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Zacks Investment Research: Stock Research, Analysis, & Recommendations Zacks is the leading investment research firm focusing on stock research, analysis and recommendations. Gain free stock research access to stock picks, stock screeners, stock reports, portfolio trackers and more.
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Casino Gaming Industry News, Gambling, Racing, Las Vegas, Indian Gaming — Gaming Industry News Reports, Casino News, Ken Adams, CDC Gaming Reports Casino gaming industry news, racing and Indian gaming from the Associated Press, Bloomberg; commentaries from Ken Adams, Jeffrey Compton and more.
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Best Commentaries | Old and New Testament Bible Commentary reviews, ratings, and prices Database of the best Bible commentaries. The best bible commentary is ranked by reviews from scholars, journals, and site users.
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التفاسير العظيمة Al - Tafseer Holy Quran from all Tafseer Schools, Quran Translations, Quran Recitations, Quran Interpretation (Tafseer), Quran Syntax, Quran Asbab Nuzool, Quran Meanings, Quran Sciences, and Love In Quran.,تفسير القرآن، تفاسير القرآن الكريم، معجم القرآن، إعراب القرآن، القراءات، علوم القرآن، أسباب النزول، معاني القرآن، مواضيع القرآن , أحكام القرآن , فضائل القرآن , الناسخ والمنسوخ، البحث في القرآن الكريم وكتب تفسير القرآن الكر , الحب في القرآن
Exclusive Commentaries on China-US Relations - CHINA US Focus China-US Focus provides exclusive commentaries on China-US relations from politics, economics, trade, military and security, environment and culture.
Sefaria: a Living Library of Jewish Texts Online The largest free library of Jewish texts available to read online in Hebrew and English including Torah, Tanakh, Talmud, Mishnah, Midrash, commentaries and more.
W3.CSS The Journal of Medical Research and Innovation (JMRI) is an award winning, subscription based and open peer-reviewed medical journal published by Medkrux ( A Dr. Varshil Mehta''s initiative).
Sunday school lessons & Sermons | The Bible View Bulletin Insert| Daily Devotions This resource provides Sunday school lessons for adults, teens and children, a weekly e-mail newsletter, articles, daily devotional blog, NT commentaries, and biblical puzzles.
كلمة الحياة - الرئيسية مركز كلمة الحياة يقدم لكنيسة المسيح في بلادنا العربية مواد كتابية عقائدية هدفها تقوية المؤمنين في المسيح. رؤية مركز كلمة الحياة أن يكون مرجعاً لكل عامل في كنيسة المسيح إن كان راعيا أو معلم الكلمة أو معلم مدرسة الأحد أو كارز. رجاؤنا وصلاتنا أن يكون سبب بركة لكل للجميع.
JCDR - Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research for doctors Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research aims to publish findings of doctors at grass root level and post graduate students, so that all unique medical experiences are recorded in literature.
Tom Butler-Bowdon - Tom Butler-Bowdon''s 50 Classics Series - Expand Your Mind Homepage of Tom Butler-Bowdon, author of the 50 Classics books providing insightful commentaries on key writings in self-development, psychology, philosophy & business.
Home | ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute The Institute of Southeast Asian Studies is a research institute located in Singapore. Established in 1968, it includes several study centres, a library and a publishing house.
24 This site deals with maritime law, admiralty law, shipping law, marine law, fisheries law, the law of marine insurance and the law of the sea, ships and shipping. It contains a large database of Canadian court decisions in these areas of law as well as commentaries and papers on various topics of maritime and fisheries law and links to relevant statutes and regulations.
The Bhagavad Gita with Commentaries of Ramanuja, Madhva, Shankara and Others -
Bible Bible Maps for every OT and NT Location Online Bible Study Suite. Topical, Greek and Hebrew study tools, plus concordances, commentaries, sermons and devotionals.
ECT News Network: Where Business Meets Technology Original tech and e-commerce content includes product reviews, features, expert analyses, insightful commentaries and exclusive interviews with tech industry leaders.
Al - Tafseer Holy Quran from all Tafseer Schools, Quran Translations, Quran Recitations, Quran Interpretation (Tafseer), Quran Sciences, and Love In Quran Al - Tafseer Holy Quran from all Tafseer Schools, Quran Translations, Quran Recitations, Quran Interpretation (Tafseer), Quran Syntax, Quran Asbab Nuzool, Quran Meanings, Quran Sciences, and Love In Quran.
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Pure Dhamma - A Quest to Recover Buddha's True Teachings A site dedicated to explore Buddha Dhamma or the “laws of nature” as discovered by the Buddha, also called Buddhism. This site is solely based on the Tipitaka, and only the three commentaries included with the Tipitaka. The reasons for that are discussed in the "Historical Background" section.
American Journal of Scientific Research American Journal of Scientific Research is a peer-reviewed scientific research journal that addresses both applied and theoretical issues. The scope of the journal encompasses research articles, original research reports, reviews, short communications and scientific commentaries in the fields of applied and theoretical sciences, biology, chemistry, physics, zoology, medical studies, environmental sciences, mathematics, statistics, geology, engineering, computer science, social sciences, natural sciences, technological sciences, linguistics, medicine, industrial, and all other applied and theoretical sciences. The journal publishes both applied and conceptual research. European Journal of Scientific Research covers all applications of polymers, from composite and structural materials, to those used in packaging, biomedical implants, plastic electronics, energy, and many more. The journal bridges the crucial gap between basic research and patenting of an invention, targeting a broad audience of academic and industrial researchers, as well as the increasingly important world of scientists and engineers at start-up companies. The journal publishes experimental and theoretical results of research on, amongst other topics, semiconductors, magnetic materials, and applied biophysics. European Journal of Scientific Research publishes papers based on original research that are judged to make a novel and important contribution to understanding the molecular and cellular basis of biological processes. The journal serves for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge in all fields of applied physics. The journal publishes articles dealing with the applications of physical principles as well as articles concerning the understanding of physics that have particular applications in mind. The journal not only covers all aspects of modern technology such as semiconductor devices including VLSI technology, photonic devices, superconductors, and magnetic recording but also covers other diverse areas such as plasma physics, particle accelerators, nanoscience and technology, and applied bioscience. Articles in interdisciplinary areas with potential technological implications are strongly encouraged. European Journal of Scientific Research particularly aims at publishing the finest peer-reviewed research in all fields of science and technology on the basis of its originality, importance, interdisciplinary interest, timeliness, accessibility, elegance and surprising conclusions. The journal also provides rapid, authoritative, insightful and arresting news and interpretation of topical and coming trends affecting science, scientists and the wider public. European Journal of Scientific Research aims at serving scientists through prompt publication of significant advances in any branch of science, and to provide a forum for the reporting and discussion of news and issues concerning science. Second, to ensure that the results of science are rapidly disseminated to the public throughout the world, in a fashion that conveys their significance for knowledge, culture and daily life. The journal realizes the meaning of fast publication to researchers, particularly to those working in competitive and dynamic fields. Hence, it offers an exceptionally fast publication schedule including prompt peer-review by the experts in the field and immediate publication upon acceptance. The editorial board aims at reviewing the submitted articles as fast as possible and promptly include them in the forthcoming issues should they pass the evaluation process.
JCDR - Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research for doctors Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research aims to publish findings of doctors at grass root level and post graduate students, so that all unique medical experiences are recorded in literature.
John Gabree: Essays, reviews, commentaries on politics, art
36 This site deals with maritime law, admiralty law, shipping law, marine law, fisheries law, the law of marine insurance and the law of the sea, ships and shipping. It contains a large database of Canadian court decisions in these areas of law as well as commentaries and papers on various topics of maritime and fisheries law and links to relevant statutes and regulations.
Caribbean Thoughts | by Carol Mitchell Hi, I am Carol Mitchell, author, mother, publisher and so much more. You can find out about my books and other great reads for children at CaribbeanReads. Here you can read short stories and commentaries on different topics. Even a poem or two! Thanks for reading and your comments. Carol Mitchell
Not Right in the Head Not Right in the Head. one bad idea after another, humor, product reviews, commentaries, random rants and other nonsense.
John Calvin Quotes | Famous Quotes by John Calvin Are you looking for quotes from the Reformer John Calvin? Find hundreds of quotes, books, pictures and more from the famous Reformer, pastor and theologian.
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The Fascinating History of Mankind – Historical commentaries by Javier Girona Historical commentaries by Javier Girona
Ext. Marketing - Full-service Financial Marketing Agency We are a full-service marketing agency that merges financials sector knowledge with a creative edge. Our digital, creative and content marketing drives the growth of financial firms. We produce investment commentaries using cutting-edge technology – including AI – and the human touch.
Rabbi Shlomo Kluger English translation of various commentaries on the weekly parsha and tanach, festivals and other occasions, and various mishnayos and gemoras
Zehra Risale – Risale-i Nur Commentaries
The Muslim Internationalist The Muslim Internationalist is an independent digital publication offering commentaries and investigations on politics, economics, religion, and culture. We are committed to empowering communities to challenge state and corporate power and advance progressive politics.
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Knowing Scripture provides resources for studying the Bible—recommended commentaries and books, as well as articles on the Bible and theology.
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Contemporary Artist Soraida, famous hispanic painter creator of Verdadism truth and Art. Modern artists Soraida Martinez. Latina speaker. artist talk, paintings and commentaries on truth for social change. Verdadism/truth. Creator of the artstyle in 1992. Latina Artist, Soraida Martinez, The Creator of Verdadism hard edge paintings with commentaries, Puerto rican artist,hispanic visual artists paints and speaks the truth on racism,sexism, tolerance,Puerto Rican designer, Commentaries,hard edge paintings on Truth.Puerto Rican art. Latina, Soraida Martinez the creator of verdadism. Paintings with Social Commentaries from her personal life experiences, educational artwork
Tom Ross's Goalzone Tom Ross is the voice of Midlands Football for over 35 years. Covering Villa, Blues, West Brom, Wolves and Coventry on The Goalzone on BRMB, Free Radio, Capital Gold, Gold, Xtra AM, Free Radio 80s, Beacon and Mercia. A famous brummie, born in Birmingham known for his passionate commentaries and respected contacts.
Telehealth and Medicine Today Telehealth and Medicine Today (TMT), is an open access online, international peer review journal where strategic thought leaders, new-era practitioners, and future society stakeholders converge to unveil solutions in a new health and technology sector. TMT assists building knowledge and consensus for launching and scaling delivery services to achieve sustainable outcomes. The journal publishes research articles and commentaries related to innovations in patient-centered care, advances in program implementation, outcomes, process improvement, financial impact, and clinical research applications across the care continuum in a new era of value based care. A world-class peer-review board endeavors to offer rapid, peer-review (14 days), and includes constructive commentary to strengthen work. The online only journal is published on a continuous basis in order to accelerate sharing of rigorously vetted theoretical and experiential knowledge required for a growth sector.
The Christian Restoration Association Bookstore Christian Church and Church of Christ (Restoration Movement) Bible study guides, books, commentaries, DVDs, tracts and magazine subscriptions.
Books 2 Screen – Books 2 Screen is an international news site examining the relationship of the publishing, film and television industry, with reviews, recommendations, commentaries and agency. Books 2 Screen is an international news site examining the relationship of the publishing, film and television industry, with reviews, recommendations, commentaries and agency.
Party Hardy Main: zoobabystation // Casual TCC interest. I am here to avoid judgments given on my main blog. // I don't condone. I sometimes make commentaries on the tags but, it doesn't mean anything, tbh. //...
Online Coconut Oil | Coconut oil online by Brian Shilhavy Editor, Health Impact News Recently we covered a study published in the journal Clinical Nutrition which compared peanut oil consumption with coconut oil consumption among healthy men in India, where those who consumed coconut oil had better health outcomes in terms of heart disease and diabetes. (See: Coconut oil consumption improves fat-free mass, plasma HDL-cholesterol and insulin sensitivity in healthy men with normal BMI compared to peanut oil.) A researcher at The University of Edinburgh Medical School wrote a Letter to the Editor of Clinical Nutrition commenting on this study, criticizing current government nutritional guidelines regarding saturated dietary fat restrictions. The cross-over study by Korrapati et al. detailed the potential cardioprotective effect of coconut oil, and I would like to thank the authors for their insight. Whilst the sample size was small, it was well-designed to investigate its primary end-points. This study is particularly topical as, despite removal of the maximum dietary fat intake restriction from guidelines, a major resistance against saturated fats remains. Setting aside the issue of whether or not saturated fats should be restricted at all, given the abundance of contrary evidence in the medical literature, the Edinburgh Medical School researcher reported that such guidelines do not distinguish between different types of saturated fats. Saturated fats can be found in animal products, such as butter, as well as plant sources, such as coconuts and date palms. The rise in high density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-c) with coconut oil consumption is certainly a compelling finding. Results from a recent and larger-scale randomised trial by Khaw et al. corroborate this, but, interestingly, a similar HDL-c elevation was not seen with butter intake, which is also largely composed of saturated fatty acids (SFAs). Indeed, accruing evidence suggests that the saturated versus unsaturated distinction of fats is likely an oversimplification. Korrapati et al. should, therefore, be commended on their focus on the biological properties of coconut oil, particularly the medium chain triglyceride (MCT) dominated fatty acid profile, which may confer atheroprotective effects. Of note, a recent UK/Danish cohort study elicited that chain length is a major determinant of SFA-associated myocardial infarction risk, with no delineable, or even an inverse, relationship existing with short-tomedium chain SFA consumption. The researcher also noted the inherent problems with most government nutritional guidelines to replace saturated fats with polyunsaturated fats that are supposed to be more "heart healthy," when polyunsaturated fats are prone to lipid peroxidation which make them toxic, and are linked to inflammatory causes. The promotion of polyunsaturated oils (mostly corn and soybean oils in western countries, but sometimes peanut oil in Asian countries like this study) in the modern day diet also leads to an Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio imbalance. I note that the detrimental impacts of peanut oil consumption were comparatively overlooked in the analysis; it would have been interesting to explore the authors' interpretation of this data. The unfavourable lipid profile, with elevation of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-c), is an especially salient finding given the long-standing recommendations to substitute polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) in place of SFAs. It is difficult to discern from the methodology whether the additional 35 g of coconut/peanut oil daily was provided in a cold formulation, or whether it was heated for meal preparation. With a significantly greater PUFA content than coconut oil, peanut oil is more susceptible to lipid peroxidation during cooking; numerous studies have demonstrated a deranged metabolic profile, including elevated inflammatory markers and LDL-c, with hot vegetable oil intake [5], and, thus, clarification on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Furthermore, whilst Korrapati et al. outline the 15-fold greater concentration of linoleic acid in peanut oil versus coconut oil, I wonder if this could have been further developed. Linoleic acid represents the most abundant omega-6 fatty acid, and whilst no consensus has been reached regarding its contribution to cardiovascular disease, omega-3/omega-6 imbalance is becoming an increasingly contentious issue. (Source. Subscription or payment needed to view full article.) USDA Dietary Advice on Saturated Fats Based on Faulty or Corrupt Research The "lipid theory" of heart disease, the theory that blames saturated fat and cholesterol for causing heart disease, is widely believed to be linked to a researcher in the late 1950s and early 1960s by the name of Ancel Keys from the University of Minnesota. His original study has been shown to be false, with selective bias being used to only select certain populations that fit his theory. Journalist Paul John Scott, writing for the Star Tribune in 2011, admitted that Keys' work was not widely accepted by scientists at the time, and now is considered "junk science." We told the world that heart disease is caused by elevated cholesterol and that reducing saturated fat in the diet reduces this risk. That led the country to embrace the lowering of cholesterol with medications. All of those assumptions have proven themselves to be either overstated, oversimplified or wrong, and that has led us astray. Would it be too much for the leading cardiologists in our community to admit as much? "It was also nearly 60 years ago," as Dr. Daniel J. Garry extolled on these pages ("Treating heart disease at the U: A story of steady innovations," April 14), "that University of Minnesota scientists — Dr. Ancel Keys along with Drs. Francisco Grande and Joseph Anderson — defined the relationship between dietary fat and serum cholesterol, which linked cholesterol to heart disease." Garry went on to praise the creation of cholesterol-lowering drugs that stemmed from Keys' work. Keys constructed his hypothesis after studying the diets and heart disease in countries across the globe. But his research left out nations with data that did not match the hypothesis, and even within the data he published, populations existed in which diet and heart disease were wildly out of synch with his model. By 1970, an English researcher named John Yudkin would argue that sugar in the diet was the cause of heart disease in wealthy nations, but Keys, sensing that his theory was suddenly vulnerable to reconsideration, aggressively led the charge to have that research discredited. (Source.) Nevertheless, this faulty research was used during the 1970s in a Congressional hearing to decide USDA nutritional advice in, and the infamous "McGovern Report" on nutrition resulted in condemning saturated fats and blaming them for causing heart disease, even over the objections of many scientists who did not believe Keys' research. This YouTube clip contains actual film footage by CBS news regarding the McGovern report in 1977, and how scientists cautioned the politicians at that time that the science did NOT support the conclusion that saturated fats and cholesterol caused heart disease. In 2017, a group of researchers with the Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies at the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF), reviewed historical scientific literature funded by the Sugar Research Foundation since the 1960s, which gives us a great perspective on how the war on saturated fats became public policy. These researchers at UCSF, Cristin E. Kearns, DDS, MBA; Laura A. Schmidt, PhD, MSW, MPH; and Stanton A. Glantz, PhD, revealed how the Sugar Research Foundation (SRF) influenced Harvard medical researchers financially and otherwise to report open-ended inconclusive research that omitted a lot of conclusive negative health data. Their first article was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA Internal Medicine) in 2016. The title of the study is Sugar Industry and Coronary Heart Disease Research: A Historical Analysis of Internal Industry Documents. The New York Times, which has given some press to exposing the saturated fat myth for over ten years now, led the mainstream media outlets that covered the UCSF study: How the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat Here are some excerpts: The sugar industry paid scientists in the 1960s to play down the link between sugar and heart disease and promote saturated fat as the culprit instead, newly released historical documents show. The internal sugar industry documents, recently discovered by a researcher at the University of California, San Francisco, and published Monday in JAMA Internal Medicine, suggest that five decades of research into the role of nutrition and heart disease, including many of today's dietary recommendations, may have been largely shaped by the sugar industry. "They were able to derail the discussion about sugar for decades," said Stanton Glantz, a professor of medicine at U.C.S.F. and an author of the JAMA Internal Medicine paper. The documents show that a trade group called the Sugar Research Foundation, known today as the Sugar Association, paid three Harvard scientists the equivalent of about $50,000 in today's dollars to publish a 1967 review of research on sugar, fat and heart disease. The studies used in the review were handpicked by the sugar group, and the article, which was published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, minimized the link between sugar and heart health and cast aspersions on the role of saturated fat. Even though the influence-peddling revealed in the documents dates back nearly 50 years, more recent reports show that the food industry has continued to influence nutrition science. NPR was another news source that covered the UCSF study in 2016: 50 Years Ago, Sugar Industry Quietly Paid Scientists To Point Blame At Fat The UCSF researchers disclosed how a top executive, John Hickson, vice-president of the SRF at the time took on the task of finding a way to discredit the increasing studies demonstrating sugar's role in creating bad heart health. Interestingly, a few years later in the early 1970s, Hickson became part of the tobacco industry's PR machinery with the Cigar Research Council. "In 1972, an internal tobacco industry memo on Mr. Hickson noted that he had a reputation for manipulating science to achieve his goals," and " …[he is] a supreme scientific politician who had been successful in condemning cyclamates [earlier artificial sweeteners], on behalf of the Sugar Research Council, on somewhat shaky evidence." (Source) Hickson had come up the idea of funding their own research which would enable them to legitimately and officially discredit all the anti-health sugar conclusions. The operational key for this scheme was in Harvard, where "one of the researchers was the chairman of Harvard's Public Health Nutrition Department — and an ad hoc member of SRF's board." (Source) Their review was published in a 1967 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine. The fact that it was published in such a prestigious journal as a scientific literature review was enough to establish legitimacy, at least enough to confuse, if not convince, with their inconclusive commentaries of "further studies needed." The review also maintained the now debunked lipid theory of heart disease by encouraging a low fat diet, which led to the McGovern Report. See: Public Health SCANDAL! Sugar Industry Hid Science Linking Sugar to Heart Disease – Blamed Saturated Fats and Cholesterol Instead FDA Prohibits Free Speech on Coconut Oil – Illegal to Call it "Healthy" After the McGovern Report condemned saturated fats as "bad" and causing high cholesterol levels leading to heart disease, the FDA enacted rules for nutritional labeling and a recommended daily limit to consuming saturated fats. If any product contains more than their recommended daily limit, that product cannot be labeled as "healthy." Since coconut oil is over 90% saturated, although with medium chain fatty acids that an abundance of scientific studies show are health promoting, it can never be marketed as "healthy." I learned this first hand in 2005, just 3 years after starting my company Tropical Traditions, the first company to import and sell a "virgin" coconut oil product from the Philippines. Consumers from all over the U.S. were discovering just how healthy virgin coconut oil was, and we published their testimonies along with peer-reviewed scientific studies backing the claims (that growing body of research is found here.) But the FDA issued us a warning letter stating that we were selling "unapproved drugs" since they had not sanctioned or approved any of these claims, in spite of the abundance of testimonials and scientific studies. Since we did not have the funds to go through the drug approval process, which can cost billions of dollars, and since the FDA has never approved of a natural substance that cannot be patented as a "drug," we were forced to remove all testimonials and links to the scientific literature from the website where we were selling coconut oil. This body of research now exists at This FDA rule is being used by attorneys who specialize in class action lawsuits to sue companies who sell coconut oil and market it as "healthy." In 2017 we reported on several of these lawsuits being litigated in California: War on Coconut Oil: California Companies Attacked to try and Prevent the Sale of Coconut Oil Coconut Oil is a Threat to U.S. Subsidized Edible Oils and Big Pharma's Cholesterol Drugs Coconut oil is derived from coconuts, and must be imported as it is not produced much in the U.S. Due to its growth in popularity in recent years, it can be seen as a threat to the edible oil industry and the pharmaceutical industry. The United States is the world's largest supplier of polyunsaturated edible oils, derived mainly from corn and soybeans, two very highly subsidized crops. As a result, the U.S. dominates the worldwide edible oil industry with these "vegetable oils." The concerted attack against saturated fats led to the industrial processing of corn and soy into edible oils. These are not traditional oils that have been in the food chain prior to WWII, as expeller-pressed technology was needed to extract oil from these crops. These vegetable oils need to be chemically processed to remain shelf-stable as a dietary oil, and over 90% of the crops of corn and soy in the U.S. are from GMO seeds. Dr. Mary Enig's excellent treatment of the history of the edible oil industry in America is well worth reading: The Oiling of America USDA dietary advice promotes polyunsaturated oils as "heart healthy," in spite of strong evidence to the contrary. In 2013 a report published in the British Medical Journal looked at resurrected data from a 1960s study, the Sydney Diet Heart Study, which supports a completely different conclusion about the effects of polyunsaturated oils on heart disease. Not only does the evidence not support the claim that polyunsaturated fats prevent heart disease, it shows that just the opposite is true! The conclusion from the abstract: Advice to substitute polyunsaturated fats for saturated fats is a key component of worldwide dietary guidelines for coronary heart disease risk reduction. However, clinical benefits of the most abundant polyunsaturated fatty acid, omega 6 linoleic acid, have not been established. In this cohort, substituting dietary linoleic acid in place of saturated fats increased the rates of death from all causes, coronary heart disease, and cardiovascular disease. An updated meta-analysis of linoleic acid intervention trials showed no evidence of cardiovascular benefit. These findings could have important implications for worldwide dietary advice to substitute omega 6 linoleic acid, or polyunsaturated fats in general, for saturated fats. (Italics added.) See also: Resurrected Data From 1960s Shows American Heart Association's Advice on Dietary Fats has been Wrong Study: Vegetable Oils Contribute to Fatty Liver Disease – Saturated Fats Do Not The Major Role Soybean Oil Plays in Obesity and Diabetes Profitable Cholesterol Drugs It is a well-known fact that historically, drugs designed to lower cholesterol (statins) have been the most prescribed and most profitable drugs in the history of mankind. It is a $100 billion a year industry. The cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor is the best-selling drug of all time, grossing over $140 billion, with no serious close competitors in the history of pharmaceutical drugs. It wasn't until after the patent on Lipitor ran out, opening the door for cheaper generics to flood the market, that the FDA finally published warnings on the side effects of statin drugs, which include liver injury, memory loss, muscle damage, and Type 2 diabetes. One out of every four Americans over the age of 50 is taking a statin drug to lower their cholesterol, so this is a huge market that depends upon the success of the lipid theory of heart disease which condemns saturated fats and cholesterol as bad. How Many Lives Have Been Destroyed by Bad Nutrition Advice? The science clearly shows how the "lipid theory of heart disease," the belief that saturated fats and cholesterol cause heart disease, is false, but that science can never be published or exposed by Big Pharma, Big Food, or the U.S. Government. To do so would be to admit that such dietary advice, and the cholesterol lowering drugs that have earned them hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars, have been a scam and have led to increased rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. These are the leading causes of death today. The polyunsaturated edible oils consumed by over 90% of Americans today, which are not the edible oils of our ancestors, have replaced the traditional saturated fats that our ancestors consumed, such as butter, beef tallow, lard, and vegetable sources such as the tropical oils, coconut oil and palm oil, as well as other traditional oils that have been part of the food chain for thousands of years, such as olive oil. Until recently, these recent additions to the human food chain, polyunsaturated oils derived from corn and soybeans, had to go through an industrial processing called "hydrogenation" to make them shelf stable and behave like saturated fats. This process of hydrogenation was found out to be, years later, toxic, as it produced trans fats, which have now been banned in most countries, and require a warning on U.S. food labels. In addition to the domination of these toxic vegetable oils, official USDA dietary advice, enforced by the FDA, encouraged a low-fat diet, resulting in the consumption of more carbohydrates, mostly in the form of refined sugar. The fraudulent studies used to exonerate processed sugar and put the blame for heart disease and other diseases on saturated fat, has now been exposed. The blood of millions of Americans who followed the advice from this faulty science used by the U.S. government now stains the hands of all those who corrupted the science, and the politicians who enforced it. Virgin Coconut Oil: How it has changed people's lives and how it can change yours! Includes 85 recipes – Free shipping available!
71 – Knihkupectví s levnými knihami a dopravou zdarma je nové online knihkupectví, které nabízí velký sortiment levných anglických knih s dopravou do České republiky zdarma.
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Criminal Lawyers Blog – NSW criminal justice system Find information and commentaries regarding current criminal law news, proposed law reforms, and major cases. Join us and share your opinions and suggestions
International Journal of Contemporary Dental and Medical Reviews International Journal of Contemporary Dental and Medical Reviews
The InnerSites Gateway to Alternative Media! The web presence of James Arthur Jancik and his various Projects: Feet to the Fire, The BKSG Show, Jesus Called the Christ, The Les Visible Commentaries, and more!
A Faithful Version - Online Original Bible Restored This bible recaptures the original, inspired teachings of both the Old and New Testaments through its translation and its extensive commentaries.
Evelyn Dunbar An occasional series of commentaries on the paintings of Evelyn Dunbar, by Christopher Campbell-Howes
Reviews And Opinions That Matters – Buyer Beware! Discover If What You Are About To Buy Can Be Trusted Or If It's A Scam. Read The Best Reviews, Opinions And Commentaries On The Most Popular Ebooks And Physical Products. Buyer Beware! Discover If What You Are About To Purchase Can Be Trusted Or Is A Scam!
World Football Commentaries Unbiased journalism, unique content, rare translations and live scores. Emphasis on the five major European football leagues and Champions League.
Adult Bible Studies is the place to find resources designed to help adults grow their faith, refresh their spirit, and equip them for ministry.
Home - A Complete, Up-to-Date Compilation of Professional Works by Nancy Helm-Estabrooks Nancy Helm-Estabrooks has published numerous tests, treatment materials, commentaries and research, all indexed on this site.
Lake of Bays Lane | archival photos and commentaries Click twice on the map or any picture to view in full scale The purpose of this blog is to serve as co-operative community archive of photos and commentaries regarding the natural history and the history of cultural development associated with  Lake of Bays Lane in Dwight, Ontario, Canada.  Bordering the eastern shore of Dwight…
MY SPN GOLD- The Bullion Hub Spn Gold - #1 Gold andSilver Bullion Free Android and iPhone App from Mumbai, India. Online Trading, market news, commentaries and mcx technical calls and tips
Breakthrough Writing with Mary Sojourner | Writer, International Writing Mentor and Facilitator My new short story collection, The Talker, was released by Torrey House Press in Spring 2017. You can read an excerpt from the story Up Near Pasco on this site. My novel, 29, was released August 12, 2014. Booklist and Publishers Weekly loved it. Arizona Daily Sun interview by Diandra Markgraf Please buy The Talker and 29 at an indie bookstore. Now, write YOUR stories. Join us for an intensive writing workshop in Markleeville, California. I honor story. I honor the importance of craft. I imagine that if you have found your way to Breakthrough Writing, you are discouraged or dissatisfied with how you honor your story, your craft – or both. Together, we can bring you home to your writing. You'll find no gimmicks here, no cute buzz words, no guarantees. You will find support in rediscovering the ancient art of storytelling, and help with the craft of bringing your stories into their finest shape. I've been mentoring writers one-on-one for the last twenty-five years, working with fiction, non-fiction, creative non-fiction and memoir. I teach writing at universities and colleges, for writing conferences and book festivals and in private workshops and circles. I bring to my students not just thirty years of writing personally and professionally, but a solid grounding in the deeper traps and fears that stop us from our creativity. I worked as a counselor for fifteen years, but more importantly I live with an addictive personality and a penchant for obsession - both challenges have hurt my writing, served it and taught me much. I also raised three children by myself. My professional writing had to wait. I doubt there is much of what a writer goes through to get themselves firmly in their writing chair that I haven't felt. I've written seven nationally published books, ten years of NPR commentaries, hundreds of magazine articles and columns, filled dozens of journals with words - and spent years not writing. Those droughts felt like not being fully alive. I know that something crucial is missing. If you've come here because you know there is something missing in your life, it may be finding the time to write. Many of us have taken on demanding careers, demanding partners, demanding anything so that we'll be too busy to write. And we would rather talk about writing, read books about how to write, go to therapy to unblock our writing, listen to writers tell us how to write, than sit down and write. You can begin here and now to break that cycle. A prompt: We are in relationship with our writing as we are in relationship with our lives. Grab a pen or put your hands on the computer keys and write for ten solid minutes from that prompt - no stopping. If what you discover brings you closer to your writing, contact me and we will take you further into your work. To receive free weekly writing tips, craft exercises and prompts, subscribe to Breakthrough Writing. Note: My deepest thanks to Rick Hardman for the photograph that invited you in. See more of Rick at:
Winealicious | commentaries about wine commentaries about wine
The Christian Researcher - Home Church of Christ Used Religious Books, Articles, Book Reviews, Study Tools, Correspondence Course, Sermons,
Unscented Dreams: Kazaki''s Official Blog I'm a Filipino and I write about things, make commentaries, and tell about my expedition in a dimension called 'reality'.
J Shot or Not? – Honest Movie Reviews, News, and Commentaries! Today at J Shot or Not? REVIEW: Game Night is a light hearted comedy that surprisingly has some great twists and turns. Carried by the comedy of Bateman and acting of McAdams, Game Night will give you some great laughs. Read our full review HERE! OPENING THIS WEEK: Adrift Action Point Upgrade QUOTE OF THE…
Mary Refuge Of Holy Love | Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit
96 Website, Blog Posts, Ebooks, Online Courses, Niabusiness Products & Services Welcome to . Head to the website to read recent blog posts, news commentaries,tips, tutorials, reviews, Niabusiness ebooks, online courses, freelance services and products. Head to the site to read recent articles, commentaries, recommendations, product reviews and more.
Sam in Bangkok Short cultural commentaries with a sense of humor. Local voice speaking out from Bangkok, Thailand and Southeast Asian countries.
Accordance - Bible Software for Windows, Mac, Android & iOS Accordance Bible Software is a powerful Bible study tool for Windows, Mac, iOS & Android. Whether you are a pastor looking for a sermon prep tool, a scholar studying biblical languages, or a serious Bible reader wanting to go deeper, Accordance can take you to the next level!
Exclusive Commentaries on China-US Relations - CHINA US Focus China-US Focus provides exclusive commentaries on China-US relations from politics, economics, trade, military and security, environment and culture.
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