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JOEL HONEYWELL | DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Joel is a director of photography based in London.
Full Time Filmmaker | Parker Walbeck The Ultimate Online Film School: Teaching you everything you need to know to begin or advance your video production/filmmaking business
PJ. • cinematographer •
Ashapura Digital Studio - Best Photographer in Jamnagar || Wedding Photographers in Jamnagar Ashapura Digital Studio is team of Photographers and Videographers from Jamnagar, highly experienced Pre-wedding Photography, Wedding Photography and Candid Photography.
VIDEO PRODUCTION | ADVERTISING MEDIA | STUDIO - Video Production Long Beach Signal Hill Asset Media Group Asset Media Group located in the Signal Hill community of Long Beach,California is a premier Video Production Company
Award Winning Wedding Videographer | Sacramento Wedding Video Jensen Wedding Films is an award-winning wedding cinematographer. We are based in Sacramento, but also serve San Francisco, and Napa.
Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC, CBE - Cinematographer Roger Deakins, cinematographer, encourages a dialogue on cinematography and film. Members have access to forums and informational pages.
Photographer Delhi – We make your moments memorable Photographer Delhi provides Wedding, Pre-Wedding and Candid Wedding Photographer. We also provide 4k Videographer, Cinematographer at Weddings in Delhi NCR area
Rajiv Jain | Cinematographer | Director of Photography | DOP Rajeev Jain | Cinematographer | Director of Photography | DOP
Wedding Film School | Learn how to shoot, edit and sell wedding films Wedding film school is an online education platform for filmmakers in the wedding event industry. Find new content every week including: buyer’s guides, gear reviews, tips, tricks and tutorials. Share the latest trends, news and gear releases. Learn new shooting techniques, business practices and editing processes. Be inspired by the best and brightest leaders in the industry. Shop digital content downloads to build your skills and wedding cinematography business. We hope to help you learn, share and inspire.
Media Parents, Television Jobs, Media Networking, Standard TV Contracts and Flexible TV Jobs Flexible TV jobs - Media Networking and Standard TV contracts for TV parents, media parents jobs and television jobs for TV Freelancers.
Leon Spanier Leon Spanier is an adorated Filmmaker, world traveler, cinematographer and lover of any artistic styles. Creativity captured in the whole world. He used many different editing and filmmaking styles.
anna marszal – cinematographer
Best Indian Wedding Photographer in Chandigarh and Delhi - AMIT SOOD PHOTOGRAPHY Looking for the Best Wedding Photographer in Chandigarh, Punjab and North India? Amit Sood Photography is a Top Award Winning Indian Photographer and Cinematographer suitable for all pre-wedding photography and cinematography, candid wedding photography and destination wedding shoots.
Ben Steensels // DOP Portfolio website of cinematographer Ben Steensels.
Benji Dell | Cinematographer Benjamin Dell is a cinematographer specializing in commercials, music videos, and narrative films.
Carolina Marsiaj Costa, AMC Cinematographer Carolina Marsiaj Costa / Cinematographer Director of Photography
George Featherby | Cameraman / Operator | London | George Featherby - Cameraman / Camera Operator & Editor (with kit) based in London UK -
CLINT TILL | Cinematographer | Director | Editor Clint is a cinematographer, director, and editor in Memphis, TN. He''s an accomplished filmmaker, documentarian, commercial director, and storyteller.
David Wright | Cinematographer David Wright | Director of Photography | London-based Cinematographer
Diego Cabezas | Cinematographer Cinematographer
Jean-Philippe POLO I’m a cinematographer based in Paris I love the whole process of the job : read a project, share taste and ideas with a director, prepare and found solutions with the producer be on set with the crew. I realy enjoy the post-production creativity. Hope you like my work.
Jan Grobliński - cinematographer | DoP | operator filmowy Portfolio of Jan Groblinski - freelancer director of photography based in Lodz, Poland.
Nils Clauss . Cinematographer & Photographer based in Asia, Seoul, South Korea Nils Clauss . Cinematographer & Photographer based in Asia, Seoul, South Korea - Cinematographer, Photographer based in Asia, Seoul, South Korea Cinematographer, Photographer based in Asia, Seoul, South Korea
Velinda Wardell ACS | Australian Cinematographer Velinda Wardell ACS is an award winning Australian Cinematographer & Director of Photography. She holds a BA (Visual Arts) & Masters in Cinematography.
Sherwin Akbarzadeh sherwin akbarzadeh cinematographer
Cinematographer | Alexander Elkins Cinematographer | United States Alexander Elkins is an award-winning, Cincinnati-based cinematographer, specializing in commercials, music videos, and feature films.
SELECTED WORK - Ben Mullen - Cinematographer
Miami Director of Photography | Carlos de Varona Director of Photography in Miami for Brands, Commercials, Corporate, Documentary and Narrative Film. Filmmaker, Cinematographer.
CineBags - Camera Bags for professional camera crews - California CineBags Inc - Heavy duty bags for professional cinematographer, videographer, camera assistants, camera owners, and underwater photographers, designed by working camera crews
Darius Bashar | Director, Cinematographer + Photographer Director, Cinematographer and Fashion Photographer
Dani Metaz – Photographer and Cinematographer
Douglas E. Porter - Cinematographer
JoeKim Studio | Wedding Photographer and Cinematographer based in Orange County and Inland Empire | Orange County Wedding Photographer | Inland Empire Wedding Photographer JoeKim Studio is wedding photographer serving in Southern California and based out of Orange County and Inland Empire. Also serving the Bay Area in San Fransisco and will travel across the world to destination weddings to capture real moments of couples on their special day.
Nate Hurtsellers Nate Hurtsellers is an accomplished American Cinematographer / Director of Photography. Nate shoots commercials, music videos, television, and feature films.
Cinematography – Tailslate Films Hello, I'm Tony, Gaffer and Owner of “Tailslate Films” rental shop. But it wasn't always this way. I used to be a Cinematographer for 7 years, graduated from a Film School with bachelor degree, but after all these years in camera department skill- and experience-wise I decided to switch to Grip & Electric department to…
sarah anne pierpont // cinematographer sarah pierpont is a cinematographer in los angeles.
Albert Salas - Cinematographer Albert Salas work as a cinematographer in commercials, music videos and narrative. He is currently based in New York.
Boogietek Weddings Wedding Photography & Cinematic Videos. Based in South Florida.
SeeCinema SEE Cinema, regional most detailed, popular and trustful source for Balkan films and TV content. Useful tool for film professionals containing social network for easier communication between them.
Joe Hitchcock || Director & Cinematographer
Kenny Morrison – Director | Cinematographer | Photographer
Light|Compose|Motion The mind of a cinematographer
Tom Drones The man behind Tom Drones is Panagiotis Tomadakis, a distinguished creative aerial cinematographer. In August 2017, his work was chosen as the Official Selection of the Australia & New Zealand (ANZ) Drone Film Festival, among the 35 best Drone Films in the World, presented by SanDisk. These were screened across 11 major cities in Australia and New Zealand from 24 September to 3 November 2017. Previously, in September 2016, he was selected by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture to take aerial pictures and film for the first time the ancient port of Epidaurus. The aerial shooting that took place there was of significant historical importance because it revealed to the Ephorate of the Underwater Antiquities in Greece the existence of two ancient piers and it was the first official photography shooting of the “Sunken City” and the ancient Epidaurus port since the 1970s when Dr. Charalabos Krintzas (, Honorary Director of the National Hellenic Epigraphic Museum and Former Trustee of the Argolis Antiquities, shot the site from a hot air balloon. Specializing in yachting & hotel promotional video production, extreme sports filming & photography, live broadcasting using Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones) and landscape aerial photography, Panagiotis delivers a unique spectacle to viewers that is breathtaking. Currently, he is working on a windsurfing documentary that will be released in 2019. Panagiotis resides in Athens, Greece but undertakes projects worldwide.
Yanni Hood // Award Winning Wedding Cinematographer // Greece, Athens Wedding Cinematography in Greece (Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Zakynthos, Kefalonia, Aegean Ionian Islands) I am Yanni. I am a award-winning wedding cinematographer based in Greece, with passion for the story and narration of stories through it. I love what i do, i love my art. It is a way of life, a way of expression.
Anthony Molina Anthony Molina: Director and cinematographer. Operating from Berlin, I work on a wide variety of films, from music videos to documentaries.
Brody S. Anderson Brody S. Anderson: Director of Photography (cinematographer) located in Los Angeles California with an emphasis in narrative filmmaking and experience shooting a wide range of formats including Super8, 16mm, and 35mm film. MFA degree recipient from Chapman University Dodge College.
Frank Apollonio - Director of Photography. New York City Cinematographer & Photographer. DP. Frank Apollonio : Cinematographer, Director of Photography, NYC.
Koh Terai Koh Terai is a Tokyo-based cinematographer and designer.
Sandeep Salariya - Director. Cinematographer. Founder of Furry Tail. Director & cinematographer from India. Cinematic photography and motion for commercial, advertising, fashion and corporate clients. Founder of Furry Tail.
CHRIS SAUL CINEMATOGRAPHER Cinematographer,Local 600, DP, LA DP, Partos, Beauty DP,Director of Photography,DOP,Red Epic, Red Dragon,Arri Alexa,Anamorphic,Spherical
Nick Murphy Nick Murphy. Director. Cinematographer. Editor.
Kelly Jeffrey | Cinematographer Kelly Jeffrey is a Cinematographer from Toronto
Jonas Normann Jonas Normann | Photographer and cinematographer based in Vejle, Denmark. Contact: [email protected]
bureau hofstetter | bureau hofstetter is a freelance photographer and cinematographer based in Munich | bureau hofstetter ist ein selbständiger Fotograf und Kameramann aus München
Tim Daust | Cinematographer - Director - VFX Artist | Tim Daust
Nik Shaw Cinematographer Nik Shaw has been a Director of Photography for over 5 years in Los Angeles. He creates stunning imagery and owns the Arri Alexa Mini Cinema Camera.
Ali Sherafat A selection of various projects, showcasing Ali Sherafat's work.
Colten Currey | Cinematographer | Cinematographer
Steven Holloway DP | Professional Camera Work | Director of Photography Steven Holloway - Director of Photography - Cinematographer. Providing Professional Camera Work around the Baltimore/D.C./Virginia Area.
Taylor Stoffers | Director Photographer Cinematographer Director Photographer Cinematographer
JUSTIN KANE cinematographer Official Website for Cinematographer, Justin Kane
Brandon Alperin • Cinematographer director of photography
Director of Photography-Filmmaker - Los Angeles based Cinematographer Crystal Kelley''s reel & portfolio. Commissioned to shoot music videos, VFX shorts, documentaries, commercials, and feature films.