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Sands | Stillbirth and neonatal death charity Sands works to support anyone affected by the death of a baby; improve the care bereaved parents receive; and create a world where fewer babies die.
Cardiff Bereavement Services Cardiff Bereavement. Offering free, impartial advice to the bereaved on funerals and funeral arrangements. The Cardiff Council funeral service, and Cardiff Crematorium at Thornhill
ICCS - Islington and Camden Cemetery Services Losing a loved one is always difficult. Our staff have many years of experience in caring for families. We can help to provide a personal and tailored service to suit everyone’s needs. The Islington and St Pancras Cemetery Service (ICCS) carries on a proud tradition of serving bereaved families from when the cemeteries were first established in 1854.
Sudden - Home Sudden helps people who have been bereaved by any kind of sudden death. Sudden believes people bereaved by sudden death suffer terribly and have acute support needs
Suicide: Finding Hope Suicide: Finding Hope is devoted to helping the suicide bereaved, those coping with a loss after a suicide, find hope in the wake of a stigmatized death that often encompasses mental illness.
Free Kicks Foundation - A Charity for Children The Free Kicks Foundation is a Peterborough based charity whose aim is to provide football-related activities for ill, bereaved and disadvantaged children, to
Grief Support, Coping with Grief - Grief Anonymous Grief Resource Network is a resource and a network for those grieving the loss of a loved one and for businesses, professionals, and organizations serving the bereaved.
Transport Cemetery Home Page Transport Cemetery Home Page. The site includes an updated register of the interred. Individual pages for each person are being created as information and media is collected.
F Curtis & Son Funeral Directors in Warminster F Curtis & Son Funeral Directors recognises how important it is to be at the heart of the local community. Our responsibilities extend beyond the immediate needs of arranging funeral services and supporting the bereaved at a very emotional time in their life.
Leeds Bereavement Forum | Signposting bereavement care Leeds Bereavement Forum is a city-wide network of organisations and individuals who offer services and support to bereaved people.
Clydebank Co-operative Funeral Directors - Funeral Services Clydebank Clydebank Co-operative Funeral Directors have been taking care of bereaved families for over eighty years, providing a personal and prestige funeral. Contact our professional funeral directors today for funeral services clydebank.
I Made My Kid Walk to School with Cancer | life, love, death, & childhood cancer life, love, death, & childhood cancer
Until I Hold You Again - real thoughts of a bereaved Mom The very day I heard my son was taken from us, somehow, through the agony, the tears and the disbelief, I decided we were going to be OK. It was going to be a choice. Choosing to live and love and thrive again-despite everything in me saying, "that can't ever be." Walking this out is still surreal somedays, and a battle everyday. It is my prayer that one small thing I do to survive (writing out my thoughts ) might possibly give understanding, insight and even some comfort to another Mother or Father who is counting the hours for another tear-filled day to finally be over.
The Portal: Portal-ity Thoughts A blog about child loss from a bereaved mother, my heart regarding grief, death from substance abuse disorder, personal reflection and Jesus.
Children of Ireland Group The Children of Ireland Group works to provide recreation and education resources to needy children in Ireland, especially Northern Ireland.
The Irish Childhood Bereavement Network The Irish Childhood Bereavement Network (ICBN) - founded in 2012 as a hub for those working with bereaved children and young people and their families.
Child Loss and breaking the silence | Our Missing Peace Breaking the silence after the death of a child ~ Helping bereaved parents find help and hope in their darkest hour ~ Our Missing Peace
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Specialising in Hardcover memory books for parents | Harpermartin Are you in the market for a precious memory book? Whether it be for a grandparent or parent to complete. Are you a bereaved parent wanting to immortalise your precious babies memories forever? Then these beautiful memory books have been created especially for you. Purchase yours today.
Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland - Home A registered charity which offers support to people who have experienced the loss of someone close. Includes contact details of teams throughout Scotland.
Suicide, Mental Illness, Bereaved, Advocacy, Help, Support - White Wreath White Wreath fights for positive changes of Action Against Suicide and speaks out about Mental illness and Suicide within the wider community nationally
Grenfell Health & Wellbeing Service | Free, Confidential Support Providing a range of NHS support services across London for both children and adults affected by Grenfell. Feeling stressed, traumatised depressed or have been bereaved? Fill out the self referral form or get in touch for free, confidential help.
Support Israel | Latest Israel News Today United with Israel is a global grassroots pro-Israel movement, deeply committed to supporting Israel. We educate and empower our friends to advocate for Israel and support Israeli causes. Join us in helping Israel win its battle for public opinion!
Lisa Bonchek Adams | Writings on metastatic breast cancer, grief & loss, life, and family. We are pleased to announce the publication of a curated book of Lisa's writings. You can learn more at, make a purchase from, and donate to her research fund. IN MEMORIUM - 6 MARCH 2015 When Lisa wrote the words below about this site coming "full circle" she meant no irony, but as noted in the accompanying blog post, the circle of her life is now literally and truly completed. Through her world-wide following and her ability to touch the hearts and minds of countless people, the circle of mutual love and support that she envisioned and created here continues to encompass all those who seek insight, wisdom, and practical advice in her blog and writings. Her commitment to bringing awareness and scientific solutions to the prevention and treatment of metastatic breast cancer also continues through her research fund and the Bonchek Family Foundation. ___________________________ This website has come full-circle. More than eight years ago I heard the words, "You have cancer" for the first time. I started writing about my experiences as a wife and young mother of 3 with breast cancer. I began by posting them on my Facebook page. Soon my friends were asking how their own friends and relatives could read my words. I was writing about the darker, richer emotions I was feeling -- aimlessness, fear, despair -- but also the dogged commitment to always be strong with an enthusiasm for life. I wrote about death, life, family, sadness, joy and sorrow. I thought it would only appeal to people with cancer, but I was wrong. Instead, the appeal has been far more universal. I receive emails from people who not only have had cancer themselves, but also those with family members who have had it. I hear from people who have experience with other illnesses, and also those who just want to know more about what it is like to confront mortality at an early age. The far-reaching emotional impact of illness affects many people, and they connect with my work. In October of 2012 I learned that cancer had metastasized to my lymph nodes and bones and since that time has further metastasized to other sites. I now have stage IV breast cancer. Again I feel the need to communicate not only about the disease itself (true awareness) but also about its impact on my young family. My posts often give my insights into how to raise children who are resilient and can cope with inevitable hardship. The blog also will be a record of my love and devotion to my children. There is nowhere I would rather be than here with them. My blog also directly focuses on grief and loss. On September 16, 2009 my family received news that my in-laws were in a car crash. My beloved mother-in-law, Barbara Adams, died instantly when their car was hit head-on by a truck in Wyoming. My father-in-law was seriously injured in the crash. My blog now includes writings about the grief process in our family, including that of my children. As with my writings about cancer, I feel that my expressions of grief and loss will resonate with readers. I also write about our son Tristan. Born with congenital abnormalities in his spine and hands, as well as a rare condition requiring heart surgery at seven months of age, this vivacious 8 year-old brings us laughter and joy every day. Recently I have begun writing about our experiences with our beloved child who has had more than his share of medical issues in a few short years. To know him is to love him. I started this website to allow public access to my writings. I keep a blog here as well as some of my more popular essays and poems. This is creative writing informed by my personal and academic background; my work examines the emotions of life-changing events. My parents' careers have indelibly shaped my insights. My father, a (retired) heart surgeon, gave me a shrewd eye for detail and an aptitude for processing medical information. My mother, a (retired) psychologist specializing in grief, loss, death, and dying, shared insight into the mind of the bereaved family member. My own academic background includes a graduate degree in sociology. Combining medical, psychological, and sociological sensibilities has resulted in a unique way of experiencing and describing cancer and other traumatic life experiences. I am pleased so many people have connected to the emotions I try to capture in my writing. I hope you will too. Lisa Bonchek Adams
Veterans UK - GOV.UK Veterans UK administers the armed forces pension schemes and compensation payments for those injured or bereaved through service. Veterans UK is part of the Ministry of Defence .
Create online memorial website to honor friends & family A memorial website is a great way to celebrate the life of a beloved one who has passed away. Share your loved one''s life story, legacy, photographs and audio/video clips. Visitors can light a memorial candle, offer their condolences, pay tribute, and relate their thoughts, experiences and memories.
MuchLoved | The memorial tribute charity MuchLoved is the memorial website charity helping bereaved people to create their own personalised and free online tribute site in memory of a loved one. MuchLoved offers you a unique way to remember and share memories as a lasting tribute to the special people that have touched your life.
ADCRF - After Death Communication Research Foundation Almost 1700 experiences - ADCRF After Death Communication Research Foundation has ADC stories, information, and research. People share their stories and learn more about after death communication. Please consider sharing your experience with us!
Angels for Allison Angels for Allison is a nonprofit organization located in Jacksonville, FL dedicated to helping bereaved families in Northeast Florida. 100% of the profits donated to our charity help families who have lost a child with expenses, such as funeral or burial costs.
You have reached...the BabySteps Website! The BabySteps website is a safe place for bereaved parents to share stories with others, find resources on the internet and make contributions to children''s charities.
Welcome to KotaPress KotaPress Loss & Compassion Journal is an online resource featuring articles, books, zines, and more for bereaved parents, grandparents, siblings, and their caregivers.
Sands New Zealand - Pregnancy, Baby and Infant Loss Support, New Zealand Sands New Zealand is a voluntary, parent-run, non-profit organisation set up to support parents and families who have experienced the death of a baby.
Indianapolis Funeral Homes Offering Bereft Families with Proper Burial Usher Funeral Home is one of the many funeral homes in Indianapolis that commits to helping bereaved families say goodbye to their loved ones through proper interment.
Funeral Directors in Manchester | Paul Williams Independent Funeral Directors It is our dedication to do all we can for the bereaved, and help them cope with the loss of a loved one, by providing a professional, caring, understanding and compassionate response to their needs.
Sweet Pea Project Sweet Pea Project was created by a bereaved mom and offers comfort, support and gentle guidance to families who have experienced the death of a baby. Sweet Pea Project donates blankets and books to hospitals for the parents of babies who are stillborn or die shortly after birth. It also offers a large library of resources for families and place to honor our deeply loved and missed little ones.
AME Church Clergy Family Information Center (CFIC) The Clergy Family Information Center is an international online email notification ministry, its MISSION, a conduit of Sharing, Compassion and Caring for bereaved clergy families
Cheap Caskets Online : Eco Burial : Cardboard Coffins : Green Burial : Cremation Casket : Coffin Kit : Eternity Cardboard Casket Eternity International has designed the most innovative and functional casket for all bereaved families, regardless of race or religion. We provide Cheap Caskets Online, Eco Burial, Cardboard Coffins, Green Burial, Cremation Casket and Coffin Kit.
Home | Hummel Funeral Homes & Crematories | Akron & Copley OH Hummel Funeral Homes pledges to provide quality funeral services to all the bereaved families we serve in Akron & Copley OH. Contact Us to learn more.
Swargadwara®.com | Home Page At Swargadwara®.com, we acknowledge the necessity of bidding farewell to the deceased soul with full empathy and dignity. Our mission, is to provide quality service and tangible support to the bereaved families, right at their door step. We aim to decimate the hassles and ordeals of the surviving family members in such unfortunate occasions by providing all logistical support at the press of a single phone call.
Bereaved Parents of Madison Inc - Home A group of parents who have been supporting other parents through loss and grief for over 25 years in the Madison, WI community.
Canada Bereavement Registry-Stop Junk Mail to the Deceased. Canada Bereavement Registry helps the bereaved by stopping direct mail to the deceased. A free service for funeral homes and families.
Map pin St Nicholas Hospice Care | We are here to help those who are facing the final chapters of their life, who need hospice care or who are bereaved.
Ballina Funeral Home, McGowans Funeral Directors, Ballina, Co. Mayo Welcome to McGowan's Funeral Services, Ballina. Here in McGowan's, dedicated to providing a caring, professional service in all aspects of the arrangement of a funeral. We endeavour at all times to provide funeral services to suit the needs of the deceased and bereaved alike. Ballina Funeral Home are familiar with the procedures for Cremation, Post Mortem, and Repatriation, and can help with death registration and applications for death grants
Home - Aching Arms Aching Arms is a baby loss charity run by a group of bereaved mothers who have experienced the pain and emptiness of leaving hospital without their baby.
Loved Forever | Beautiful Funerals, Graves and Memorials Loved Forever helps those who have been bereaved, or those who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, to create lasting memories & a beautiful funeral
Masters Of Calm | 14-16 June 2019 @ Ireland | SUMMER FESTIVAL yoga mat yoga teacher training retreat europe hatha pradipika poses festival meditation happynness health food vegetarian vegan summer kids sober life happy
Gaynor's Funeral Home Few, if any, can ever be adequately prepared for the emotional stress which arises on the death of a loved one. Such an occasion represents one of the most traumatic days of your life. It is precisely at that time that you need the services of professionals who understand what you are going through and who can discreetly handle all the necessary funeral arrangements with compassion and caring support. Gaynor''s are a third generation family-owned and operated funeral business which has been in operation for more than 100 years. Our commitment is to personally serve bereaved families in Castlerea and the surrounding areas in a dignified and professional manner. We believe in a flexible, sincere and affordable service and we are fully dedicated to achieving this. We have vast experience in funeral, burial, cremation, repatriation and exhumation services and make every effort to follow the rituals and beliefs of all religions. We provide reassurance that the smallest detail will be attended to and that every individual requirement will be carried out in a dignified manner.
The Compassionate Friends-Santa Clarita Valley Chapter We are a self-help support organization here to assist families in the positive resolution of grief following the death of a child,sibling or grandchild at any age.
Inquest INQUEST is the only charity in England and Wales providing expertise on state related deaths and their investigation to bereaved people, policy makers and the media
Welcome - Wave Trauma Centre WAVE Trauma Centre a grass roots charity offering care and support to people bereaved, injured or traumatised as a result of ''The Troubles'' in Northern Ireland
Bereaved Families of Ontario-South Central Region
Heritage & Heritage Funeral Services - Melbourne & Mornington VIC Heritage & Heritage are a proud Australian owned and family operated funeral services company since 1934. We are focused on caring for bereaved families.
Providing care for the bereaved in a unique way - Aftercare.World Aftercare.World provides independent aftercare for the bereaved, make contact with people, reach out, mobilise and connect where necessary.
Oxley''s Funeral Services | Crewe, Nantwich & Audlem Funeral Directors We are a family owned funeral services company that takes pride in providing a professional and caring service to bereaved families in South Cheshire.
Christina Snell Community Celebrant® - Community Celebrant Award-winning Gloucestershire Celebrant creating unique, personalised ceremonies for weddings & handfastings, funerals, vow renewal, baby namings & funerals
Asset 1flowerpower At Cabarrus Funeral Cremation & Cemetery our caring professionals provide individualized funeral home and cremation services designed to meet the needs of each family. We are available 24 hours a day to assist you in making your arrangements. We will guide you through all aspects of the service. In order to provide the most value, we offer custom financing to every family we serve.
Mending Hearts After Loss - Free Programs for Bereaved Parents Mending Hearts After Loss was created by psychologist Tara May. It is dedicated to providing support and community for bereaved parents and those who surround them.
Bierman Funeral Home & Crematory in Northfield, MN We here at Bierman Funeral Home and Crematory can help you navigate the process in a way that honors the deceased and provides comfort to the bereaved.
Children Are Butterflies - Northampton Charity For Bereaved Families A Northampton Charity providing support to bereaved families who have lost children of any age. Emotional support, financial and practical funeral support.
Mosaic Family Support | Child Bereavement Charity | Dorset Child bereavement charity offering support for bereaved children, grief counselling for young people and childhood bereavement training for professionals.
Obitus - Home Obitus | Supporting Bereavement. We are a UK''s leading bereavement media services provider, delivering music, webcast and tributes for families, funeral directors and leading funeral venues (crematoria) throughout the UK. Working from offices in Sheffield we proudly support thousands of funeral services each year.
ADVANCE-Christian Counseling--Home Faith-Based, Christian Counselor in Southeast Texas for: Families or Individuals--Adults, Children, Teenagers--Marriage, Anger Management, Crises Situations, Depression, Divorce Recovery, Grief & Loss, Pre-marriage, Stress-Related Anxiety
Windsor Funeral Home - Servicing the community for over 20 years Caring for bereaved families in the Windsor, Richmond, Hawkesbury, Penrith and Nepean areas for over 20 years, arranging funerals personal and unique.
Bereavement Poems, Bereavement Articles, Sympathy Flowers Bereavement poems and bereavement articles provides sympathy resources for those dealing with grief and loss. We hope the bereaved find sympathy in our poems, articles and online memorial.
Friends in Grief Friends in Grief, a service of Bay Gardens Funeral Home, provides opportunities for the bereaved to share their experiences of loss due to death and receive support, understanding, and compassion.
Blythe House Hospice – Care For People Living With Cancer & Life Limiting Conditions Blythe House adds quality to life by providing the highest levels of care for people affected by cancer and certain other life-threatening illnesses and supporting those who are bereaved - from here you can access details on all our services, fundraising, volunteering, employment opportunities and allied health professionals
Roy Quinton Funeral Directors in Walsall & Wolverhampton Roy Quinton Funeral Directors recognises how important it is to be at the heart of our local Walsall & Wolverhampton communities. Our responsibilities extend beyond the immediate needs of arranging funeral services and supporting the bereaved at a very emotional time in their life.
THHN - Torbay Holiday Helpers Network THHN - Torbay Holiday Helpers Network - Memory Makers. Free action packed holidays to families who have seriously ill or bereaved children.
Serenity Casket - Always Comforting Because We Care Experienced Funeral Directors and staffs that cater to the needs of the bereaved families.Attractive Packages.  Call  9618 6689
Faith-Based Bereaved Parent Retreats - While We''re Waiting While We''re Waiting hosts faith-based retreats for bereaved parents, along with providing other services for grieving parents.
Know without a Doubt Who You Really Are: Your Eternal Self The Your Eternal Self Web site contains evidence that we are eternal beings having a physical experience and describes the nature of spirituality and how to grow spiritually.
Army Charity | Military Charity | Armed Forces Charity We are a military charity dedicated to supporting children who have lost a parent serving in the British Armed Forces. #HelpTheirChildrenSmile.
Ann-Maree Imrie - You Could Have Been Ann-Maree Imrie author of ''You Could Have Been''-a children’s picture book for bereaved parents to read to their child who died or didn’t survive a pregnancy