, GQ, Rolling Stone, Time Out New York, The Village Voice, Out and O: The Oprah Magazine, as well as NPR, VH1 and Fuse. He’s currently the author of "Cultural Attachment," a bimonthly column on pop culture for Las Vegas Weekly. Smith lives in Raymond, Maine, with his partner John and an English bulldog named Kate.
Home | Tompkins Center for History & Culture Tompkins Center for History & Culture is an inspiring cultural destination located on the Commons in downtown Ithaca, NY. The center celebrates Tompkins County's rich history and vibrant culture through immersive multimedia exhibits, program experiences, and community events.
ATAYAL | Building bridges for indigenous cultural exchange ATAYAL is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization committed to building bridges to promote cultural exchange between indigenous communities.
Jacksonville, FL business coach for healthcare providers, physicians, C-suite professionals, doctors Coach for healthcare providers and elite business professionalsJacksonville, FL business coach for healthcare providers, physicians, doctors C-Suite professionals offers leadership and conflict resolution skills to increase performance
PMA Program | Diversity Works Here The Post Modern Apprenticeship is an organization focusing on providing the tech workforce with quality and diverse candidates.
PetroDiAC PetroDiAC, is a leading independent consultancy group dedicated to improving the profitability, efficiency and safety of Oil & Energy worldwide customers. Founded in 1994, it has offices in Houston-USA, Amsterdam-Netherlands and Ras Al-Khaimah-UAE. PetroDiAC signed an agreement with Toyo Pumps Europe PetroDiAC consultants had delivered more than 200 consultancy & engineering services projects for more than 50 customers around the world. These projects involved several consulting & engineering activities for Oil & Gas Upstream, Mid-Stream, Downstream, Petrochemicals, Water & Wastewater, Process Equipment Manufacturers, Industrial Automation, Skid Mounted Packagers and Pharmaceuticals companies. PetroDiAC services spans throughout the project life-cycle from inception to operation optimization. PetroDiAC services covers several disciplines but focused on designing Operational Excellence Programs, Startup Readiness Programs, Integrated Manufacturing Operation Management (iMOM), Program Management Office, Process Engineering, Process Control Systems and Quality, Health, Safety & Environment (QHSE). Value Engineering is a core focus while performing our services. Other disciplines that PetroDiAC complement its services with are Material & Corrosion, Mechanical, Electrical, and Instrumentation & Civil Engineering This depth of experience has made PetroDiAC one of the market leaders and has given us a precise understanding of the critical risks involved design, operate and maintain these production & manufacturing facilities. PetroDiAC is continuously developing its capabilities and enhancing services portfolio by partnering with Technology providers and surrounding itself with alliances and global organizations that provides invaluable source of industry standards and global best practices to PetroDiAC and its customers. PetroDiAC Experienced project managers and discipline engineers strengthen PD’s capability to execute lump sum turnkey projects involving electrical, instrumentation and telecommunication. PD’s involvement covers detailed design, procurement, execution, configuration and integration, residual engineering, construction, installation, commissioning, operation training and maintenance. In order to strengthen its portfolio and indirect workforce, PetroDiAC has aligned itself with major multinational organizations to service the different segments of industries we serve in the Middle East & Africa marketplace. We comply with our Business Ethics Policy, management system and all local rules and regulations. We foster a culture of transparency and responsibility. We investigate all violations and complaints and take appropriate corrective actions and imbed in our continuous improvement initiatives. Locations : UAE Iraq Saudi Cairo Egypt Dubai AbuDhabi Oman Bahrain Qatar Sudan Nigeria Ughanda Africa Algeria Libya Business : Consultant Consultancy Oil Gas Upstream, Mid-Stream, Downstream, Petrochemicals, gensuite, Water Wastewater Process Equipment Manufacturers Industrial Automation Skid Mounted Packager Pharmaceuticals companies Operations Process Engineering Refinary Utility PLC RTU SCADA DCS ICSS Control Automation HMI P&ID PID PFD Feed System Integrator Integration Panel Yokogawa Honeywell Emerson ABB SIEMENS SCHNEIDER Electrical Instrumentation duqm refinery quanta technology digitalisation digitization TOYO PUMP paper SUBMERSIBLE VERTICAL PUMPS HORIZONTAL PUMPS EQUIPMENT AND SPECIAL DEVICES DREDGING SYSTEMS imtech dubai petroleum Fostering Digitalization: The Journey Of Digital Metamorphosis
Trade Fair Exhibit Design & Fabrication - Asian Pacific Region (APAC) Idea International demystifies exhibiting in the Asian trade fair market and provides peace of mind to exhibitors who find themselves a half a world away. We will make sure that your exhibit speaks to the prosperity of your company and the promise of your brand, and ensure that culture and customs are observed in every facet of your trade fair exhibit program.
Lucas Lepri BJJ Online Training: Learn the best brazilian jiu jitsu techniques. Oss! We are better Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Online Training Program with techniques from Lucas Lepri, the most decorated athletes in the world.
76 Discussing Japan in English: 英会話 Discussions (mostly) in English of issues that arise while living, working, and traveling in Japan.
Executive Coaching for Global Leadership Development Global Mindset is the ability to get beyond one’s base culture and the realization that there are many “correct” ways of doing things. This concept is the base for a successful leadership development program for global leaders.
79 » International Strategy, Marketing and Project Management International business, strategy, marketing and project management.
Creativemediafx - Facebook Game Development and Web Application Welcome To CreativeMediaFX Creativemediafx delivers a full range of service offerings covering the Web services including web development,maintenance, enterprise application system, enterprise systems management, research and development Services. successful track record over the years, utilizing top-notch program management, proven processes and methodologies has enabled,Flex Develope,Flex Developes,Adobe Flex Builder,Adobe Flash,Adobe Illustrator,Adobe Photoshop,Adobe Dreamweaver,games,free games,flash games,free flash games,Flash Games, play arcade flash games, action flash games, sports flash games, puzzle games, flash games
Adanac Au Pair | Canadian Au Pair Agency Offering International Child Care Experiences Adanac Au Pair is Canada's Au Pair agency. Our inbound program matches Au Pairs from abroad with Canadian families to provide reliable, flexible and cultural live-in child care. Our outbound program creates international jobs for Canadians to fully immerse into a new culture through work & travel.
82 | Arts & Culture Within the Arts in Education (AIE) Program, you'll discover ways to harness the extraordinary power of the arts to lift educational outcomes for learners and enrich total quality of life for communities. Our students observe as artists, acquire promotion within the subject of schooling, pursue analysis or take a sideways step into another arts schooling […]
Winona Main Street Program | Winona | Minnesota The Winona Main Steet Program is commited to historic downtown Winonabeng the heart of our community and region, a vibrant hub of arts and culture, recreation and residential life.
FPR-UCLA Program for Culture, Brain, Development, and Mental Health – an international, interdisciplinary program in cultural psychiatry, with an emphasis on integrating neuroscience and social science perspectives
Weber Associates - World-Class Training - Time Management Weber Associates is focused on Employee Engagement. We train with the purpose of helping customers reach their maximum potential. Partnering with organizations like FedEx, Aflac, Bank of America and many others, we've helped them achieve their unique goals through a variety of delivery methods. Whether in a hilarious 1-hour keynote presentation, a hands-on time management workshop, or an in-depth diagnostic program with measurable assessment tools …we'll impact the employee performance!
Kona, Hilo Hawaii excursions serving tourists & cruise ship passengers Kona & Hilo Hawaii excursions & tours serving tourists & cruise ship passengers. Our reasonably priced and quality tours feature Hawaiian culture & history, coffee farms, beach transportation & snorkeling starting from $10, cruise ship passenger discounts available. Located across the street from the Kailua-Kona pier in the heart of Kona town and with dock side pickup in Hilo. Call 808-960-1261.
MCTS Home At MCTS, we help you design, develop, and implement Collaborative Profit-Ability Improvements. Our Employee Self-Management strategies increase employee awareness, confidence, skill, and innovation by promoting responsible action, simultaneously decreasing operational costs while increasing employee productivity and morale.
DELE Preparation Courses in Spain - Avila Find your DELE Spanish language course in Spain at IEMA, the most lively Spanish Language School in Avila with Leisure and Culture Departments
InterEden - We work to make the world filled with love of God Photography- Pre-wedding, Travel, Vacation, Honeymoon, Family photo around the World; Education- Korean language and culture experience program;
.:: Amarco Nile Cruise - Egypt ::. We are as Amarco Nile cruise company (S.A.E) established on 2004 CAIRO-EGYPT, with the main activity for construction, owning and, managing superior Nile cruises. Our cruise standard is more than usual and current attitude in the Nile as AMARCO II had special features concerning the elegantly decorated suites types as (Imperial, Royal, Executive, junior) as well as our spa/and wellness gym center, Specially attractive program for full board accommodation, and wide variety of culture and history tradition.
ATP SCIENTIFIC | Laboratory Supplies & Scientific Equipment ATP Scientific is a woman-owned small business and operated under State of Texas HUB program and has been in business since 2005. We distribute research
The Center for Asia-Pacific Exchange The Center for Asia-Pacific Exchange, CAPE, is a non-profit, publicly-supported, educational institution which was established in Honolulu, Hawai`i, in November 1980. cAPE contributes to the personal and professional development of scholars, students, and professionals from the entire Asia-pacific region by providing a wide range of seminars, workshops and study programs to meet the demand for professional development in their respective fields. Through CAPE''s programs, Americans also have an opportunity to acquire a better understanding of contemporary Asian cultures, to become familiar with the diversity of languages and their related cultures in the Asia-Pacific region, and generally, to be better prepared for cross-cultural encounters of either a personal or professional nature.
PiPeLine Productions | The PiPeLine Productions Academy for the Urban Arts PiPeLine Productions is a Bradford Based company that provides fun, exciting, stimulating, engaging, and educational workshops to schools and communities. We specialise in providing Rap Workshops but we also deliver Music Technology workshops, performance workshops, community consultation, adult training, and team building events.
PiPeLine Productions | The PiPeLine Productions Academy for the Urban Arts PiPeLine Productions is a Bradford Based company that provides fun, exciting, stimulating, engaging, and educational workshops to schools and communities. We specialise in providing Rap Workshops but we also deliver Music Technology workshops, performance workshops, community consultation, adult training, and team building events.
Things and stuff Johan - Male / 35 French living in Germany Tattoos, art, girls, music, skulls and ride culture... that's the program!
UW Material Culture Program | We Study "Stuff" The Material Culture Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison examines forms, uses, and meanings of objects, images, and environments in everyday life. We want to take a fresh look at old categories of study in order to discover untold stories. By breaking down the barriers between the traditional definitions of craft, design, folk, decorative, art…
Florence School of Fine Arts The Florence School of Fine Arts is an accredited art school specializing in studio art, photography,printmaking, painting, letterpress, fine arts, Italian culture and language. It is located in Florence Italy.
The Michigan Recital Project | Vocal chamber music from, for, by, and about Michigan Click here for full texts, program notes, and biographical information Poster design by Kimberly Larmouth Macdonald Pleased to meet you!  The Michigan Recital Project is a chamber ensemble of voices and instruments--all native Michiganders--that celebrates Michigan's culture and heritage through new chamber music. Here's a little bit about us: We are proud to announce that we…